The Best Headlights 2020 | Reviews And Guide

The Best Headlights 2020 | Reviews and Guide

The benefits of a headlamp are well established, and all who have been camping, climbing, hiking at night or cycling know how this object point is essential. Ensuring safety and providing more comfort to the user, who can see clearly while keeping your hands free, this type of lamp should not be chosen randomly.

Recently, technology has evolved and best headlamps rival power and autonomy to provide maximum light, as long as possible, to their users. It offers 7 here headlamps quality, selected according to specific criteria that you find in our final purchase guide.

Our selection of a look:

Why trust us ? strives to each article to provide you with clear and relevant information to help you choose the most suitable product for your needs. Our selections are the result of many hours of research and analysis of information about each product.

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To make this comparison with headlamps, we collected user reviews on the Internet, to find out what users thought of their accessory during their escapades in kind, for example. We also specialize based on the tests, which analyze the performance of each lamp on key criteria.

The past 7 headlamps reviewed below have the following qualities:

As we Based on these elements, we have compiled this comparison that should allow you to choose the best headlamp. You’ll be ready to go the night of adventure, explore your attics and cellars your and your favorite sports even when the light fades!

The 7 best headlamps in 2020

The Best Headlights 2020 | Reviews And Guide

1. Headlamp Black Diamond Spot 325 – Best headlamp mixed use

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The Best Headlights 2020 | Reviews And Guide

2. Headlamp Actik Core Headlamp – Effective rechargeable headlamp

The Best Headlights 2020 | Reviews And Guide

3. Headlamp Tactikka Petzl – The best front lamp cheap

The Best Headlights 2020 | Reviews And Guide

4. Headlamp NU25 of NiteCore – A powerful and reliable model!

The Best Headlights 2020 | Reviews And Guide

5. Lamp Black Diamond Sprinter – Best headlamp for running?

6. Headlamp LED Omeril – A headlamp small rate

7. Powerful Headlamp of Halepro – A very powerful model of French manufacturing

Buying Guide – Everything you need to know about a headlamp before buying a

As you see, there are very good headlamps currently available at very reasonable rates. Discover what criteria it should be your choice to select the best head lamp, for you!

The lamp power

Maybe you think that the power of a lamp defines its quality. It’s not exactly the case, as most headlamp is powerful, it will consume battery. Therefore, you must evaluate your use before you rush out the lamp that has the highest rate of Lumens.

A powerful lamp will practice in cases of night races (walking or cycling) or for caving, but we do not necessarily need an over 200 lumens lamp. However, if a equals autonomy you have the choice, opt for the lamp that illuminates the most is logical.

In view or you go on trek or hike ‘for several days, better to focus a light that will hold the charge, despite less power. The good compromise? A hybrid model, which combines strength and easy charging, as the headlamp ActikCore Headlamp.


The headlamp chosen must not falter when you need it. Imagine yourself in the night, having to pitch a tent, when suddenly the lamp goes out … Not to undergo the inconvenience, choose a lamp that has a good battery once charged.

Below 3 hours of battery life, it’s light. From 3 hours, it will be enough for occasional use, but those who go on bivouac several days will opt for a headlamp that takes dozens of hours, as NU25 model NiteCore.

The lighting modes available and the distance

This can range from the simple white light at full power to alternative modes – lower or eco ‘- through SOS functions or red light for discreet night use. For a varied use, it is better to be generous.

The beam of light is important and must be adjustable in intensity and if possible inclination (as in the lamp of Front Powerful Halepro), and should know the maximum distance possible lighting. This varies greatly, but see at a distance of several dozen meters forward is already sufficient in most cases.

For camping, it is preferable to opt for a headlamp with a beam that illuminates nearby.

The type of refill / recharge time

The autonomy is crucial, as we have seen, and it goes with the loading of the headlamp.

There are two lamp types: those that use batteries that charge via USB cable (check if given or not), practical and environmentally friendly, but with less autonomy; those that use batteries that take time but it will buy.

The hybrid models are interesting to this level!

The damage resistance

If you use your headlamp during adventures in nature, it can be subject to sometimes harsh weather conditions (rain … snow … cold … moisture …) or even having to suffer falls and shocks.

It is therefore important to check the lamp seal (from the IPX4 standard, it will resist splashing) and its crafting materials to ensure that it is made to last. As such, the front 325 Black Diamond Spot lamp is a model of resistance!

Its primary function

Some of the best headlamps are perfect for cycling and running, while others will be more advisable for the practice of fishing or camping, because of their closest lighting modes. Be sure to check their primary function and adapt your choice as your core business!

its price

From 10 to 100 euros, prices headlamps are highly variable. The difference comes from the expertise of the brand of LED quality and battery, and the product lifespan. If an amateur can settle for a lamp from 10 to 30 euros, professionals will choose a model a little more expensive.

FAQ – Answers to the questions you have about the headlamps

To choose the right headlamp, it should start by analyzing your needs. According to your practice (camping, trekking, hiking, mountaineering, caving …), you can set the lamp for you.

Then, simply be based on the criteria of main choices (power, autonomy, battery type, soundness, available lighting modes, ease of use …) and your budget to determine headlamp best for you.

What headlamp choose?

There are brands Market leader of headlamp – including Black Diamond and Petzl – which remain safe bets for a first purchase. If after analyzing your needs, you can find a lamp of these brands, you will not regret your choice.

You can choose a multifunction headlamp, if you practice different activities in kind, with some models that offer both long and strong lights as LEDs that turn around discreetly.

What headlamp for trail?

For trail and all outdoor sports played at night, it is best to opt for a powerful headlamp. This is the Sine Qua Non condition to perform safely, having a perfect view of the road and its relief while remaining visible to others, and this is a good way to focus on the race rather than Area. At night, one quickly loses concentration.

The best lamp running or trail will also be well balanced, with an adjustable headband and comfortable to wear. There is nothing more annoying than having to replace his permanent lamp. To run from your friends model Sprinter Black Diamond!

How many lumens for a headlamp?

Below 100 lumens, you will not be able to read that, or do an activity at very close range.

With a lamp with a power between 100 and 150 lumens, enjoy short walks or races at dawn and camping without much difficulty.

From 160 lumens and beyond 200 lumens, you are able to practice night spots and explore the darkest places without worry!

What headlamp to run?

As for the trail, it is best to choose a lamp that lights far ahead when you want to run at dawn or dusk. This will see the status of ahead and the road does not put you in danger. As such, one appreciates headlamps with a blinking red light to the rear, which signals coming.

The density of the beam is also important because a beam of light projected too weakly illuminates not much, despite the power of the lamp. Better to prefer the denser bundles to see as far as possible.

Finally, pay attention to the lamp balance which should not be embarrassing during your shopping!

Headlamp: cell or battery?

Both have their advantages and disadvantages.

The batteries offer much longer battery life than batteries and it is easy to have on hand if you are farsighted. However, the purchase ends up costing in the long term and the batteries are an ecological disaster (if they are not rechargeable).

The battery is convenient, you can charge it anywhere via a single USB cable (if you have a portable external battery, so you’ll never run out of power) and is well in the long term more profitable. However, autonomy is lower and it may happen to find themselves stranded if we forgot to charge it!

The hybrid models, enabling the use of both a battery and batteries, are very practical.

Where to buy a headlamp?

One can buy a lamp in sports shops Intersport Decathlon or type in specialty stores in nature outings (as The Old Camper) or opt to purchase online, which sometimes allows for some interesting cuts by limiting intermediate.

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