Why I Didn’t Get The Job – My Accent

If they work in the US it’s important to try and improve the accent so they can do better at their jobs or move from company to company easily. This goes for the foreigners that work in Japan also, especially if you’ve been there for several years already. I’ll never understand why people can live in another country for several years and not bother to learn the language.

Finding humor in a very very different accent isn’t the same as mocking and belittling. I don’t think that’s what the video was doing at all. Just saying.
Japanese accents are very difficult to understand for native English speakers.

I personally have little to no problems with it since I speak Japanese and got used to how they speak and what English sounds they tend to mix up, but everyone I’ve talked to in America about it have said they have a hard time understanding it. But at least their grammar is usually better than the average Foreigner speaking Japanese.

Manila the capital, speaks the language quite fluenctly but we do have some regions where they have a unique accent when using the language but I think that’s ok. The same way that the Japanese have their way of pronouncing some English words.

I admire the Japanese for really loving their language and embracing it, instead of what we have now where most our youth can speak and understand English but are dumbfounded when asked to translate basic and correct Pilipino/Tagalog (our national language) because they’re so used to English or Taglish.

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