The Best Juicers 2020 | Reviews And Guide

The Best Juicers 2020 | Reviews and Guide

In an increasingly beneficial perspective, it is more likely to be tempted by the natural in our diet. And rightly so! Why continue to use artificial products, stuffed juice sugars or preservatives, industrial soup …? While a far healthier solution available to us through the centrifuge.

This appliance allows for fresh fruit or vegetable juice in a jiffy! If the convenience of the thing will get you started each day with a glass of fruit juice 100% fresh, this is not its only asset.

The best centrifuge will preserve all of the nutritional intake of your food. So you still get the health benefits of fruits and vegetables on a daily basis. Because if we repeat that eating 5 fruits and vegetables daily is important, we must remember that their preparation is equally important.

If by cooking or mixing them, you lose the vitamins or minerals they contain, there is more interest! This is why you created Best Compare this comparative centrifuge. You can choose the best centrifuge 2019, easily with our final purchase guide.

We also give you our opinion on 5 centrifuges that we have reviewed, so that you have an overview of the strengths and weaknesses of each.

Ready to eat juice as tasty as good for your health?

If you are more butter and toast in the morning, discover our buying guide better toaster.

Comparison – centrifuges past 5 review

It is often difficult to navigate, when looking to buy the right centrifuge. Capacities vary, as accessories and can be quickly not knowing where to turn. We chose 5 centrifuges extractive juice or not, for individuals or pro, and here we will deliver our opinion on each of these models.

Philips HR1836 / 00 – The best juice extractor centrifuge 2019

The Best Juicers 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Our opinion on the juicer Philips HR1836 / 00

The centrifuge HR1836 / 00 Philips brand leverages its design and ease of use. Just observe a moment to understand that it was designed to help us in everyday life.

Apart from its attractive black color is its ergonomics that appeals immediately. It is a plastic model, with very reasonable dimensions (23.3 x 23.3 x 42 cm) that can be stored easily in your closet, or find a place on your kitchen set. This is an important detail when you know that you could quickly use every day!

His first quality is that it is assembled and disassembled quickly. No risk of injury, and intuitive assembly. This allows also to clean in less than a minute, if you do it immediately (if not, it sticks a little). Moreover, we note that its removable parts are dishwasher without problem.

Then his tank, based on the QuickClean technology brand, can extract up to 1 and a half liters of juice in one extraction. Very practical, you simply place your glass under the tap for this purpose to serve a fresh squeezed juice just delicious.

The centrifuge container also has a spout equipped with a anti-drop function. You pour your juice into glasses without making it fall on your table or floor. A significant contribution!

It operates with a power of 500 W, sufficient for optimal extraction of the essence of your food.

The small details are well thought out as well. We appreciate the separator foam, which allows for smooth and creamy juice. The pulp separator works very well also. What enjoy the flavor of your food in the best of ways. Just place the fruit or vegetable on the metal extraction screen and press the button selected speed. Even the youngest can use it without fear.

And no risk of spilling your device, because it is equipped with suction cups on its base. It is stable and even half awake, you will rush you your juice in the morning.

In the end, we may think we have here the best time of centrifuge juicer. At that price, Philipps is strong in us offering this high quality product.

Riviera and Bar – The best professional centrifuge

The Best Juicers 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Our opinion on the centrifuge and Bar Riviera

If you are looking for a high-flying centrifuge, certainly this is the model you need. This beautiful red metallized centrifuge will allow you to make juice or soups with ease.

Indeed, it accepts the fruits or vegetables whole, thanks to its extra large feeding tube. You could place them apples, carrots, beets, for making your drinks safely. A feature that we really liked.

It can extract up to 1 liter of fresh juice, which will be stored in a measuring jug. It will do more than help you. But if you want, you can use the spout inserted directly on the device. This tap with an anti-drip system will allow you to fill your glass directly, without soiling your work plan. However, a few drops pass through, but nothing too bad.

In addition to a powerful motor (1000 W), the centrifuge has two extraction speeds. Depending on the type of food that you put in (hard, soft) and the type of beverage you want to drink, you can change it by turning a button.

Your juices are clear and bright, without pulp, because the machine has a pulp container 2.7 liters, which will be filled by the action of the disc titanium juice. Almost no song goes! He separated out the foam, for perfectly smooth juice.

This juicer is quiet, washed very easily (with detachable parts are dishwasher safe) and is guaranteed for 2 years. All good for this machine? Yes, except the weight of almost 5 kilos …

For the rest, this is the best professional centrifuge our comparative centrifuge. You’ll be ready for a detox treatment or a daily health program because the brand sends you a bonus recipe book to make the best juice!

Braun 1000W – A very good value

The Best Juicers 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Our opinion on the centrifuge Braun 1000W

This juicer extractor Braun brand juice is a high performance model.

Its metallic design gives it a qualitative aspect that impresses, and the device is very strong because it has metal side rails. In general, they are composed of plastic, and therefore, we have here one of the most robust models at present. It also has a system of fasteners slip on his feet for solid stability.

It is heavy (4.5 kg) and quite impressive (30.5 x 40.6 x 35.6 cm), and thus take the place home. But that’s the price to pay for such performances.

With this powerful model (1000W) and the two extraction speeds you can get up to 1.5 liters of freshly squeezed juice. It will be placed in the receiving carafe that you only have to remove glasses to serve you at any time. Otherwise, the small tap placed on the front of the machine will allow you to serve you directly! Very convenient to enjoy the freshest juice possible.

Food is perfectly extracts, sometimes even a little too much for some. For some fruits (kiwi for example), removed the pulp is too high and you lose a lot of fruit. This applies to some berries. The pulp container tray 2 liter emptied and cleaned easily. This is also the case for the entire device.

It has a splash very well designed system, which avoids any mess. As an impeccable anti drop system when using the dispensing tap. In addition, four security systems make it usable by adults and children alike.

One can easily incorporate this fruit juicer or whole vegetables through its XXL extractor tube. This avoids having to cut everything before each preparation.

Finally, it cleans without too much difficulty, as part of its accessories dishwasher-safe. For the rest, the small cleaning brush supplied will fit the bill.

So we have a very interesting centrifuge, offered at a fair price for a model of this quality. Its large demand for space, but it will be the ideal device for families eager to consume the healthiest products available.

H.Koenig GS8 – A good compromise among the best juicers in 2019?

The Best Juicers 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Our opinion on the centrifuge H.Koenig GS8

This juicer extractor of H.Koenig brand juice is a professional mixer for extracting the fruit and vegetable juice. At first glance, it appeared we quite fragile, with a lid that has been afraid to break into the cleaner. Moreover, we must undo all accessories for flushing or cleaning, which can be restrictive over time. To see on a long-term use.

Because apart from that, it is a well made product, offered at a small fee. The centrifuge is quite cumbersome, especially in height (34 x 41.2 x 21.9 cm) and will struggle to get a block in your closet. Its weight is reasonable him (4 kg).

With an output of 900 W and a capacity of 1 liter, we can prepare fresh juice easily with this machine. Simply place the food desired, even stationary in the extractor tube and press the button. Two extraction rates are available to vary the textures and desires!

It has a hopper 2 liters, which we do not change every time. An important detail as we said, this is not the most practical model to disassemble. and it is taken several times to remove the screen, for example.

On the upside, we can only welcome product quality juice. That’s good because this is his first feature and it fills perfectly. The drinks are very pleasant to drink and you get to get the most juice from each of the food, through superior extraction.

Every morning or during your afternoon snacks, you enjoy making juices to suit your desires. But what a pity it is too noisy!

This is certainly not the best extractor juice juicer but it is a device proposed at a small price, which provides excellent juice. By learning to handle with care, you will reap the most.

Centrifuge Aicok – Cheap and made tasty juice

The Best Juicers 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Our opinion on the centrifuge Centrifuge Aicok

If you want a small model, ergonomic and energy efficient, this is the juicer for you. With its 400W power, small size (11 x 7.1 x 12.6 cm) and its small weight (3 kg), here we have a product for those who wish to produce small amounts of juice. You will not be encumbered by the device and you can still drink fresh squeezed healthy drinks!

Its little engine allows this juicer to provide a glass for each extraction. Perfect for morning when a call tone is needed. Simply place your food in the funnel for up to 40% of vitamins plus reports by some centrifuges from the same range. In addition, the brand boasts Aicok to propose a 30% higher extraction of fruit. Difficult to verify such a claim, but the drinks we loved it.

Juices are in effect creamy, smooth and it does not matter the fruit or vegetable inserted. Besides, the machine has 2 speeds to suit the selected food: first gear can extract gently juice of the soft foods; the second will reduce juice the toughest foods.

In terms of ergonomics, we really appreciate the fact that this little model is so easy to clean. removable parts are detached without difficulty to pass them under water, or place them in the dishwasher. The base must be cleaned manually but this is easy. A small brush is provided for this purpose and will work perfectly.

The sound is reasonable, and the capacity of the pulp collector (1.6-liter) allows not having to clean constantly.

If this is not the best centrifuge 2019, however this is a very good surprise. This machine will be perfect for solos who want to get vitamin cures and couples wishing to share drinks as good as healthy!

Buying Guide: How to choose the best juicer 2019

Whether you are looking for the best juicer extractor particular for juice or the best professional centrifuge must take into account certain criteria to make your choice. We have listed the points that we believe capital, and on which we used to give you our opinion on the centrifuges.

its features

The purpose of a centrifuge to separate the solid from liquid. You will insert your fruits and vegetables and the machine must at a minimum be able to extract the purest juice possible. A simple centrifuge will crush food by rotating at full speed, to extract the juice.

But with a centrifuge juicer will be more difficult and will crush smooth your food, to preserve the contribution maximum. Thus, the preferred centrifuges juice extractors.

Those with extra features can make the difference: a splash system, a drip spout … See for yourself or are your priorities.

its ergonomics

This type of device can quickly be cumbersome. Unfortunately, very often you releguerez the closet if it takes too much space at home! For this reason, it is better to choose the best from the beginning juicer for your home.

Consider the weight, dimensions and design. Some, too tall, struggling to get into the closet without being totally removed. Hence, the importance of the assembly and disassembly also comes into account here. The best will be here centrifuge which can be easily assembled and disassembled!

His power

The power output determines the speed of rotation and extraction. More powerful the motor, the more it is able to extract the juice resistant food. Everything depends on what you want to do.

If you want to drink only soft fruit juice (strawberry, orange), no need for a power of 1000 W. However, for squeezing fruit and vegetables especially harder, power below 450W risk of be insufficient.

The capacity of its vessels

There are two containers on a centrifuge.

The first is the one that receives the juice. It is therefore crucial, since it determines the amount of juice that you can prepare at one time. For many families, we recommend at least a 1 liter container.

The second container is one that recovers waste your food (pulp, skin …). Better to take the biggest, because it will avoid having to empty it each time you use. And long term this is of importance!

The extractor tube

The importance of the extractor tube is that the larger it is, the more you can insert fruit or vegetables, without having to cut them into pieces.

So it is a significant time saving, that offer the centrifuges with XXL extractor tube. Note that you sometimes find the extractor tube in the chimney designation. It’s the same thing !

its design

The device that is crafted juicer is important. On the one hand for the strength that results – are preferred confections stainless steel / metal plastiques- those in the other for ease of maintenance.

In addition, the small details which feature some machines make them more practical. the non-slip feet is preferred, or metal safety closures on the side walls.

Its ease of cleaning

It is neglected at times, but the ease of cleaning of a centrifuge quickly takes all its importance. Ideally, you will drink a fresh juice every morning. This means that you have to clean it every day.

As many opt for devices with moving parts are rinsed with water or in the dishwasher, quickly. In practice, you will enjoy.

The accessories ?

Some of the best juicers 2019 are sold with accessories.

One can find: a cleaning brush to the base of the machine, screens of various sizes, to change the texture of your beverages, integrated valves to pay directly or glasses meter / pourer.

The noise

In general, few centrifuges to be totally silent. Besides, more powerful the motor, the more juice extractor centrifuge make noise.

This is an important variable because often you use your device in the morning, sometimes at a time when family members still dormant. Better a device that does not wake the whole house!

Some centrifuges offer a noise reduction, which makes them not totally silent but reasonably noisy. They are perfect if you do not want to wake everyone home.

The price

We find centrifuges prices in a range between 30 and 300 euros.

You should know that less than 50 euros, you logged the flimsy material, the engine may run out of steam quickly. After a few weeks of use, it may not be powerful enough to properly extract the juice your food.

Better to focus on mid-range devices, between 50 and 150 euros. At this rate, you will have the best juicers 2019. These are models in this range we spent journals in our comparative centrifuge.

In addition, you will pass on models for very large consumers of juice, or professional models.

You now have all the elements to make the right choice. With a quality juicer, you will rediscover the pleasure of drinking fresh juice from fruit or vegetable that you get the most. For a health cure is the best idea ever!

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