The Best Graphics Tablets In 2020 | Reviews And Guide

The Best Graphics Tablets in 2020 | Reviews and Guide

Before discovering what is the best choice for graphics tablet in 2019, it is worth recalling the usefulness of this technology product become essential in certain areas.

All persons or -particuliers professionnels- that drawing at one time or another need to have a graphics tablet. The same goes for photographers, who may edit their photos in gestures for graphic animators, manga or comic artists.

The tablet is an object that has been democratized and whose acquisition is now accessible to larger numbers. There are indeed graphics tablets cheap, with capabilities that will satisfy even the most demanding.

And regardless of your drawing level! You will be able to make great things after choosing the best tablet. But how to do it ? To help, we have established a final purchase guide will help you make the best choice of tablet and Best comparison to the past for you in journals 5 model. This will give you an overview of the possibilities offered by the market and you can, depending on your needs and your budget, make the best choice possible!

Prepare to impress with beautiful drawings! If you like good 3D but on a tablet, discover our selection of the top 5 3D pens!

Our selection of 5 best tablets graphic 2019

To help you make the best choice of graphics tablet with an irreproachable value for money, we selected the following products. Depending on the specificities of each, and what you need, you will be able to understand what is the tablet for you to improve your achievements!

HUION Giano WH1409 – The best choice of graphic tablet 2019

The Best Graphics Tablets In 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Our opinion on the tablet HUION Giano WH1409

This model of wireless tablet of Huion brand is for both amateurs and professionals. It’s simple, its performance is amazing once it has in hand!

We were quickly impressed by the size of the object, ergonomic (45.5 x 26.6 x 1.6 cm) and weighs just 1 kilogram which they easily defeated everywhere. But it is mainly the work area that thrilled from the first moment.

With a working area of ​​35 x 22cm, almost an A4 sheet, it is free to make drawings or specific and detailed designs. This is also made possible by the high accuracy of this tablet! Pen in hand, really it seems to draw on a sheet of paper!

This feeling is due to the good resolution of the tablet, which has 5080 LPI (line per inch) and the report rate per second to 230. This ensures both high responsiveness to this model and render impeccable. But also on this tablet HUION 2,048 levels of sensitivity with the pen. What work more accurately.

If the graphics technical aspects so we have conquered, it is also the case of different connectivity of this device. This graphics tablet works wirelessly (via wireless by a USB connector provided), which allows to move up to 12 meters away. In addition, its battery life of almost 40 hours ensures peace of mind. You only have to save your work at any time, thanks to the integrated 8 GB storage. However, no possibility to upgrade the storage because the tablet does not accept the SD card!

To facilitate the realization of your drawings, you can customize 12 shortcut keys via 3 small areas of 4 buttons each time. In practice, this will become second nature and you will make your photo editing in Photoshop (for example) with amazing speed!

This is one of the best selection of graphic tablet you can! The model and comes with several accessories (stylus to 4 points, charger, stylus holder …) as well as a user manual. It is PC and Mac compatible with all versions since Windows 2000 and OS from 8.

XP-Pen StarG430 – Better quality graphics tablet for money

The Best Graphics Tablets In 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Our opinion on the graphic XP-Pen Tablet StarG430

If your budget will take you to make the choice of a graphics tablet at the best quality / price, this model of the brand X-pen could give you satisfaction.

Here we have an ultra thin tablet that works without a battery. As a whole, the product is 16.4 x 10.7 x 0.2 cm and the working surface is 8cm by 4 cm. It’s small, yes, but it remains satisfactory for small jobs or for touch-ups on your achievements. The pressure level is 2048, and a second frequency ratio of 220.

It is easily transported due to its small weight, its small size and finesse and is very simple to connect. Just connect it to your PC for snaps into action. Moreover, there is need any software to make it work in gameplay mode for the OSU game, which is extremely convenient when you move. However, to draw or paint, you will find the necessary drivers on the website of the brand.

It is also compatible with all retouching software graphics best known Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw … and with Mac and Windows operating systems.

The pen is provided is also without battery, and it works relatively well. It is equipped with different tips that allow precise work and tailored to individual needs.

Beginners looking to make the best choice of cheap graphic tablet may opt for this model eyes closed. Solid, accurate, there is the small work area that separates models much more expensive!

Gaomon M106K – Best cheap tablet for the pros?

The Best Graphics Tablets In 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Our opinion on the tablet XGAOMON M106K

Those of you who use their tablet in a professional should focus on this model that has convinced us.

Rather attractive, lightweight (780 g) and fine enough, since its dimensions are: 35.6 x 24 x 1 cm, that is a model that provides several levels.

First, in its resolution 5080 Lpp, which allows him to make smooth, precise lines, that the minutest appreciate. Our lofts are perfect, without that we have got to be too picky. A small defect on the stylus, by cons. It recharges via a cable connected directly to the PC. It’s annoying when you want to work while it is charging.

Moreover, the stylus detection can be disconcerting initially; sometimes it is detected while it is 2 cm from the work surface, which can cause some problems in the beginning. But once mastered, it explodes! He and ecological elsewhere because it turns itself off after a selected idle time, and enjoyable to use as it weighs only 14 g. We really feel like drawing on paper!

Regarding the level of sensitivity, it is 2048 and the report rate and 233. What get a high fly made. Finally, its equivalent work surface to an A4 sheet allows optimal achievements.

Among the most interesting features of this model of tablet is its many configurable keys. There are 12 one-touch keys on the left side, and 16 customizable keys above the work surface; to you to choose which will be used to zoom in, to zoom out, to cancel … In the work, it saves considerable time because you know, mistakes and alterations are permanent in graphics!

In terms of compatibility, this model works with all software dessinles best known: perfect for artists, architects, or the creators of video games. No worries for use on Mac or Windows.

This is probably the best choice of cheap graphics tablet for professionals as for beginners who want a product of very good quality without spending too much!

Huion H610 Pro – A high-performance graphics tablet

The Best Graphics Tablets In 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Our opinion on the tablet Huion H610 Pro

The Huion brand offers us a great tablet with a large work surface. Indeed, no less than 25.4 cm x 16cm allow you to work comfortably, to produce the best of all possible records.

And it works rather well! With its resolution of 5080 lines per inch per second and its report of 233, the tablet responds well and ensures quality work, accurate and intuitive. And with a 2048 level of pressure, hand stylus sensation is truly remarkable.

It almost forgotten by the time that we draw on a tablet, not a real leaf! The stylus is Huion P80, rechargeable model without battery, which offers more than 800 hours of use on a single charge of 2 hours! It is lighter and enjoyable once in hand.

This powerful tablet also has a total of 16 programmable keys that optimize your every move. The settings are also very easily. In addition, there are 8 shortcut keys are also quite useful.

Be aware that downloading a driver on the brand’s website is required to install the shelf, but it allows the left to have a left-integrated mode. A great idea that unfortunately is not always present. However, driver installation is sometimes complicated.

Among the extras, we appreciate the fact that it is provided with a bag and gloves! This tablet is a bit big, a bit heavy (1.1 kg), and its plastic design makes a product that could suffer over time. But for occasional use or for those new to using this type of equipment, the choice of this model of tablet is interesting.

Wacom Intuos Photo Small – Best Wacom tablet for photo editing

The Best Graphics Tablets In 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Our opinion on the graphics tablet Wacom Intuos Photo Small

If you like photos, here may be the best choice of graphics tablet. Indeed, this model Wacom brand is intended primarily for those who want to indulge in photo editing.

It is a model of tablet to value for money, which has the advantage of being lightweight and ergonomic. With a weight of 300 grams and dimensions of 21 x 16.9 x 1.1 cm, you can take it anywhere without worry. It also easily take the place of your mouse on your desk mat.

We loved its Intuos Pen ultra-sensitive, responsive to our every move. As the sensitivity of the tablet and its 2048 pressure levels. Its resolution 2540 lines per inch is pretty good, and without providing the best made for a tablet in 2019, the result will satisfy those who like to spend time to make their best photos.

It was also able to edit birthday cards, and personalize our business cards. The result is convincing and using this tablet easily. It therefore appeal to both beginners and those who already practice a little, whether right or left handed. In addition, it is easily customizable, thanks to its 4-key for creating shortcuts.

It is a tablet model that can be used wirelessly (via Wifi) which is very convenient. However, it will acquire a battery separately, which is quite a shame. But it is also possible to connect it to the computer with a USB cable. In terms of logistics, it will also download software Corel PaintShop Pro and Corel AfterShot Pro X8 2, whose codes are available on the tablet. You’ll have to provision two performance tools.

Note however an important detail: your computer must have a CD drive to start the program, the first use!

For the rest, this little tablet is really nice to use. Easily transportable, it will follow you everywhere, and you can edit your photos even on vacation!

Buying Guide: How to choose the best tablet in 2019?

It is time to understand how to choose the best tablet, depending on your needs and your usage. Price differences can be significant between models and we must understand what they are due.

Here is a buying guide that will help you make the best choice of graphics tablet!

The size and the work surface

One might think that most tablet is, the better. If there is truth in it, one must take into account several parameters.

On one hand, the tablet’s size affects its portability. If you need to move regularly, so too wide model can be annoying. The larger tablets like the tablet HUION Giano WH1409 will be very useful for professionals or designers who practice a lot, but they will not necessarily needed someone who draws occasionally.

Also, be aware that a larger work surface will you logically make much more movement. A force that can cause pain if you are not used.

Finally, an important fact: the tablet size strongly influences the price! The more you choose large, it will be more expensive. Fortunately we are small models qualities like tablet X-pen!

The resolution

The resolution is defined in LPP: line per inch. It indicates the precision and sharpness of the features you’ll make. The higher the number of Lpp is, the better the quality drawings or layouts that you will get

As such, the tablet graphic Gaomon M106k and its resolution 5080 Lpp sets the bar high for this type of model!

The sensitivity and accuracy

Pressure sensitivity is measured by pressure level. This indicates the precision with which your actions will be detected by the tablet, when you realize your drawings. The higher the line, the more accurate will be your achievements.

Similarly, with a line level higher than 1024, you will begin to feel true feelings, as if drawing!

Finally, do not overlook the reporting rate (RPS), which measures the rate of reactivity between tablet and stylus. Over this measure, the higher your movements will be quickly picked up by the tablet. With a rate too low, we are left with tablets that have a latency horrifying! Choose models with a minimum rate of 100 RPS or higher as Huion® H610 Pro tablet.

the pen

You will constantly hand in pen, so that it is important would be an understatement. It is important, and we appreciate the pens:

Attention is sometimes sold separately!


It is important to check the tablet strength. Especially if you frequently carry but not that. Indeed, a graphics tablet is normally used often enough, sometimes we tend to take a little support above the wrist and should therefore resist.

Most of the best graphics tablets are made of plastic, but it will favor those designed hard plastic.

The weight

We talked earlier about the size, but the weight of the tablet should not be neglected either. In your bag, it should be light enough not to bother you. Some small models weighing only 300 grams, as is the case of the tablet WacomIntuos Photo Small, can be transported without difficulty.

Accessories / tools provided

We rarely think to consider what comes with a graphics tablet. Yet some tools or accessories are significant.

One thinks in particular storage bag, which preserves the tablet longer scratches. handling gloves are also appreciated! More rare are found with Huion® H610 Pro tablet.

But in addition to accessories, there are certain model of tablet comes with software for photo editing or graphics work. This is an opportunity for those who have yet to program design or photo editing to a stone two birds.


Remember to check the compatibility with your machine (Mac and PC), but especially with the software you already own. If normally, tablets we’ve reviewed for you are compatible with all software design and editing the best known, some models show exclusivity.

The price

Graphics tablets sell for between 40 and 3,000 euros …! And yes, the models for the experts of the drawing, those who live and practice at a high level, can reach several thousand. But an individual or a normal user can simply model between 50 and 200 euros for a high performance graphics tablet.

See for yourself what the best value for a graphics tablet to select the tablet that will accompany you in your best work!

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