The Best Outdoor Surveillance Cameras For 2020 | Reviews And Guide

The Best Outdoor Surveillance Cameras for 2020 | Reviews and Guide

An outdoor surveillance camera is an object that will help protect a place, filming and recording what happens to it. With newer models, you can monitor in real time what is happening in your home, from your smartphone or tablet.

The first question that arises when one considers the surveillance cameras is: to whom are they intended? We tend to think that in a country like France, the cameras have little room in a private home and is therefore intended for professionals wishing to secure their workplace.

But with nearly 1,000 burglaries a day, there is, alas, no one is really safe from a malicious thief. Protect becomes a necessity and surveillance cameras can make them in the best ways.

First, they have a deterrent side: anyone who approaches a house with a video surveillance system will think twice before taking action. Then, the outdoor surveillance cameras will if acting out the thief to identify the video, and transmit the record to the police.

What therefore effectively protect your home, provided you buy a quality outdoor surveillance camera model. Compare Best offers within 5 products we have reviewed and a comprehensive shopping guide that will allow you to make the best choice!

Our selection of the 5 2020 outdoor surveillance cameras

Buying Guide: How to choose the best outdoor surveillance camera

After knowledge of the products above, it is time to understand how to choose the best outdoor surveillance camera to fit your home or workplace. We have established a list of essential criteria, on which you will have to look to make the best possible choice.

The model

There are different types of surveillance cameras, since they evolve together technological advances.

The older models are analog surveillance cameras, which record what they filmed on VHS. This support tends to disappear first, but especially the quality of the recordings is lacking here. It is sometimes difficult to distinguish the shapes on the screen. Avoid, in 2019.

The latest cameras -those we spent journals belong to this category- are the IP surveillance cameras. They are connected to computer systems and the internet, and can record images of great qualities of the store and view live even if you are a world away.

For this, they use the WiFi waves and your internet network, and applications or programs to a permanent connection to your mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.). Convenient, with little or no cable to install and continuous monitoring, it is the most efficient models on the market.

The use you make of it

To choose your camera, you must define its use. Is it simply to keep an eye on your family and come and go of it? Is it to protect your home against potential intrusions and burglaries? Are these cameras will be used at home or in your workplace?

Once you have answered these questions, you can choose the best outdoor surveillance camera for you. Indeed, some cameras will only shoot and notify you of a presence (per message with / without photo), while others can be connected to an alarm system or full security and prevent the authorities.

The quality of picture and sound

This is one of the most important data you need to consider, choose the best surveillance camera. If you have a camera whose images are unusable, it will not help.

We must be attentive to the proposed resolution, with a standard HD (High Definition) strongly recommended. Preferably choose the models that shoot 720P (minium) or 1080P.

This will allow you to have sharp images, accurate, which remains so even when you zoom. When monitoring a place, the details are very important, especially in case of burglary!

The ease of installation and handling

For home use, we recommend you focus on cameras that install and connect easily.

There are now plug and play which facilitate the installation, or very simple models to put up with a simple download of an application that will detect the camera and allows you to configure it.

Then, a good security camera should be easily manipulated. You must be able to quickly view live images or recordings from any location. For this, it is necessary that applications and software accompanying the camera selected is performing.

Moreover, we appreciate the cameras that store records for several weeks, in order to use the right time.

The visual field allowed

Remember to check the scope of the surveillance camera and the authorized field. Imagine you want to monitor the front door of your garage, with a camera placed on the entrance wall of your home. It takes the camera is capable of shooting up to that distance, day and night.

Some models offer the results amazing night, with a sophisticated night vision system. In addition, the wide-angle cameras to monitor larger areas, and we especially advise those who want to control a garden or parking.

Power consumption

Finally, a camera will be connected 24H / 24 and 7/7, which means it will consume energy continuously. By opting for an energy product, you could have a nasty surprise at the end of the year on your bill.

But manufacturers are aware of this consumption and ecological challenge over this every day now offer very low consumption models, with clever systems such as PEO, which uses power from your internet box to power the camera.

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