The Best Foods For Puppies | Best Comparison

The Best Foods for puppies | Best comparison

If you are a newcomer you, an adorable little puppy you want to take great care, buying the best kibble puppy will be a must! Yet, faced with the abundance of brands and references that are flooding the market, it is not necessarily easy to find the most suitable food to size, race or weight of your little 4 legged companion. With our buying guide and 8 types of cakes that we review below, you can make the right choice.

You will find that the best dry food for puppies are not the same for all animals and we must be attentive to many parameters, which include the composition or the brand. Ready to please your pooch, with quality kibble?

The best dry food for puppies in 2020

The Best Foods For Puppies | Best Comparison

1. Growing Eukanuba Puppy – The best dry food for puppies without cereals

Eukanuba brand offers here kibble for large breed puppy, able to cover the needs of dogs 1 to 14 months. Very complete, this grain-free will help your puppy to grow as it should and begin his adolescence in good health!

Available in bags of 3 and 15 kg for this food husky malinois, labrador boxer or to name some of the big dogs of breeds among the most popular, are designed to provide your pet a healthy and balanced diet.

For this, these croquettes are banking on a high fiber and prebiotics (FOS), which will promote good dog’s digestion and optimal transit, and its richness in calcium, phosphorus and essential that serve minerals to ensure the growth of these puppies to be imposing. The large breed puppies obviously require a diet that fits their bones and their musculature and these croquettes, composed of 28% of animal protein will fill that role perfectly.

In order that the puppy develops antibodies and their natural defenses are strong, we need his diet is rich in antioxidants, vitamins and omega 3 (which also promote intelligence) and omega 6. This is the case of Growing these nuggets offered by Eukanuba Puppy.

No flavor, no GMO and no added artificial colors, these croquettes without puppy for cereals are so balanced and healthy. Moreover, they seem tasty as hairballs that seem to taste the worship!

Eukanuba offers the best with this recipe puppy kibble without cereals, ultra complete and designed to cover all needs of the most sturdy puppies. For your dog healthy and grow up to be strong, beautiful and quick-witted, it is a very good choice!

The Best Foods For Puppies | Best Comparison

2. Ultima Junior – The best dry food for dogs

For owners of puppies and dogs under 10 kg, junior kibble Ultima chicken and rice, balanced and nutritious, sold in packaging 1.5 kg could be good food for your pet.

These kibbles for small dogs and puppies to rely on a complete recipe and balanced to meet all the nutritional needs of your doggies. With a thoughtful mix of ingredients such as chicken, rice, whole grains and vegetables, and the proper intake of vitamins and minerals, they are intended to support the growth of the animal during the first months and older dogs provide all the elements they need to be in perfect health.

Its composition is designed to promote healthy growth of the puppy and give it a quick wit that will make an intelligent animal, thanks to fatty acids and omega-3 it contains. These elements will also be good to expand the view of the puppy and give it the energy it needs every day.

For a good digestion, he can count on rice, chicken and fiber in vegetables to transit without a hitch. For a puppy, digest it properly is a source of well-being should not be overlooked!

Junior kibble Ultima contain no dyes or preservatives and no added sugars. The ingredients are carefully selected and more healthy foods, we find vitamin D and minerals that will strengthen the bones and teeth of the animal.

Homeowners looking kibble for Chihuahua or a French Bulldog should appreciate the care taken with these foods.

With a recipe that takes into account the smaller dogs needs, steam cooking which maintains the flavor of food and promote digestion of your canine, the Ultima brand can claim to offer the best dry food for puppies and small breeds of market.

The Best Foods For Puppies | Best Comparison

3. Purina Pro Plan Sensitive digestion – The best dry food for digestion puppies

Specially designed for puppies with sensitive digestion, these specialized brand kibble Purina Pro Plan is based on the work of veterinarians and dieticians to provide a rich lamb recipe to puppies or medium dogs.

These croquettes Puppy Sensitive Digestion will allow the puppy to have an easier digestion, consistent with stools and a balance of its intestinal microflora, which allow him to be in good health as they grow.

Highly digestible, that food consists mainly lamb, but also poultry protein, cereals and rice, guarantees a perfect transit to the animal. If they are recommended mainly for puppies (and dogs of medium breeds), they are also recommended for bitches in gestation and lactation.

The Optidigest formula will bring the puppy everything he needs to grow properly, and to allow his body to withstand daily assaults. As a child, the puppy should be protected from bacteria and germs and these nuggets will help strengthen its metabolism. The size of the kibble is adapted to the jaws of these small jigs / means and the puppy will have no trouble to chew well, which improves even more assimilation.

For the particular characteristics of these croquettes, that they contain bentonite, a 100% natural clay recognized for its benefits binder. When the absorption of food by the dog’s body, it will act as his stools are ideally formed. Note that for a composition that is as healthy as possible, these cakes contain no dye and only natural antioxidants.

Purina Pro Plan offers the best dry food for puppies digestion, more expensive than the average kibble but essential to fight against constipation or diarrhea affecting some puppies and some dogs. Natural, complete and designed by specialists in dietetics, they will provide intestinal comfort necessary for the health of your dog.

The Best Foods For Puppies | Best Comparison

4. Perfect Fit Junior – the best dry food for dogs under 10 kg

The Perfect Fit Junior kibble aim to bring small dogs under 10 kg everything they need for healthy growth. Developed with nutritionists and veterinarians, they rely on a natural composition for general benefited for the dog.

The Perfect Fit brand highlights a clear philosophy for the welfare of dogs, which is based on three pillars: Feeding, Move, Play. If the last two will be in sole charge of the master and the family that welcomes the animal, the care of good nutrition can be done via these croquettes, special dogs.

To promote full growth, these foods rich in chicken, without added artificial coloring, influencing factors 5.

First, they will ensure your puppy development and maintenance of such strong natural defenses as possible, through the vitamins and minerals they contain. Then they will promote digestion because of their richness in protein and probiotics, which help maintain a good balance of intestinal flora. In addition, the formula of the Junior kibble helps to bring the little dog that will consume the energy and nutrients it needs everyday. Your pet will be full of vitality, ready to play and to walk at your side!

The aesthetic aspect of your 4 legged companion is not better, as these kibbles provide him healthy gums and teeth strong, thanks to an active agent that reduces tartar while strengthening the robustness of fangs. In the same vein, the animal will have the hair shiny and soft, silky coat, with input recognized Zinc and fatty acids contained in Perfect Fit nuggets.

Let’s finish with the presence of DHA, a nutrient found in particular in milk, which promotes the proper cognitive development of the canine. What to have a dog as beautiful as lively, and healthy!

Owners of small dogs find the best dry food for races of less than 10 kg with a 6 share and one that ensures the essential. Thoughtful in their size, these foods are consumed easily and dogs seem to dote!

The Best Foods For Puppies | Best Comparison

5. Bosch Junior Mini – The best gluten free cakes for small breeds

If you are looking kibble for a French Bulldog puppy (known for its complicated digestion) or for an animal of small / medium breed, the Mini Junior kibble Bosch could be the right choice. Complete, intended for farms and individuals, they will accompany the dog under 15 kilos during its first 12 months of life.

With these dry food for puppies of small breeds available in bags of 3 kg or 15 kg, the Bosch wants to offer food as complete as possible. For this, she put on a size and shape of kibble that small animals can swallow and digest without difficulty and to perfection, and a healthy composition.

This food contains a minimum of 25% of poultry and have a protein content which hovers around 26%, to effectively support the puppy’s growth. They also contain colostrum, an ingredient known for its virtues on the intestinal flora and help the puppy to digest better, and that from the withdrawal phase. They are increasingly composed of gluten free cereals, avoiding stomach problems and frequent gasses in small dogs.

Bosch knows that growing puppies through strong bones and this product does not neglect this part, providing the nutrients necessary to the good development of the animal, which will be more in shape. We love to see the dogs jump, run and play and for this we need their food takes the road!

Apart from the taste, the puppies seem to enjoy, we see that the consumer is particularly shiny coat, demonstrating the benefits of this food.

Sold in a package with a zip cool so they do not get damaged, they can be stored and preserved without damage.

Healthy and complete, gluten-free and easy to chew for small dogs, enjoy these nuggets in addition to a very good price / quality ratio. In addition, they meet the owners in search of dry food for growing dogs that tend to have some digestive problems.

6. Brit Care Grain Free Puppy – The best dry food for puppies big

To change croquettes with meat, here’s a great product for puppies, grain-free and made of salmon and potato. Suitable for all breeds of puppies between 4 and 12 months, it promotes the well-being of your pet while providing what they need it to grow well.

Brit Care is a manufacturer known for its products that promote online dogs, and these cakes with salmon and potatoes, low glycemic, are the perfect example. If you fear that your pooch is pasted, because of his greed or lack of activity, choosing him a healthy diet will solve part of the problem.

These croquettes are designed to accompany the puppy during its first 12 months of life, and its composition is thought to he develops a body as healthy as possible. The strong product vitamin content ensures strong immune system, and fatty acids will ensure the puppy a soft, silky coat that will seduce you when you caresserez. If you want a Husky puppy kibble for example, they will be perfect!

They contain crude fiber, which help the animal to have a good transit and offer minerals and essential nutrients to the dog’s vitality and the strength of his body. Some deficiencies in the diet of a puppy can cause later diseases and weaknesses and these nuggets without grain Brit Care want to prevent any risk.

Sold in packs of 3 kilos or 12 kilos, if you want to do some shopping, they have a very ergonomic packaging that avoids to put across when serving food to the animal, and easily store.

Dog owners who want to monitor the physics of the animal for his well-being or to engage in contests of beauty canines can count on these croquettes adapted to this objective. Appetizing for dogs who seem to love this recipe fish / starchy, they allow the dog to keep the line while feasting.

7. Lifelong Amazon – The best dry food for small breed puppies

Amazon offers croquettes for small breed puppies without cereals, prepared with fresh chicken meat but also available with lamb or salmon, to vary or adapt to your dog’s palate. If you are looking for a complete food for puppies, this range may interest you.

The Lifelong croquettes Amazon are natural and do not contain flavors, artificial colors, or preservatives. Their Premium recipe, developed with veterinarians, setting natural antioxidants (such as fruits and vegetables) and fresh ingredients, to support the growth of the puppy.

There is no grain in the composition, as they are replaced by other sources of carbohydrates of plant origin, such as small-pea starch. Thanks to a high content of meat or fresh fish (frozen), the nutritional characteristics of the staple food is preserved, to bring the best to the puppy.

Among the ingredients in these croquettes for small breed puppies, some surprise, as Yucca Schidigera whose root helps reduce unpleasant odors of feces of the animal, or marigold, known to maintain good eye health of the dog. Finally, the use of taurine in these croquettes improves cardiovascular health of your pet, for a strong organization for years to come.

also composed of herbs, to ease the dog’s digestion and balance of its intestinal flora, and glucosamine and chondroitin for strong joints, these croquettes are proving very complete.

Texture of fat enough, they become almost appetizing for the master who pays them …!

The croquettes Amazon Lifelong satisfy the most greedy dogs, because of their high calorie content and consistency, and will cover their nutritional needs as a whole. If you own a small breed puppy, difficult to power level, you will have more choice of the main ingredient.

8. Pedigree Vital Protection – Very complete dry food for puppies from 2 to 15 months

The Pedigree kibble Vital Protection, offered at a very affordable price, could tempt the owners of Staff, Labrador and Boxer, with their complete recipe able to cover the needs of the most imposing puppies.

The Pedigree brand, known for its food quality for different animals, offers here a complete recipe with chicken and rice, and guaranteed no added artificial colors. To meet the needs of different breeds of puppies, she put on 4 axes.

The first is digestion, more fragile in dogs babies in adult animals, and chicken and highly digestible rice improves the transit of your fur ball, with consistent and frequent bowel movements. Then Pedigree wants to ensure that the puppy will have healthy gums and mouth, and that means a calcium and phosphorus content well balanced.

The third important point will be the coat, that the fatty acids and omega-6, zinc and sunflower oil make more beautiful and brilliant. Considering these hairs as the dog’s protective coat, we take the measure of the importance of this action. The last point on which act croquettes Vital Protection pedigree, are the natural defenses, which will be strengthened thanks to the minerals and vitamin E contained in the product.

The bags are available in various sizes (from 2 to 12kg) to fit your storage space and only the smell, both kibble and excrement thereunder, may interfere with the user.

Between 2 and 15 months, the puppy should have a complete diet, which ensures a future in top form. These Vital Protection croquettes provide most, they are offered at a good price / quality ratio and if they fish by their smell, they could be a good alternative to other brands for variety.

Kibble Puppy Buying Guide

So your puppy grow up in the best possible conditions, it is important to choose her a suitable diet. The criteria of the most important choices to determine what the best dry food for your puppy.

As a child, the food you give your dog young influence – positively or negatively – on the rest of his life. It is important not to choose lightly what will be his meal.

The ingredients croquettes

The composition of kibble puppy is obviously the most important, since it allows to ensure that the ingredients used are of good quality, they cover the needs of your little fur ball and they will avoid it became ill.

In general, we prefer compositions which rely on the natural, with a high protein content, a high content of vitamins and fatty acids to the vitality and the dog’s coat, fatty acids (omega 3 and omega 6) help the dog to have strong teeth and bones, as well as natural antioxidants.

Some nuggets like Growing Puppy Eukanuba brand, are designed to improve digestion of the puppy. When it is still small, the dog will not yet have the intestinal flora as strong as that of an adult animal and it will therefore help through a balanced diet. In this context, the croquettes with too many cereals are not recommended and that is why you will find in our selection of products with low levels or no grain cereals. However, it takes fiber (found in vegetables and fruits) to improve transit.

We avoid the croquettes with dyes and preservatives added, preferably, and those containing ashes, as some dry food Royal canine puppies, as this only serves to increase the volume of food without bringing in nutritional values.

For puppies transit recognized as difficult, we can recommend the Mini Junior kibble Bosch, ideal for French bulldogs

The benefits and power of virtues

Choose quality puppy kibble also asked to analyze the supposed benefits of each product. The purpose of your purchase is to feed your puppy, of course, but especially to ensure that all her nutritional needs will be covered. This is the key to optimal growth!

In this context, there are several points you need to consider:

The size of the kibble

Puppies do not all have the same size shoes, the same size of teeth or the same force and that is why the size of kibble, and their consistency must be analyzed carefully. We will choose by the same dry food for a Chihuahua for a German shepherd or a greyhound!

Better to focus on small or medium sized kibble to promote good chewing and therefore easier digestion.

The activity of puppy

The best dry food for your puppy will also depend on the physical activity of the latter. If he spends his days in an apartment or in a small space, special kibble lines (such as Brit Care for puppies) will be more suitable because they are not too caloric. Ditto if you realize that your dog is particularly greedy … Just like us, they have vices!

Conversely, a young dog and very much alive fufu can easily consume the Lifelong offered by Amazon, richer and more calories, without risk of pasting!

The croquettes brand

Some kibble brands are recommended by vets and we can only advise you to follow the advice of these specialists. In general, this means that quality controls were performed and revenues of these foods were developed with the help of nutritions and dieticians, who ensured the product of balance and lack of risk to the puppy.

This is an important point because it is the health of your pet!

Fair questions kibble for puppies

Choosing the right dog kibble for his request to consider the breed, size and weight of the animal. Then it will analyze the composition of kibble and ensure that the benefits of each product line with the needs of your pet.

It will check that the croquettes are good for growth if you have a puppy to feed, they take into account specific situations (sterilized dogs, pregnant dogs or lactating old animal …) and you will find, by relying on the composition and the virtues of each food, best croquettes.

How many grams of kibble for a puppy?

Depending on the race, his age, his size and activity, the right amount of food will not be the same for puppies. We must therefore look at the croquettes packets that indicate the proper dosage, depending on the animal.

Keep in mind that a puppy will eat fractionally during its first months of existence, with 2 to 4 meals a day. Between 4 and 7 months, he gets his real teeth, his intestinal flora will be stronger and he can eat twice. Special diet puppy is recommended generally between 2 and 15 months.

For information, you can rely on these numbers to a daily dosage:

What are the best dog food brands?

Some brands are known for the attention they lend to dry dog ​​they produce and market. Among them include Purina Pro Plan, Eukanuba, Royal Canin, Perfect Fit, Bosch, …

Dry puppy: until what age we should give him that power?

Again, the size of your puppy will impact the maximum age you give this food to your pet. Note that your dog is more large breed puppy will remain more long! Therefore, its baby food may be extended.

For a small dog, it is advisable to go to adult kibble between 8 and 12 months, for an average race it will be between 12 and 15 months when the big dogs will wait until their 20th / 25th month.

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