The Best Games Ps4 Coop Local | Best Comparison

The Best Games PS4 Coop Local | Best comparison

The online game has taken sizeable proportions in the world of gaming today, relegating – almost – forgotten the good old local coop, which was the only way to play more on early game consoles. It is a mistake. The local game has indeed many advantages, plus some usability playing with family or friends. For example, you can be helped by a friend if you are stuck in a game. As we will see, with our list identifying the best games in local co-op on PS4, some publishers still believe in this idea, and offers gaming experiences highly dependent on effective cooperation between two or more players.

The best games PS4 local coop in 2020

1. Rayman Legends

The Best Games Ps4 Coop Local | Best Comparison

Rayman returns in an adventure fifth thought by Ubisoft and Michel Ancel, celebrated creator of the character. The French 48, to whom we owe Beyond Good and Evil and the Raving Rabbids, brings his creativity in Rayman Legends on PS4, which also includes the best of the local co-op and who uses technical UbiArt engine, which has extended its capabilities to now include 3D gameplay elements, a new lighting design and a new rendering system that put the graphics to the next level.

The story of Rayman Legends is: Rayman, Globox and Teensies discover, after a long sleep, a tent filled with a series of captivating paintings. If you look closely, they notice each painting seems to tell the story of a world. While focusing on one of them, which shows a medieval land, they are suddenly sucked into the painting and enter the world represented. This is where the adventure begins.

Rayman Legends revives the style of the previous game, Rayman Origins, in which up to four players play together the different levels in local co-op. In addition to the main playable characters – Rayman, Globox, the Teensies – a female character appeared Barbara. It can be controlled, as Murfy, which can perform various actions such as cut ropes and activate mechanisms if a player uses the touch pad controller of the PS4. All his characters require cooperation to progress in the adventure. Other new features include music levels punctuated by pipes and a football game, Kung Foot that you reserve some very fun times in multiplayer.

2. Diablo III : Reaper of Souls – Ultimate Evil Edition

The Best Games Ps4 Coop Local | Best Comparison

This edition Ultimate Evil contains both Diablo III – big commercial success with over 15 million games sold – and its expansion Reaper of Souls. He adds a number of features in Diablo III as a new character class, the Crusader, which specializes in the defensive play and the sacred magic; a new artisan Myriam mysticism, which can improve the properties and appearance of the player’s equipment, or a fifth act in history, “Westmarch,” where a new enemy appears, Malthael.

In addition to the story mode, this extension adds a Diablo III Adventure mode, where the player is free to roam the world and accept at will premiums and random dungeons. This mode allows you to explore all parts currently available in the game, without having to create a new game. Note that it is only when the player completes the entire campaign, including the newly added V act, and he beat the final boss, he unlocks the mode.

The adventure can be played alone, but the fun is to invite several friends – up to 4 – for a local co-op adventure on one screen. Beware color explosions! The online mode is not left out, with growth of your characters is measured in “seasons” limited in time, to a challenge that has the ability to renew itself constantly.

3. Overcooked/Overcooked 2

The Best Games Ps4 Coop Local | Best Comparison

The games of the series Overcooked are among the best games in local co-op, as they combine the gameplay fun and unique gaming universe: the kitchen. In Overcooked 1 and 2, players are indeed leaders who must cook meals through the preparation of ingredients, cooking, serving and cleaning, all in a limited time. In short, it looks very much like the emissions of TV cooking!

Most often several orders of different types or varieties of meals will be presented in the queue, forcing the leaders, embodied by a maximum 4 players to work together to effectively fill orders. Correctly complete each order refers parts, with bonuses depending on the speed of the player, while underserved orders do not earn points and lose time. The goal is to collect as many coins as possible within the time limit. Players are ranked according to a star system, based on the number of rooms they have obtained.

Overcooked was designed primarily as a local cooperative experience up to four players, but the game also features a single player mode, where the gamer plays two leaders, while it can switch between them at any time or attempt to control both at the same time. Not present in the first, online gaming arrives in Overcooked 2, as many innovations in terms of levels, restaurant themes, costumes and recipes.

4. Don’t Starve Together

The Best Games Ps4 Coop Local | Best Comparison

Do not starve Together is following do not starve and offers multiplayer mechanisms absent the first game. This suite has different ways of being addressed several: co-op locally or network with matchmaking. Online, there are 4 different categories, which do not affect gameplay, but strongly color the experience – Social, Cooperative, Competitive and Madness.

In do not starve Together, there are three game modes in local co-op: Survival, Desert and Endless. Survival is the default mode. It is intended to be a cooperative mode where players become ghosts dead characters that drain the mental health of the living players. In Desert, players appear in random locations on the map. Those who die are returned to the character selection screen, allowing them to reappear at random in a new location, as a new character, with the erased progression. No resurrection element exists and the world will never reset. The Endless Mode, it is destined to be more relaxed, the players are not obliged to cooperate.

Do not starve Together includes almost all the content of the base game and additional content Reign of Giants. Some features of the DLC Shipwrecked and Hamlet were also introduced. In addition, several changes were made to balance the characters, giants and seasonal mechanisms in the multiplayer aspect of the game.

5. Minecraft

The Best Games Ps4 Coop Local | Best Comparison

Minecraft is a game with great success, first appeared on PC and now on PS4, which involves placing the blocks in an open world. Build anything you can imagine with unlimited resources in Creative Mode, or go for intoxicating expeditions in Survival mode, traveling through hostile lands and infinite depths of your own worlds. At nightfall, the monsters appear. Do you want to hide them or make tools, armor and weapons to replicate? Choose, but not necessarily only because you have to do here in one of the best games in local co-op console.

The game several in Minecraft is indeed available locally, up to 4, with split screen or online, either with friends or strangers – maximum 7. It allows for both to interact and communicate together on the same world. Moreover, the worlds that you started alone supports multiplayer, allowing the gamer to be joined by companions.

If the PS4 version does not include the constant updates and downloadable community creations, such as PC, the very principle of the game, a true giant sand tray, allows not to feel this lack. Note that you can import your worlds previously created on PS3 and PS Vita to the PS4 edition.

6. Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, available only as a download, offers a highly original concept if ever seen: the game supports a gamer to disarm bombs with the help of one or more other players who read a manual containing instructions . This video game is designed to be played by two people, one as “Minesweeper,” wearing a virtual reality helmet on PS4, and the other players and experts reading defusing manual bomb provided. The game principle is that Minesweeper can not read the manual and must rely on the experts to instruct. Similarly, experts can not see the bomb and must rely on the minesweeper to describe their craft. Experts and Minesweeper can communicate with each other directly in local co-op either online, using microphones.

Each bomb game consists of several modules, which are independent of each other and can be disarmed in any order. Most modules require disarmament, which can be complex to make, and when all modules are successfully disarmed, the game is won. The game is divided into a number of predetermined levels, divided into groups of competencies that define the number and types of modules, time to defuse the bomb and the maximum number of attempts. Players can also create custom challenges. In short, this game is the bomb.

7. Little Big Planet 3

LittleBigPlanet 3 offers gameplay elements very similar to the first two games in the main series, Little Big Planet and Little Big Planet 2. But in this third installment, explore the corners of the Imagi-sphere, meet the locals the intriguing planet Bunkum and face the nefarious Newton.

LittleBigPlanet 3, which is a platform game introduces three new characters in addition to Sackboy, each with its own unique features and capabilities. OddSock is a kind of dog that can run faster than Sackboy and can jump walls. Swoop is like a bird that can fly freely around the levels and collect light objects or other characters, except Big Toggle. Toggle, he can turn into a large heavy version, Big Toggle therefore, and a small light version, Little toggle, which can for example walk on water. All new characters are as Sackboy, fully customizable, and there will be many new costumes original collectible in the game so you can express your own individuality. All these characters are of course playable in multiplayer, co-op locally – between 2 4 – or online.

If you feel inspired, use the powerful and intuitive customization tools of the game – there are 70 – in addition to the improved tools of the three previous titles, LittleBigPlanet, LittleBigPlanet 2 and LittleBigPlanet PS Vita. All that to give life to original creations, the game will then allow you to spread within the community.

8. Rocket League

Rocket League is a game that makes sense to many, and it is certainly one of the best games in local co-op of the PS4. This opus, developed by Psyonix, offers the opportunity to play on the same screen up to four players, which are assigned to two teams. They use vehicles powered by a rocket to hit a bigger ball than the car for the purpose of their opponents, and score points in a game whose principle the close of football, but with a great place left to destruction of opponents. Matches usually last five minutes, with a sudden death overtime if the game is tied at the time.

The meetings can be played head-to-head between two players, up to four local co-op, and up to eight – four against four – online. A competitive mode Rocket League are: players it compete in the season, with victories or defeats increasing or decreasing the overall ranking of each. The game also includes a single player in season mode, where the player may object to the AI ​​of the computer. An update later introduced into the game of personal training sequences, which can be created by players and shared online.

Note the existence of Rocket League: Collector’s Edition, which combines all the fun and fervor of the original game with all the cars and the content of the DLC Supersonic Fury Revenge of the Battle-Cars and Chaos Run.

9. Divinity : Original Sin II

Divinity: Original Sin II, developed by Larian Studios, is set in the fantasy world of Rivellon, centuries after Divinity: Original Sin, the first installment. Living beings on Rivellon have a form of energy in them, known as the source name, and individuals called Ensourceleurs can manipulate it to cast spells or enhance their combat capabilities. Early in the game, the player character is a Ensourceleur which is captured by an organization, the Divine Order, and sent to a prison on the island, known as Fort Joy. On the way, a giant Kraken attack and sank the ship, but the player’s character is saved from drowning by a mysterious voice.

As Divinity: Original Sin, players can play solo with one of six pre-existing characters available or fully create a character and choose his abilities, gender or race – human, elf, dwarf, lizard, undead . They can also recruit up to three friends to help. These are fully playable and potentially will have different interactions with the environment and NPCs that the player character.

The game also offers multiplayer modes online and locally, both competitive and cooperative. In the competitive version players, a maximum of four, are divided into two teams and fight in a map of the arena. Local co-op is limited him to two players in split screen, and the second gamer can play with its own profile, even if the data is not saved.

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