The Best Hair In 2020 Mowers | Reviews And Guide

The Best Hair in 2020 Mowers | Reviews and Guide

If you are not a fan of the appointment at the hairdresser, or in addition to pay dearly and sometimes long wait, you may come out with a cut that displeases you, then there is a simple solution: buy a lawnmower Hair!

With the best hair clippers, you’ll be able to cut your hair alone easily, or to ask nicely to your companion you mow. This material can also be used to make a nice haircut to your son, rather than having to accompany a hair salon.

Just as the best electric shaver for men, a hair clipper makes your life easier and offers considerable time savings. For those who do not like to waste their time, this is the perfect object.

Discover what are the best 2020 hair clippers, with reliable models, accurate and professional for some, as you pass here Compare Best reviewed and will help you take care of yourself and your hair.

Our selection of a look:

Our Choice: Quality / Price

The Best Hair In 2020 Mowers | Reviews And Guide
The Best Hair In 2020 Mowers | Reviews And Guide
The Best Hair In 2020 Mowers | Reviews And Guide

Our Choice: Quality / Price

The Best Hair In 2020 Mowers | Reviews And Guide
The Best Hair In 2020 Mowers | Reviews And Guide

The best hair clippers in 2020

While some women like to spend time at the hairdresser to chat a little during cutting, men who appreciate this moment are rare. To avoid having to drag you reluctantly to the nearest barber and spend a fortune – 20 to 25 euros on average – go for the best mower for hair!

With 7 products we reviewed here, you should find one that fits you the most.

1. Remington HC5880 Virtually Indestructible

A high precision hair clipper blades with Japanese

If you are looking to buy a lawnmower is both strong and powerful, without breaking the bank, then this hair clipper for the Remington brand should please you.

Equipped with a Japanese stainless steel blades set and 11 shoes for cuts ranging from 3 to 25 mm in length, this model is designed to last in time. Presented as indestructible, the product is shock proof allowing it to collect the bad falls or blows when you are carrying. It is made with the same material that makes up the helmet visors!

With its super magnet motor 7.4V – the most powerful brand Remington mower – and a Dual Lithium battery which guarantees autonomy to 120min, then you will almost professional mower that can be used with or without thread. If ever full mowing, cutting your battery because you forgot to charge it, do not worry! Suffice it to continue plugging the cup!

Full charging takes 4 hours and power unabated during the 2 hours that lasts this charge. Impressive and very convenient to cut their own hair easily.

The ergonomics of the trimmer is good, including a grip agreableet a non-slip handle. In addition, its noise reduction system allows for discreet use and much less painful than some models.

For your cuts, you only have to choose the right guide, place it on the mower and go! With a little practice, you realize haircuts facilementsur you want yourself or your children. This hair clipper comes with several accessories (protective cover for shoes, oil, a cleaning brush …) and a case of sturdy storage, ideal for traveling and for storage of the device.

It was therefore with this model HC5880 Remington hair clippers for enjoying one of the best quality-price ratio in the market!

2. Wahl Hair Clipper Elite Pro

A high-performance hair trimmer for perfect cuts

For fast and precise cuts, the mower Elite # 79602 WAHL and of its powerful engine will be a good choice. With precision blades Self-sharpening cutting designed to stay as long as possible and professional precision, it can cut any type of hair quickly.

This hair clipper comes with 3 combs cuts that adjust the length of shearing between 1.5 and 25 mm, which is suitable for those who like to shave closely as those who want to maintain a certain volume of hair. It comes with a comb, scissors and professional protection that avoids overlap hair during cutting. You will feel the hairdresser!

The Wahl brand with its electric mower with an engine 15% more powerful than its previous models, allowing fast and efficient mowing. The hair does not stand on the first pass. In addition, it provides better battery life.

It is appreciated that its ends sections have metal brackets, which avoids breaking them accidentally, which is unfortunately common with nipple low end hair clipper. Its weight is also an asset, since with her about 1 kilo, you will not feel like a toy in his hands.

The Wahl Clipper Elite has still two small flaws: the first is that it is not washable under water, so it will require cleaning by hand after each use. Nothing too serious, but it is an area for improvement. The second thing is that it only works connected. If it has the advantage of ensuring that you will not stop being cut, it somewhat limits your movements.

Overall, still was with this model one of the best hair clippers 2019. Sold with a strong transport box, which also contains a storage bag for the shoes, it will make cuts and men children as fast as accurate.

3. Remington HC5035 Colour

To cut their hair so fun and colorful!

With his mower colorcut HC5035 at a small price, the Remington brand offers a comprehensive package that will allow people to make their own hair cut very easily.

The first thing that jumps out when you discover this hair clipper is its hooves … colorful! The 11 provided cutting guides are red, blue, black, orange … and it’s not a visual detail! Indeed, it is a way to simplify the changes in length during cutting because of a glance, you will know what is the shoe for you. Those ranting confusing black cups guides to each use will finally have a practical solution at hand!

Excluding this colorful appearance, hair clippers Remington possible to cut the hair with a magnitude between 1.5 and 25 mm, leaving a good margin to create different styles. Its stainless steel blades Self-sharpening and enable clear size and guarantee durability over time.

It has an adjustment lever to adjust the cutting height, and an ergonomic grip due to its shape slightly rounded. It is light, and although it tends to heat if you put too much time to mow you (think off each cutting guide change), it is pleasant to use and allows to cut any hair only just.

Children love the colorful clogs, adults accuracy of the device! If it’s a shame it only works connected to the mains – which limits the movement of the person who could cut your hair – this gives it sufficient power to cut hair thinner to thicker.

It has various accessories, including a barber comb, neck brush, cleaning brush for the mower, and it lacks a storage case for ultra complete. But at this price, you can not have everything and it’s already fine.

This model of the Remington brand ranks without difficulty among the mowers to best value the moment!

4. Panasonic ER-1611 – The best professional hair clippers

The best hairstyle pro home!

With this ER-1611 model, the Panasonic brand offers professional hair clipper that achieves a perfect cut, you cut your hair wet when dry, and are thin or thick. It’s simple, the result will be identical to what you might expect from a mowing haircut!

With its X-Type fiber titanium covered carbon blades (ultra strong), the mower easily and you pass once for a perfect cut. For your hair, you have 3 hoof cuts with 6 lengths available and the adjustment dial allows to define precisely what you want: from 0.8 to 2 mm in length, from 3to 4 mm, 6 to 9 mm, 12-15 mm. It’s short, know it because you can not make cuts fashions with this model!

But if you are looking for a professional mower for mowing short, this will be perfect. Powerful, thanks to an innovative linear motor that does not even weaken if decreased battery level, it is also very ergonomic with its soft-touch-grip coating that ensures optimum grip, light weight (265g) and cutting angle to 45 °, which improves accuracy.

It consumes very little and a 1 hour charge allows the use of 50 minutes, which is more than respectable! In addition, the Ni-MH (Nickel-Metallhydrid) is environmentally friendly. The Japanese brand has really done an outstanding job on the finishes and the design of the hair clipper.

A complete set of Panasonic includes a convenient load bearing, 1 storage base, three combs, a small vial of oil and a cleaning brush. There is no provision for the transport, simply because it is intended initially to hair salons and is not intended to be moved.

If you are looking for the best professional hair clippers, it will be a choice that will not disappoint.

5. Hat Eker

The best mower to cut your hair, your hair and your beard

The brand offers Hatteker at a very competitive price, a complete kit for a multifunction mower that will serve both for your hair to trim your beard, to shave the hair of your body or to remove hair from your nose, your armpits or your ears.

This multifunctional model has several shoes to fit your current needs. One for long hair, adjustable from 1 to 16 mm, allows you to cut hair when they are too long, the precision of head used for its refining the cut with possible settings of 3mm, 6mm, 9mm and 12mm. Easy to use alone, this mower for hair yourself allows you to draw patterns on the head very easily.

Its stainless steel blades are sharp and strong, for fast cutting and without irritation. This also guaranteed them a good life!

Where this multifonctionRFC-598 Hatteker mower stands out is with the other hoof cuts it proposes. The shaving head is destined for mowing your beard and you can adjust the length (3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm) for a clean beard and cut accurately.

More original, it has a head shaped steel tube that removes hair from ears and nose without harm. Finally, the mower head to the body will be your ally to get rid of unwanted hair you have on the torso, for example.

Very complete, this mower for hair and beard also has several good qualities. It is waterproof, which greatly facilitates cleaning suffice because of going under water to remove hair residue, and loads easily through a USB connection. No matter where you are, you can reload! With 90 minutes of charging, it takes 1 hour and an LED indicates the level of practice remaining.

With its low price, its accessories and its many features, it has the best mower for hair and beard of this selection.

6. Philips Norelco QC5570/40 Do-It-Yourself

The best technology in a hair clipper

With this clipper QC5570 / 40 – which is marked Do It Yourself- Philips uses advanced technology to offer the consumer a product that make their lives easier. With its rotating head 180 °, it is possible to simply reach the most difficult areas of the skull, allowing to cut their own hair without a hitch!

It is accompanied by two shoes sections, which regulate to a length between 3 and 11 mm for the first, 12 and 21 mm for the second. It is therefore intended primarily for men who like short cuts. Easy to attach, hooves are stronger, which will help keep intact long.

Where it is truly innovative is in its form and in its ergonomics. With tips and blades with rounded edges, you can mow without irritating your skull. This trimmer hair is well in hand, it is not too heavy (350 g) and accuracy is at the rendezvous. On the first pass, the hair protruding are eliminated.

This model QC5570 / 40 Philips Norelco is equipped with a powerful lithium battery, which allows a full load without wire use for 1 hour (for about an hour charge) and an orange LED will flash when the battery weakens. It’s very useful ! Of course, it is possible to use it even when plugged into the power outlet, but it is less convenient.

Only downside, its manual evil done enough, but hopefully it will not be necessary to have recourse.

This camera is waterproof for easy cleaning and to the good taste not to be too noisy, which makes it enjoyable use. Whether you tondiez your hair yourself or you do help a close, the result will be precise and clean. This is one of the best hair clippers 2019!

7. -817 captured forest smile

The best model of simple and cheap lawn mower!

Woner is a brand specialized in hair and beard trimmers and she proves with this HC-817B model we can offer very good things at unbeatable prices.

Indeed, this model of family mower allows for haircuts and beard easily and quickly. It is provided with four hooves main sections, with their blades 1.0, 1.3, 1.6, and 1.9mm and the shearing length is adjustable between 1 mm and 16.9 mm. To the finishes you will also find several other cutting combs: a right shoe, a shoe and a shoe left for gradients. It’s very useful !

Mower hair woner has a turbo mode that boosts engine power. This allows for extremely fast cutting, Powerful in the battery, and it is ideal for thicker hair. However, finer hair will be satisfied with the normal mode which guarantees flawless precision.

It uses wireless (or plugged, if you like) and autonomy can reach 4 hours after a full charge of 2 hours. A great performance, to which is added the LED screen that shows the remaining battery level that you avoid falling stranded at the wrong time!

This device is very low noise and vibration are greatly reduced compared to some models of the same range. This is an advantage when you cut the hair of the younger, more sensitive to noise and vibration on the skull. In addition, it is light (220 g) to use more convenient. We regret only that it is not waterproof!

With its titanium blades and cutting ceramic resistant, easily cleaned under water, the cut will be accurate and you will not have to change these tips before many years, confirming the fact of this model is one of hair clippers enjoying one of the best quality-price ratio on the market.

Buying Guide: our selection criteria to choose the best hair clippers!

The right mower for hair, tailored to your needs, will have to meet certain specific criteria. Here are those we have served to establish this comparison!

The height of cut possible

Some men like to shave his head completely, others prefer to keep some hair length to her hair then. It is therefore important to know the possible settings of the length that offers the hair clipper. In general, the models offer a length that ranges between 1 mm and 35 mm.

Some models, like the Remington HC5035 even offer colorful clogs that avoid err in setting the hoof!

Those who want to use their mower for trimming their beards and get rid of unwanted hair from their body will turn to a model trimmer hair and beard!

The quality of the blades

Good blades guarantee you fast cutting, accurate and painless. So be sure that they are made of titanium or ceramic, for best results (pro Panasonic ER-1611 model features), or stainless steel self-sharpened, for better durability.

It is good to know that bad blades will slide over your hair and ask you many passages to cut properly, which lost forever!

Powerful engine

The engine of a capital hair clipper because it determines the cutting force and the level of vibration and noise that will make the mower during use. To simply make more powerful the motor, the mower will more pleasant to use.

A good engine is also a guarantee of quality for possible use for many years.

The time and ease load

The biggest fear of those who cut their own hair is that the mower stops in action. This will not happen if the autonomy of the mower is enough! Some mowers take up to 4 hours in wireless usage, such as mower HC-817B of woner.

It’s nice to be able to charge the device easily via a base connected to a wall outlet or via USB charging, for possible use from anywhere. More preferably, the templates indicating the level of charge remaining in the battery, via a warning light or a screen%. .

Ergonomics: wireless, weight, grip

The best hair clipper can be used wirelessly or connected to a power outlet if it needs to be charged. Some not 100% wireless models, others only usable via mains connection. We find mowers offer 2 options commela QC5570 / 40 Philips Norelco.

It will also be heavy enough to put pressure on the skull while mowing, but not much not to tire the wearer, and its coating must provide good grip.

Supplied accessories

A good mower will have a complete equipment, we like to find a convenient storage case to carry, a cleaning brush, a bottle of oil, or more cutting guides, preferably made of solid material and with a protective cover.

The price

Just compare the basic investment demand that your hair clipper with the money you distribute the hairdresser going there once a month to understand how buying a mower quickly pays.

There is very good mowers for individuals from 30 euros, and models that also suit for professional use at rates surrounding the $ 100. Depending on your budget and your loyalty to one or the other brands, you will make your choice.

What hair clipper choose?

What is the mower for you so you require to analyze a few points mentioned above. Keep in mind that the best mowers allow you to cut your hair accurately, quickly, and alone.

The material must be strong, to prevent against falls or shocks if you transport the machine, it must have sufficient autonomy to you do not let go during cutting and enough choices clogs so you can set the desired length.

All these elements appear together? So trust the best brands of hair clippers that you present below.

The best brands of hair clippers

To ensure that you acquire an effective and durable, it can only recommend you to turn to a brand known and recognized for its expertise in the field of beauty equipment.

In addition to the reliability of these trimmers, it guarantees you to find spare parts easily if you should need to replace. In this context, the best mowers brands are, for us, Remington, Wahl, Panasonic and Phillips.

What differences between professional models and a mower particular?

End this guide with the proviso that differentiates the pros models and models only for individuals.

This is mainly in terms of puissancede engine (and therefore speed / cutting accuracy) and charging time will be the difference. Hairdressers have specific needs, which they can not afford to wait that long device charges. Moreover, most the mower quickly and cleanly cut, the more they will spend the next customer.

Note also that the shoes are often stronger because they will be much more stressed!

You know all about the hair clippers and so you have to choose one that will help you heal your style!

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