The Best Motorized Wheel Jockey And Inflatables In 2020 | Reviews And Guide

The Best Motorized Wheel Jockey and Inflatables in 2020 | Reviews and Guide

If you have a trailer to maneuver a caravan to travel or a van to move, the essential object to do is called the jockey wheel.

This is a kind of landing gear fitted with a wheel (sometimes two), which hooks directly to your trailer drawbar. This jockey wheel will allow you to raise the trailer and move smoothly. To do this, we must know that we find different types of jockey wheel. Some are manual, other tires, when most practices will be electric. These are the ones called jockeys motorized wheels, and we’ll talk about, among others, in the following lines.

Owning a jockey motorized wheel becomes essential as long as you have a trailer. By ensuring the good performance of it while it is uncoupled, the jockey wheel guarantee a safe storage of your vehicle. She offers him the necessary stability and it will be of immense help when it comes time to park the trailer on land that could be steep. Also note that the jockey wheel becomes mandatory when the pressure load on the trailer exceeds 50 kilograms!

To help you choose Best Comparison you discover these 6 jockey wheel motors, pneumatic or standard that should satisfy you.

Jockey wheel motorized 6 products passed review

To not fight for hours to pull your trailer into your garage and not waver when it is parked, you have a motorized wheel jockey. Upon first use, you will understand how this object can change your life. Here is our selection!

1. jockey wheel motorized aluminum Vidal XL

The Best Motorized Wheel Jockey And Inflatables In 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Your rating of the jockey wheel motorized Vidaxl

This motorized jockey wheel brand Vidal XL is intended for trailer boat, caravans or trailers on horseback. Powerful, with an engine of 12 V to 350 W, it is also handy and convenient easy!

In action, she pressed very convenient to maneuver in confined spaces. If you have to park your trailer on a construction site or if your site is on the corner of a garden, so do not panic. The jockey wheel motorized Vidal XL will be of great help. First, it can be attached to vehicles up to a load of 2270 kilograms. The maximum support load to bearing rises in turn to 272 kg, and it will be functional on slopes up to 5 ° inclination.

Made of aluminum, this trailer support wheel has a wheel solid rubber, with a non-slip system. This is very useful when your soil is too smooth for example. Sometimes the jockey wheels are spinning, and this is not the case here. It measures 83 x 84 x 25 cm, which makes it compact, and its top speed is approximately 7 m / min. In addition, it has a function appreciably automatic braking. Capabilities that make it very convenient to use.

For start is used or an external battery (not provided, it will be a lead battery DC 12 V, 24 Ah) is the jump start drawing a line from the car battery or Van.

Just grab the handle to guide it gently, thanks to an on / very useful back. Ease of use that allows the jockey wheel to help you efficiently and maneuver your trailer without any effort. This is exactly what is asked and this makes it a more than commendable model.

2. The Jockey Wheel Motorized Biltek

The Best Motorized Wheel Jockey And Inflatables In 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Our opinion on the jockey wheel motorized Biltek

The mini motorized jockey wheel Blitek is a model that seems strong at first glance. And it is! First, it has a robust rubber wheel and wide, allowing it to absorb shocks and withstand heavy loads. This jockey wheel can indeed carry up to 2200 kg trailer load and more than 200 kilos of supporting loads. Then, it is the engine of 350 W (12V) which gives it its power.

Thanks to its handle by a button controlled guide, you will draw without difficulty and maneuver your trailer will be a breeze. The grip is made easier by the pleasant touch finishes and an automatic braking function. In addition, it has an anti rust coating that guarantees a long service life.

Designed to tow your trailers but also your caravan or your outboard, this wheel motorized Biltek jockey quickly fixed, thanks to a well thought out control system. However, if you do not have pre-drilled holes on the trailer, you need to make. The diameter of the collar is adjustable (32 cm to 42 cm) and the wheel assembly in its measuring 81cm x 84cm x 25cm and a weight of 16 kg. We love the addition of a padlock and a key that can secure the jockey.

When the maneuver, you really feel its power and it seems it would be able to move anything. However, on soft soil, it will be difficult to act. It is therefore targeted mostly for use in hard soil on the grass or in the sand.

This is overall a complete and very satisfactory product that will ease the daily, if you own a trailer or a caravan!

3. Jockey wheel for trailer of the brand Happybuy

The Best Motorized Wheel Jockey And Inflatables In 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Our opinion on the jockey wheel motorized HappyBuy

This Jockey wheel trailer is a motorized device, having an engine 350 W (12V). It can easily help you maneuver loads of trailers equivalent to 2270 kilograms. The wheel supports a load motor jockey 272 kilos, thanks to a solid of 19 cm diameter tire.

This model is intended primarily for trailers and to all those who have a boat or camper. His ties, strong, used to attach it easily. And it is useful to be able adjust the clamp between 32 and 42 cm. This motorized jockey wheel advance at the speed of 6 to 7 meters per minute, which quite reasonable. It works with a 12V battery (not supplied), or an external system startup.

Among the most significant features of this model was its automatic brake system, the function works avant reverse and lock and key security. The handle makes it easy to handle even the least comfortable areas: parking, garage, yard … You will guide your vehicle without evil there or you like. The only downside is its wheel, ideal for the toughest soils but have a tendency to sink on softer ground. However, the soft rubber grip will help tremendously on smooth floors.

This model, compact and versatile, is also offered at a small fee. A good choice for easy use of your trailer!

4. Jockey wheel for brand Caravan Enduro

The Best Motorized Wheel Jockey And Inflatables In 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Our opinion on the jockey wheel motorized caravan Enduro

caravan owners may well fall for this superb model caravan moves. This is not exactly a jockey but motorized wheel of an electric device that will remotely control your caravan to move effortlessly. Remote control in hand, you only have to lead the small device to maneuver your vehicle imposing. And it works wonderfully even with heavy vehicles!

This moves caravan Enduro Brand weighs about 40 kg, and measuring 54 x 54 x 149 cm. It is a device which is mounted near the wheels (on the sides 2, the kit is for the entire apparatus) to actuate the displacement of the caravan. A manual is provided for easy installation and you can also watch videos that will explain all the installation process step by step. But it is not difficult and very soon it will be fixed.

Must be a small battery 12v to turn the unit on and it will bring the same satisfaction that the best motorized jockey wheel, but with a device designed to support single axle trailers up to 1800 kg. Despite this very powerful device, one can only be surprised at the caravan move as easily. The speed of 15 cm / second is more than reasonable and store your caravan will no longer be linked with hysterics. In addition, she works on slopes up to 20 °!

So there is no risk, this model is equipped with various safety measures. There is an emergency switch provided with a cutout, which will be simple to operate. In addition, auto-off system is activated if there is a current overload. Finally, the guarantee of 36 months proves that the product suffers no technical flaw.

A stunning model, which works well on all soil types. To reserve for the owners of campers who want to make life easier and rediscover how the camping can be fun!

5. Wheel Jockey with fork XL Perform Tool

The Best Motorized Wheel Jockey And Inflatables In 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Our opinion on the jockey wheel XL Perform Tool

Below unpowered jockey wheel, provided with a fork attached. This model thus functions manually and allow you, once you set the height of the tube, guide your trailer without difficulty.

It is capable of supporting a trailer load of nearly 750 kilograms without bending. Stable, will serve as a crutch to your vehicle when it will be based on the wheel. If you leave it attached to your trailer, for going on holiday for example, simply loosen the clamp, to go up the stem of the jockey wheel and tighten firmly in order to travel without damaging the jockey wheel.

It is a sturdy material, yet offered at a great price. We appreciate its finish and size XL with its 48 mm fork and wheel 20 centimeters in diameter. The wheel is provided with a fixing flange and is able to withstand up to 272 kilos bearing load. Easy to install (in 10 minutes max!), No holes to make it seem more solid enough to last over time. In any case it shows no sign of weakness! You will be able to move your trailer without getting tired.

For those with a smaller budget or do not use an electric jockey wheel, this non-motorized jockey wheel is a very good manual model. The brand XL Perform Tool shows here all seriousness by offering a high quality product.

6. inflatable jockey wheel of the Maypole brand

Our opinion on the jockey wheel inflatable Maypole

If you are looking for a wheel that can practice on all types of terrain, while a pneumatic jockey wheel like the one we offer here Maypole will be the right choice.

The whole point of an inflatable wheel is that it does not bog down on softer soil, such as soil, sand or mud. The tire sinking under the weight of the load, and cushioning flexibility to prevent the wheel from crashing against the floor and causes a blockage of the actuator. If you need to store your trailer on land not concreted, this capacity will be saving. That pulls or pushes it, the trailer will be easily manipulated.

With its shaft 26 centimeters and clamp mounted 48 mm, easily adjustable, this wheel is just waiting to be inflated and then be effective. Attached to the pole, it supports a weight of over 100 kilograms and will serve as a spare part for your caravan park to jockey wheel for your trailer or van much more simply.

It is found that the quality / price is very interesting, and if you feel it falter, it’s just that it is slightly deflated. A pump stroke bike and that’s distributed. It is a practical jockey wheel, which will replace perfectly that sometimes provided when acquiring your trailer!

Buying Guide: How to choose the best jockey wheel (motorized or inflatable) for your trailer?

In deciding the jockey wheel for you, it will be useful to know the most important selection criteria. Depending on your answers, you will opt for a motorized wheel jockey, an inflatable jockey wheel or a classic textbook model.

The type of jockey wheel

There are several types of jockey wheel. It is found mainly 4 types:

Depending on your usage and your budget, your privilege one or the other of these models.

The use you make of it

You must first know why you buy a jockey wheel. Is it for a simple trailer? For a van? For a caravan or a speedboat? Depending on your answer to this question, you will see already much clearer. Then think of the field! It is important to know which types of terrain you will operate. As we mentioned above, the best jockey wheel will not be the same depending on the floor on which you will use.

For most vehicles heavier and hard surfaces, we recommend you purchase a motorized wheel jockey, designed this type of vehicle, such as the Biltek brand that we review here. If you move your trailer on grass or sand, think about the pneumatic jockey wheel, and do not forget to take into account the inclination of your soil to see if your device is powerful enough to pull the vehicle.

The bearing load of the jockey wheel

This is a key element in choosing your jockey wheel trailer. The bearing load on the drawbar corresponds to the weight pressure that will be exerted on the wheel. In general, a jockey wheel can support between 200 and 350 kg for the electric models and can rise to over 800 kg jockeys reinforced wheels.

You always find this information on the manual trailer.

The diameter of the clamp

The clamp, sometimes called stirrup, is the system that allows you to set the wheel jockey with security. It is important to control the diameter to ensure that it fits your bracket on the trailer or vehicle.

It is possible to replace the hose clamp in spare part, and it will be enough to fix it or weld it. Handy if you change your trailer!


Models of conventional jockey wheels are fixed very easily, since it is enough to unlock the clamp, to drag the wheel to the ground before tightening the caliper. Then you use the handle to make the move.

However, for some models of motorized wheels jockey, or a system of Caravan Moves like model Enduro brand, installation can be a little longer. The best brands offer installation guides well, paper or video to guide users in setting the material.

But if you’re not handy, it is better to focus on easy installation systems.

The security offered

The system of the jockey wheel is essentially designed to ensure maximum safety to your travel trailer. However, some manufacturers add options or features that enhance this security.

We find for example on motorized wheels jockey like the brand Vidal XL, a walking system forward / reverse that greatly easily travel, minimizing the risk of bad maneuvers.

Moreover, it is significant to have a lock and key that come tighten the bracket and fix it permanently. This definitely takes away your anxiety to see your trailer to detach.

Adding a circuit breaker or auto-off system is also a valuable idea, especially when it comes to moving heavy vehicles as a camper.

The price

Rates of jockey wheels vary greatly depending on the type of model you choose. For the most basic, you can count thirty euros for a quality jockey wheel. For electric models, the price will be between 200 and 400 euros in general, while the most automatic models can fetch prices of around 1000 euros.

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