The Best Night Lights Baby In 2020 | Reviews And Guide

The Best Night lights Baby in 2020 | Reviews and Guide

Whether baby appease or to comfort your child when small night terrors, but it can also be to reassure the young parents sleep with their little angel, there is surely a reason that will motivate you to acquire the best pilot baby.

In principle, it is therefore a little soft light that can reassure your child at bedtime key. But it also helps to reassure parents can ensure that everything goes smoothly without turning on the main light. However, there are so many different night lights: music, girls, boys, etc. Here is our selection of the best pilot baby in 2019 in order to help you choose.

Our selection of a look:

Our Choice: Quality / Price

The Best Night Lights Baby In 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Ceiling Projection

The Best Night Lights Baby In 2020 | Reviews And Guide

That lights up when baby cries

The Best Night Lights Baby In 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Our Choice: Quality / Price

The Best Night Lights Baby In 2020 | Reviews And Guide

The Best Night Lights Baby In 2020 | Reviews And Guide

That lights up when baby cries

The best baby night lights

Why trust us ? strives to each article to provide you with clear and relevant information to help you choose the most suitable product for your needs. Our selections are the result of many hours of research and analysis of information about each product.

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It’s definitely not easy to create a selection of the best pilot for babies. Here are the different criteria that we used to offer this comparison.

Of course do not be afraid to trust you on the choice of the pilot as well as we presented a selection, parents are the ones who best know their child and their needs.

1. Pilot baby Bkids

The best night light that lights up when baby cries.

The nightlight is great! As soon as she wakes up crying, the light turns on, and often she goes back to sleep without that we have to go see her. Another plus for the pilot: I just touch the device and it lights User Manual, pilot Bkids baby!.

2. Pilot baby Snner

The best night for a baby decorated room.

Baby change overnight or go give him his pacifier, I was forced to use my so with flashlight or turn on the light. Both baby awake. But with this pilot super convenient, it’s problem solved! User Manual, pilot baby Snner.

3. The pilot Beaba Baby

The pilot principle + flashlight is great! We bought it for our son, now he uses it as dormant as torch, he plays alone in his bed, he made Chinese shadows, light the helps to get back to sleep. It recharges facilement.Utilisatrice the pilot Beaba baby.

4. Pilot baby Pabobo

The best nightlight Pabobo baby.

Delighted with my purchase, my son found it hard to sleep alone from birth, our evenings had become an ordeal, and this night has changed our lives! I recommend 200%! User Manual, pilot baby Pabobo.

5. Pilot Baby V-tech

The best night for baby with a projection on the ceiling.

Fully satisfied with this pilot. Music and stories are sweet. The sound is adjustable, a real plus! The lights projected on the ceiling change color, they are clearly visible but not dazzle. It is also possible to select a term, convenient because it saves you back off the veilleuse.Utilisatrice the pilot Vtech baby.

6. Pilot baby Moredig

The best baby music night.

I wanted a night light that projects stars on the ceiling, which turns that make music and all with a rechargeable battery or AC power. This product meets all my requirements and more: with multiple color choices, an integrated timer and the choice of projecting stars and sea, my daughter and we filled the pilot aussi.Utilisatrice baby Moredig.

7. Pilot baby Totobay

I bought several pilot but this one is the best, no complaints. Several color options for projections and rotations of 360 ° or fixes.Utilisatrice projections nightlight baby Totobay.

Buying Guide: All about baby night lights

We just offer you a selection of what seems to be the best pilot for baby. That said, as we have stated above, each child is different. Here is some information to know to make your purchase:

The intensity of light

It is recommended to choose a pilot which adjusts the light intensity. Indeed, it is advisable during the phase of falling asleep to have the lowest possible light, it may be that during the night the need for a slightly stronger light is felt. If for example you have to breastfeed or bottle feed while maintaining the softness of the baby room, so you should certainly have a soft light, but that allows you still can see. Similarly, growing up, the child will possibly need during his nocturnal awakening of a more intense light.

Although it is generally advisable to lull her child in a quiet environment and without much movement there is in some of them need to hear the comforting sounds. That’s why in these cases you will have to opt for a baby music night. Again, it’s your baby chooses.

The type of power

Currently, there are two major types of pilot lights for baby. Fixed pilot lights, generally operating with a wire or mobile pilot generally to batteries or a rechargeable battery. What is your style of use that will define your needs. For example, if you take a night for a child of more than one year or have the habit of regularly traveling, it may be best to take a mobile pilot can track your movements and those of the child. However, if your child is really small and you are more homebody, so a fixed pilot is more interesting.


It is also very important to pay attention to the materials that we choose. Indeed, a nightlight for children means that it is intended to be in the room of a child. Depending on the age of it, he may have to put the pilot in the mouth or on the handle. We must therefore ensure that it presents no risk and is fully adapted to his age. Similarly, if it is fixed and with a wireless connection, make sure that the said wire is not within reach of the child, especially if it is young.

A pilot may not be used for an infant. Indeed, a child who never had a night may well overnight in need, whether at 1 year, 2 years or 3 ans.S’il feels the need, this can be for many reasons such as facilitating the acquisition of cleanliness or because he developed night terrors or he has nightmares or because he changed bed In short, many reasons can cause a child to request a pilot and at any age. So no, there is no specific age to take a pilot.

The options

Again, this is for parents to clearly identify the needs of toddlers. The pilot indeed offer more options than it does to light up the crying baby to have a timer to provide projections on the ceiling, in short these little lights are becoming more sophisticated. It is true that it is not easy suddenly to know which will be the most suitable. The answer lies in the attitude of your enfant.S’il often wakes up at night crying the sensor will be. If he was used to fall asleep on you, then it may have need of sounds to soothe.


Some night lights take the appearance of blanket, others are shaped like turtle, unicorn, in short you can find all styles. In this case, there are no rules, the important thing is that the report is reassuring for the child and in harmony with the chamber to create a soft image and especially the child must appreciate his presence. Be careful though to pilot comforters, rather they are recommended for children about 1 year and they should by no means be too bright. They could indeed prevent your child from sleeping.

FAQ – Answers to any questions you have about the pilots baby

The baby awake Artists, is this a good idea?

This question comes up very often and although several studies have been conducted in one direction and then the other, no conclusion seems really accredit an answer over another. Although we generally advised for children under 2 years sleep in the dark, we see more and more toys and other childcare instruments with nightlights. In fact, what will determine or not its use remains the attitude of your baby sleep face and reactions overnight. Finally, it’s a child’s evolution issue and respect its comfort.

The pilot can they have a negative impact on sleep of the child?

Although either the pilot did not undergo real-indications against it, however, that according to the lights used, a pilot can actually disturb the sleep cycle of your child. Indeed, it seems that the LED lights is prohibited. However, they can be used outside the room, or even periodically to falling asleep at the conditions they are extinguished as soon as baby closes his eyes. Thereby changing the sleep cycle is the intense use, understand all night LED lights.

What color night light for baby?

This is probably the most important point of the night. The color of light is the one that will create the atmosphere in children or not conducive to its environment. It is clearly not recommended, if you want your child to sleep gently, using bright colors such as red, which is rather perceived by the child as a sign of a stressful situation or alarming. We must therefore choose soft, pleasant colors like pink or purple or choose a warm white that will secure your child. However, it is always advisable to choose a pilot which has several colors because in the end it is your child who will choose what suits him.

You’ll understand for pilot this baby is who decides!

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