The Best Nails UV Lamps | Best comparison

There are a few years, the UV lamps for nails were reserved for trade shows. Today, more than ever, these objects invite us in for a manicure homemade. Some brave dare do their nails themselves and get gorgeous results. There are many models available OTC. If you are beginner and want to see a little clearer before making your choice, you are at the right address. To be sure to find a quality model, we selected the best UV lamps and LED popular now. As usual, we made sure to find the best deals at the value.

The best UV lamps for nails in 2020

1. Sunuv: The best UV / LED nail, used by professional salons

The Best Nails Uv Lamps | Best Comparison

The latest model from this list will satisfy the most demanding customers. Indeed, Sunuv is a very serious brand that produces UV lamps / LED high quality. This is one of the most expensive lamps in our comparison, but this price is justified by characteristics and interesting features.

Here we have 48 W of power, a great setting: neither too much nor too little. It is suitable for both professionals and individuals. For those interested, there is a preparation guide nails included. On this model, there are 4 different drying time: 10 seconds (very impressive!), 30 seconds, 60 seconds and 99 seconds. The last option also provides under low temperature drying to the fingernails, or the most sensitive feet. Also, all varnish types are compatible. The 36 LED lights that equip this lamp is 2 times faster than the others and the light they produce is similar to daylight. They last about 50,000 hours, you surely will replace yourselves before it could exhaust its reserve. Here, the function that detects hand turns on automatically for a period of 120 seconds.

This UV nail lamp is the best! Easy to use, there are 4 buttons to adjust the exposure times. Very solid, it has already fallen from the table and not a egratinure! Jolie and large enough to be used for manicures and pedicures.

And finally, a word about the design of this lamp is simple, but very elegant. We might even say it has a luxurious. The UV lamp for Sunuv is white, to blend in any decor.

We begin this comparison with a high-end product that customers around the world love and has a very good value, though. The drying result is perfect and the lamp is very robust. This is a best UV lamps for nails that exist, as even the OPI salons use it.

2. Navanino: The lamp with the most features for a small price

The Best Nails Uv Lamps | Best Comparison

UV / LED lamp Navanino is a less expensive of our selection. It offers interesting features for home use, making it the best multifunction nail UV lamp for the market: this lamp is suitable for manicures as pedicures. Indeed, the bottom plate is removable, which allows to place his foot on the ground and the lamp immediately above, for a more hygienic use. It has 30 LED lamps, which is quite big for its price. They use two light sources (electric and natural), which gives a faster and effective result.

Choose from 4 different timer: 10 seconds, 30 seconds, 60 seconds and 99 seconds (this mode allows to dry the sensitive nail more slowly). These parameters are very interesting because they allow you to customize your maximum use. And to make your life even easier, this lamp has an intelligent infrared sensor that automatically turns on when you place your hand inside and turn off when finished. If you remove your hand during the countdown, it will stop and resume when it is detected again. This option does not exist on the latest generation of lamps and you will agree with us, it is really great! Note that you can also turn off your machine manually if necessary.

Awesome ! The best value for money. This UV lamp is very easy to use: one branch, selecting the duration and go. If you do not select the time the camera detects hand, sounds and the timer starts. 30 sec (per layer) my gel varnish is catalyzed.

This UV lamp / LED Navanino allows you to use two different power modes: 48 W and 54 W. This is to provide you the most comfortable drying. Some nails are sensitive and can be painful if the lamp is too powerful. Finally, the design is fairly standard: white, with a modern, slender lines and a glossy finish. You will see that the models are very similar on this point.

Guests recommend great product, and e is not surprising given that the varnish is completely dry and that the options make its use very comfortable. However, considering the price, remains to be seen whether small LED lamps last enough time.

3. Mylee: The best all in one kit for LED polish

The Best Nails Uv Lamps | Best Comparison

This kit Mylee is really convenient for beginners who want to start in the nail home, without much thought. It takes a lot of accessories for even the simplest manicures. Mylee saves you time but also money, as the price of this kit is very reasonable.

Here are the contents: 1 LED lamp, one solution bottle for preparation and cleaning of nails (250 ml large volume), 1 base coat (10 ml), 4 varnish Mygel (10 ml, light pink, purple, fuchsia and burgundy ), one topcoat (10 ml), 1 gel dissolving 100% acetone and 100 wipes lint. The only thing you will miss nail files, but in general, everyone already has. Rest assured, every product has a label where you explain how to use it and only LED varnish are compatible.

The shape of the machine has been specifically designed with technology Convex Curving, which provides optimal drying. Indeed, sometimes the sides of the nails can hurt dry with some models. There are three drying cycles: 15, 30 and 60 seconds. The timers are low compared to the others, because this machine really dries very quickly. A boon for presses or the lounges, where large numbers of customers each day passes. Moreover, varnishes have been tested and are guaranteed living without scales or flow. Your manicures and pedicures will remain intact on your nails for 14 days.

Super happy with my purchase. The lamp is aesthetic, compact and very complete kit mylee departure: wipes, products to prepare the nail … etc. and a selection of 4 colors varnish “boilerplate” rendering impeccable!

One feature that would please us: the colors. This LED Mylee lamp is available in white and black. For cons, the plate where we put hands is not removable, which is a shame. The machine is quite compact and has taken US, UK and USA to take with you anywhere.

The price and convenience of this kit unbeatable and that’s why we wanted to introduce this model. This is the best all in one kit with a UV lamp for nails that you can find. Know that varnishes were a big hit with customers who are extremely bright, as the living room.

4. Nailstar: The best special lamp LED high-end market

The Best Nails Uv Lamps | Best Comparison

Nailstar is the world leader in its field and manufactures a better UV lamps for nails market … That’s why we could not miss out on their model.

The design is classic as the others: a hemisphere, white or black mat. However, it really looks class and everything will base perfectly in any environment. It does not take up much space in your luggage if you need to transport. This lamp is compatible with any type of LED gel (CND Shellac, Bluesky, Gelish, OPI …). It is up to 3 times faster than traditional UV lamps, the biggest advantage of LED lamps. A big plus here: you’ll never have to change your lamps, they are sustainable for life. You will get results worthy trade shows, for manicures and pedicures too. There are two different types of timers in seconds or minutes: 30, 60, 90 seconds and 30 minutes (if you are doing nail art, for example, and you need to dry without stopping the layers). This lamp fits so as much as possible to your needs. An LCD screen displays the number of seconds remaining before the drying.

This is definitely the best UV lamp to my nails! It is cheap, lightweight and super fast! Tested for several years now on Shellac gel polish, speed of wonder without overheating!

We found a pity that this lamp can only dry the varnish LED and not UV coatings that are also very popular on the market. For that price, you can find lamps that do both. Customers are very satisfied with their product, which has a very good value for money, and meets all expectations. The price is higher for our selection, but still quite affordable. This machine is a real premium product for the most demanding customers.

5. Nivlan: The best UV lamp / LED professional and not too expensive

The Best Nails Uv Lamps | Best Comparison

With 72 W, this machine is very powerful and will be perfect for a living room use. Under these conditions, it is essential to have a powerful UV lamp for nails, which will be fast and well will dry the varnish, as it should. This does not prevent the use also at home, for pro results. The large number of Watt should not worry about the temperature and cases of overheating: a control chip is responsible for regulating all this, in order to avoid burns. In addition, four different timers allow you to tailor your UV lamp to your needs: 10, 30, 60 and 120 seconds with reduced heat mode. All machines have this option, so nothing fancy here, but no less important. With the screen on top, you can track the number of seconds remaining until the end of the manicure.

I use it in my work of nail technician and it works great! Thanks to LEDs, I earn about 10 minutes per client. I recommend !

With 72 W, this machine is very powerful and will be perfect for a living room use. Under these conditions, it is essential to have a powerful UV lamp for nails, which will be fast and well will dry the varnish, as it should. This does not prevent the use also at home, for pro results. The large number of Watt should not worry about the temperature and cases of overheating: a control chip is responsible for regulating all this, in order to avoid burns. In addition, four different timers allow you to tailor your UV lamp to your needs: 10, 30, 60 and 120 seconds with reduced heat mode. All machines have this option, so nothing fancy here, but no less important. With the screen on top, you can track the number of seconds remaining until the end of the manicure.

6. Laluztop: A UV lamp / LED most powerful for pros

As the title suggests, UV / LED lamp Laluztop is extremely powerful with 84 W and is rather beneficial for professionals, which does not prevent domestic use. But, some may find it useless, because you do not necessarily need as many watts. You choose ! One thing for sure is that you results fast as lightning and manicures that last long. The budget to be made for this model is more consistent: double compared to the least expensive UV lamps our selection. And we will immediately tell you why it’s worth:

Use pro. Really not disappointed. She saves time because it catalyzes faster than my old machine. To see how it lasts over time it’s been 2 months and I have no problem at the moment.

Admittedly, this UV / LED nail lamp is very powerful, but it remains respectful nails. Indeed, the single red light technology preserves the nail darkening under the veneer. This damage can occur with UV lamps where power is poorly controlled. It also means a larger number of LED lights, 42 in all. Of course, it does not spoil your eyes and skin. We find here also infrared sensor technology, which is already well known to you. Your manicures and pedicures will dry for 30, 60 and 120 seconds. This parameter is less detailed than other models, but still okay. Any type constructors gels, varnishes and any brand that is compatible with UV / LED lamp. Finally, the color of this lamp is original: the entire surface is candy pink. We like or not.

Our verdict is quite positive about this lamp, which stands out thanks to its power. This is the best UV lamp / LED for professionals who need quick and effective results.

7. Carttiya: UV / LED lamp mini price, perfect for novices manicure

The lamp model UV / LED we’ll see now will be perfect for those who want to do their nails at home. This is the best nail UV lamp for beginners because it is very easy to use. The power, which reaches only 12 W is just enough for a non-professional use. To give you an idea, there are only 12 LED lights for over 30 in the other models. For beginners who are not yet comfortable with manicures, you’ll find it with UV lamp Carttiya. It soon surely did not want a machine that dry, high temperature, when one is not yet self-confident and his ability to put the polish properly. All this requires a little practice … This UV lamp nail has a very low price, making it the first great investment. The fact that any UV gel polish or LED is compatible makes use even simpler.

Very nice lamp with a nice design. Light and base practice removable for cleaning. The hand goes very well in it.

For other characteristics include intelligent sensor and automatic timer three times (30, 60, 99 seconds). The light produced by this lamp is approaching the white light to try to preserve as much nails drying inconvenience. Carttiya thought a handy accessory: charging by USB cable, convenient to carry your UV lamp in your friends, for example, for a party manicure. You can easily recharge it on a computer or in the car.

The color of this lamp is white on the outside, pink inside. At this price, it could have an air of not very good quality, but this is not the case.

Customer rating on the UV lamp / LED Carttiya are positive for the majority. There is nothing exceptional about this model, but the work is done correctly, and at reduced budget.

Buying guide: all you need to know about UV lamps for nails before buying a

Your level of expertise

This is the first test that will think about when voting choice of UV lamp. Indeed, as you may have noticed in our review, the lamps stand out much on this. A novice user surely will not need to shell out 70 euros in a 84 W lamp, because not only he will not necessarily use it, but in addition, it will discourage and eventually return to her nails salon. This is why we must not embark on your purchase without having defined this first. More powerful the machine is, the more it dries quickly. UV light with fewer watts dry as well, but less quickly. This prevents burning and allows you to control the drying process. This article will also be used for those who have a little more experience and want a serious product. In this case, you will surely find your happiness because we found very good UV upscale lamps for you.


You should know some basics before using a UV lamp, so as not to damage it. It is not for nothing than before, these objects were reserved for professional use. Casually, one dirty very easily the lamp while we did our manicure. You just have to touch the tip of your brush to leave a piece of sticky gel, difficult to clean and, if he stays there, hang dust and become impossible to remove. To keep your lamp as long as possible, do not clean especially LED lamps with products that contain acid. They could soon be damaged. Prefer gentle products or adapted for cleaning of UV lamps.

Type varnish

There are two types of varnish on the market: UV LED. Make sure that your products are compatible. So there are two types of lamps too, but there is of course the lamps that can dry them. We made sure to find more lamps UV / LED possible in order to facilitate your use.


All lamps are similar, in general, both on form and color. This detail is especially important for professionals who need a nice lamp and quality to make a good impression in their living room. Also make sure that it is compact enough to fit on your countertop.


For beginners, the kits will be perfect in order not to get lost in the multitude of accessories you need to make a simple manicure. Here is the list of all the products necessary: ‚Äč‚Äčnail files, liquids (preparation, cleaning / finish and dissolution) brush to remove dust, reposuse cuticle, small scissors for cuticles and dead skin, buffing, polish (base , color, top coat), and optionally rhinestones, glitters, stickers …

FAQ: it answers the questions that you have about the UV lamps for nails

Once you have collected all the accessories listed above, it will do more than prepare your nails, varnish, and the use of the lamp will be the easiest part of your manicure. And if in addition you have the Intelligent Sensor feature, you just have to put your hand in the lamp, and drying start. Otherwise, it will look on your LED or UV varnish recommended drying time and press the appropriate button.

Both dry very well the nails, and your choice will depend on the varnish type you want to use. A UV varnish never dry out in a lamp LED nails. The main advantage of LED varnish and it dries much faster than UV varnishes (30 seconds against 2 minutes.) In addition, LED lights are also softer with hands.

This is not a parameter that defines the quality of drying, as one might think. Rather, it is what will define the drying time and more or less respect for nails. We must know how to use a powerful lamp, because it can easily burn nails. This is why they are more suitable for living room use. On the other hand, professionals will need powerful machines because they need quick and effective results. For use at home, you can settle for 12 W and even 48 will be OK for those who want a machine a little more powerful. By cons, 84 W will not be necessary for this type of manicure.

We talked about the power that plays a lot on this issue. If you do not know properly use a UV lamp, you can easily burn your nails. This in itself will not have a very serious effect, you will have a burning sensation during drying and when you leave your hand, the pain will disappear. But that’s not very nice, especially if you use your UV lamp in living room, your customers will not be happy. We add that it must be careful not to freeze layers or too thick varnish. Also, do not exceed the recommended drying time on the packaging of your polish. If you follow all these tips, you can use your UV lamp safely.