The Best Powder Detergents 2020 | Reviews And Guide

The Best Powder Detergents 2020 | Reviews and Guide

The washing powder is clearly a daily product that is necessary for everyone, every day. It is the guarantee of hygiene and cleanliness of our clothes and is tacitly olfactory card.

Indeed the smell of washing your clothes may soon be decisive in society, but of course it’s not the only way to choose his laundry.

Precisely it seems that the question must be asked: what are the criteria for a washing powder is performing? In fact, how do we choose a laundry? And especially what are the best washing powders and why?

To answer these questions Compare Best offers in this article the way we review what appears to be the 7 best washing powders for this year but also a buying guide to help you choose.

Our selection of a look:

Our Choice: The Top Rated

The Best Powder Detergents 2020 | Reviews And Guide
The Best Powder Detergents 2020 | Reviews And Guide
The Best Powder Detergents 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Our Choice: The Top Rated

The Best Powder Detergents 2020 | Reviews And Guide
The Best Powder Detergents 2020 | Reviews And Guide

The Best Washing powder:

1. Ariel Original – The best washing powder

Ariel is one of the famous brands in its sector, and we can say if Ariel is clearly a sign of trust from its users is not without reason. This package Original Ariel washing powder is appealing. At first it is good to look at the number of washes it is possible to do with a packet. Specifically, it weighs 2,535 kg, according to the promise of the brand, it can achieve 39 washes. Which represents doses of 65 g per wash. But be aware that this dosage will vary according to several criteria: the state of dirt the machine, the amount of laundry, the water hardness. Feel free to use a pod that will allow you to have the right amount, to avoid the chance. It seems that you can count between 35 and 40 washes.

Another important point: original Ariel washing powder is active dice 30 ° C, which is a temperature low enough perfectly suited to wash delicate clothing. Even at this low temperature washing powder dissolves perfectly and leaves no white marks or package in terms of course the dosed consistently and do not overload the machine.

This powder detergent is particularly appreciated for its effectiveness on stubborn stains and white, this is also one of the big strengths of this product. White is always difficult to maintain and it is not uncommon to find that the spots are resistant to several washings. But it is clear that with this washing powder white linen less dull and far better maintained spring, thanks to the whitening agents found inside. Note also that this washing powder is perfect for maintenance of linens: towels, sheets, towels, etc ….

Note also a great freshness in the machine after use, giving an impression of clean tenfold. It’s no surprise that one learns original Ariel washing powder is one of the best recommendations of many consumer unions.

2. Parsley Bouquet de Provence – The best washing powder Persil home

Other well-known brand: Persil washing powder is a leader in its sector. It has its existence for over 100 years, as saying that the brand’s users are quite numerous.

It is hard not to mention the very interesting offer that is proposed here. Indeed, a particularly advantageous price you can get 4 packs of about 45 washes, representing approximately 180 washes because remember that the dosage of washing powder depends on several factors.

Another point that is very difficult not to mention the presence in this washing powder soap from Marseille. The soap has virtues proven when included in a laundry. For example one of the recognized point is that for people with sensitive skin or atypical, the soap prevents irritation, it is soft and hypoallergenic. Furthermore the soap is known for its power stain remover and washing, it is also used for centuries as laundry recognized.

The soap mixed with the active agents of this washing powder therefore makes it particularly effective on stains. Note that the manufacturer advises from 40 ° C on most textiles. However, the main recommendations, the manufacturer of this washing powder does not recommend its use on wool and silk.

We also notice a slight smell flowery and really nice, which is a good point because the smell is subtle unlike some competing brands too pronounced. However, this information remains the preference of each; some preferring to have a strong odor and a more subdued odor.

The washing powder Persil is a classic that is widely disseminated and ensures quality in each of its packages. However a small shadow remains on the board, since obviously packaging boxes is not especially strong. But it is clear that this is a detail for the best washing powder.

3. Omo Lilac White & Ylang Ylang – The best Omo washing powder

The OMO brand means Old Mother Owl: to understand the old mother chouetteest launched in 1908. But it was in 1952 to great fanfare OMO made a sensational arrival in homes. His credo effective detergents transports you into the world particularly pleasant thanks to the various perfume lines.

First things first: this laundry in washing powder. Until then it must be noted that it therefore meets customer expectations. A little more seriously, it should be noted that it holds particularly its role. Indeed, its efficacy on white is impressive thanks to its whitening agents which makes it very effective for maintenance sheets or linens in general. Indeed, there is generally very large stains on cloths, towels, bath towels, in short all textiles which are generally used inside a home. To give them a clean look, this washing powder appears as a great option and a quality product.

Furthermore the fine powder of these effects even at low temperatures which clearly allows use on many spots and on different types of textiles, which is well recommended on wool and silk as a number of detergents.

Although its action is acknowledged, there is also that it is not particularly aggressive on the skin, although it is not not put in the category of detergents hypoallergenic. It remains respectful of users in general.

Finally, the flagship point of the brand: the smell of the washing solution. Omo in association with a large perfume house has created a range of scents that can actually make a difference to users of the washing solution. For this particular product, we appreciate the cool side and very spring lilac and Ylang Ylang. It is good to remember that the scent is light and not taking, the smell is certainly present, but it is far from heavy as can sometimes see, the overall result is very pleasant and harmonious. This washing powder can also be used with a mini washing machine.

4. X-Tra Total – The best washing powder against stubborn stains

X-tra is one of the brands that Henkel offers the German company which is illustrated in the detergent field since the last century. He was responsible for brands such as The Cat, or Super Cross. X-tra is one of the most affordable brands in the market and especially opts for versatility.

We were talking about versatility because we found that in general, detergent powders show a certain efficiency mainly in white. The washing powder X-Tra Total is commonly on the white but also colors. Thus, the brand of attack angle that offers a laundry for “all textiles at any temperature” is clearly respect and effectively we love. Then finished sorting that lasts for hours and the purchase of products for a particular shirt. It is still always advisable to try the famous red and white mix unless you have secret desires to look like Barbie.

The format of the washing solution is a great asset, indeed the 2.75 kg of powder used to make roughly 50 washes. A large great price at capacity. The price is also one of the other assets of the brand that is among the most affordable in the market. An observation on this subject: the price of this washing powder is much more affordable on the internet in stores, however this finding is in most cases.

We also noticed the fresh smell that comes this laundry to your machine. Far from being a synthetic fragrance, it is a clean scent that brings a feeling of freshness. The machine, once out of the machine felt clean and it is thoroughly cleaned.

Remember also that this product works for a cleaning by hand and has the advantage of easily dissolve in water even at very low temperatures.

It is important to remember that this product is made in France, which means that it has the manufacturing criteria that can be expected by our standards, little more that can acquire with confidence.

5. Presto! – Strong Universal laundry powder

Presto brand is a subsidiary set up by the Amazon e-commerce giant. Far from proposing its brand to generate more profit, Amazon has been at the heart of its considerations customer satisfaction above all and was able to offer products adapted daily.

If you look at the offer proposed by this washing powder, it is noted that these 3 packages of laundry can each carry about 40 washes, depending dirt and washes different criteria. A total of not less than 120 washes; enough to allow to see coming. It’s not the most interesting offers budget market but the quality / price is quite correct.

This washing powder primarily intended for white and light colors offer some interesting options such as anti-graying technology, clear you wash your laundry and it does not turn gray which allows it to be brighter and longer so keep looking new for some time while effectively removing stains of various kinds and varied. What if you are a parent can be especially interesting. We see that in general, parents of young children avoid taking light colors for clothes for fear of not being able to “catch up” shorts or another T-shirt and shirts for their kids, here is therefore simpler.

We also note that this is washing powder and dissolves perfectly and low temperature or hand which seems important to be able to handle any type of machine in different situations. Especially if we take into account the cleaning and stain-removing capacity of the washing powder.

Once washed, clothes spring with a pleasant smell fresh and clean. For some, the smell is too chemical. But the general view the feeling is very pleasant. Indeed, we still prefer to take a towel that smells fresh and clean a towel that has a too strong odor reminiscent of a deodorant.

6. Ecover – The best ecological washing powder

The Ecover brand was created in 1980 with the idea of ​​offering everyday products without phosphates. The Belgian company wants to be close to nature and to do that relies on on mineral and plant ingredients. After difficult years in the 90s, Ecovert experiencing particularly strong growth and opens the international market.

The offer proposed here allows to cope with about 40 washes. A good first option is therefore to discover this ecological laundry powder mainly based on natural ingredients. Indeed the terms to be used for the washing powder are: natural and ecological. At a time when it is important to take care of the planet, have ecological household products enables not only follow this trend but also to act effectively on the task that is dedicated to them.

Some terms are still to understand when reading the packaging that is said by the way, takes care to give us all the information needed to use washing powder optimally. Indeed it is mentioned that this washing powder is particularly effective for white and color “colorfast” to understand the colors that will not bleed or colors already fixed. There is even that restores radiance to the white cloth that has already had to endure a veil slightly gray after daily washings.

Also this active laundry from 30 ° C is biodegradable which means that it is more readily degraded in the environment without impacting the laundry and thus stands out as a friendly choices. But the benefits to use natural ingredients is also feeling at the smell of the powder detergent. Indeed, the freshness and light fragrance that emerge are of natural origin and therefore more subtle but very nice. It was less like to go through a factory specializing in the chemical. Moreover, we find that this detergent is hypoallergenic and can be used for laundry of the family, of course it is advisable to ensure it does not contain allergenic products for one of the members.

7. PARSLEY Laundry Powder Natural Freshness Provence

Parsley is one of the brands belonging to the famous German group Henkel, which intervened in the creation of many everyday products. Known to ensure a certain quality, Parsley is also noted for being an affordable price mark. Parsley is a brand known throughout the world and is particularly about her in the United States and France.

As with most detergents Persil Powder proposed, it includes in its Marseilles soap composition that allows this to be fresh laundry for washing all textile family. In fact we can see that washing powders that have soap in their composition are usually hypoallergenic and softer with different textiles.

Laundry Powder Persil Freshness Nature Provence is sold with a capacity of more than 4 kg, which allows it to about 60 washes and its offer is particularly interesting about the quantity / price level but also on the quality plan / price. Thanks to its bleach, effective on white is especially visible. But you can also use it on the colors, however it is not recommended for delicate fabrics. This washing powder is effective, but it nevertheless is a fair bit for use at low temperatures or by hand, it could indeed leave white residue on the washing.

The scent Provence, contrary to what some may believe by reading its catchy name, due to a synthetic fragrance, which does not alter the fact that the washing powder enables your machine to get a slight odor and flowers. This particularly pleasant smell makes your valuable machine. Indeed, we find that users are receptive to the smell of their clothes once washed and it is often a selling point, and preferably from one brand to another.

Finally, a comforting factor for users is that this washing powder is one of a known and recognized brand that enjoys an excellent reputation well deserved.

Following the presentation of the various products in review, it may be interesting to understand what are the major selection criteria to choose your laundry Powder. But also get guidance on how to optimally use your washing powder.

Where to put powdered laundry?

When washing your clothes, especially for novices, a matter of great importance arises: where have the laundry? The answer is a bit more complicated than it seems because there are three solutions that rely initially the material you have available and the state of the machine to process.

Indeed, detergents, whether in powder or liquid are initially intended to be placed before washing in a labeled specific compartment of a “II”. This is either in the drawer above the window or, for washing machines near the top of the drum. This is the classic case. And this method is fine for linen daily, which requires no specific maintenance.

Otherwise, you have the option to linen or more dirty laundry, put your washing powder. This tip also works for liquid detergents directly into the drum through a pod. However, be careful not to overload your laundry pod, this could leave marks on your machine and you should know that most brands do take longer pod in their packages for obvious ecological reasons, it will be necessary you get a hand.

Third solution, your laundry is very dirty and you can think before washing rub difficult stains your laundry to leave it before putting textiles in the machine, you can also create a paste to help the disappearance of spot by mixing the washing powder with sodium bicarbonate and a little water.

The laundry in Powder well have a wealth of proven benefits, there is one fact that emerges too often the tendency we have to overdose. It is noted that this fact is proved on detergent powders as liquid detergents. Another finding recommendations on dosing have changed since fifties. In the 1950s, the early modern detergents brands of air recommended to use about 80 grams of washing powder for a machine while today it is recommended to use about 55 gr. If you use a small washing machine, then it must further reduce dose to 20 grams, and even less depending on the capacity of the latter.

Why this change? Just because he had proved that fact to put too much washing powder in your machine could have the opposite effect to your basic goal laundry in large quantities may not dissolve as it should and therefore leave residue on your textiles, which means having to start your wash.

For these reasons, the number of registered washes your laundry powder package may vary. But usually the signs are written in words on the package and that it is wise to follow their advice because the brands studied their products and therefore know the dosage that should be adopted. You’ll notice that in general, from one brand to another, the dosages are much the same.

You will also find on the package directions not to neglect the use of your laundry, such as “do not use on silk and wool” or not interfere; this may seem obvious but it is always worth remembering.

laundry liquid or powder?

The match between laundry liquid and laundry powder is finally launched for several years and it is not always easy to choose. However, each of them seems to have advantages and disadvantages.

The washing powder is mostly recommended for high-temperature washing, and is a recognized efficiency for laundry in cotton and white because it contains often whiteners. Moreover, in the war against the big spots, all studies seem to agree on the fact that they are much more effective. Generally, detergent powders do not contain preservatives and have natural anti-lime in their composition. They lather less and thus limit the rinse water. Washing powders are recognized as cleaner and more environmentally friendly. Another proven fact: they are less harmful to the skin and limit eczema.

The liquid detergents are very effective at low temperature and thus on delicate linens and bright colors. Although they do not leave residue on the machine and they dissolve well in water, they are composed of surfactants and can be quite bad for people with atopic skin.

Whether one is for liquid detergents or washing powders, it is good to remember that there are in both cases vegetable or mineral greener versions.

Finally, choose your washing powder or liquid detergent is a decision that will be personal. Good laundry still

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