The Best Gamer Chairs 2020 | Reviews And Guide

The Best Gamer Chairs 2020 | Reviews and Guide

When you spend hours in front of your screen to play, it is important to be comfortably seated, both to achieve the best performance in your games but also to prevent damage to your back. To do this, choose the best chair for gamers is a great idea!

While sitting on your chair gamer, you will not see the time and you can enjoy your favorite tracks without harming your health. To choose, there are specific points you need to consider, and are listed in our final purchase guide. We also established a selection of 8 armchairs quality gamer to help you make the best choice

The best chairs gamers 2019

Why trust us ? strives to each article to provide you with clear and relevant information to help you choose the most suitable product for your needs. Our selections are the result of many hours of research and analysis of information about each product.

No products of our selection is not sponsored.

The Best Gamer Chairs 2020 | Reviews And Guide

It is never easy to decide for a particular gaming chair without filling try directly. Aware of this problem, we based our choice of the best seats to play on expert tests of gaming sites, who analyzed every detail of all the new products available in 2019. We also peeled customer feedback on larger existing e-commerce sites to consolidate, in a list of 8 items, the top seat gamer.

In the end, we paid attention to the following different criteria that must be present on the chairs of the most successful gamer:

So you see a avid player or an office worker who spends long hours facing the screen, it is crucial to be installed in the best of ways. With gamer chairs of this selection will be the case. Choose the model that most matches you and discover how good chair can change everything!

The Best Gamer Chairs 2020 | Reviews And Guide

1. Songmics RCG02G – The armchair gamer the best quality / price

If you are really looking for the elegance and comfort in a chair gamer, then the RCG02G model Songmics brand, a manufacturer recognized for the quality of its products in the market for gaming accessories, could be the right choice.

Design & Features

With its undulating curves and a choice of color that focuses on sobriety – black, gray, and white logo Songmics – gamer this chair is very nice and does not denote in a classic environment. Whether in a room, in the living room or even in an office, you can install it without difficulty. If you prefer more flashy, it is also available in blue, red or yellow!

It is stable (with a weight of 24 kg), and can support a maximum load of 150 kg, to the following dimensions: a seat height of 43-51 cm, a total height of 124 -132 cm, a folder 54 x 85 cm, a base of 53 x 49 cm and wheel 6 cm. So it adapts without concern for most templates, although the most imposing of you regret that the seat of the chair is a little high, making it sometimes touches the top of the office waving .

The armrests are adjustable horizontally and vertically and the backrest can be reclined, up to 150 °, with 16 degrees of inclination.

Its design uses only high quality materials, with a fiber surface of polyester fabric, that guarantee good strength and the frame, the support of the chair, feet and armrests are made of steel to withstand long .


In terms of comfort, RCG02G model Songmics brand is admirable. With padding in high density sponge, it provides support particularly pleasant and does not deform, despite the load.

The backrest follows the back of the curve and you will feel you in a cocoon nest taking place for your gaming sessions. For the lumbar support is great! Those with bad backs will have a gamer chair that will relieve them, and others avoid developing back pain after long hours of gaming!

Among the most significant small support cushion the head, good quality.

The set allows to feel good immediately after installation (which takes only 20 minutes) and only a plastic smell (like a new car) will disturb you at the start.


Looking for a good armchair gamer and you do not want to leave all your budget? This model Songmics is certainly one that has the best quality / price!

The Best Gamer Chairs 2020 | Reviews And Guide

2. Intimate WM Heart – The seat gamer the cheapest!

If you have a small budget to spend on your chair gamer but do not want to as much end up with a mediocre model, gaming chair Intimate Heart WM could be an excellent compromise. Despite its low price, he managed to play in the big leagues!

Design & Features

The first good point of this chair gamer, it’s the ease of assembly: in just 20 minutes, your seat will be ready for use and you will discover this simple model, simple but pretty, with black and gray dominating making the mat. His racing style design will please fans of cars!

It weighs 22.5 kg, which gives it a certain stability and has the following dimensions: the total height of the chair is of 125-133 cm, height 82 cm file, it has a cushion which is 52 cm deep for 50 cm width and a seat cushion 14 cm deep.

Everything is adjustable armrest to backrest angle (up to 135 °) which can be adapted to different heights and at different positions. Namely, it supports a maximum weight of 110 kilos.


The chair gamer Intimate Heart WM is very comfortable, with a design faux leather and padding in high density sponge. This guarantees a good life.

We enjoy a total lumbar support, with members arranged to support the neck (a small pillow), but also for shoulder pads, a support cushion for hips and support for your legs. Sitting, you will feel wrapped in the seat and you might even doze off!

With all the settings available, this chair gamer surprised by worked finishes, despite a minimal price, and only the sitting deserves to be thicker because they can get sore after several hours spent playing.


For players looking for a good product without spending too much, this chair gamer will be entirely satisfactory. Its settings allow it to adapt to the different positions and angles of the screen and is strong enough to last, despite a time therefore play. A very good choice!

The Best Gamer Chairs 2020 | Reviews And Guide

3. KLIM Esports ™ – An armchair gamer cheap to high-end player

This superb model Klim caters to the most demanding, in which the video game is a passion or a sport. With this chair gamer named Esports, they will find what is the best on the market, of course, a price equal to the high ambitions of the product range.

Design & Features

KLIM Technologies is a French brand that strives to offer the gaming hardware the most successful, and this gamer chair reflects the care taken in its products. With a very professional design, this seat is bigger and thicker than most models on the market.

Its wide seat, and recliner with 5 possible positions up to 160 ° can accommodate any height between 1.50m and 2m. It has armrests “4D” padded adjustable in 4 positions (more or less close to the office / more or less apart), and a durable aluminum structure, for use in time without damage.

This chair is available in black gamer if you like sobriety, but models with touches of red, blue or white on the edges of the cushions are also available. Overall, this model impresses with its very high finishes stolen and its resistance.


By selecting quality materials, the KLIM brand offers its users a gamer chair very comfortable. Just see to want to sit!

It uses a high-density padding foam for perfect comfort but especially for the seat does not deform over time. Even with intensive use, it remains as hard the first day. The wheelchair and seat are designed leatherette PU, which cleans easily and resists the ravages of time. The friction will leave no traces, so you can easily restore its original appearance even after you spill coffee or soda at a party too rough!

The lumbar support is impeccable, and the vast possibilities of settings allow players to find the optimal position for their backs. As for the seat, even if it ends up collapsing after 4 or 5 hours without moving, it resumes its original shape quickly.

If you are very big, you might find the lowest seating position a little high, while smaller riders will feel perhaps a little small when installed in the seat. But with the right settings, there’s something for everyone!


If you play long hours in a row and you attach importance to your well-being, then this top model Klim is the chair of gamer you need. The basic investment is certainly higher than for a standard set of users but you will enjoy the very best in the market to play without retained for years!

The Best Gamer Chairs 2020 | Reviews And Guide

4. Dxracer Robas Lund – Top comfort

This model of chair dxracer gamer has an innovative design and sporty and offers its users a significant degree of comfort. If you spend several hours a day in front of your screen gamer, this chair adjustable games should satisfy you!

Design & Features

The 123wohndesign brand offers here a gamer chair model fabric particularly pretty, with white visible stitching on the black fabric and gray accents on the cushions. Those who love classic seats should enjoy.

Its design and quite sporty, with its bucket style that will delight driving enthusiasts and that will impress your guests if you play racing games!

It has a reclining up to 180 °, which allows to adapt your position to the selected game but also make a small break between two intense gaming sessions. Close your eyes and relax in the most extended position, it is a pleasure.

The armrests are also adjustable in height (4 positions) and the wheels rotate which facilitates travel without you do not have to get up.

With dimensions of 122-131 cm, 82 cm height and 50 cm backrest seat is a wide seat, adapted to larger templates. But beware, it is recommended for users not exceeding 100 kg only.


The Gamer chair ensures maximum comfort to its users, thanks to the presence of a faux leather head rests that are adjustable in height and kidney wedge cushion can also be adjusted using the straps that hold the tissue . They are embroidered DxRacer!

Its coating polyester seat makes it comfortable and do not sweat it (but it will be less easy to wash a leather seat), and the foam which consists of all the padding back into shape quickly and adapts your build.

Too bad he whines a bit when agitated too, but if you play with a gamer headphones, it does not bother them. However, it can become painful for those around you.


This chair gamer Dx racer brand 123wohndesign full protections to spend long hours sitting at play (or work). Solid, very comfortable and cleverly designed, there fishing all by a few small flaws that prevent it from achieving perfection.

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5. Gaming Empire Racing 700 – The chair gamer most class

This seat model gamer Racing 700 is undoubtedly the classiest chair of this selection, but its performance is largely up to its design, making it a wise choice for those seeking a product so beautiful that effective.

Design & Features

The design of this armchair gamer near perfection, with double padding seat, armrests in 2D (two-way) adjustable and a toggle mechanism to adjust the position and angle as you like.

In terms of colors, there are 4 choices to adapt the model to your decor and tastes: black / successful white, a completely black model for lovers of sobriety or otherwise, blue models or red more aggressive but that should appeal to players who can bring their games chair with their keyboards or mouse gamer!

It’s a gamer chair can support up to 120 kilos, which is reasonable, and weighs 21 kilos. This ensures good stability, as well as the 5 star-shaped wheels, solid and practical and does not scratch the floor!

The seat 33 is 1 m in height, with a base of 52 cm wide and a possible inclination up to 180 °, to an almost horizontal position. It is therefore suitable for all body types


The coating chosen for this model is the leatherette and the chair is particularly comfortable, while being easy to clean and durable.

It is equipped with 2 removable cushions – one for the neck, one to support the hips – so that the lumbar support provided by the seat is optimal even when you play long. Note also the attention to finishes, including seams, which suggests that this chair will last a long time gamer.

The settings allow up or down simply sitting through a solid lever, you can use the swing with locking to define the degree of mobility of the chair during your practice. It’s great !

Pretty easy to ride (allow 30 minutes) and very stable, it is a seat of gamer that does not disappoint.


The chair gamer Racing 700 is as pretty as comfortable and will enable users to experience the gaming experience in the best possible conditions. For such a result, the quality / price is very good.

6. Intimate WM Heart Racing – A chair pro gamer cheap

You are looking for a chair gamer cheap? Racing model proposed by the WM Intimate Heart brand could be a good compromise for budget travelers who still want to enjoy a proper hardware to their intensive practice of gaming.

Design & Features

Pretty close to a classic office chair, if only by its colorful bands available in green, red, blue or gray that recall that one has to do to a seat gamer, this ergonomic model type bucket seat do not clutter of unnecessary curves.

It has a broad base of 54 x 47 cm with a thickness of 8 cm, a total height between 115 and 122cm and a wheel spoke system of 52 cm diameter (caution when using the chair on a fragile soil, wheels could damage it: we recommend you to change to more flexible models). The thickness of the headrest is 10 cm, and the width of the support shoulders 51 cm.

If one adds minimal weight (18kg), we understand that this chair gamer will not be cumbersome, but it may be a little too small for the larger players. Note that it can still withstand a weight of 113 kilos!

Its steel frame resistant and high-quality leatherette cover guarantee the product a consistent life and it will be to clean the chair in case of small accidents or due to untimely snacking facing the screen.


This chair gamer has padded armrests, which allow players to not irritate the elbows and forearms even after several hours of play. Placed on top of the metal structure of the chair, they will be perfect to ask your arms!

The seat is comfortable, with a toggle system that follows your movements and padding that molds to your body. Thus, you quickly feel at ease and avoids bodily tension due to too long gaming sessions.

With an adjustable tilt and a nice touch coating is a gaming chair that will be ideal for teenagers who play Fornite continuously and avoid developing back problems or for caring adults have a good seat cheap office.


This chair gamer cheap served its purpose by offering quality at a very affordable rate. While it lacks some support cushions and remains too small for the larger players, it is perfectly suited to prolonged phases of play.

> Looking rather an office chair? Go here to read our selection of the best office chairs

7. Diablo X-One – The most fashionable chairs gamer

As its name suggests, it is a chair gamer design diabolical proposed Diablo brand. Red and black, with a seat decorated horn, it is for players looking for originality without renouncing quality.

Design & Features

What surprises at first sight, it is the style of this armchair gamer. He opts for the red and black to match its design claimed devil and it is quite successful. The headrest has two small horns, we see the brand logo in the shape of devil’s head between it and Diablo inscription appears on the cushion used to support the lower back. If you prefer it to other colors, you can replace the red with yellow, green, blue or white.

This seat, swivel 360 °, is adjustable in height and has a tilt system 180 °, which makes it convenient even for a nap.

It is able to support a load of up to 150kg, allowing even the most impressive people to use it safely and dimensions are in the same direction with a total height of 125 -135 cm, a height 91 cm back, a seat 49 cm deep and 42 cm in width, coupled with a seat height of 50-60 cm, the chair gamer Diablo is ideal for the most impressive players.

resistant wheels and one appreciates that do not damage fragile soils, while remaining silent.


Its extra thick padding allows it to offer comfort and leatherette cover is very pleasant in contact with skin or clothing. not even sweating is not adhesive and material cleans easily. A very good point for the most dirty players!

The lumbar cushion and pillow for the head ensure quality support to the body and even after long hours of fragging your favorite FPS or to drive the cars of your racing games, you will not feel any pain.

Your posture optimal rest matters little the selected settings and you can sit for long hours without feeling any discomfort. Too bad the armrests are not a little softer, otherwise it’s all good!


For a chair original gamer, which guarantees comfort and perfect posture for your back, Diablo Horn model is a serious alternative to chairs gamer with a more classic style.

8. INTEY – A chair gamer for pilots!

The INTEY brand offers here a very affordable Gamer chair, providing excellent body support to players and a design that is reminiscent of racing cars seats. For driving fans or players who want to be installed as well as in a racing car, it is a model that deserves attention.

Design & Features

This armchair gamer leatherette is available in red and black or yellow and black, which gives an aspect very discreet but extremely effective. The design is very professional and eager players to have a material that eyeful be thrilled.

This bucket seat is made to accommodate users weighing up to 150 kilos, which is great, and adjustable size 120 to 127.5 cm in height, the folder 80 x 54 cm and the seat cushion of 53 x 50 cm make it usable by as many teenagers, women or men more massive physique.

It has a tilt function up to 160 °, you can block when the angle you satisfied. 4 positions are predefined: the work mode, the video game mode, a read mode and the mode for the rest. Very clever!

This chair gamer is made to support the lumbar of the best ways, including a headrest and a support pad for the lower right place and adjustable back.

Polyurethane armrests are height adjustable 2D and rotary, which is convenient to fit all sizes of users, but also to different offices or table which you use it.

The wheels of the chair to play are quiet and robust, so that you can move or shake you without disturbing your colleagues or relatives and without damaging your floor.


Level comfort, model Intey is strong with its coating PU Leather pleasant touch and also soft and comfortable. The good point is that this material can be cleaned with a simple sponge, which allows it to last over time. In addition, the grid aspect is the most beautiful effect.

This gamer chair is upholstered in a high quality foam keeps its shape even after long hours of use and finishes that are found at the seams and support cushions are remarkable. Good work, which ensures long-lasting comfort in this chair gamer.


Beautiful and practical, so as to mount use, this chair gamer at all to seduce. If you like modern and sporty design, then this model will be one of the best alternatives of the market, with the added bonus a quality / price very satisfactory.

Buying Guide – Everything you need to know on a chair gamer before buying

You want to gain the seat gamer you will appreciate your games games without having a bad back and savor every second sitting on this gaming chair? Here’s what to know before buying.

What is a chair gamer?

A chair gamer is the equivalent of a professional office chair, but is designed to fit the requirements of most experienced gamers.

It must hold the body of the player in the best position even if gaming sessions several consecutive hours (as is often the case), easily adjustable to allow the best performance depending on which app and play allow different morphology users to be seated without difficulty.

Since it is made to be used extensively, it must be solid.

What a difference between an office chair and armchair gamer?

Unlike a conventional office chair, which is designed for people passing between 1 and 3 hours a day in front of their screen, the gamer chair is made for individuals who remain 5 hours, 8 hours, sometimes 12 hours or more face their screen.

It will be much stronger, much more durable but more importantly, it will ensure that your lumbar perfect.

Many have consecutive back pain to our poor posture, especially against a computer screen. A conventional office chair ignores this, then that is the specificity of a gaming chair.

Therefore, even if you’re not a player but your job requires you to spend many hours at your computer, choose a chair gamer is a great idea for your health.

Here the selection criteria to find the best armchair gamer!

your body

You must choose a chair gamer depending on your template! Check the dimensions and especially the ability to support maximum weight, if you are kind of solid. Depending on your size and weight, the best seat gamer will be different.

Among the most suitable seats in the big guys, the RCG02G Songmics pulls out of the game.


By functionality is meant the different options provided by the chair of gamer.

A good chair will tilt to different degrees (up to 180 °, if you want to use to prick a nap), the armrests are adjustable in height to pass under the table / supporting your arms the right way and they will sometimes tilt (when 4D).

We also liked the seats with a swing system that cushions your body pressure as the Racing model 700 EMPIRE GAMING.

the Design

Design is a matter of taste first. If you are looking for an original chair, aggressive curves to decorate your room, model Diablo will be a good choice. However, for use in a living room or office, you might favor chairs gamer more sober.

Know that you will often have the choice between the seats bucket style, like racing cars, or office chair like the most classic design. The first are most suitable for long gaming sessions.

The padding and upholstery of the chair

For maximum comfort, it is necessary that the lining of your gamer chair is enjoyable, and often prefer the faux leather to fabric, more messy and sometimes causes irritation. In addition, canvas chairs will be significantly less wear resistant.

For the mousse, it is important that it is high density not sag to use!

Finally, the models with headrest and lumbar support cushion will have a significant advantage over others.

the tariff

The budget to spend on the purchase of an armchair gamer is variable and will depend on what you are looking for. If you want a good seat to play or to work without really need a pro model, then you will find around 100 euros.

For a gamer chair of good quality, durable and able to support your body during your longest virtual games, count between 150 and 250 euros.

Finally, if you are a practitioner of E-sports or simply anxious to have the high-end gaming chairs, so do not hesitate to turn to models with more than 300 euros, as proposed by the seat KLIM brand.

Frequently Questions – Answers to any questions you may have about gamers chairs

Gamer chair: is it really practical to play?

Of course ! By choosing a suitable model to your body and with the right settings, you will feel wrapped in the chair and you can play in ideal conditions. The gamer chairs are manufactured to provide the best possible gaming experience!

How much does a chair gamer?

The first qualitative gaming chair models can be found around 100 euros. Then, the more you increase the budget, the more you will have solid hardware and customizable, but there is no point spending 500 euros in a chair if you’re not a pro player.

Where to buy a chair gamer?

If you think you go to the store to buy your chair gamer, this may be complicated. This is a niche market dealers are few, because this type of chair does not sell every day and take a lot of space to store!

The easiest way is to turn to the Internet and key commercial sites, which in addition to having several models often offer attractive discount.

If you need a limited edition model or you want to customize your chair, you can go directly to the manufacturers’ websites, but the prices will not be the same!

Armchair gamer, leather or fabric?

For us, leather and imitation leather should be preferred. They are much more solid than the tissue – and therefore more durable – more comfortable and a lot easier to clean. When we play, we are not immune to a gesture of mood that we will reverse a coffee, fruit juice or beer on the seat. As much choose a material that does not absorb the liquid!

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