The Best Ice Cream Makers in 2020 | Reviews and Guide

In recent years, the ice cream makers have democratized in French homes greedy homemade recipes. You also dream of delicious ice cream without additives, dyes or preservatives? This decision is wise and all your honor.

To meet your expectations, the secret is to equip a quality ice cream machine with features that you match and facilitate particularly the design of artisan ice cream. Nowadays, the number of ice cream makers is therefore on the market, sometimes leaving rightly users lost face information and the incredible choice of models.

To help you in choosing the best ice machine for your use, Best Comparison reviewed 5 ice cream makers of quality you find in the contents of this comparison. Similarly, a buying guide will help you understand the important features to consider in order to elect the best ice cream maker to make your house sorbets and ice creams. Whether for one-time or daily use, one thing is sure: you will find the ice cream maker that is made for you through the selection of the best ice machine!

The 5 best ice cream maker in 2019

The comparison of these 5 best ice cream makers

H. Koenig HF320 – Professional crushed ice machine

The Best Ice Cream Makers In 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Our opinion on the ice cream maker H. Koenig HF320

You have a birthday to prepare and have enough time? The ice cream maker Koenig whose use is intuitive will be your best ally for making sorbets ice cream-like in less than an hour long! Unquestionably quieter and faster than ice cream maker accumulator with its silent turbine and less than an hour cycles, she will seduce you in “ON” mode as “OFF” with its beautiful design in brushed stainless steel and with its liquid crystal display LCD 3 modes of programming and remaining time!

Of a capacity of 2L and with a lid to trap, you can add ingredients during or at the end of turbines (chocolate chips, cookies, gingerbread, cookies, dried fruits, etc.), in order to perfect your preparations sweet. Likewise, it offers the possibility to change the program during turbine. Cleaning is easy, especially as the tank runs dry. So, no need to brine between the holder and the bowl, which is really convenient and relieve you of a cleaning at this level.

This is the best ice cream maker that we have reviewed. With a program to crush ice, you can even make your house tops! Its integrated chiller saves you refrigerate your sorbets, the KOENIG turbine cream maker does and in less than one cycle time you can serve your guests of your delicious ice cream and sorbets who expect more than being eaten!

Note: one teaspoon of ice and a measuring cup are provided

KRUPS GVS241 – The Best Ice Cream Maker Krups

The Best Ice Cream Makers In 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Our opinion on the ice cream maker KRUPS GVS241

Amateur ice creams and sorbets, you were followers of ice lollies and enjoy opening your freezer and enjoy immediately your sin? With its fast process, the ice cream maker KRUPS offer you this pleasure, in addition to the pleasure of enjoying your own homemade ice cream without preservatives, colorings or gelling!

This icemaker is working in cold accumulation: it is therefore necessary to leave your ice cream maker in the freezer about 12 to accumulate enough cold. When pouring preparing your delight in its tank with a capacity of 1.6 liter, in just 20 minutes your sorbet will be as smooth as what you will salivate.

If you want to make a second ice house, you only have to put the bowl of your ice cream maker in the freezer for 6 hours only! The bowl is not very large, it is safely stored in a freezer cabinet. Convenient to satisfy satiety gourmet in your family, is not it?

Its electronic screen will allow you to visualize the process and be warned of the end of the preparation. Moreover, a tone alerts you of the end of the cycle and the ice cream maker will stop automatically, allowing you to wander about your business without worrying about preparing your dessert.

Of an excellent quality / price ratio, the ice machine makes delicious sorbets and ice creams. All elements are removable and therefore easy to clean.

Our advice: Leave the tank cleaned permanently in the freezer so that your ice cream maker is always ready to use.

Seb IG500131 – A very good ice cream maker turbine

The Best Ice Cream Makers In 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Our opinion on the ice cream maker Seb IG500131

With the ice machine Seb, give in to all your desires without additives or ice you are! An ice cream maker that allows you to perform a wide variety of recipes house, ice creams, sorbets, frozen yogurt and will guarantee the result of a homogeneous texture without crystallization.

You will get a tasty ice in record time (20 to 30 minutes), but remember to pour into the bowl while the engaging so that the wiper motor does not harden and does not block the propeller.

His tank of 1L enables feast about 4 people, ideal for your home? Especially with its compact size, you can take it on vacation because it fits all types of freezers (drawers, chest or freezer). What’s better than enjoying its icy recipes for your summer vacation after a barbecue?

Its elements (excluding motor) can be washed in a dishwasher or by hand, since the bowl was thawed.

Our advice: keep the bowl between -13 ° C and -15 ° C to 24 take the ice well.

Note: A book of 15 basic recipes provided

LAGRANGE 409001 – The perfect family ice cream maker

The Best Ice Cream Makers In 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Our opinion on the ice cream maker LAGRANGE 409001

Your family loves frozen desserts and want to satisfy them quickly with an easy to use ice machine the process is faster? The model LAGRANGE is ideal and you will fully satisfy increasingly ensure 1.5L preparation!

This ice cream maker Cold storage requires refrigeration freezer about 12 hours before use, but as soon as you pour your recipe just barely 20 minutes to get your dessert ready to serve!

Not at all bulky and extremely intuitive to use with its colored lid with a secure opening for inserting your fruits, your children will enjoy realize their ice cream! The bowl dissociates and fits easily in all types of freezers. Cleaning is also very easy and convenient.

Its electronic display with backlight allows you to monitor the remaining time of preparation, but the ice cream maker stopping automatically, you do not really worry about it. She works for you and alert you when it’s ready, practice is not it?

Our advice: Leave the tank cleaned permanently in the freezer so that your ice cream maker is always ready to use.

Note: an ice cream spoon stainless steel is provided

AICOK – The best ice machine cheap

The Best Ice Cream Makers In 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Our opinion on the ice machine AICOK

With its fast process, AICOK cream maker allows you to perform multiple delights homes without preservatives, colorings or gelling!

Because of its cold storage system, it is important to store at least 12 hours before using the freezer bowl of your ice machine. Once sufficiently cooled, your preparation is ready in just 20 minutes! The bowl is easily detached from the device to be safely stored in your freezer (drawers, cabinet or safe).

By setting the timer you will be notified of the end of the preparation, practicality which prevents you supervise your recipe and allows you to leave you. However, this ice cream maker does not have the “automatic shutdown”, which means to be present from the end of the cycle to turn it off manually.

Of an excellent quality / price ratio, this ice machine has a powerful engine and a funnel and a whisk divinely mixing fruits and creams to make delicious sorbets and ice creams and yogurts houses.

The whip, the lid and bowl are removable and therefore easy maintenance of your device.

Our advice: Leave the tank cleaned permanently in the freezer so that your ice cream maker is always ready to use.

Buying Guide: How to choose an ice machine?

Weary industrial but still delicious ice cream, you want to get started in designing your own ice creams, sorbets, granitas and frozen yogurt? Understandable and laudable idea now asks to choose the ice cream maker that matches your needs and requirements.

The type of device

Whatever the ice machine you choose, they all have a mixing blade that ensures homogeneous redistribution of cold and creamy texture of your frozen preparation. Similarly, the tank is removable systematically to enable you to prepare your recipe out of the device but also for easy cleaning, which is not insignificant you will agree.

However, there are 2 types of distinct ice cream makers whose operation and preparation vary as follows:

– The ice cream maker cool pack

Requires refrigeration prior to use between 12 and 24 hours (depending on model). Regardless, you must anticipate and store accordingly the bowl in your freezer when you want to prepare your dessert. However, if you are vigilant and arrived to organize well, the design process is very fast: between 20 and 30 minutes depending on the model. Similarly, it is possible to perform a second ice leaving only bowl refrigerate 6 hours more.

– The turbine cream maker

Allows carrying “instant” ice without having to refrigerate the first bowl. This is explained by the “integrated chiller” automatically on ice cream turbine models. In less than an hour, you get your ice recipes!

The 6 optional features for choosing the best ice cream maker

The volume of the tank

Depending on ice cream models, the tanks volumes ranging from 1L (SEB IG500131), 1.6L (LAGRANGE 409001, AICOK and KRUPS GVS241), or even 2L (H.KOENIG HF320). Depending on your appetite, the number of people in your household or your use (during anniversary for example), you assess how much you estimate your needs in terms of capacity of the bowl of your future ice cream maker.

For information: 1L ice helps fill up to 4 people.

The power of the device

The power of your ice cream maker can vary between 6 watts (SEB IG500131) and 180 Watts (H.KOENIG HF180) or more. This is an important element to consider, however eprenez me not to rely solely on this criterion you:

For turbine ice cream with integrated cooling unit, the more power is, the greater the cooling rate is fast. However, for the cold accumulator with ice cream, the power of the device will not improve its operation or its design speed.

The price

While this is not a technical requirement, the investment you want to allocate your ice cream maker is an important factor, which is evaluated according to YOUR use (occasional, daily).

The ice cream makers accumulator are close in terms of the costs € 50-90, while Turbine ice cream and cold integrated group represent a much larger budget, ie over 200 € (eg H.KOENIG HF320).


Through this selection of 5 best ice cream makers, we hope you have routed to your shopping choosing an ice machine to satisfy your desire to achieve your icy recipes home to your taste and to your image. But also for answering your questions about the important criteria to consider in order to elect the one that suits you.

Keep in mind the importance of its optional features which make sense in the comfort of your preparations and the volume of its tank if you have to carry your recipes for many mouths.

Our ultimate advice: Choose turbine cream maker to avoid having to refrigerate the bowl of your ice cream maker in cold storage, in which case, the power of the device you buy is important because it demonstrates speed.