The Best Slow Cookers Power 2020 | Reviews And Guide

The Best Slow Cookers Power 2020 | Reviews and Guide

If you have not a slow cooker in your kitchen, you’ll certainly feel compelled to pick one after reading this article. These devices were designed to make our lives easier. For those who are overwhelmed and would like to still have a good balanced meal, this machine is for you. Just imagine coming home after a long day at work and find a good dish while hot, ready to eat. Well this is possible. You no longer need to spend hours in the kitchen. Electric slow cookers only ask one thing: that you give them all your recipe ingredients and the rest, they run it. Best Comparison chose for you six different models of slow cookers that have proven best.

Below you will find a detailed review for each model, a shopping guide, a manual and a special party recipes to give you ideas. Good reading !

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The Electric Cookers 2019:

The Best Slow Cookers Power 2020 | Reviews And Guide

1. Electric Slow Cooker Russel Hobbs – A cheap slow cooker

This slow cooker is one of the cheaper models that we will present. Russel Hobbs is a fairly known brand, good quality and with the correct products. The model that we review is easy to use, stylish and good value for money. Even with a small price, this product has most of the features and quality that a slow cooker worthy of the name must have. There are several cooking methods, the unit is secure and practical accessories are included with the cooker. This model is suitable for those who wish to use from time to time their device. For daily or almost daily use, it would be better from a more robust model.

All the functions slow cooker needs.

You will be amazed the number of functions available to the slow cooker for a small price. Indeed, we know how the prices of these kitchen gadgets can be exorbitant. This model is practical and will make the case for time to time uses. You can adapt the use of your slow cooker all your desires. Indeed, the tank located inside the crock is removable and can be used both on the induction hob. This is a convenient feature to cook meats. You have a tank with capacity of 3.5 L, a large enough volume and perfect for large families. You can prepare up to 5 servings with this slow cooker.

Security was well thought: the handles and the body of the crock pot are thermally insulated, so no risk of burns. On the other hand, the feet of the device are slip for a safe handling.

The glass lid and bowl are compatible for cleaning in the dishwasher. This makes our task as sauces and grilling residues can be difficult to wash.

A simple and elegant design.

well thought out accessories.

This model comes with:

Our verdict is clear: the slow cooker is one of the best value for money on the market. The features are varied and complete, very well thought out accessories and very affordable prices. This model is perfect for a first slow cooker and for those wishing occasional use but will perhaps not suited to cook every day. We regret that there is only one color available, especially as stainless task is very fast.

The Best Slow Cookers Power 2020 | Reviews And Guide
The Best Slow Cookers Power 2020 | Reviews And Guide
The Best Slow Cookers Power 2020 | Reviews And Guide

2. Electric Slow Cooker Aicok – A very effective slow cooker

We do not often think to buy this type of food processor. In general, rather buys robots blenders, electric grills, blenders … And we are content in a simple pot to cook our dishes. With a classic pan should be monitored and stir constantly our dishes. And who has the time and patience to do this for seven, eight hours? With the slow cooker, your only task is to peel and deposit vegetables.

This slow cooker Aicok is guaranteed for two years and a little more powerful than the model seen above.

A powerful electric slow cooker.

This slow cooker Aicok is programmable, that is to say that you can choose the type of cooking you want and how long you want the dish is prepared. Then, you press the “start” button and voila. The slow cooker does the rest.

The cooking time is adjustable and temperature. There are two types of cooking: high or low heat. There is also the “heat preservation”. This product will be able to adapt to any recipe and place in time with its 240 W of power.

This slow cooker has a capacity of 3.5 L where you can prepare dishes for 3 to 5 people.

Aicok guarantees its products for two years and offers technical advice, a permanent customer service 24/24 and lifetime service.

Quality materials and modern design.

The body is made of stainless steel, high quality. The inner pot is oval, natural ceramics. It is a heat-resistant material and corrosion. Your dishes will have more taste and flavor remain intact. It is also possible to use the bowl in the microwave.

The detachable accessories such as pot and lid are compatible with the dishwasher.

Small flat, the controls are very intuitive to use. But once you become familiar with the device, it will not be a problem.

an extension cord may need to be provided for this product because the cable has been too short with only 85 cm.

Aicok provides with his slow cooker:

A slow cooker cheap and effective.

The Best Slow Cookers Power 2020 | Reviews And Guide

3. Electric Slow Cooker Crock Pot – The most popular electric slow cookers

This is one of the most expensive crock of this review we will see together what the justification. This is a product that has proven itself as it is very popular among consumers.

This type of food processor offers several benefits at once: prepare large quantities, convenient for many families, for entertaining guests or just if you want to cook a dish to eat several days in a row. It is a very economical product. You’ll save time because the slow cooker does not need supervision to prepare your dishes. While working, you can go about your business or just relax.

Professional features.

This slow cooker has been well thought through Crock Pot. What we especially liked is the two different sizes of tank: 4.7 L and 5.7 L. There is also an optional 4.7 L with hinged lid. This is a very practical detail that is not found in other slow cookers. To give you an idea, a volume of 5.7 L equivalent to 6 people. The price also varies according to the size, the difference is thirty euros for a larger model and a model with cover. Power remains with against the same for all products: 230 W.

The lid and the inner container are machine washable, making them even more convenient. The casserole is also compatible with your microwave oven and, if necessary.

Design simple and intuitive.

On this model include a digital control panel with LED screen and not a manual panel, which would be less convenient. The timer can be up to 20 hours of cooking and you also have a light walk.

The inner container is made of sandstone, a release material that will make life easier for cleaning.

The overall design is elegant: as most robots kitchen, stainless steel with black handles. The negative side of the stainless steel is that task easily.

An original accessory.

This slow cooker comes with a recipe book and a location to store the power cord is removable.

The Crock Pot brand manufactures quality products and we have no complaints nor on the performance of the slow cooker or on the design or the materials used. It will be difficult to find a negative point …

We all know that over a dish is prepared in large quantities, more the result is delicious. In general this is what we find in a restaurant. Well now you can do the same at home, thanks to electric slow cookers. After a few hours, you get tender meat and tender vegetables to perfection. With this model Klarstein you can cook the dishes worthy of a great leader. Rest assured, there is no need to be very experienced to get there. With simple recipes that we concocted you can very well get away and impress your guests.

A model for large families.

Here we have a large capacity model and powerful 6.5 L to 300 W. It is the only size that you can choose. You can use your preparations several days since this slow cooker has a fashion “warms”. As for power, it is directly related to the size so there will be no more power consumption than other models seen so far.

However, there is one detail that bothers us is the lack of automatic shutoff feature.

Retro design and colors.

What we immediately noticed in this slow cooker is its beautiful design. This is one of the most beautiful models that we offer. You can choose between red / black or all black.

The control panel is manual, with a rotary knob for four functions: OFF, high, low and warms.

The slow cooker is made of steel with a heavy ceramic inner pot. It is very broad and may contain whole vegetables. As for the ceramic is an excellent material that helps to distribute the heat evenly. The cover is of course glass.


A slow cooker nice and cheap.

This is one of our cheapest reviewed products. The design of the handles and lid reminds us pots of old and it is a very positive point, which makes it original. This is a powerful product that combines quality and large volumes. Furthermore, the handling is a breeze.

5. Electric Slow Cooker Andrew James – A basic power quality cooker

Whether to cook a good meal for hours or to cook your meat in minutes, this product will serve you. You can also prepare pastries.

An economic model.

You can choose between three different temperatures: high, low or automatic (cooking is high initially and then gradually moves to a lower temperature to achieve a constant cooking and respect the food). It is unfortunate that here too there is no function “Auto Off” so you can program your cooking and do something else without checking often your slow cooker.

Appearance very simple, too simple.

The appearance of this slow cooker is very simple, all black and with classical forms.

The inner bowl is ceramic and the tempered glass cover. The tank is of course removable for easy transport to the dining room and clean up after.

Here include a manual control panel, with a rotary knob (OFF, high, low, self) and a side light (on / off).

missing accessories.

Andrew James gives his model with a two year warranty.

Good value for money.

This slow cooker is a basic model, perfect for those who are introduced to the “slow cooking”. No need to spend a fortune in a product that you do not master completely. Its price is reasonable and include most of the functions needed with this type of food processor.

6. Electric Slow Cooker Electrolux ESC 7400 – Professional slow cooker

In addition, you will waste less electricity because you are preparing a large number of portions simultaneously. This model has a larger capacity than those we have seen so far. It will be perfect for large family meals.



We love the design of this unit to vintage-style handles and matte stainless steel that do not work as much as the other models in glossy finish. The appearance of this crockpot is very pure. The cover is of course glass.

The digital control panel is very well thought out and intuitive. You have 8 buttons: Buffet, cook time, soup, low, med, high, warm and on / off.


The unit comes with a power cord of 1 meter but without warranty.

Electrolux is a recognized brand and once again, the brand has a product that meets all expectations. We like the design of this unit and the fact that it functions more. Too bad there is no guarantee and accessories provided by the manufacturer because the price of this machine is quite high.


The price

The “slow-cooking” is becoming increasingly popular and that’s why we created this article for our readers. On the electric slow cookers market prices vary a lot and can go up to 70 euros difference. So how to choose your slow cooker? If you are new to the subject, go for a cheap product. In our reviews, you will find light priced products and very effective for normal use. For those who want more features or buy popular brands in this case do not hesitate to buy something more expensive, you will be satisfied with hits.

The functions and more

For this also we must also think carefully about your requirements. The cheapest models have simple functions, both temperatures and no timer. In terms of temperatures, it will be more than enough to thoroughly cook your dishes. However the timer is a most important point. Without timer, you can not let your slow cooker to cook and go out do your shopping for example. When you have the ability to adjust the cooking time, you can easily make your ingredients before going to work and meet in the evening a dish ready to eat. This is a handy feature for slow-cooking because you will rarely need to check the status of cooking or thinking about shutting down your machine after 10 hours of cooking. We believe this is a handy feature, but if you think you have time to take care of the cooking so do not pay close attention to this point.

Some slow cookers have functions more as automatic baking or cooking method specifically designed for soups. These are small details that may appeal to some, especially if you want a professional and comprehensive product. Again, it is not imperative to have these functions for example to make a soup. This is just in case you want great performance at maximum.

the design

It is a product too big to bother to put it away in its box and get it every time. This is rather the kind of robot that exhibit coming to your kitchen worktop. Hence the importance of design that should blend in your kitchen and you please.

The quality of materials

For a device where your food spend dozens of hours to simmer, careful to verify the materials used. They must be good quality and resistant. It must also verify that your tank is non-stick, it will be easier to wash and there will be no chance of burning your food if you follow the preparation instructions.

Slow cookers are ideal to cook healthy meals without spending hours in the kitchen. Several cooking methods are available on electric slow cookers. You will not be cooking the same way couscous or prime rib. In general, you have a hard mode, a medium and mild. The strongest is used to grill your meats and sweetest will be useful for your dishes simmer for hours. functions sometimes found more in some models: automatic shutdown, reheat function, the cooking mode for soups … The automatic stop is convenient because it allows to let your slow cooker to cook while you go do something else . It’s really not complicated to use a slow cooker, you have to cut your ingredients, put them in the bowl and voila. Child’s play ! You just follow the recipe for the quantities of meat, vegetables and especially the volume of water. The amount of water used is crucial to get the result we need. Indeed, if you leave a dish simmer for 8 hours without enough water dish can burn or will not be enough melting or tender. However, be careful not to exaggerate with the water as vegetables and meat contain it too. Make sure to follow the recipes.

Three Bean Chili in slow cooker

For best results: Mixed with products containing tomatoes, beans and other legumes are still hard even after several hours of cooking. We therefore expect that beans and lentils are tender before adding the tomatoes and tomato sauce in the recipe

Chicken teriyaki slow cooker

ingredients for 4 people:

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