The Best Mineral Powders 2020 | Reviews And Guide

The Best Mineral Powders 2020 | Reviews and Guide

The market for mineral powder is a favorite among women. This is an essential product of make-up routines and there are many cosmetic that can slip into her bag, it’s this one. It is very convenient for touch-ups throughout the day … hence the importance of properly to choose when it comes to minerals, and opt for the best.

Brands are constantly innovating in new technologies. They invent increasingly covering products, some with organic ingredients or very attractive packaging. All brands tout their products and it is true that the powder characteristics are very similar. However this does not mean that they are all powerful. Indeed, it often happens that the minerals do not give a natural look to the skin. Some are too thin and form a kind of mask once applied. It is very important that the texture is light if you need your powder for basic use of every day.

The Best Mineral Powders 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Best Comparison has selected the 7 best mineral powders that have already proven effective. There’s something for everyone (and reasonably priced!) Mineral powders BIO, compact or loose powder, powder professional and classic.

The best mineral powders 2019:

The Best Mineral Powders 2020 | Reviews And Guide

1. Mineral Powder Lavera – The best mineral powder Organic and Vegan

This compact mineral powder is part of the range and vegan BIO. It is composed of herbal ingredients that respect your skin. This is an important criterion to take into account when buying. Sensitive skin will be delighted! Its formula is natural but concentrated making it gentle and effective product. Lavera guarantee that all components are 100% natural. Indeed, some chemicals are avoided such as silicones that are endocrine disruptors. There are also paraffin and all mineral oils that clog pores. Talc, which dries the skin. With this product, you will not have to worry about. This powder was developed in Germany and has been approved by leading independent testing laboratories making it a certified organic cosmetics with natural ingredients such as plant extracts and plant oils.

Regarding the performance of this product, you will not be disappointed. Lavera promises a matte finish and good coverage. This does not prevent the texture is slight. The minerals that make up this fine powder reflect light that hides imperfections and shine. This is a very good fixative for corrector and foundation. Your makeup will hold all day. Its application is easy, which is convenient if you still want to make one or two adjustments.

There are two drawbacks we found in this product: the smell is quite pronounced and may bother some users who prefer sweet smells. On the other hand, is a product that is rather qu’illuminateur covering. Those who seek a healthy glow will be disappointed with this mineral powder.

Those looking for the best mineral powder, both inexpensive, efficient and bio will be delighted with it. Not only this mineral powder Lavera will be good for your skin, but it is also environmentally friendly because it is certified vegan and 100% natural.

The Best Mineral Powders 2020 | Reviews And Guide

2. Mineral powder Benecos free – The best budget mineral powder

This product is derived from Benecos laboratories that create makeup BIO. This is the first free mineral powder that we review and we will see all the advantages and disadvantages of this type of powder. When you dip your brush into the mineral powder, if you are not careful you will have too much product and it will be difficult to spread it on your face. You might think then that the powder is not suitable when in fact it’s just a matter of dosage.

The mineral powder is a Benecos BIO product, which automatically means that it will be lighter than the others. However, with this mineral powder you will not be disappointed because it perfectly covers blemishes. This is a powder fine and silky texture. Your complexion will be unified and smooth with a velvety finish and shine-free. In addition to all this, it contains mineral pigments that bring brightness and softness to your skin healthy glow effect! Your face looks satin and healthier, and your skin texture becomes finer. And as it comes to organic makeup, you have all these advantages without drying your skin. We did not necessarily realize but most cosmetics are aggressive and damage the quality of our appearance slowly. You will not have to worry about with the mineral powder Benecos.

The only downside of this free mineral powder is that it is not a pretty wide range of skin tones. It is suitable for medium to light skin with a transparent white powder apart. There is not much choice so better thoroughly test the product before buying it.

A significant positive point with mineral powder that you will have very good results for a small price. Definitely the best mineral powder for budget travelers!

The Best Mineral Powders 2020 | Reviews And Guide

3. Mineral powder L’Oreal Paris Perfect match – the best powder all skin types

Its name says it all. This powder existed in classical version and the brand has decided to create a mineral version of its flagship product. The major advantage of this product is that it has a very wide range of colors that will fit any skin tone, making it the best of mineral powder for all skin types.

This is a beneficial mineral powder because it protects the health of your skin with its mineral pigments. You will not have dry skin use force.

Its fine texture melts into the skin as a cream. The finish will be extremely soft. Your skin will naturally sublime air because this powder evens skin tone and hides imperfections (pimples, redness, scars). If you have oily or combination skin, this product will take care to cover the shine. This is especially useful in summer. With this light and mineral formula, this powder will be very comfortable to wear.

This is a cosmetic that is between your foundation and powder. It was designed this way to offer you maximum coverage while respecting your skin.

The packaging was very well thought out. It is not only beautiful but also practical. Indeed, just above the loose powder is a fence. This allows you to filter the amount of powder that you will get by dipping your brush. You will have the right amount for a natural result.

Moreover, this mineral powder L’Oreal Paris is easy to apply and it is not volatile. It takes all day, resistant to heat and “crystallizes” not on your skin. As it is a powder that holds well on the skin, cleansing fast you will not be sufficient to remove everything. You will need a good cleanser to leave no trace of powder on your face.

The Best Mineral Powders 2020 | Reviews And Guide

4. Loose powder Buttercup – Professional Loose Powder

For those who want a professional result, flawless, this is the ideal product. This loose powder Buttercup has an ultrafine and light texture. She slips into fine lines and pores for a smooth finish without imperfections. With this product, you will not have to “mask” effect on your face, which often happens with poor quality powders. There is nothing worse than a powder too brand’s face and gives the impression of having a plaster on her face. If the powder is not fine enough, so it will not melt on the imperfections and instead of camouflage, it will only make them even further.

It is a powder guaranteed 100% oil-free, which means it absorbs much sebum and offers a matte skin without shine, like the professionals. You can use this product alone or to set your foundation. This mineral powder will be perfect to perform the techniques of baking or contouring. And here is an advantage that all the powders do not: it is adapted to flash pictures not to give the effect of “white filter” or make us pale in bright lighting.

This loose powder is certainly the most expensive of our selection but it will last a long time, and this is definitely the best professional free mineral powder. In fact you will need a very small amount of product to beautify your complexion.

This product is also respectful of your skin and the environment: it has been tested by dermatologists, is certified hypoallergenic and not tested on animals.

The only fault we can find him is the price a little high and only two colors available: Buttercup Buttercup and light.

5. Mineral Powder Compact L’Oreal Paris – A powder mini price and quality

The powder compact that we will now see is surely one of the best quality / price. This is again the “perfect agreement” range of L’Oreal Paris, available in 5 shades ranging from very light beige to brown. Everyone will find happiness and for a nominal fee.

This powder is composed of mineral pigments that respect your skin and does not dry up. It leaves your skin breathe, which is rare in cosmetics. When we think of cosmetic which attack the skin, we always think the first foundation but they are not always the worst. Non mineral powders can also affect the appearance of your complexion. You will not have to worry about with this product and it is an advantage not to be overlooked. And to reassure you more, this powder has been tested by dermatologists and 61 women were evaluated and approved. Once opened, you can use it for 24 months.

This powder has a light, creamy texture. It is easy to handle and you can use it for a light effect or properly cover imperfections. Its melting texture make one with your skin for a uniform result and velvety. With this product, we can say that you will have a foundation to measure.

The downside of this powder is that it weighs only 9 grams and may need to buy more often than another.

One last important thing that we have not found in other products until now: this powder is provided with a mirror and a sponge. It will be your perfect companion for touch-ups during the day. The format is small and light, it will in any bag or pocket. For such a small price it is even more than enough.

6. Pressed Powder Maybelline Gemey – A classic mineral powders

As mentioned in the title, this is a product that has long been on the market, and is considered by many as the best mineral powder of all time. Its effectiveness has been proven many times and its value is correct, can even be one of the best.

This is a filled powder vitamins, with an enriched form a hydra-protecting natural complex. It includes in particular avocado, apricot and vitamin E which are great assets to protect the skin. This is another product that will take care of your skin while embellishing. The powders that make this recipe are carefully designed to provide maximum care and lightness. It will be very comfortable to wear, you will not feel you’re wearing makeup.

For a fairly reasonable price, you will have a suitable amount of product (16 grams). It’s a perfect powder for the budget and the results will be at the rendezvous. You will have an even complexion, imperfections will be hidden and your skin feel good because this powder has a scent very charming. This is a soft texture, perfect for makeup easily and get good results.

This explains its low price is surely its packaging is very little work. It is a round box, white, with gold above scriptures. The lid is screwed on the base, which is not very practical when you use it. It is a product that will be difficult to carry with you wherever you go. You’ll have to put it somewhere lid while you retouch your makeup, which is not very hygienic if you are not at home.

7. Free Mineral Powder Lavera – A cheap bio powder

We will find the Lavera brand, which we know for its cosmetic organic and vegan. This is a free mineral powder. The powder particles are so fine that you will not feel that you have something on your face and your pores are not clogged all day long. The texture of this powder is fine and helps to melt the skin to erase all imperfections.

This powder is different from what we have seen so far. Indeed, it is a powder that is only one color that suits all skin types. this kind of powder is used to set the makeup there below and not to give a healthy glow. It is a product that holds makeup and which is convenient for those who want a discrete effect or for those who prefer to use other techniques to perfect makeup (coutouring, highlighting …) and leave the mineral powder role mattifying.

This Lavera BIO range offers products that respect nature and our skin together. As our first product, this powder is also guaranteed 100% organic, without silicones, paraffin and mineral oils. Unique components of this powder are natural ingredients, plant extracts and plant oils BIO. We recall that these formulas have been developed in a single center in Germany. Then the products are tested by independent laboratories. This is one of the brands that provides more checks on its ingredients and that the most possible natural products from our selection.

Your need

Depending on how often you wear makeup or the desired result, you can not choose your mineral powder to chance. For everyday use, you will need a light powder, easy to apply and blends to your skin. Such a product will be quick to use and convenient for touch-ups at work, in a restaurant or at a party. With this type of mineral powder, you will easily get a natural effect. You will easily find this kind of product at reasonable prices, in a supermarket or online.

read the powders are opaque, the more they require the technique to apply them correctly. You will need a bit more time to wear makeup and this is for users who want a professional result. This type of product is usually followed by a foundation and a concealer premium too. It is also a question of budget, more powder is more efficient and the price will be high.

The texture

This is one of the most important things to always consider when making your choice. According to the desired effect, you will opt for a fine powder or a heavier powder. Light powders are easier to implement than others. Even if you take a little more material than is necessary on your brush, it will not matter because it does not mark. However, a more consistent powder will to handle precisely because you could quickly find yourself with an effect “mask” undesirable.

Another note on the texture: some powders are more “dry” than others. They are also to be used cautiously. If you apply too much at once, it will be the same as for opaque powders, you will not look natural. However there are minerals that blend with your skin because their texture is somewhat richer in oils and more creamy. You can try to compare different products, you’ll see the difference. Namely that in general, loose powders are drier than compact powders.

Le packaging

Here is a less important than others, but to consider nonetheless. There are some features that any mineral powder should be to be as convenient as possible:

be equipped with a mirror so you can make edits quickly and easily wherever you soyer

have strong packaging! When you carry every day his powder in the depths of her handbag, there are inevitably risks that the powder spills. Often the cover disconnects or the mechanism that closes the box weakening. Hint: you can carry your powder in a toilet bag to protect it.

The brand

Better still choose a range of products of the same brand. This is particularly applicable to products for the complexion: correctors, foundation, powder … Indeed each brand created its own colors and to obtain the most homogeneous possible result, better give her cosmetics. It will not be hard to find. The brands know very well that we will be willing to pay a little more for the full range of cosmetics. You will often find entire lines of similar products, especially for the complexion.

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