The Best Smoothing Brushes 2020 | Reviews And Guide

The Best Smoothing Brushes 2020 | Reviews and Guide

It’s Monday, 7am and you are upset. Not that we are on Monday and you’ll bind traffic, appointments and meetings all day, but because this 20 minutes that you try to discipline rebellious frizz that turn your square elegant plunging shapeless mass. You take a look at your alarm clock: you are late. No time to get out your plates, you go on stream by promising to shave the skull returning (Britney Spears style).

Stop! Before you make a move so radical, why not first invest in a straightener for your blow dry? Easier to handle than the combo round brush – hair dryer, the straightener is equipped with a brush of the same heating system to the plates of a straightener, allowing you to smooth and discipline any frizz, curls or crimp in one step. The difference with a straightener? A more natural. The smoothing effect preserves the volume brush your hair while making the bright, smooth and devoid of static electricity, unlike the straightening plates that often leaves you flat sticks and hard to get in shape.

To help you in your choice Compare Best reviewed 5 models of smoothing brushes chosen from the best competitors in the market at reasonable prices. If you do not find your new capillary partner by the end of this article, there will be time to check out our buying guide to go in search of your ideal brush, or you learn about the different models of mowers hair ! Discover also the best smoothing Brazilian keratin.

The best five smoothing brushes 2019 on the test bench

Smoothing Brush Miracle – The best smoothing brush Ms. Paris

The Best Smoothing Brushes 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Our opinion on the straightener Ms. Paris

French brand MadameParis conceives the formatting and styling equipment (straighteners, straightening brushes …) in partnership with professional hairdressers. This expertise has enabled the development of the straightener Miracle, widely acclaimed by the blogosphere. The promise ? A uniform smoothing 3 minutes, whatever the type of hair (curly end, frizzy weakened etc …).

The Miracle smoothing brush is the best straightener for MadameParis. It consists of heating ceramic pins with round tips plastic so as not to hurt the scalp with each pass. With the technology of heating MCH, the Miracle rises rapidly in temperature (about 1 minute), with an extension of customizable temperature between 120 ° C and 230 ° C. The ionic function associated with ceramic spikes leaves your hair smooth and shiny without damage.

Ergonomics, the brush Smoothing Miracle has an elegant design with its black finish accented with gold details. The control buttons on / off as well as for the temperature control are positioned on the side. All lock automatically during your smoothing, preventing unwanted changes in temperature due to an unfortunate gesture. Its rotating power cord follows you in all manipulations of the brush that you could do.

appreciable advantage, the smoothing brush Miracle comes with a range of accessories to facilitate your styling: a comb to detangle your mane before smoothing and replace flyaways after a protective glove to avoid burning your hand by manipulating the brush, two alligator clips and rubber bands to help you in your smoothing, a mirror to admire the result of your efforts and a pocket fabric to take the brush in your suitcase! The brush comes in a deluxe package that provides you gift paper if you plan to offer!

Side smoothing brush proves easy to use, and allows continuous monitoring of the heating temperature thanks to its large LCD display on the back of the brush. Most users say satisfied with the result and would recommend this product to a friend, boasting a natural smoothing and bulky on fine hair curly. However, some note a performance hit on frizzy hair, for which the degree of smoothing would not equal that of the straightening plates and a heating time somewhat longer than indicated on the package. The weight of the brush also enters critical of this product (410g). It is estimated too high in comparison with other products on the market.

Liss Babyliss 3D Brush – The best straightener for long hair and thick

The Best Smoothing Brushes 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Our opinion on the brush Liss Smoothing Brush 3D

Babyliss has acquired a solid reputation in the beauty market for the reliability of its equipment, the flashy touch more. From this perspective, the brush Liss Smoothing Brush 3D is no exception to the rule, with its color fuchsia clanking, which immediately puts in a good mood.

But color is not enough to stand out from its competitors. For this, Babyliss has focused on design by offering a wide brush and rectangular, which provides greater surface smoothness as that of its competitors (60 cm²). This feature makes it the best straightener for long hair and thick. Wondering what refers 3D? These are the three types of pins that make up the straightener and optimize styling time:

To this, add two mini cannons to subdue the negative ions that last frizz and maintain the volume of your hair, without static electricity.

temperature side, the 3D Brush Liss offers three options: 160 ° C for fine hair or weakened, 180 ° C, for normal hair 200 ° C for thick or curly hair. An LED indicator provides information on selected and flashes as the brush has not reached the desired temperature option to use: no risk of loss of time because you started too early your straighteners! Its rotating cord handy 1,80ms’avere to manipulate the brush in all directions. The heat mat comes with the brush protects your dressing table damage due to burns caused by a fast start to work!

However, the smoothing brush Brush 3D Liss Babyliss ignores its promises in terms of results. We regret the one hand, the low temperature range proposed, which extends the time for styling very curly hair or frizzy. His large in fact not the best friend short hair or below the ear, which will find it difficult to handle. Finally, silicone pins for positioning the strands closest to the pins are heated debate: some people love the sensation, others hate.

Arino – The best smoothing brush for fine hair

The Best Smoothing Brushes 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Our opinion on the smoothing brush Arino

MCH heating plates, ionic technology, anti-burn system of the scalp and low price: The brush smoothing Arino has everything it needs to distinguish itself from its competitors on the market!

With an activatable ionic functionality as needed, the brush Arino smooth the most unruly hair while maintaining moisture of the hair fiber. Coupled with the ceramic coating of its pins, this brush ensures you leave your hair smooth, soft, shiny, and not electric, which defines it as the best straightener for fine hair.

We also appreciate the heating base MCH allowing a rapid rise in temperature (about 30 seconds of heating time according to the manufacturer’s instructions), and a constant temperature throughout the smoothing of 150 ° C (recommended for fine hair or weakened) at 230 ° C for thicker or curly hair, all controllable from its LCD screen. An anti burn system at the pins ensures safe operation, an important asset when you need to smooth her hair as close to their roots.

Speaking of safety, it is important to note that the Arinos’eteint brush automatically after 25 minutes. For the heads up and pressed the morning, this feature turns out to be a real asset that will save you much anxiety in the day.

Comes with a small pouch velvet brush smoothing Arino not cause you no excess baggage at the airport: 381g in all and for all, enough to relieve your wrists and make a designated companion for your travels.

Is the Arino perfect? If one believes the users, it is not far from reaching the top step on the podium of smoothing brushes at discounted prices. They declared themselves delighted with his time shortcut heater, its efficiency on thick hair and very curly, and the manufacturing quality of the object.

However, the anti-scald device reduces the heating surface of notifiable way, and makes, therefore, smoothing quite difficult roots. Similarly, the manufacturer as users leave no clue as to the effectiveness of this brush the hair frizzy. Only the maximum heating temperature (230 ° C) makes us think that the brush could be satisfactory in this regard.

Elehot – The best hair straightener for curly / frizzy

The Best Smoothing Brushes 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Our opinion on the smoothing brush Elehot

You want to test a straightener without breaking your ELP? The Elehot brand meets your expectations with this small efficient and flashy brush.

Let’s start with its unusual look into the world of smoothing brushes. The Elehot brush is characterized by its narrow (less than 4cm wide) and the original form of the spikes of his comb. Indeed, it is composed of a single row of pins half-moon, aligned one above the other, which form as many mini straighteners on a small surface. These pins are ceramic PTC and thus combine negative ions and optimal and constant conduction of heat over their entire surface. A real boost to quickly obtain a satisfactory smoothness.

Easy to handle, the brush reaches the first soak temperature in less than 45s. 6 heat levels, divided between 130 ° C to 200 ° C, are indicated by graded LEDs. An anti-scald device allows prolonged safe use. The control buttons located on the handle to the back of the brush, lock automatically during the use of the brush. Just press three times on the switch to unlock the controls and reset the temperature of your brush. It is important to note that the brush is automatically turned off after 20 minutes, and the rotary power cord 360 provides additional comfort of use.

Friends at the very curly mop of hair or curly, rejoice: as surprising as it may seem, you stand there, the best straightener for curly hair. The unique shape of its barbs enables you to easily slide the brush along your lashes, and extended nip optimizes the number of passes to make for optimum results. Pus abandoned halfway possible following the entanglement of your brush your curls!

Deceptively simple, the smoothing brush Elehot could prove to be a bargain for those who wish to test a straightener without putting a large budget. Against by the smoothing fans regret the lack of customization of the heating temperature and the narrowness of the comb. If this latter characteristic is advantageous reveals for occasional use or for slipping into a bag during the holidays, it may nevertheless take longer to styling for long hair everyday.

Smoothing Brush Uspicy – Full of features for a small price

The Best Smoothing Brushes 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Our opinion on the smoothing brush Uspicy

To conclude this review of products, we chose another brush design rather original, described by its manufacturer as “toothbrush hair.”

Strong point of this brush: implanting heating ceramic pins, bell-shaped, which increases the contact surface along the length of the worked wick. MCH technology ensures rapid heat (less than 3 minutes to reach the maximum temperature) and constant warmth throughout use. The heating temperature ranges from 120 ° C to 230 ° C in 7 levels of heat. Whether you have fine hair or frizzy hair, brush curls and frizz Uspicy discipline to turn them into a silky hair without losing volume or quality of the hair fiber.

the brush Orders come with an auto-lock function, which locks all the features of the brush during handling. This is a particularly valuable feature if you consider the fact that the buttons are located on the handle, inside, and so are constantly in contact with the palm of the hand. Its large LCD display allows you to check at any time the temperature of your brush and so demaitriser the risk of burns. Its rotating power cord for ease of use, regardless of the brush position. Its black color enhanced with gold details makes an elegant object that will not break in most bathrooms.

The straightener Uspicy comes in a pretty purple and gold box (perfect if you offer a gift to your best friend), accompanied by the following accessories: a protective glove, a pouch of fabric for storage and a flat brush, that allows you to clean the brush after each use.

We must also stress that this straightener automatically switches off after 30 minutes and it has an anti-scald on each pin that composes.

Side feedback, the Uspicy brush has brought joy to so many people, especially those with thick hair, Metis and very curly. However, many also complained of her weight, her strange and cumbersome design that makes it difficult to reach the roots and fine hair of the neck. Similarly, this straightener is not suitable for short hair. The pins are then described as very rigid, and can make, in fact, experience uncomfortable smoothing.

How to choose the best straightener according to his needs?

The models presented above are one example of the variety of smoothing brushes that you can find in commerce or online stores. If you need some additional tips for choosing your new best friend hair, here are some questions to ask yourself before sliding the brush in your cart!

daily or occasional use?

Before you go in search of the brush of your dreams, it is important to identify what you need, and the use you intend to do. This question will allow you to define your criteria for choosing those who matter to you and those that you can show you more accommodating. You will use it every day? The weight, the ergonomics of the brush and the heating time will be decisive, because you certainly do not have time to lose your hair in the morning! You will use the brush for special occasions? An effective but slightly more compact model may be the right choice, not clutter your bathroom. The brush the price will be also a criterion to be considered depending on your use. No need to buy a Rolls-Royce if it is to let all year round in the garage!

What is your hair type?

Your hair type will help you determine the power of your straightener and the temperature required heating to achieve the desired result. The basic rule is this: the more your hair is thick and curly (or fuzzy), the higher the temperature will be high to get smooth and shiny. Some brushes offer more gradations in the heating temperature than others. In some cases, the temperature is even fully customizable by the user at 10 ° C near. They can thus adapt the smoothing depending on your hair and your desires. Warning: although less aggressive for the hair straightening plates as it is recommended that a thermo-protective treatment on your hair before using a straightener.

What is the lining used this straightener?

As for the smoothing, the coating used for the heater pins of the brush is important to obtain a quality smoothing and respectful of the hair fiber. Currently, there are three types of coating for smoothing brushes:

Ion Brush, MCH heating … What is this nonsense?

To help you get a mane siren in minutes without damaging your scalp or your hair shaft, smoothing brush manufacturers offer different functionality and technology. These features variations can influence the total cost of the brush.

Ionic technology

Ionic brush emits negative ions during the smoothing, in addition to those already issued by the heat conductive material. These will eliminate static and frizz smoothing over. Negative ions also help strengthen the hair scales to make it less vulnerable to heat. Strengthened, the hair softer and shinier, and less sensitive to static electricity.

Hafj Mesh

With HCM technology, your brush smoothing reached the desired temperature within seconds. In addition, this technology helps maintain a constant heat throughout your smoothing. Finished inadvertent temperature variations that damage the hair fiber!

Do not make compromise on safety

Remember that a straightener is primarily an electric heating device. In addition to checking the power of your brush (security standards for electricity vary from country to country), the following functions are more for use safely.

self-locking function

Both measure of protection and ergonomic improvements, the function self-locking / self-lock the controls on your brush is essential to minimize the risk of burns. This feature disables the temperature controller and switch your toothbrush during use. Thus you do not risk more than change the temperature of your brush inadvertently.

Automatic shutdown

Do not overlook this option, it can save lives! This function “off” brush automatically after a certain time (between 20 minutes and 1 hour depending on model). Essential to avoid fire, if you tend to be an airhead!

The little details that make all the difference

Can not decide between two models have the same features? The following details can make all the difference in your choice.

The ergonomics of the brush

This criterion is crucial for everyday use. For ergonomics we mean the weight of the brush, the size of the smoothing surface, the position of the controls on the handle and the ease of handling and use.

Think you’ll keep your arm raised for a short fifteen minutes to the luckiest of you. For example, those who love fitness will not mind working their biceps with a brush that does the weight of a small dumbbell. Others may prefer a lighter model. Women with thick hair, curly or very long (or curly) will focus on brushes with a wider smooth surface, to save time. If the controls are positioned on the side or in the center of the handle, self-lock is strongly recommended. Finally, a long and rotating power cord gives more freedom of movement.

The accessories

Some manufacturers add more and more accessories to smoothing brushes to attract consumers. These accessories are divided into two categories: Accessories “security” (protective glove, thermal mat …) and accessories “styling” (hair clips, rubber bands, mirror …). The pack or alternative transport to your travel brush are also elements that may be interesting to consider if you have a small bathroom or if you are often on the move.

Finally, keep in mind that the best way to choose a product is to start from your needs and what is important to you. A consumer opinion can strengthen your intuition, but is primarily a return of personal experience at a specific time!

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