The Best Hiking Socks In 2020 Wool | Reviews And Guide

The Best Hiking Socks in 2020 wool | Reviews and Guide

Hiking and trekking are great activities to get fresh air, exercise and be one with nature. To make your hiking experience as good as possible, there are a number of items you need to consider. Hiking boots you wear, until the front lamp hanging on your head, there are a number of elements that go to make a perfect ride. One of the most important elements is the wool hiking sock.

The wool hiking socks offer comfort, a cushion and a support sufficient to withstand rough terrain with which you can get in touch. Durable and able to withstand wear branches and thorns are ideal for ideal hiking socks. Discover through the beautiful picture that Best-Comparison of team in place, the best hiking socks.

Comparison of Best Wool hiking sock

Danish Endurance – socks for hiking and trekking

The Best Hiking Socks In 2020 Wool | Reviews And Guide

Our opinion on the Danish Endurance hiking sock

Although there are many superb wool hiking socks on the market today, in our opinion, the Danish Endurance socks are best. They are soft and comfortable to wear and dry quickly. Composed of 33% merino wool, 33% acrylic, 33% polyamide and 1% elastane, they are both durable and extremely flexible. With a fully amortized bottom, they provide your feet a truly outstanding support at any time of your hike. Also thanks to its high quality materials, the sock will prevent your feet from suffering from blisters, pain, pressure and optimize the evacuation of sweat from your feet. They provide very good thermal barrier during trekking in froids.Si environments looking for the best wool socks on the market, this is your candidate.

Hiking sock thin high performance Yuedge

The Best Hiking Socks In 2020 Wool | Reviews And Guide

Our opinion on hiking sock Yuedge

This set of 5 pairs of sock fine hiking interest to all those who practice hiking, but not only. They are also indicated for runners, tennis players, and camping enthusiasts who have there socks ideal for cold nights in the tent.

The quality of these fine hiking socks is their comfort. Indeed, once the feet, it seems to wear slippers and it’s very nice. This is not surprising because these socks are handmade! This therefore impacts the sensation of well-being because they wrap the feet perfectly, but it also affects their performance.

We talk about high performance hiking socks here for several reasons. The way they are woven allows to let your feet breathe. Therefore, when you sweat during your walks, the heat will be easily evacuated. This reduces discomfort due to perspiration, to prevent odors and minimize the maximum risk of irritation or fungi.

In addition, we must remember that the heat is discharged through the bottom; maintaining good temperature at your feet, you regulerez the temperature of your body.

These fine hiking socks also feature an antibacterial system and a design that allows them to absorb moisture more easily.

At the foot during a trek, the feeling is really optimal. This is certainly due to the composition of these hiking socks: 80% cotton, 17% polyester fibers and 3% elastane. But also their design with a Y type of heel Thus, the pressure on the foot is reduced when you walk. At the ankle, the pressure is not too strong, and they take the calf without compress.

In use, they seem resistant and do not deform the wash. They will be so much to advise fans of short walks and intensive trek practitioners or more intense outdoor sports.

These fine hiking socks are available in 39-44 size with a pack that includes several fairly sober colors: gray, black, beige and dark red. They are put on and removed easily, even after a long walk!

If you are looking very good hiking socks, both thin, light but resistant and anti perspirant, this pack of Yuedge brand is for you.

Large hiking socks and light brand X-Socks

The Best Hiking Socks In 2020 Wool | Reviews And Guide

Our opinion on hiking sock X-Socks

These lightweight hiking socks are perfect for long rides in the mountains or in the forest, summer and winter. On the one hand they are very light, making them extremely comfortable to wear, on the other hand they have a temperature control capability that allows them to dissipate heat. Therefore, even fit inside big hiking boots, they keep you from sweating abundantly in your shoes. This will not suffer irritation and friction-induced heat, with bad socks hikes.

In order to best adapt to your feet, these models socks X-Socks brand differentiate between right foot and left foot. This allows, depending on the morphology of your feet, to have ideal socks for each side.

These fine hiking socks also bet on the felt once the foot to satisfy users. This is the bare-foot sensation that is put forward here, and it is true that once endorsed, it almost seems to have nothing hinders our walk! In walks a little long, it is more than respectable.

Composed of 45% polyamide, 38% polyester, 13% polypropylene and 4% elastane, these solid socks are suitable for all seasons. And not just for hiking but also for trips by bike for downhill skiing in even for roller skating.

They go up to mid calf, for a good performance, and are available in many sizes, ranging from 35 to 47. Perfect for those seeking a large pair of hiking socks. Too bad aesthetically, they are not more careful … But this is a detail that should not come tarnish the good impression that we made it.

These trekking socks, easy cleaning, fast drying, will therefore be a good choice for hikers who go walking in all periods of the year!

Hiking sock with merino wool for your outdoor favorite activities

The Best Hiking Socks In 2020 Wool | Reviews And Guide

Our opinion on hiking sock merino wool Danish Endurance

If you are looking for long trekking socks for intensive practice of walking, then these pairs of merino hiking socks will stir your curiosity!

Available individually or in packs of 3, these unisex models offered in sizes ranging from 35 to 47 are designed in merino wool. Their composition is indeed 33% merino wool, 33% acrylic and 33% polyamide 33% plus 1% elastane.

These mixtures give them strength and capacity to remove perspiration impressive. Your feet will stay dry thanks to air circulation allows optimaleque weaving hiking socks in merino wool. This breakdown is that you can wear them for long without ever feeling any discomfort!

But that’s not all. This composition makes them usable in all seasons. You can go hiking in the summer the most beautiful forests and walking the snowy mountains without having to buy socks! this plurality is appreciated to use.

When the door, a real feeling of well-being is being felt in the foot. They are very comfortable, soft, they avoid the frictions that can be bothersome during long marches and feature anti bacterial properties. This makes them perfect for not being confronted with mushrooms or infections. They perfectly envelop the heel and the bottom of the foot to cushion the pressure during harsh steps, in most hostile terrain.

Moreover, these merino hiking socks are made in Europe, Denmark in particular, which is that they meet all the EU quality standards. For connoisseurs, know that the old navyErik B. Jørgensen recommends using these socks for the strongest steps!

If you need a pair of large hiking sock, they are available in different sizes: 35-38; 39-42; 43-47. Color can even choose through a fairly wide range from the most sober black to flashy yellow!

Only recommendation you need to consider: they do not go in the dryer and you can not wash at a temperature excess of 40 °!

For multi-season hiking socks, able to offer comfort and air circulation to the feet do not sweat, these models wool merino delight you.

Hiking sock fine Danish Endurance

The Best Hiking Socks In 2020 Wool | Reviews And Guide

Our opinion on hiking sock merino wool Danish Endurance

These low size socks, socks based models are designed and recommended for runners, men and women. This is again the Danish Endurance brand that produces these fine hiking socks. It is a guarantee of quality, with a 100% European manufacture.

Of course, they can be used for summer hiking, outdoor for various sports or fitness training. They were developed in partnership with the Danish professional rider StinaTroest, and it is true that once the foot, it offers maximum comfort.

The part that encloses the toes is woven by hand, allowing to minimize sweating and synonyms friction blisters. In addition, the overall design of these fine hiking socks is designed for the heat to be removed easily. The feet breathe and remain dry despite the effort! They are perfectly indicated for spring and summer!

With antibacterial son who’s up, there is a risk of bulbs ultra reduced. The composition of Nylon (47%), cotton (40%), polyester (10%) and elastane (3%) also helps to preserve the well-being of our feet. Even in your most intense workouts, no risk of irritation!

By cons, they seem rather fragile to washing. After several passages in machinery at the indicated temperatures, some of our socks started to pill a little and one of them has slightly narrowed! Think about it when you choose your sizes. Incidentally, they are available in 35-38; 39-42, 43-47. You can acquire them in packs of 3 or 5.

Ultimately, these socks will be more relevant to practitioners of short walks, riders and those who want antiperspirant socks every day, rather than seasoned hikers. They will indeed find them a bit too small and not strong enough.

Winter hiking sock VCA: warm and comfortable

Our opinion on hiking sock VCA

For socks with a value for money, here’s set of 6 winter hiking socks to the VCA brand.

These socks, the composition (80% cotton, 15% Polyamide, 5% Spandex) provides them great respiratbilite and especially comfort are perfectly indicated for hiking, trekking in the mountains or most outdoor sports.

At the bottom, it is true that they are pleasant. They donned without difficulty, can be easily removed even after sweating a bit and they limit the maximum irritation. Despite long walks, no lights in sight!

Moreover, they have padding on talonset on toes that can absorb shocks or pressure felt during long hikes. Therefore, these hiking socks available in black / gray or green are good for winter because the padding causes a feeling of warmth welcome (but no sweat, thanks to a ventilation correct woven fibers!)

They can be machine washed at 40 °, and acquire different sizes (from 35 to 47) and are unisex. The plus of this model? You can order a pair of large hiking sock because the models are available up to 50! Rare enough to be reported!

If we appreciate the level of comfort and convenience they demonstrate by being multi function, one can blame them small pilling that stay on your feet. Whenever you remove it, it will clean your soles and toes of all those little pieces of cotton … not a problem, but a little restrictive.

For the rest, so we have there winter hiking socks cheap and functional, which will satisfy walkers and hikers

Buying Guide – All About Hiking Socks

After knowledge of different models we have reviewed, it is time to focus on the criteria for selection of hiking socks. Depending on your walker profile, the choice is not necessarily the same for all. We therefore propose that this guide will allow you to choose the best hiking socks.

And remember: the complete equipment of good hiker also includes good shoes, a functional bag, a walking stick or a tent for the more adventurous!

Convenience comfort and ease of use

The practicality of hiking socks is crucial. And it particularly concerns two points: the comfort of your socks and ease you have to use it.

Comfort judge to the feeling you wearing socks foot. Some models give you the impression of feet in slippers, which is very nice! Others, padded dampen the pressure on the feet for a well-being of your plantar arch.

In addition, comfortable hiking socks limit irritation and chafing. This decreases the risk of blisters. This is the case of those with a reinforcement on the heel and the toes.

But comfort also lies in the ease that you have to use socks. It should be able to slip without difficulty, and remove them with the same ease. This may seem trivial but in use, these are details that become important.

Walking: duration and Relief

To choose your hiking socks, you need to consider the use you make of it.

Calculate your average running time and choose depending socks. For example, a 3 hour walk will be considered long hike. Therefore, you should opt for more resistant socks if you do that walks 30 minutes!

Ditto for the reliefs on which you walk. If you only wander the plains, choose the softest and most comfortable socks. However, if your specialty is hiking in the mountains or on steep trails, you’ll most likely to be irritated. Then select models providing anti-blister protection!


Some hiking socks absorb very much heat and sweating. This allows your feet not to macerate in an unpleasant sweat. However, we must ensure that the socks drying speed is optimal, on pain of having to walk with wet socks. And believe me, it’s a little appreciable sensation!


Your hiking socks must breathe. As with the previous point, this affects all the sensations felt.

The fact that air flows improves well being for the foot and keeps your body heat to an adequate level. For this, the weaving of your socks should be done so as to allow air to pass.

Poor breathability causes including fungus and increased sweating.

In what season you go walking

If you walk in summer only, it will be wise to choose socks designed lightweight fabric, able to breathe without keeping your feet or sweat or odors.

However, for practicing winter or trekking in cold countries, wool will be your best ally. Especially like merino wool, which allows air while keeping your feet warm.

Some hiking socks models are suitable for all seasons!

The size and height

Be sure to choose the right size socks. Too big, they could irritate you and cause friction, which will result in blisters. Too small, they will not be comfortable. Consider also that the wool reduces some washing when you choose your models for the winter! Feel free to apply to one or two sizes above.

The height equal to that of your shoes; if they are high, you make socks that reach mid calf and greenhouse you at this level. If you have low hiking shoes, opt for socks that do not exceed the ankle.

The upkeep

Good hiking socks do not slip. This may seem trivial but it is not, because it is very painful to have to pull up his socks constantly, on long marches. It is therefore preferred socks having an elastic reinforcement to the clamping point of the level (ankle or calf, as desired).

The price?

hiking socks Prices are held in a range between 10 and 50 euros. If the difference may seem high, we must know that the socks to more than 30 euros are to be reserved for professionals: climbers, walkers / runners or walkers professionals who practice everyday.

What exactly makes a good wool hiking sock?

Although all the socks offer foot support, warmth and extra comfort for wool hiking socks, this is doubly true. These socks are usually much thicker than standard socks because must resist wear branches and plants they encounter on hiking trails.

Perhaps the most important part of any hiking sock wool is his background that has an extra cushion to give your feet comfort and support for long periods of walking. In addition, they protect all exposed parts of your legs against scratches and bruises.

What are the advantages of wool hiking socks?

Although you can go hiking with standard socks, hiking socks woolen offer benefits that these standard socks provide just not. Because wool hiking socks are extra padded, they provide support to your foot cushions to help your feet to face the rugged terrain and other hills and wooded paths you meet.

Because of their height, they are also able to protect your legs branches and sharp thorns that may be in your way. Made with durable materials, but flexible, they are very durable and can also be adapted to the specific shape of your foot.

What are the candidates for the best wool hiking socks?

Danish Endurance – Made in Denmark, the Danish Endurance hiking socks are constructed from 69% merino wool, 27% nylon and 4% spandex. With a fully padded bottom, they are available in women’s sizes, including small medium and large sizes. Available in three different models, including slate, moss, green tea, watercolor and prunee, they are sure to have a design for your specific style.

Brubaker – Designed to rest at the bottom of your calf muscles, these hiking wool socks Omniwool offer exceptional protection of the two legs and boots you wear. Made of 75% merino wool, 24% nylon and 1% spandex, they are flexible, comfortable to the touch and durable. Available in two sizes, including medium and wide, they have a sewing comfort, offering maximum foot support at all times.

Cloudline Unisex – Made of 61% merino wool, 36% nylon and 3% spandex, these socks are too hard lace resistant and durable. Equipped with extra padding along their funds, they give your feet strong support especially when they have to travel rocks and steep terrain. With the ability to keep feet warm and safe from moisture, they have exceptional thermal insulation capabilities.

Factors to consider in choosing the right wool hiking socks

For most, the choice of wool hiking socks is a fairly simple exercise. Your goal is to find a sock that offers comfort and enough support, allowing you to traverse steep hills and rough terrain with confidence and stability. However, comfort and support are not the only things to consider when buying hiking socks wool. There are a number of other things to consider when buying. These include sustainability, building material and breathability, to name a few.

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