The Best Running Shoes 2020 | Reviews And Guide

The Best Running Shoes 2020 | Reviews and Guide

You cursed under your breath throughout your schooling while chaining field laps before your PE teacher. You laughed at joggers from the Sunday before marching you, Scarlet complexion, while niquiez picnic at the park with friends. You nodded dubiously, when your half you defied this-morning, a pair of sneakers in hand … And today you skim sports shops and websites specializing in search of THE pair perfect running shoes, which will earn you the next marathon in your city without breaking your joints.

Following the success of the sport, widely acclaimed for its ease of access and need limited equipment, running shoes manufacturers compete creativity of today to offer a product that combines comfort and performance with every stride. Whether you are a novice or seasoned marathoners, find our Best Comparison and our advice to run at the best price!

Our selection of the best running shoes 2019

The Best Running Shoes 2020 | Reviews And Guide

1. Nike Air Zoom Pegasus Turbo

The best running shoes man and woman in 2019

Combining the technologies of its predecessors and undisputed expertise of the brand, Nike Zoom Air Pegasus are becoming the running reference. Particularly recommended for the course and speed, these shoes have a midsole made of foam zoomx, as the famous Nike Zoom Vaporfly 4%. This material minimizes the energy loss due to compression of the shoe in contact with the ground while quickly returning to its original shape. A key to this system, a return of the initial impulse to 85%!

Outsole flexible and beveled gum, for a transition heel forefoot more fluidi, dampens impacts and softens the ground speeds of transitions for comfort joints. The top of the shoe, double mesh evacuates sweat effectively for comfort over long distances. Lightweight in its class (283g for men and 196g model for the female model), this running shoe also impresses with its look and its variety of colors that conquer as the heart of runners that fashionistas wishing to instil a sporting momentum in their daily.

In use, the riders proved pleasantly surprised by the return of energy and lightness of these shoes. Some even claim to have shave seconds off their time regular course, and feel that this pair deserves the name of Pegasus. However, some fans lamented the fact that the mesh material was not enough breathable and stressed that the price of the pair was a major barrier to purchase.

Additional Information:

The Best Running Shoes 2020 | Reviews And Guide
The Best Running Shoes 2020 | Reviews And Guide
The Best Running Shoes 2020 | Reviews And Guide

2. Saucony Triumph ISO 5

Best for heavy runners to light foot

Lovers of comfort, you stand there your new best friends. The Saucony Triumph 5 ISO checkmark on paper all the boxes for you to swallow kilometers without feeling any discomfort in your feet.

Equipped with Everun midsole over the entire arch and with a drop of only 8mm, this shoe provides a flexible cushioning foolproof each stride. Add an anatomical footbed FormFit perfect fit for your foot and an outsole Triflex distributing the impact over a larger area, and you get a shoe with sufficient recovery and stability to accompany you on soft terrain like paved. Rod side, the mesh material associated with the ISOFIT technology ensures elasticity enough not engoncer wider feet. The shoe also proves highly breathable and allows perspiration without welcome rain. Weight of these true “slippers” of running: 323 g for the male model, 283g for the female model. Each model is available in three colors.

In the opinion of all users, the Saucony Triumph ISO 5 is ideal for long distances, thanks to its cushioning and comfort without flaws, even the most impressive runners. Many recommend the addition to the weekly training and marathons. However, the attention paid to comfort is also stressed by some users default. Considered too big, too wide and too heavy compared to other similar size model, she has barely meet the athletes in search of speed and close to the ground feel.

The Best Running Shoes 2020 | Reviews And Guide

3. Adidas Ultraboost 19

The best running shoes to start

Thoughts by experienced runners, Adidas UltraBOOST 19 are ideal for both novices looking for versatile shoes that experienced the race in search of a new pair for training.

The Ultraboost 19 incorporates the features of the previous models, the technological advances of the brand and more. Thanks to compression of the capsules enclosed within the midsole, these running shoes offer a gain of energy return of 20% extra compared to other models in the range. Combined with Torsion Spring technology, you can enjoy a well not only more dynamic process, but also more stable during each transition from the impact phase and propulsion.

Furthermore, UltraBOOST 19 is composed of a Primeknit rod 360 integrally that follows the contours of the foot to an adjusted footwear but not compressing. The translucent cage reinforces the stability of your foot without sacrificing the flexibility needed for a natural stride. It is held to the sole by extensible son that reduce pressure points. Thus, the risk of chafing and blisters are kept away throughout your run, be it a short drive or a marathon.

Even on a wet road, Adidas UltraBOOST 19 do you no wrong-bond with their bottoms Continental Stretchweb that ensure optimum grip of the terrain and offers 20% more grip. 3D Fitcounter reinforcement located in the heel allows you to benefit from greater mobility of the Achilles tendon during all your sessions. These qualities make it a versatile shoe, both on paved roads as the roads not too technical, which can be an advantage for riders who like to vary the pleasures!

Side users, we note that many appreciate the cushioning and the stem in one piece which allow swallow kilometers without realizing it. Their aesthetics also convinced followers urban public sportswear. However, despite his return to dynamic energy, Adidas Ultraboost 19 fails to convince runners who are looking for speed, because of its weight (309g for the human model, 269g for the female model).

4. Asics Gel Kayano 25

The running shoe at the best value

For the 25th edition of its model Kayano, Asics has worked overtime to meet the racers looking for stability and long-term. outsole side, the Asics Kayano 25 are equipped with AHAR rubber sole PLUS (Asics High Abrasion Rubber), two times stronger than conventional AHAR rubber, while also being lightweight. They are reinforced at strategic points of the shoes to lengthen its lifespan. The rest of the outsole is rubber blown DuraSponge, more tender, for cushioning under the foot, as well as a “crash pad” under the heel, which better absorbs shock and stabilizes the shoe (the argument of flagship sale of the brand).

The midsole also has 25 years of technical improvements in service performance runners. The Gel technology (made from silicone) Team heel and front part of the shoe to absorb shock and achieve an efficient stride. To make this even more natural stride, technology Impact Guidance System, a guidance system developed by Asics, provides cushioning and precision feeling by adapting to the pressure and the shape of the foot in all his movements. Stability is also at the heart of the midsole with the DuoMax technology as cushioning restoring maximum energy materialized as a dual-intensity covering the entire sole foam.

The upper, finally, is composed of a breathable stretch mesh material that fits all types of feet. The perfect fit is ensured by a hard exoskeleton against Meta Clutch lined with a layer of foam to prevent contact of the shoe with the heel is too hard. Available in a dozen colors for men and women, the Asics Gel Kayano 25 has all the attributes to be a reference in the world of racing.

The already won runners enjoy this model for its comfort and versatility. Some athletes have chosen Asics Gel Kayano 25 for sports indoors or walking (see here our tips for choosing hiking boots), for its stability and excellent cushioning. However, the comfort of the shoe is qualified by some reviews that complain blisters and irritations because of the buttress of the shoe. Similarly, its weight (336g for the human model and 278g for the female model) suggests that this is a shoe suitable for those looking for a pair to train over long distances, rather than racers quest for speed.

5. Nike Zoom Fly

For fans of the performance

Originally these shoes, there was a crazy bet concluded between Nike and three athletes marathoners Lelisa Desisa, Eliud Kipchoge and Zersenay Tades. The purpose? Create the perfect pair of shoes from running to complete a marathon in under 2 hours! Kipchoge lose its 25-second bet but Nike has managed to build his new creation in highly desirable object for all seasoned runners. Small concentration of technology to optimize the propulsion of the runner while keeping energy, futuristic design and hummingbird weight (248g for the human model, 184g for woman model): Nike Zoom Fly with similar characteristics to the highly coveted Vaporfly at lighter fare.

The outsole has an original design to create a better grip on hard surfaces, but also wet grounds. It is made of High Abrasion rubber offering good flexibility and a remarkable life. A light foam rubber improves traction without increasing the weight of the shoe.

The midsole, for its part, concentrates the main innovations:

Finally, the upper part of the Nike Zoom Fly consists of a mesh mesh specially designed to offer the comfort of a cotton sock: maximum ventilation and a fit that perfectly matches the shape of the foot. entrance areas and the air outlet have also been appointed at strategic locations to maximize wicking. Dynamic Flywire technology strengthens the feeling of holding in a lightweight and heel has an Internal Heel Counter (internal heel) that secures the position of the heel and prevents slipping of the foot during the race.

Experienced runners recommend this shoe for competitions due to its lightness and its pleasant cushioning that tolerates long distances without hindering the running technique. However attention to command several advise taking a half size smaller than your usual size.

6. Asics Gel Nimbus 21

Running shoes firm and lasting

Again, the Asics brand is capitalizing on its past experience to present this new model of Nimbus, the mark of the reference collection for neutral runners. At the level of the outer sole, the Asics Gel Nimbus 21 uses a rubber AHAR (ASICS High Abrasion Rubber), particularly resistant to wear of the race. Moreover, it enables efficient and secure grip traction in contact with urban surfaces. Modeled on design FullGround contact, this shoe allows the foot to rely fully on the ground for a more fluid stride closer to the natural stride. These two features make this model the pair any designated for long workouts on urban soil.

Midsole side, two types of foam are used to provide a comfortable and responsive cushioning with every stride:

As Kayano 25, the Nimbus 21 also benefit Guidance System Technology Trusstic technology and Guidance Line (with Flex Groove) to help the rider to adopt a more natural and fluid stride. Lastly, a molded insole complete EVA foam cushioning and helps reduce moisture within the shoe.

The upper of the Asics Gel Nimbus 21 is composed of a double jacquard knit mesh layer, both breathable, lightweight and extensible. On the other hand, the plastic outer buttress External Heel Clutching System provides a better heel hold and prevents the foot from slipping in the shoe.

Available in several colors, the Asics Gel Nimbus 21 have it all if you do not consider their weight. Indeed, users complain of the heaviness of this pair (310g for the male model, 255g for the women’s model) and rigidity compared to other models of the brand. However these drawbacks are far outweighed by the compliments on the sustainability of these running shoes, breathability and the meeting of their soles that make them the perfect companions for your daily workouts.

7. Brooks Ghost 11

The running shoe with cushioning

It is said that running enthusiasts expect new models foot Brooks farm each year. business strategy of the brand? Anyway, it is certain that the Ghost range gets better with each version and has become a solid reference in the heart of the athletes who do not hesitate to return to this brand when looking for a comfortable and reliable pair.

For the composition of the outer sole, Brooks Ghost 11 selects two types of rubber:

The midsole uses BioMoGo DNA technology, on which the American brand has built its reputation. The BioMoGo element is a compound improving responsiveness and dynamism of the shoe hitting the floor. The DNA section meanwhile, provides comfortable cushioning absorbs shock at the race. Indeed, the gel structure responds differently depending on the weight of the rider. The higher the pressure applied, the greater cushioning is firm. Conversely, a lighter rider will benefit from greater energy return. Incidentally, these materials are produced with respect for the environment. To complement this, three modules Omega Flex Grooves in the forefoot provide more flexibility for shoes and two Crash PAD in the central part of the shoe and the heel cushion the contact with the ground through their foam at once tender, robust and lightweight.

The upper presents one of the major improvements of Brooks Ghost 11 compared to the previous version. Lighter, more flexible and better ventilated, technical mesh provides comfortable coverage of the foot and does not hindering the movement.

Brooks Ghost 11 is cut for the road, and the long and intensive trainings. What he lacks in him that we may see the feet of the athletes? A small system and a redesigned design for more finesse. Compared to competing in the same category, such as Nike Pegasus eg Brooks Ghost 11 is small elephant figure (309g for the human model, 269g for the female model). Despite his answering impulse and its adjustment qualities at the foot of each (several feet widths are available), Brooks unfortunately remains first in the heart of its followers.

8. Nike Epic React Flyknit

The best running shoes woman

To end this article, we selected the Nike Epic React Flyknit, running shoes that are distinguished by their extraordinary lightness (238g for the human model and 197g for the female model). Developed in collaboration with the marathon runner Galen Rupp, this model presents interesting advantages for those looking for running shoes for competitions.

The outsole of the Nike Epic React Flyknit is firm rubber. It has rubber reinforcements even harder under the heel and forefoot for traction and durability. design side, the sheer volume of the sole leaves glimpse foam Nike React, representing the midsole. This originality, however, puzzling about the real sustainability of the shoe, despite the reassurances of the brand on it.

The Epic React foam midsole is the great innovation of this model. The design of this shoe was created from data collected by the athletes more than 30000km. These have helped to sculpt a sole flexible alternating areas and farms to the comfort of the rider. According to the manufacturer, the Epic React is 11% softer and provides extra cushioning of 13% compared to the foam Lunarlon while being more durable.

Finally, Nike Epic React enjoy the latest advances in stem mark: the Flyknit technology. This is a flexible structure, seamless, covering the foot and the next in his movements. Its shape slipper allows to make the economy a tongue that can put pressure on the top of the foot during the race. Last note for those who care about the environment: each pair of shoes uses the equivalent of six plastic bottles recycled at its inception.

In use, the riders note that Nike Epic React Flyknit offer a firm cushioning and meet satisfactory for those looking to improve their race times. They also prove to be pleasantly surprised by the durability of shoes contrary to its design presage. But be careful: the pair shoe small and relatively rigid structure, requires a period of use to enjoy his contributions. Remember to alternate with your training shoes before the marathon win.

The choice of shoes is essential not to finish the race on the ball. And as in many cases, the high price is not always a guarantee of quality. How to be sure to buy the pair of running shoes suitable to your needs and uses? Follow the guide !

Take your measurements!

Your height and weight influence the way you run and the impact of this exercise on your joints. On average, it is estimated that the joints of a runner in full effort absorb 2 to 3 times the weight of his body each support!

To spare your legs during exercise and reduce the risk of injury, it is recommended for people under 80kg to choose shoes with low or intermediate cushioning (like Nike Epic React Flyknit). People over 80kg should for their turn to a model with an intermediate amortized important for comfort and stability, like the Saucony Triumph ISO5.

Occasional practice or research performance?

What is your practice running? Are you running from time to time or prepare a half marathon? More frequent are your workouts, the more your material must fit your foot and the way you run. The weight and cushioning properties should be particularly considered in the case of frequent runs (more than three sessions per week). In this respect, the Nike Zoom Fly and Epic React Nike Flyknit are particularly suitable for speed performance, while Brooks Ghost 11 and the Asics Gel Nimbus 21 will accompany you in your daily workouts.

Attention to the ground

Running shoes designed for running in the city are very different from those provided for trips into the woods.

Besides the difference cushioning (largest on asphalt than on soft ground), this is to assess your needs in stability and grip the ground. A rugged terrain on running shoe present a greater spike a shoe for urban commuting and more important protections ankles.

Footwear for the track will present a greater cushioning to minimize impacts and a more flexible sole and finer crampon, which will prevent falls on wet pavement without losing lightness. The Nike Air Zoom Pegasus Turbo eg combine, are all indicated for the trainings to the city.

Distance training

You are more outputs 30 minutes or longer distances of 10 km and more? This test will allow you to estimate the level of wear of your shoes before investing in equipment.

It is estimated that should change shoes between 500 and 1000 km covered, depending on the weight and speed of the runner and the composition of the shoe. Beyond these distances, wear your pair is such that the technologies used in the soles will protect over your foot properly. Experienced runners even recommend buying a new model a few months before discarding the old pair and alternate training with one and the other pair to make the transition smoother for your ankles. By doing so, you decrease possible risk of injury by 39%.

The type of stride

Each rider has his own way of running and shoe manufacturers have taken this into account to help you achieve better performance without sacrificing comfort. To determine your type of stride and choose shoes with reinforcements placed in the right place, just observe the wear of the outer sole of your running shoes:

– If the soles are worn mainly on the middle of the forefoot, you have a neutral feet or neutral, as 50% of the riders;

– the inner edge of the forefoot is more worn than the rest of the sole? Your stride is pronation and you share this specificity with 45% of runners;

– Finally, only 5% of riders have worn soles on the front foot, signs of supination stride.

Note that the selection proposed in this paper is suitable for runners stride essentially universal.

Final tips before running to the store

Beyond the technical specifications presented by the brands, comfort should be the decisive criterion before moving crate. Take the time to try several pairs of shoes and make some strides to detect points of interfering friction and choose the right size.

About sizes, remember that shoe sizes fluctuate depending on the brand, shape and materials used. If you change the model, taking as reference the American or Japanese shoe size rather than European size. Indeed, a British 38 may have slight variations compared to 38 French, which can cause unpleasant surprises and inconveniences, especially if you order your shoes online.

Also, take a pair of running socks and favor fittings store in the afternoon. The foot tends to swell slightly during the day, or during exercise. The more you re-create the actual conditions of use of your running shoes for your fitting, the better your choice.

Finally, remember that all running in changes must be gradual, and that is as true for the shoes, the ground or pace of training! Remember to switch between your different pairs of shoes if you still want to enjoy the benefits of your efforts behind the finish line. Good race !

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