The Best Gamer Mouse 2020 | Reviews And Guide

The Best Gamer Mouse 2020 | Reviews and Guide

Our Choice: Low Budget

The Best Gamer Mouse 2020 | Reviews And Guide
The Best Gamer Mouse 2020 | Reviews And Guide
The Best Gamer Mouse 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Our Choice: Low Budget

The Best Gamer Mouse 2020 | Reviews And Guide
The Best Gamer Mouse 2020 | Reviews And Guide

The best gamer mouse is the key to unlocking the full potential of a PC gamer. You have the power of your PC sitting there and you need a mouse fast enough to ensure that nothing will be wasted. You can choose between many options – almost one for each kind – and we have taken as much as possible to write this comparison in order to reduce all the models available on the market only a few.

Mice gamer are not only aesthetically different from your average desktop mouse. Their sensors are designed to be more responsive and more accurate, with little or no smoothing or acceleration rejecting your goal. They are generally designed with well-positioned buttons for better keyboard shortcuts game than a traditional mouse.

Your hands deserve the best gamer mouse alongside the best gamer keyboard, which means you need to find a comfortable gamer mouse: the right size, shape and weight to your hand. There are a lot of game and those ambidextrous mouse designed for lefties too, if a goofy position is more your style.

In recent years, most gamer mouse adopted high CPI sensors (also called DPI) very accurate, so even a mouse on a budget will probably give you great performance in any game you play. Most of these sensors are able to have an extremely high ICC ICC 12,000 or more, while in reality you play on a much lower sensitivity at 2000 ICC. Do not worry too much that number – rather consider the shape and weight of your mouse ideal play.

Professional players usually recommend lighter and simpler mice with few buttons to hinder you. Mice lighter gamer does not tire your wrist and are easy to slip on a high speed mouse pad. Less than 100 grams is often ideal for racing mouse. If you prefer a heavier mouse, we also have some recommendations for them.

We have reviewed many of the best gamer mouse and listed our favorites below.

The best mouse gamer in 2020

1. SteelSeries Rival 710: The best time of the gamer mouse

The mouse SteelSeries Rival 710 is among the best gamer mouse. In terms of options, sensitivity and performance, it is difficult to match. All these qualities are gathered in this mouse without compromise and ensure it a place among the best mouse gamer in 2020.

This is a real reference, a must in the world of gaming. Although this mouse is in a high price range, it keeps its promises. It is definitely a premium product.

The OLED system allows you to customize the screen to the side. You can upload images to show or program are viewing your game statistics. Whether for convenience or for the aesthetic side, this is a real plus.

This mouse is truly one to be when you want to play at a high level. No stall in the fast movements, but at the same time very accurate on short trips, you can make any small round without that jerk, which speaks volumes about the quality of the placement during shooting in FPS. Also the vast majority of gamer mouse is only for right-handed, it is perhaps the best wired mouse ambidextrous gamer, so also for left-handed.

User gamer mouse SteelSeries Rival 710

You have at your disposal 7 buttons and a clickable scroll wheel. The set of commands is programmable according to your needs and your games.

Tactile and visual alerts are 100% customizable. They allow players to MOBA more responsive and comprehensive support in the game.

Its stylish design and ergonomic shape guarantee its quality and make it a safe purchase. If you are looking primarily a comfortable mouse for parties that last long, weight and shape should convince you.

Everything in this gamer mouse is flexible, including sensors. If you do not want to miss the latest technology, is the mouse for you.

2. HyperX Pulsefire Surge: A better mouse gamer with a unique design

If you have trouble finding a gamer mouse with a design to meet your expectations, you should take a look at the HyperX mouse Pulsefire Surge. This model has conquered many gamers with its luminous qualities and its hyper sensitivity. His Omron switches and RGB lighting 360 make it a safe bet at a reasonable price.

This mouse can reach 16,000 DPI. An impressive performance that brings you a flawless reactivity during your games.

Suitable for MOBA like FPS, it brings you comfort and keeps you on top of your level. You receive all the information you need to concentrate on your game and your evolution.

This is the best mouse I’ve ever owned. Excellent RGB lights. Software easy to use.

User mouse gamer HyperX Pulsefire Surge

This mouse comes with a personalization software that allows you to adjust the RGB according to your desires and needs. All lights are customizable, color the lights movements. You can create multiple profiles with different settings. So when you change the game or mood, mouse gamer becomes a chameleon.

While we regret the non-adjustable weight of the mouse, it has undeniable qualities both aesthetic and practical.

Beautiful and responsive, this is how one might describe it, this mouse can also find its place in the office. All you need to turn off the light colored and spend sober fashion.

3. Razer Viper: The best mouse for e-sports, fast and ready for action

Among the best gamer mouse 2020, Razer Viper is positioned at the top of the rankings. There are several reasons why the Razer Viper mouse to our favorite sports games.

First, its lightweight design and make it unique ambidextrous mouse on the gamer market. At 69 grams, it is a lightweight in its class. Accessible and convenient, lefties will quickly adopt it. It is just as pleasant to use for right-handed.

Its 16,000 DPI Razer Chroma and lighting make this little mouse unerring playing partner. Responsive and friendly, it combines design and performance to perfection.

Definitely the best mouse for gamers. Good value, even if it is a mouse that is expensive. Ability to change the DPI, color and the assigned buttons. As against the cardboard in the package was damaged, luckily it did not damaged the mouse.

User of the Razer Viper

100% modular, you can adjust this gaming mouse as desired. There are 8 independent, programmable buttons with the Razer Synapse software. This automatically launches when you connect the mouse. Fun and fast, it allows you to customize your mouse in detail.

An optical switch avoids unintentional clicks. If you tend to make mistakes when playing the parts are fast and intense, this mouse might suit you.

Strong and versatile, it supports speed of games including sports games. Its handling meets the demands of gamers who are looking for speed and control.

If you are looking for a competitive gamer mouse that has the latest technology, it may be that you have found.

4. Corsair Harpoon RGB Wireless: A gamer mouse wireless and cheap

The best mouse gamer will always be the one that offers excellent performance at a reasonable price. Mouse Corsair Harpoon RGB Wireless is a perfect candidate for this value covenant.

If you need a wireless mouse with a RGB lighting to less than 50 €, this model should suit you. Its expense takes time and you can enjoy trouble-free wireless technology for extended game play. It can hold 30 hours with backlight and up to 60 hours in power saving mode. You can connect micro-USB for charging and use wired.

The sensors have evolved on this latest version of the Corsair Harpoon RGB Wireless. For a wireless mouse, the accuracy is at the rendezvous. The mouse is responsive and great sensitivity. However, it is recommended to use Bluetooth only for office use.

This is a very good mouse: it is ergonomic, and should in my opinion more to small and medium hands, but probably not for large hands. It is pleasant to use even if you have sweaty hands, it does not slip. The best mouse for all that is gaming!

User mouse gamer Corsair Harpoon RGB Wireless

Unfortunately, ergonomics should only handed users. Its shell is curved on the right side to match the shape of the hand. This design provides a good grip. In addition, the non-slip texture prevents your fingers from slipping, for uncompromised accuracy.

If you have large hands and thick fingers, you may be struggling to handle the buttons. But for this price, you can not expect better.

The Corsair Icue software that accompanies the gamer mouse lets you adjust the button functions and change the backlight logo.

5. SteelSeries Sensei Ten: The SteelSeries mouse gamer is always a safe bet

This gamer mouse SteelSeries Sensei Ten is a special anniversary edition of a model that has marked many gamers.

His profile customization system and its matte black finish, are two things you’ll love about the SteelSeries Sensei Ten. This ambidextrous mouse gamer offers high sensitivity, making her a better gamer mice tested in 2020.

It offers an impressive rate of acceleration and deceleration. Thanks to its latest generation sensors, you can create up to 5 levels of sensitivity that can vary your use and your type of game. You can change the level with the little button that is located behind the wheel.

Second Mouse Steelseries I have, and it’s always the same pleasure! It’s really nice in hand, very light but feels that it is solid. As usual setup customization is extremely comprehensive. I recommend.

User gamer mouse SteelSeries Sensei Ten

The RGB lighting allows you to change the color of the logo and strapping the dial. This mouse really has a design oriented gaming.

The two main buttons clicks are below the outer shell which is in one piece, but it does nothing degrades the experience of the game. You will have no difficulty to handle the mouse and to be responsive and accurate in your actions.

You have 4 extra buttons on the sides. All features of this gamer mouse are customizable via the accompanying software.

The weight of the SteelSeries Sensei Ten and rigidity of his 2 meter cable will discourage some players opt for this model. The performance is at the height of the Sensei brand.

6. KLIM AIM: One of the best gamer mouse cheap

This gaming mouse of the French brand KLIM surprised by a rather old school design, which denotes with mouse usual gamer. Everyone will be free to assess whether its gray / black appearance decorated with the colors of the rainbow, customizable. Anyway, once connected, the sensations offered by the mouse model are the expectations.

Because apart from this particular style, this mouse gamer has very good qualities. One feels quickly as it is aimed at professional players, competition enthusiasts online tournaments and boisterous and it was developed by a team of players who know the expectations of E-Sport practitioners particular.

Indeed, on this mouse, you can adjust the DPI (500 DPI to 7000 DPI) through a special driver supplied by the KLIM brand. On it, you can also customize all mouse settings: effects, flashing colors or buttons depending on the game you play and create your macros or change the sensitivity. To know that this driver works only on Windows (but the mouse still works without drivers, do not worry).

Firstly it is not overpriced, far from it. She has a very good ergonomics, a heavy coat but you get used to it quickly. I use it for internet browsing and playing on pc. Klim The software can change the colors of the mouse, set the DPI, macros and do everything that a high-end mouse can do. I recommend the product for its quality, its design, the care but mainly because it is a French start-up that is original, interesting and has humor.

User mouse gamer Aim Klim

It also has a very precise optical sensor of last generation, which allows seamless responsiveness. Not once during our parties, it does we failed. It is also thanks to the grip of the mouse, which lets a grip almost perfect. Thus, in use, the glue mouse in hand and allows rapid arm movements without it answers. We used different types of games and it has adapted to all categories without harm.

Regarding its size, there was a mouse still quite heavy (235g), but it improves the grip. It measures 12.8 x 4 x 6.8 cm, and connects via a USB cable braided good size, which ensures a consistent life.

Finally, the RGB backlight system will allow you to play day and night, and this mouse is ambidextrous. Rare enough to report it, it will fit your fingers even if you are left! So all gamers get their money with this model devoted to them.

For us, this may be the best gaming mouse of time at a value unmatched prices. The plus of this model comes from its French manufacturing, which allows for providing a customer service quality, responding well and quickly to all requests.

7. Razer DeathAdder Chroma: Mouse ultimate gamer

The Chroma Razer is a gamer mouse the most searched on the net currently. There are other models gamer mouse Death Adder series, but it is the Chroma which sells best. And there are reasons! The Death Adder Chroma filled all the most wanted features for mouse gamer.

For left-handed, do not worry, Razer provided to all and offers a left-handed version of this gamer mouse. Left-handed players can not have a better mouse gamer that one. In addition, it offers 10 000 DPI with its 4G sensor. His hyper-sensitive buttons are designed to capture fast pressures on them (like click fast, and the mouse will react even if the clicks were very fast and light). It is very easy to use and it features a very ergonomic design.

Do not let the 101 grams of the Death Adder Chroma fool you, it is very light when traveling. The scroll wheel is just perfect, it has little notches that make pleasant to the touch and very precise.

Firstly it is not overpriced, far from it. She has a very good ergonomics, a heavy coat but you get used to it quickly. I use it for internet browsing and playing on pc. Klim The software can change the colors of the mouse, set the DPI, macros and do everything that a high-end mouse can do. I recommend the product for its quality, its design, the care but mainly because it is a French start-up that is original, interesting and has humor.

User gamer mouse Razer DeathAdder Chroma

To summarize, although his style is not unique, you can not neglect its charm, and you’ll appreciate its characteristics that make this mouse, mouse gamer very good at that captivated many players eSports professionals. Thanks to its ergonomic shape for total comfort of your hand, or ultra-sensitive optical sensor that 4G provides unparalleled accuracy for that price.

This mouse gamer a lot of positive opinion about it. We just regret the lack of adjustable weights, but hey nothing very disturbing for that price. Otherwise mouse gamer Chroma Razer just look fabulous with the backlight of the wheel and the logo of this one. As for its performance, they are also brilliant and effective as its look.

8. Logitech G502: A mouse gamer quality with lots of IPR

When we see the Logitech G502 we can safely say that it has a more unique style than any other gamer mouse. The level of customization for this gamer mouse is just amazing. We can see that Logitech has clearly understood that each player was different and it shows with his gamer mouse G502. The optical sensor is universal because it is possible to run and set themselves on every surface you can imagine (please still use a mouse pad, not a piece of paper: D). The twin scroll mode enables precise navigation and allows for example in a document of change pages effortlessly.

Moreover, five little weight 3.5g are present in the base of the mouse gamer to balance its 168g. Do not worry about losing the weight because in fact they are located in a secure enclosure. Otherwise, most of the criticism that we have read and studied, consider this gamer mouse Logitech mouse as the best game of all time.

Firstly it is not overpriced, far from it. She has a very good ergonomics, a heavy coat but you get used to it quickly. I use it for internet browsing and playing on pc. Klim The software can change the colors of the mouse, set the DPI, macros and do everything that a high-end mouse can do. I recommend the product for its quality, its design, the care but mainly because it is a French start-up that is original, interesting and has humor.

User gamer mouse Logitech G502

Its very angular design allows to identify it as a mouse gamer at first glance. The mini-scroll wheel and rubber sides played heavily in his comfortable grip. Also with its colors, ergonomic design of this gamer mouse is modern and visually nice.

The 11 programmable buttons speaks volumes about the control you would get as a player. His aesthetic is efficient and pleasant. There are still further opportunities for improvement, such as the scroll wheel could be made of rubber, or else his overweight. His original 12000 DPI are widely disputed. If they are native and backgrounds, the G502 should easily be among the best gamer mouse 2020.

9. Razer Naga Epic Chroma: A very good gamer mouse wireless

The Razer Naga Epic Chroma is one of best gamer mouse to play MMOs, thanks to the fact that it is a wireless mouse and it has 19 buttons.

It can be customized as desired. Although it has a stylish design, taking the apple level is too high. If your hands are small, you will probably not cover the whole of this mouse gamer. Unfortunately one size that supposedly was perfect for all sizes of hands is really suitable. However, this new mouse gamer at Razer Naga surpasses its previous version of 2014 at the level of performance, and this by far. Even the ergonomic grip is much more balanced with this release. It is more comfortable, thanks to its concave shape. With regard to its characteristics, it has an acceleration of 50G, a 8200 DPI laser sensor 4G, and a fiber cable 2 meters. This enables him to get the title of best gamer mouse wireless available in 2020.

Firstly it is not overpriced, far from it. She has a very good ergonomics, a heavy coat but you get used to it quickly. I use it for internet browsing and playing on pc. Klim The software can change the colors of the mouse, set the DPI, macros and do everything that a high-end mouse can do. I recommend the product for its quality, its design, the care but mainly because it is a French start-up that is original, interesting and has humor.

Mouse User Razer Naga Epic Chroma

In addition, the wireless mode offers an Ultra-1000Hz polling. The head-shaped logo sperpent Naga is visually very cool. There is a multitude of color options for lighting the scroll wheel. The fingers have immediate access to the programmable keys. We can not ask for a better grip in the palm, thanks largely to the side right. Fans and players of MMOs will greatly appreciate the configurator MMOs key in-game. Moreover, its performance makes this wireless mouse gamer, an irresistible choice.

10. CoolerMaster SGM-4006: A quality gamer mouse

When you mix 12000 DPI with an ergonomic and comfortable grip with an optical sensor, you get the mouse gamer CoolerMaster SGM-4006.

With 8 programmable buttons and 512 KB of onboard memory, you have a mouse gamer really flexible and powerful. It is tested to be at least 5 million times clicked and more.

Firstly it is not overpriced, far from it. She has a very good ergonomics, a heavy coat but you get used to it quickly. I use it for internet browsing and playing on pc. Klim The software can change the colors of the mouse, set the DPI, macros and do everything that a high-end mouse can do. I recommend the product for its quality, its design, the care but mainly because it is a French start-up that is original, interesting and has humor.

User mouse gamer CoolerMaster SGM-4006

The brand has a very good reputation in the US market, unfortunately little known in France, this gamer mouse is perfect for budget travelers and lovers of good products to play more comfortably. It has great rubber grips that are interchangeable and can be changed as desired.

You can obviously expect to improve your game experience with this mouse gamer CoolerMaster. Nevertheless, the performance of this mouse gamer does not shine only in play. His movements and precise response times will make you appreciate yourself every time you use it. It will also help much in play, by working in order to stay productive. Any chance of a delay or lag is eliminated with scroll Strom CM Spawn.

Things you should know before choosing your gamer mouse

Our selection of these gamer mouse is based on what we like. This might not necessarily suit you, so we prefer that you read all the details below. This will help you choose your mouse gamer.

A gamer mouse to different types of games

There are several brands that come out each day new concepts of gaming hardware.

These brands include Logitech, Razer, Mad Catz, CM, and more. Mice gamer these brands are the list of the best mouse to play in 2020. While making your choice you will have to face the problem of the abundance of proposals. Too many choices kills choice.

It’s cool to have a variety of choices, but it still give the thing a little trickier too. Fans of video games, must learn about their choices and preferences in-game (match) before buying a mouse gamer. To summarize, the most played games that require gamer mouse are classified into five types:

Most players prefer one or two of these five kind of game. But some more seasoned players might like to play all these genres and play all the games coming out. For example, a gamer mouse like Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum is perfect for all types of games. Unlike the Logitech G502 is great for geek in MMOs.

This is one of the types of games and we want to absolutely win in milliseconds latency, especially when playing online lag with possible connections due to poor reception wifi (See our article on the best routers wifi for geek without lag). The Polling rate aka refresh rate in good French, it’s simply the speed of communication between the mouse and the computer. With a mouse gamer this rate is only 1ms while with a standard mouse, the rate is 2-3ms.

Various types of mouse taken along gamer

Each player in a different way to hold the mouse, where it will be comfortable and at ease. So when you choose a mouse gamer, remember that you should choose something that matches your type of plug in favorite hand. There are three shooting positions, which are generally preferred by the players.

In this decision, your hand rests entirely on the mouse. If you like your palms feel relaxed and comfortable, then it is probably your favorite outlet.

It is a variant of the engagement with the palm, with some variation. The index and middle finger is arched backwards to an angle perpendicular to click.

Only two fingers and thumb are touching the mouse in this type of decision. Your hand is in the air.

Different notions surrounding gamers mouse

The gamer mouse must be intelligent to meet every player’s needs. The modern mice are able to avoid registration erratic hand movements. The correction of the mouse is not always helpful because accuracy is largely compromised during the game.

The sensitivity of a mouse is measured in DPI (Dots per inch) or PPP in French (Dots Per Inch). A gamer mouse can have a number of IPR can a hundred to tens of thousands. The higher the DPI, the greater mouse will move quickly on the screen. The sensitivity of the mouse gamer our list of the best in 2020 are highly variable, there is something for everyone.

DPI (Dots Per Inch) aka French PPP (Point Per Inch) is a unit that we indicates the sensitivity of an optical mouse. These are significantly higher in mice that basic gamer mouse. Again, something necessary for FPS or the MOBA in terms of shooting accuracy, or skill-shots. Gender cage Morgana in Lol: D.

In addition, gamer mouse has an IPR modifier (a wholesale switch). This IPR modifier allows you to control the mouse sensitivity as real (You can make your mouse more or less accurate / sensitive at the time when using the switch). In addition, it has with mice gamer you will see that the weight of a mouse importance, indeed most of the mouse to our list of best gamer mouse in 2020 0sont come with small cartridges adjustable weights to your preference.

There are two types of sensors in a mouse: optical and laser. The optical sensor is adapted to equalize the roughest surfaces. The laser sensor, however, works best on reflective surfaces. A laser sensor, generally refers excellent DPI.

The ratio of the velocity of the pointer to the speed of hand movement defines the acceleration of a mouse. It is measuring force G, where G is equal to 9.8 meters per second. Players with low sensitivity must be reconciled with the acceleration often because they require more hand movements.

The polling rate refers to the rate of transfer and response between the mouse and the computer. It is measured in hertz and varies between substantially 250-1000Hz a mouse set. Since the mouse device, the data sent are processed first before acting on the screen.

programmable buttons

Programmable buttons make gaming mice and keyboards exciting. The gaming mice usually have buttons that can be made into hotkeys (shortcut / macro) to perform actions in the much faster play. For example, you can see the buttons sniper present on a specific mouse FPS.

With programmable buttons, a mouse gamer can have a set of profile settings. You can even specify different actions for the buttons while changing the characters in a game. With the same mouse, you can easily switch between genres and games.

Takeoff distance (lift-off distance) is the height that the mouse can be lifted from the surface before the displacement movements become insensitive. The mouse software can be useful for adjusting the takeoff distances. In one type of e-sports game, the takeoff distance is important.

And finally, last but not least, the weight of a mouse. Few players care about it. But the weight determines the level of feeling during the game. The adjustable weights are a trendy concept in mice gamer these days. A fine weight adjustment, helps to make predictions easier and increases accuracy.

Fair questions gamer mouse

What is a gamer mouse?

The gamer mice are specialized for video games and offer players better performance. Playing a game at a high level, especially regarding the e-sports, it is essential to use special equipment.

Thanks to its ergonomic shape, the gamer mouse offers a better grip and makes heavy use.

It has a much higher number of buttons as a conventional mouse. Thus, it is possible to program and customize a mouse gamer as the games we play. More precision and responsiveness are waiting for you.

How to choose a gamer mouse?

The first criteria to consider in choosing his gamer mouse is its shape. Indeed, some mice are suitable for left and other models are for right-handed. You must choose a mouse that fits the shape of your hand and brings you impeccable comfort.

You must then focus on the number of buttons on your mouse gamer. According to the games you play, you will need more or less controls. Your mouse gamer can have up to 18 buttons. It is an essential criterion for making your choice.

Finally, the responsiveness of your mouse is an important element. More mouse has high DPI resolution, the more it will be.

Holding his gamer mouse?

There are 3 ways to take control of his mouse gamer:

How CIO for a mouse gamer?

The number of DPI determines the sensitivity of your mouse. In French it is the PPP, which means dots per inch. More IPR gamer mouse, the higher it will be sensitive and responsive. From 4000 DPI, it is a fairly technical mice that can play at a high level.

To choose the number of IPR you must also consider the type of game you play. If you like shooting games, for example, is too sensitive mouse can make you lose precision.

On most mice gamers however it is possible to adjust the sensitivity of your mouse and change it according to your needs and your games.

gamer optical or laser mouse?

An optical mouse works with LEDs that indicate the path to the sensors. It should be used on a smooth and non-glossy. It is ideal to use a mouse pad. Optical mice have an average resolution of 3000 DPI.

The laser mouse on the other hand can be used on all types of surface. They have a DPI of 6000 and are therefore more sensitive and more reactive than optical mice.

Again, to make your selection, you must rely on the use you have your mouse gamer.

How to clean his gamer mouse?

It is recommended to regularly clean his gamer mouse. For longer storage, but also to ensure your health and protect your health conditions. An unmaintained mouse can quickly become a hotbed for bacteria.

You can use a disinfectant product dedicated to cleaning electronic equipment (phones screens, keyboards, computers …)

You can also use white vinegar by soaking a cloth or cotton. This natural disinfectant is nontoxic and non-aggressive.

It is imperative to disconnect the mouse before cleaning and wait until it is completely dry to reconnect.

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