The Best Games for the Nintendo Lite Switch | Best comparison

During its first three years of life, the Nintendo Switch has managed to build a large library of games and convinced people that a hybrid console / handheld is something they need in their lives to play. But 2020 will be the biggest challenge of the system to date, while their rivals Sony and Microsoft launch both their powerful new generation of consoles, the PlayStation and Xbox 5 Series X at the end of this year.

However, even with the power of the world, one thing that these systems will not (unless you count streaming clumsy workarounds game) is the ability to take your games with you when you travel. The Nintendo Switch Lite, cheaper, more robust and mobile is the ideal medium for playing games Switch if all you want is the portable play.

For third ports and small independent success, here are some of our favorite games on Nintendo Switch Lite.

The best games on Nintendo Lite Switch 2020

The Best Games For The Nintendo Lite Switch | Best Comparison

1. Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Building the island of your dreams

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is definitely the best game on Nintendo Switch Lite for builders and designers. The scenario is simple: here are powered alone on a desert island. As you build the city of your dreams with the help of bridges, houses, furniture, vegetation …

All your buildings are 100% customizable, like your character. If you like games that appeal to your creativity, it should please you. Your island is changing as you advance in the game, to turn into a real city.

In this version of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you can tinker. This feature can create your own furniture and tools from raw materials that you find on your island: wood, twigs, stones …

In parallel with the construction game aspect, you must fulfill the objectives set. You must pick up such waste, fish and shellfish well perform other tasks yet. The more you accomplish your goals, the more you advance in the game. You can unlock new features that help you evolve your town

Your avatar meets many animals on the island. They are always kind and willing to share tips and stories with your character.

The Animal Crossing: New Horizons is available on Nintendo and Nintendo Lite Switch Switch.

The Best Games For The Nintendo Lite Switch | Best Comparison

2. Pokemon Sword and Shield – Catching Them All!

Pokemon Sword and Shield keeps its promises based faithfully on the Pokemon series. You will need to browse Galar with your team and face the masters gyms before you confront the champions.

You will find in this game Nintendo Switch, Switch Lite also available on all legendary creatures that made the famous Pokemon Jigglypuff, Charmander, and other Farfetch’d.

The video game has certainly changed little, but that does not prevent you to immerse yourself in an unusual adventure.

The user experience is pleasant, many joystick shortcuts allow you to launch the best attacks or open your Poke Ball in seconds.

It is of course possible to fight players from around the world with a multiplayer mode that opens many doors. More than 400 Pokemon are released in the game, you can exchange them easily with other players to complete your collection. You can also go on a raid in teams to complete missions.

Pokemon Sword and Shield is the best game on Nintendo Switch for all hardcore fans of the series. It is a timeless universe that crosses generations without taking a wrinkle.

The Best Games For The Nintendo Lite Switch | Best Comparison

3. Luigi’s Mansion 3 – A chilling haunted universe

If you are a fan of mysterious atmospheres, Luigi’s Mansion will be your best game Nintendo Switch Lite.

Your mission is to fight ghosts and other creatures from beyond the grave in a haunted castle. The graphics are extremely well successful and you embark on the adventure from the start of the game.

Luigi, the faithful companion of the famous character Mario, must explore the area in search of his missing friends. So you play as Luigi, armed with a portable vacuum cleaner and a grappling hook. In order to find your loved ones who are missing, you must explore the vast house. Thrills guaranteed.

This Nintendo game Switch, available Switch Lite, is surprising. It offers a wide variety of locations, characters and scenarios. So you play long hours without tiring you will, the life of this game is relatively long.

Luigi’s Mansion 3 is primarily aimed at a young audience or followers of crafted graphics.

The multiplayer mode supporting up to 8 players, leaving the option to play as a family. Moreover, in this Nintendo Switch game against players progress together, not each other.

The Best Games For The Nintendo Lite Switch | Best Comparison

4. Untitled Goose Game – Sow panic with an evil goose

In the game Nintendo Switch Untitled Goose Game, available on Switch Lite, you play a nasty goose wanders into a village in the English countryside. Your goal: to terrorize the inhabitants, pillage their gardens, pull their shoelaces, breaking their favorite things, plunder their clothes …

In parallel, you must solve puzzles and complete objectives. Warning, if some villagers will be afraid of you, others will try to chase you by all means. It will be up to you to make the difference between fearful and those who are a danger to you. The various missions push you to think and develop your logical sense, whatever your age.

The animations are nice, we love the expressions of the characters, realistic and fun. The soundtrack is made of preludes of Debussy, which brings a comic touch to the ambiance.

The game Untitled Goose Game is the best game Nintendo Switch if you want to pass a light and fun time. The situations are all the more improbable than the other.

This game short and unpretentious won wide acclaim and conquered many players. It will convince you if you like British humor. This is a stealth game that comes out of the ordinary.

The Best Games For The Nintendo Lite Switch | Best Comparison

5. Overland – Objective survival on the West Coast

The Nintendo game Switch and Switch Lite Overland takes you on a race for survival on the west coast of the United States. You are the head of a group of characters who tries to escape the invasion of aliens. The trip to the zone of peace is fraught with difficulties: checkpoints, breakdowns of species, looters, meeting with the invaders … It will require strategy and determination to get away unharmed.

You will need to carefully consider the items you collect, some are essential to solve the puzzles. Your party can quickly switch when you make the wrong choices.

This game is definitely the best game Nintendo Switch survival. While it is complicated and you’ll earn the Game Over before successfully pass all levels, this game is extremely addictive. It is for players who like challenges and who demonstrate temerity to finish a play.

The graphics are very worked and change settings between each level, which will not leave you time to get bored. If you like western atmosphere or down Hollywood fund, this game transports you to an America worthy of the greatest classic films.

6. Baldur’s Gate 1 and 2: Enhanced Editions – The essential role play

The Nintendo game Switch and Switch Lite Baldur’s Gate 1 and 2: Enhanced Editions was one of the most anticipated this year. This mythical game features a story of uncommon richness. This is an extremely addictive role-playing that you immediately embarks on an adventure populated incredible mystical creatures.

The animations are successful despite a retro style that will not suit everyone.

Victim of an assassination attempt, your avatar, heir of Bhaal, embarks on a quest for justice to avoid a full-scale war. You must link the struggles and fight for your survival. A merchant supplies you with arms and elixirs.

You will have many missions to complete over your meetings and worlds as you cross. Baldur’s Gate 1 and 2: Enhanced Editions is the best game Nintendo Switch for gameurs who like role playing.

Your character is moving with an analog joystick which makes the experience enjoyable. The menus are clear and minimalist, all dialogues are subtitled in French. This game is therefore aimed at a wide audience and should have many followers among fans of adventure.

7. Super Mario Maker 2 – A classic revisited

The Nintendo game Switch and Switch Lite Super Mario Maker 2 put on stage the legendary character Mario. The graphics and designs are true to the Mario universe which one never tires never definitively. You cross the worlds always with the same enthusiasm and sympathy for this character.

Some levels are very difficult and despite your intensive practice, you will certainly have some challenges to overcome before completing the game.

New features were introduced in this version of Super Mario Maker 2. You can now take a cat suit to climb the walls and climb trees. It became also possible for enemies to eat mushrooms to grow. The karts are always present in the game.

This is the best game Nintendo Switch to have a good time with family or friends. He promises good laughs.

The multiplayer mode allows you to share parts simultaneously. You can also challenge your friends as well play cooperatively, a real novelty offered by the game.

Super Mario Maker 2 is a successful game that keeps its promises: the novelty while remaining faithful to the Mario games that appeal to a wide audience since the 80s.

8. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – A classic revisited

The game Nintendo Switch Lite Ultimate Super Smash Bros. is a fighting game set in the Mario universe. The formula does not age despite the amount of versions above this edition. We find the characters and scenery that made the success of the game, without ever being disappointed. You lead the titanic battles with attacks increasing work and eccentrics.

The animations and scenery have been reworked and improved to provide a visual also resulted Nintendo Switch on Switch Lite.

Adventure mode to explore solo unlocks features and enhance its character. This is the great novelty of this game Super Smash Bros Ultimate. You can play alone or with friends and confront you in the ring and never get bored.

This is the best game Nintendo Switch to players who like to revisit the classics while having fun and taking on new challenges. This is an accessible game that is suitable for experienced players as well as casual players.

If you are looking for a first game for your new Nintendo Switch Lite is a great choice for discovering your device.

9. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe – Always more circuits

You definitely know Mario Kart, all players have a day in their life exploring this legendary play. The game Nintendo Mario Kart 8 Switch Lite Deluxe is the latest and certainly the most successful.

New offers tours and climbs a notch. It will quickly master your kart to hope to cross the finish line and beat your competitors.

This is the best game Nintendo Switch to play two through Joy-con releasable. You can play around with your playmate. Convenient to avoid boredom in transport.

The online multiplayer mode allows you to organize Grands Prix with up to 12 players. You will have to do many competitors, always ready to plant banana skins to divert your course.

This new version of the game available at Switch Lite provides ultra-precise driving. You can improve your performance quickly taking the game in hand. A beginner mode will leave the management of the automatic speed pedal. So you can play with children without worry.

Switch the video game Mario Mario Kart 8 Deluxe does not surprise you and have fun. This is a game that has reinvented itself and convince a wide audience.

10. Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled – A color top racing game

The game Nintendo Lite Switch Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled is a racing game that features retro graphics true to its early versions. Indeed, the first edition of this game already has 20 years, and yet it still attracted many followers.

Driving is not as easy as other kart racing games. The control of your vehicle requires more technical and you need to train long hours before winning races and Grand Prix. You will need experience, especially if you plan to use the boost that can quickly throw you off when you do not know how to use.

The animations are fluid and fast, it is a feast for the eyes. The sets are many, there is in this video game Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite rich content to explore. The karts and characters are fully customizable, so you can use your creativity to customize your vehicle.

This is the best video game Nintendo Lite Switch for fans of racing games. It will be more suitable for experienced players who put technology at the heart of their conduct.