The Best Of All Time Board Games | Best Comparison

The Best of All Time Board Games | Best comparison

For entertainment with family and friends, nothing like a good board game! If innovative and varied titles continue to appear on the market, particularly to deal with competition from video games in entertainment, some games are timeless and timeless! We selected the 10 best games company of all time, for great games, good competition and child fun pure.

And if you have trouble choosing our final purchase guide will help you understand what are the most appropriate game to your desires and to players who surround you. Ready to have fun?

The best board games of all time

The Best Of All Time Board Games | Best Comparison

1. Scrabble

Scrabble can be considered an educational board game, a competitive title or real entertainment for lovers of letters, which try to achieve the maximum points by placing words with X, Z or W on the board Game.

The principle of scrabble is simple: with a series of letters distributed initially and piochees in the heap prepared to this end, each player must try to make words from the French language. More words using rare letters and they are long, the number of points scored will be. In the end, it’s the one with the highest score wins the game!

The reflection is required as to make words, use one of the letters already on the board. Then you are free to recreate the most common words or less used to the language of Moliere. Cross them, combine them and impress your opponent with your vocabulary.

Available in 29 languages, this board game is most popular in the world, with 150 million units sold. Every year, between experts tournaments are held and players armed with their trusty dictionary, fighting for the title of scrabble champion. See for yourself if you have the level! If it’s a family basis, it is recommended from 10 years.

Perfect mix between fun play, educate and society own competition for the best games of all time, Scrabble is a must!

The Best Of All Time Board Games | Best Comparison

2. Le Monopoly

Monopoly is one of the best games of all time and this is perhaps the best known of all! True simulation of capitalism, declined in 1001 versions to adapt to the most famous streets in each country, it is a family game available from 8 years old, who can animate the evenings!

In this game, the principle is simple: make a fortune by accumulating properties in the most expensive areas of the map, so that opponents falling on the box you pay rent. While initially, the payments are low and the atmosphere is courteous, it was soon have to pay big bucks to its competitors in railing against the dice that you lead on streets that are not yours.

The bank will be a valuable ally, but also your worst enemy in case of bankruptcy and if the square allows you to get some extra money each pass, better to avoid finding yourself in jail by picking the wrong card!

With its easily recognizable game board, colored pawns in form of house or hotel, colorful banknotes and the most coveted streets like Rue de la Paix and The Champs Elysees for its French version, the Monopoly is and will remain one of the addictive games and more user-friendly.

Playable 2 to 8 players, it is a title that can easily take you several hours. But between mutual aid, negotiations or taken beaks between competitors, time flies!

The Best Of All Time Board Games | Best Comparison

3. Catan

Catan is a playable strategy game with 3 or 4 players (10 years), which puts you in the shoes of a settler wishing to establish his city on the island of Catan on which he has just landed. For this, it must deftly juggle its core resources, reap new loot even those of its neighbors. Indeed, there are not you on this island and the other players have the same goal as you!

Therefore, exchanges between competitors can be very courteous, but who knows what the real intentions of your opponents … With the management of raw materials and retail and construction phases, Catan is one of the best board games of all time and a source of inspiration for many strategy video game Civilization!

With its varied card game that allows you to understand at a glance the resources available in an area, their pieces with images of buildings in your colony and its pretty picture cards, Catan is a game that will delight fans of strategy. He will have to think fast because the parties can be very short (about 1 hour) and make the right decisions. So your colony then improve as your opponents fall into oblivion.

Award winning since 1995 in the biggest events devoted to board games, this game has advanced playful virtues and allows more imaginative dive into an exciting adventure!

The Best Of All Time Board Games | Best Comparison

4. Qwirkle

If Qwirkle (unpronounceable but unforgettable, as we remember the slogan) is one of the best games of all time, despite a fairly recent release (2006), this is no accident! This is a very simple game to tackle, playable from 6 years (2 to 4 players) and with short portions that are linked with the greatest pleasure. However, the master will be a different story!

It must be said that the principle of Qwirkle is simplistic, since you have to create lines of similar shapes or color with the supplied wood tiles. Either new lines or additions to already formed lines to a point calculation which is based on both the color of each line and the forms. The winner is obviously the one with the most points after the exhausted tiles stock.

As and extent of the parties, it is clear that the strategy to be important in this game, and that anticipating some adverse blows, it can wreak havoc. Therefore, it is improving with every race! In Qwirkle, technical audacity pays and those who take risks are rewarded.

This family board game is perfect for awakening the logical mind of the younger and sometimes revive dormant neurons older! He also was Gold medal in the “Parents’ Choice,” which found Qwirkle with the perfect title for a first strategic approach with their toddlers.

The Best Of All Time Board Games | Best Comparison

5. Risk

Risk is most famous strategy games and has already conquered generations of players. It is therefore quite normal that he sits among the best games of all time!

For beginners, the objective of the game is simple: in the skin of a general at the head of an army, you will achieve an objective defined by a map. It can be conquered two continents (eg Africa and Asia), destroying a precise color army, or to conquer a given number of territories. The bravest may decide to end the game only when a player conquered the world, which can take many hours!

To achieve these ends, the player has some basic soldiers and territories to deploy. In each round, a few extra pieces will strengthen its army and they used him to attack neighboring countries. The fights are via dice rolls, with a defense to advantage which strengthens the strategic aspect of the game. But sometimes you have to take risks!

This playable board game 2 to 6 players (10 years) takes place partly a least 2 hours, depending on the ability of opponents, their respective strategy and luck dice. One of the key elements of the title will be diplomacy, made of alliance and betrayal. How many friends lost during the battles of Risk … (and reconciled at the end of the game, of course) ?!

Timeless, and available in classic version or license (Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones …) Risk is a game to discover more quickly to play with your friends!

6. The Trivial Pursuit

The Trivial Pursuit is the favorite game of general culture lovers, who will be happy to answer more than 2,000 questions from the 6 categories stars of the game: geography, entertainment, history, arts and literature, science and nature, sports and Hobbies. The ultimate goal? Get a small marker for each of the categories to be crowned champion!

This board game is a classic, which can be played from 12 years (before, some questions may be too difficult), 2 to 6 players. On average, the parties last 45 minutes to 1 hour, but this varies by the level of opponents. His great strength is precisely to adapt to its participants. If Continues Trivial experts will stand by their quickness to respond, the less experienced players will score points in their chosen fields and try to remember the correct answers of the other categories, to improve.

Thus, the memory is requested and this game can increase his thinking along his knowledge to the world. For example, know that you will come across questions like What do you call a line of 12 syllables? or as what is according to National Geographic Society, the longest river in the world? You have the right answers?

Fun while being very informative, the Trivail continues is the best games of all time, which has the merit of working neurons and increase the knowledge of everyone. Learn fun way, this is probably the best way to learn!

7. LE clue do

Cluedo is a cult game that asks you to solve the mystery of the death of Dr. Lenoir in his mansion. True investigator simulation in which you must collect clues and make logical deductions, to find the culprit, it’s a game for the curious of all ages from 8 years.

Walking through the corridors of the mansion, symbolized by a famous game board with dice, players must determine who the murderer is, with what weapon he committed his crime and in which room. Once he found his 3 elements, the player can decide to launch his accusations! If he is right, he wins! But if the designated culprit is not good, this is the endgame for him. Better be careful.

The parts of Cluedo can be very fast (between 15 and 45 minutes), which makes it very accessible play. Soon, you will become familiar with Colonel Mustard with Miss Rose or Mrs. Periwinkle, which are among the many suspects. You can take notes via small notebooks provided and it will show logic and deduction to solve investigations.

Fans of Sherlock Holmes and other detective stories will love diving into the mysterious atmosphere with this game that is part of the most popular games since its release in the 50s.

A must-have for young and old!

8. The naval battle

Who has not played in the sea battle, armed with a map and a pencil, to send A2: Touched! F6: Dive! during the course of the most tedious math in college or high school? Classic game among classics, the naval battle board game screen takes these basic ingredients and makes them more convenient to play!

Two opponents, who will start the game by placing their five ships in the sea facing them (and which will be a grid plate hole to insert the boats), then will try to sink the opponent’s fleet by guessing the locations of the holder aircraft or smaller boats of their enemy.

Of course, neither player will see the playing field of the other and will therefore have to use logic in both the placement of boats initially, but also in the choice of bombed positions. If the larger vessels (length of 5 boxes) are usually the first to sink, small vessels of 2 or 3 boxes placed intelligently, can ensure victory.

The strength of the naval battle lies in its accessibility, age 8, in the immediate fun it provides and the sequence of parts between friends! If we must admit that adults lose fast enough interest in this board game (unless you have kept all his child’s soul), the youngest will spend hours to compete on these plastic oceans !

This is one of those games that never grow old!

9. Jenga

Jenga is one of those board games that require skill and concentration, and a good deal of logical mind, so as not to lose miserably. The object of the game is extremely simple, as it is to remove wooden blocks from a tower composed of 54 pieces … without it crumbles. Easier said than done !

usually played by two, each in turn, and it is better not to have shaky hands. Each will remove a room, imagining the impact of its action on the lap of his opponent. Thinking correctly, you can quickly trap the other and put in big trouble! And when the tower collapses, it is often in an explosion of joy in one and cries of discontent in the other.

The parts of Jenga can be very fast (5 to 15 minutes) but it’s hard not to start immediately. The game is available from 6 years old, in the minutest children and is an excellent entertainment for adults who want to test their patience and self-control. Of course, nothing prevents you destabilize your opponent a little …!

Jenga is a game the most fun of all time, with a concept as simple as effective and will have a special place in your afternoon games. In younger, it is known to develop a practical and a driving logic and geometry, which will perhaps your children renowned architects!

10. Twister

While often associated games to board games, sitting around a table, Twister reminds us that the best all-time games can also request a real physical effort!

True star game festivities birthday and the first boom, Twister offers a simple principle: each turn, players must spin a wheel that indicate a limb (hand or foot) and color. The participant whose turn it is will then have to pose on the mat, colored circle compound.

If the start is easy, because the carpet is empty, everything gets complicated very quickly as the players fill the board because it must not fall to win! And it is far from being as simple as one might think. Also fun to play than watch (to mock or distract players …!), Twister promises great games to 2, 3 or 4 participants from 6 years.

It requires only two qualities of balance and a little flexibility! And even if you lack these elements, the laughs are guaranteed with Twister.

Some rules complicate the parties when players get too gifted or when playing with his followers of Yoga that have a flexibility that you do not. But you can compensate with your muscles or your ability to destabilize your competitors orally!

Good to unwind and have a good laugh, Twister is a great board game to set the mood!

Wondering what is the best board game for you and your family? This selection of the 10 best games company of all time should have given you the ideas, and the following selection criteria will help you hone your decision!

The type of game

Speaking of games is quite extensive, as there is in this type of entertainment many subcategories. Depending on your preferences and your interests, you might favor one or the other of these types of games:

The number of players

Some games are practiced to 2, other 3, 4 and up to 8 players. Consider this test if you have a large family or you’re a fan of games evenings, to opt for the titles that will leave anyone on the sidelines.

The required age

Play with your family, it’s great, but if you want to involve your children in your party, make sure that the games chosen correspond to their age. This is indicated on the box, and this prevents release a Scrabble to play with your little 4 years …!

The duration of part

Some games can be very time – we think of Risk and most strategy games – which could put off players who prefer fast parts. There are games in which the parties last 15 minutes of each other which may extend to 3 or 4 hours. An advice ? Notify other participants in advance not to see players leave the ship in the game!

The game mechanics

Some games require players to cooperate, others to face merciless, alone or in teams, and it is important to choose based on each character. The more timid will prefer games with little interaction between players, when more teasers seek the competition!


This is obviously the centerpiece of any good board game with 10 tracks of this selection, you will have no surprises. However, this is a concept that is relative and in what amuses you most – answer questions, reach a goal as quickly destabilize your opponent – you will make the best choice!

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