The Best Liquid Detergents 2020 | Reviews And Guide

The Best Liquid Detergents 2020 | Reviews and Guide

Laundry is probably one of the most complicated household products to choose from. And yet it is indispensable. Choose your laundry is a bit like choosing a business card.

However, it is not clear which to choose and we must recognize the good, everyone has their preferences. Some prefer to choose a liquid detergent with a neutral flavor, others with floral buttons, or with an exotic fragrance.

The liquid detergents are known to be generally more economical and easier to use as detergent powders. But it is clear that all are not equal and that there are more efficient liquid detergents than others. That’s why we offer this comparison of the 7 best liquid detergents which we have appeared the most interesting on the market as well as tips to help you choose one that will suit you best. Of course, we will explain the reasons that have allowed us to reach these conclusions.

The best liquid detergents 2020

The Best Liquid Detergents 2020 | Reviews And Guide

1. Ariel Pod Ecodose – Best Ariel laundry liquid pod

Ariel is clearly one of the market leading brands in terms of washing liquid. It is therefore obvious that it appears in our liquid laundry comparison with this quality product.


We must firstly noted that the liquid detergent Ariel Ecodose Pod is a laundry 3 in 1. This pod has three compartments, each with a different product in order to better target different types of stains. In this offer, it is 3 boxes of 38 capsules, which is about 114 washes because a single capsule sufficient for approximately 5kg machine. Of course, for a 10kg machine, you should use 2 capsules and thus decrease the number of machines. The big plus of liquid detergent Ariel Pod Ecodose therefore it is in the form of pods avoiding the need to be handled or metered.

You just have to introduce it in the drum, which is a significant time saver and it also prevents tampering with the plug. The liquid detergent Ariel Pod Ecodose has a pleasant smell unanimous among its users who recognize that this scent remains for 2 to 32 days after washing.

cleaning performance of liquid detergent Ariel Pod

The three different products used in this capsule clearly possible to act on three different angles more than necessary in the cleanliness of your machine. They remove stains, clean your machine from within and Adding luster or more precisely revive colors and allow the white out of your really white machine. The brand promises are also confirmed by the users that often mark they no longer need related products such as stain removers.

The capsule is made so as to dissolve in water from 30 ° C. However, we must recognize that as soiled laundry, we see that his abilities are clearly better from 40 ° C. It is also possible when the laundry is particularly soiled to use a second pod. Typically, the liquid detergent Ariel Pod Ecodose is particularly effective on almost all stains.

The Best Liquid Detergents 2020 | Reviews And Guide

2. Super Cross Bora Bora – The best liquid detergent to perfume islands

It must be recognized that advertising Super Cross Bora Bora made us travel far. That’s why we selected this product in our comparative laundry liquid.


This set of two liquid detergent barrels allows for about 86 washes. Of course, everything depends on the state of your machine and the quality of the water. The cap that closes the container can also be used as measuring device, it is 50 ml, ie, a dose to about 5 kg of laundry, all the explanations necessary to the good laundry assays are also listed on the bottle. The big plus of the washing solution is undoubtedly its fragrance. Indeed for those who want a clean cloth is fragrant be delighted to discover the pleasant smell of Monoi which sustainably emerge from your clothes after each wash. It is also good to remember that the range of Super Cross also named fragrance of the year offers more varied scents to find the one you like. But it is true that no matter the season, synthetic fragrance Super Cross Bora Bora gives sensations of vacation and travel.

cleaning performance of washing liquid Super Cross Bora Bora

The liquid detergent Super Cross Bora Bora is from 30 ° C on all textiles. It is therefore an attractive purchase because there is no need several detergents as you wash the white, color or black. Typically, users of this liquid detergent ensure that its result is really bluffing either at low temperature (30 ° C or 40 ° C) or 90 ° C. The fact that your laundry is clean and therefore proved. By cons, it is worth remembering that to preserve the aroma of the washing solution, it is important to expand its machine. In fact most of the time, the smell after a hand washing in the machine, unless you use wipes specially designed for the washing machine. However, the laundry remains a quality product that makes his job perfectly.

The Best Liquid Detergents 2020 | Reviews And Guide

3. Total XTRA – The best laundry in terms quality / price

X-TRA is a brand arrival in France in 1971. Initially, she wanted affordable and close to consumers. The bet is successful as it has since become one of the most popular brands from French.


The total own range X-TRA developed in 2008 to provide a single detergent for all types of machine whether white, colors, delicate and more resistant textiles. In addition, this liquid soap is particularly recommended by its users as being mild for most skins. Indeed, 4l barrel that allows for about 80 washes, seems not create allergies or at least be respectful maximum for up to anyone with fragile skin. A lot more so because the liquid detergent avoid some inconvenience while being used in all machines. The general view, the liquid detergent has a very pleasant smell fresh and clean. The smell is not haunting the contrary, it seems subtle is tricky. Moreover it is made in France and therefore by following the specifications established in this area, which is reassuring.

cleaning performance of liquid laundry total X-TRA

As we mentioned, the washing solution can be used on any voting machine, in itself, it is already saving time and money. Especially if one considers this, promoting aside, one of the products the cheapest of our comparative laundry liquid. X-TRA total is a concentrated liquid detergent 3 in 1. It must be understood that it acts as a stain product and color developer gives a fresh smell to the laundry. Its action is felt from 20 ° C so at very low temperatures so as to clean any type of textile the most fragile. As is often the barrels of washing liquid, its cap is the ideal dosage for a machine of 5 kg. This dosage may vary of course and is adaptable to the state of soiling of laundry always following the instructions noted on the label, that are present to help you make best use of your product.

The Best Liquid Detergents 2020 | Reviews And Guide

4. Cat Baby – The best detergent for washing your children’s clothes

The Cat is a flagship brand of washing powder in France since 1853. It was developed by the Marseilles soap Ferrier Great Soap. Since it continues to improve.


When a baby comes into our lives, or if a family member has atopic skin, choose a laundry very quickly becomes a veritable obstacle course. This proposed here laundry liquid The Cat Baby is to help you in this difficult task. Developed with support is the expertise of pediatricians, laundry liquid The Cat Baby respects the skin more sensitive of us to avoid a maximum allergies, eczema or other annoyances. In this offer, there is provided two liquid laundry barrels Cat Baby 1.6 L, equivalent to 60 washes for a machine of about 5 kg. The laundry liquid The Cat Baby has a neutral odor and fresh due to the fact that it uses no synthetic products for the perfume. Of course, this comes in the approach of the brand that minimizes a maximum substances that can prove harmful for the skin of babies or people with atopic skin.

cleaning performance of liquid laundry Cat Baby

Being a baby laundry necessarily involves cleansing have special abilities. Indeed, babies are able to learn many things in a short time. However, this is not necessarily proper to the image of their beginning to learn to eat, or learning to walk in hostile terrain like slush. The spots that create these different stages in the life of a young or very young children are generally very difficult to do from above on white. The liquid laundry Baby Cat was developed specifically to make this difficult mission and feasible that either machine or hand. You can choose to wash your laundry machine directly, including the most delicate fabrics, or use it to rub or soak. Recall again that the washing liquid Baby Cat was developed by the brand in collaboration with pediatricians, so health specialists so that it is consistent with the needs of your child.

The Best Liquid Detergents 2020 | Reviews And Guide

5. Green Tree – The best liquid lye soap plant

The green tree is a brand that is talked about by its environmentally responsible approach. Indeed, the brand offers solutions to fight efficiently against excessive household waste.


Note at first that this offer is based scheduled to recharge the barrel of laundry previously purchased. It consists of two refills 2l liquid detergent of the green tree mark. Specifically, each refill allows for 30 washes. But to make refills and not a full barrel allows to significantly reduce the impact of waste on the environment. This policy of the Pro Ecology brand continues in various sectors, such as the fact of using the least toxic agents known in the composition of his laundry or not test its products on animals. In addition to being part of our comparative liquid detergent, for obvious reasons responsible attitude towards the environment, it is that this liquid laundry offers significant advantages. Its main agent is vegetable soap, which makes it interesting for the respect of fragile skin, and healthy for the planet. Its scent is neutral enough, due to the absence of synthetic products, so perfect for people who are not fans of strong scents.

cleaning performance of liquid detergent The Green Tree

This liquid detergent is applied when washing at 20 ° C so low temperature, it is also good to note that it is not usable on delicate fabrics. So it is better not to try to use it on silk or cashmere. In addition, it has a real cleaning power, its users are unanimous and they opted for this environmentally friendly liquid detergent is good for the quality that they have retained. Moreover, it is hypoallergenic, which allows use on all family members without fear of any reactions. It can act as the textile white without any gray film that is deposited on the machine as the colors without the tarnish, quite the contrary.

6. Seventh Generation – The best liquid detergent with essential oils

The US company Seventh Generation has existed since 1988. Its growing reputation is due to its investment in protecting the planet by offering solutions that combine comfort and respect for nature.


The first thing you notice is the composition of the liquid laundry 97% vegetable. This is a homecoming for both our laundry for us. Moreover, we note that the manufacturer, instead of using a synthetic fragrance preferred the use of essential oils to the smell of your laundry to be enjoyable while respecting your skin. The result seems to satisfy most users of this liquid detergent that are, in large part, willing to recommend this product. In the offer very advantageous that we offer, there are 3 barrels each of which can carry as many as 20 washes each so a total of 60 washes a particularly competitive price. This laundry liquid vegetable based which gives off a fine original flower scent is not aggressive nor your nose or skin which is nice. Upon delivery, the ecological aspect will be present upon delivery because it is between natural means it will be delivered, more containers are recycled plastic.

cleaning performance of liquid laundry Seventh Generation

In a number of comparative liquid detergents, we read that detergents mainly plant are not necessarily the most effective in combating stains. With this laundry is clearly not the case and the daily tasks go in no time, or rather during the time of a machine. Beware though, it is clearly stated on the packaging that the liquid detergent is not suitable for silk or wool. Although this is a pity, it is better always take into account the manufacturer’s advice on this type of signaling. She even suitable for washing at low heat. The only downside is that the smell does not last very long.

7. The Cat Expert – Best laundry Cat

The laundry liquid The Cat Expert is a great classic of the brand and for good reason. Acclaimed by many, it is clear that capped off our comparison of the best liquid detergents.


The cat is a brand known for minimizing the maximum officials said “toxic” in its liquid detergents. With The Cat Expert, the brand offers a striking example of its expertise. Sold in economic phony about 60 washes, it integrates its composition of baking soda. Baking soda is well known for its positive effects on the laundry. Indeed, not only our grandmothers already used as a powerful stain remover, but we could see from how it is powerful especially to eradicate odors in clothes such as sweat. In addition, the laundry is much more concentrated than other brand, allowing to use less and therefore be more economical and ecological. Remember also that washing liquid The Cat Expert with less synthetic agents is more pleasant to the skin and is therefore less aggressive. There is a thin is delicate scent that smells clean.

cleaning performance of laundry liquid The Cat Expert

As noted above, the laundry liquid The Cat Expert is more concentrated, meaning that with a low dose, which will be also shown as is customary on the package, will be necessary. Moreover, its action on stains is reinforced by the presence of sodium bicarbonate. Moreover, we note actual performance in this area and even in cold water, which makes it especially valuable use. The laundry liquid The Cat Expert should the coloreds and the blanc.En general, the various comments that they are users or experts report that the white spring really bright and the colors are treated equally. It can be used on linen, clothes, baby sets without creating reaction. In short, a liquid detergent in which we can trust.

What to know about liquid detergents

Following our comparison of liquid detergents, we offer you to learn a little more about liquid detergents in general rules. Indeed, during the long liquid detergents have had a bad reputation because they were thought to be harmful to the environment. But what is it?

The liquid detergents for colors

In the match that generally opposes the different types of laundry, we must recognize that in terms of maintenance of the color of textiles, liquid detergents win handily price. Indeed, they are recognized for the formidable brilliant colors. That said, the creators and researchers who manufacture these detergents have not stopped their research, however, and today, liquid detergents are also performing for white linen.

Liquid detergents for the most fragile

Of all the liquors that you can find on the market today, it is in the category of liquid detergents found the most references hypoallergenic detergents. So they have some interest for all young parents, but also for persons subject to recurring allergies and for those with atopic skin. They are often used in communities where a fragile public.

The washing liquid is stains

The liquid detergents are extremely effective on greasy stains. This efficiency is also proven for some time. In general, however, it advises more for the moderately dirty laundry, and maintenance of everyday clothing such as used clothes every day or school. If you work in a garage or in a particularly dirty environment, you need to think about increasing its work with a stain remover or possibly as stains, soak before.

The liquid detergents and linen delicate

Liquid detergents are known to rapidly dissolve in water even at very low temperatures. This makes them very effective on delicate fabrics. Moreover, originally, this type of detergent has been created primarily for laundry care delicate color. However, faced with his face to the public success, researchers have tried to increase their performance so that liquid detergents can handle all the household laundry.

Liquid detergents are they quality?

Unlike before, liquid detergent, like other detergents has certain standards and there to guide you symbols that can ensure the product quality. For example, be sure to use an environmentally friendly detergent, you will find the Ecolabel is universal to all Europe or other acronyms such as Ecodetergent.

The most common questions about liquid detergents

Or put liquid detergent in the washing machine?

Normally detergent in your washing machine is located in the compartment provided for this purpose and is easily recognized by the Roman numeral “II”. It is in the middle, the noted compartment “I” is provided for the prewash and the note “*” (but it can vary depending on the model) for the softener. However, techniques exist to place the center of the machine. Such as washing balls that fill with laundry and start directly in the heart of the action.

What is the advantage to use liquid detergent capsule?

The big advantage capsule remains liquid detergents ease of use. Indeed, the capsules are already dosed, which prevents the waste of washing and handling a big bottle of detergent must be poured into the cap. They put directly in the heart of the machine is no need to clean the compartments after use.

Is liquid detergent bad for the environment?

If liquid detergents are known to have a greater number of products called “toxic” in composition, one can actually say that some time ago they were quite polluting. But today, two factors have changed. First, ever since 2007, been phosphatesont interdits.Il was a product of the most harmful and two ecological detergents say took more and more space in the world of laundry. So at present, the washing liquids are at the same level on the level of pollution with other detergents.

How long will keep liquid detergent?

Officially, liquid detergents have no expiration date. In logic, you can provide an advance laundry stock if you find the right deal on your favorite brand. However, once you open barrel, it is advisable to use it within 6 months in order not to lose some of its effectiveness. Whatever happens, it is advisable to use your laundry stock within 1 year otherwise it is possible to see its effectiveness decrease.

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