Best Bluetooth Headphones Cheap 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Best Bluetooth Headphones Cheap 2020 | Reviews and Guide

More and more consumers like to undo son connectivity for electronic devices. We have seen with the success of Bluetooth speakers, wireless headphones or even phones that have no long wired link. This is now the Bluetooth audio headsets to conquer the heart of music lovers!

Bluetooth headsets have long been reserved for the elite of consumers, because of their high price. But now, with helmets to less than 100 euros and even some models to less than 50 euros, they are accessible to all!

This device will allow you to listen to your music from any Bluetooth source (phone, TV, PC, tablet …) via a simple wireless connectivity. What have greater freedom of movement because you are no longer hampered by a power cord! This is a factor that will delight both sports will be able to practice their favorite activity in music more easily, gamers who can stir before the screen safely to pull the cable from their headphone or moviegoers who to enjoy their movies even at night without disturbing anyone.

Whether you choose a simple Bluetooth headset for your music or a multifunction Bluetooth headset, you will not have to break the bank with Best Comparison and our selection of Bluetooth headsets 7 less than 50 and less than 100 euros! You are given the advantages and disadvantages of each model in the top 7 and you book a comprehensive buying guide for you to be able to choose the best Bluetooth headphones for you!

Our selection of a look:

Our Choice: Quality / Price

Best Bluetooth Headphones Cheap 2020 | Reviews And Guide
Best Bluetooth Headphones Cheap 2020 | Reviews And Guide
Best Bluetooth Headphones Cheap 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Our Choice: Quality / Price

Best Bluetooth Headphones Cheap 2020 | Reviews And Guide
Best Bluetooth Headphones Cheap 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Our selection of 7 Best Headphones Bluetooth Less than 100 euros and 50 €

We have reviewed 7 Bluetooth headsets within 100 euros and less than 50 euros, for an offer tailored to every budget. As you will see, you will not have to spend a fortune to have good audio equipment!

Bluetooth headphones for less than 100 euros

1. Ear Bluetooth Headphones Supra AKG

For a Bluetooth headset well finished at a good rate, the Y50BT model of the brand AKG is as a relevant choice. It is a product that combines innovative design and perfectly modern and quality performance to ensure a sound experience worthy of the name.

Let’s start by design, solid and well thought out, with a 3D folding system that offers him a welcome flexibility. On your head, you soon forget as it is comfortable and lightweight (200 grams) and it will also be very easy to store with this system, without risk of damaging it.

It is available in several colors (Black, white, turquoise), which changes the appearance of headphones and that of the retaining hoop. Ideal for those who like to match their outfit with their technological equipment!

Aside from style, this Bluetooth headset for less than 100 euros is type-ear, so that his headphones arise directly on the ears. A significant ergonomics that facilitates both transportation and port. Moreover, we can welcome the attention to earcup cushions are soft and convenient even over time.

In terms of sound, the Bluetooth headphones AKG includes speakers of 40 mm, which enables it to offer a powerful, balanced sound that will suit most musical styles. Bluetooth connectivity is perfectly smooth and no break or no sizzle are reported. In addition, it boasts a battery life of 20 hours in wireless mode. You will never find yourself short music! And if that were the case, there is always the possibility to connect it directly to your device via the transmitter direct connection 1.2m cable supplied. In the pack you will also find a Micro USB charging cable and a carrying bag to take care of your Bluetooth headset on the move.

Helmet excellent, good audio quality and proper insulation noises exterieurs.Je bought it six months ago and I use it every day, wired to work at my PC and bluetooth home: no problem in these two modes. I had a little discomfort in the beginning because I wear glasses and headphones tend to crush the branch between the skull and ear. So I got used to slightly raise my glasses to avoid being embarrassed, and so I can wear it several hours without a problem. The battery life is excellent. I put charging about 1 hour to 1:30 every week and uses bluetooth between 10 and 15 hours a week and headset has never fully discharged.

This model is convenient with its volume of orders placed directly on the headphones and built-in microphone to make or receive calls from your smartphone easily. Thanks to the passive insulation it enjoys, you will hear almost not what is happening around you. Something to be quiet even surrounded by the world!

For a high quality mobile headphones to less than 100 euros, Bluetooth Y50BT model of the brand AKG is an excellent choice. He assures his level, comfort level and it gives a certain style to the wearer. We love !

2. TaoTronics and Bluetooth headset with Noise Reduction

Those looking for a Bluetooth headset cheap but could not sacrifice provided the sound quality emitted find their account with this model helmet noise reduction TaoTronics brand.

Its specific number 1 is to allow you total isolation, with a reduction system Active Noise. It will be sufficient to enable the system to find yourself in an oasis of tranquility, as stated by the brand. And it is true that the result is very satisfactory. Those who work in a noisy environment or do not want to undergo the conversations of their neighbors in transit will, with this Bluetooth headset, a saving tool. Enjoy your music in the best conditions, without external interference.

The helmet TaoTronics’s expensive model, yet offers excellent ergonomics. On the one hand, it is very comfortable to wear, thanks to swivel ear cups 90 °. Note that over time, the headphones take a little warm but it is very reasonable and it will be enough to take them out for a moment to refresh your ears. On the other hand, it is light (200 grams) and adjustable to fit all heads and never disturb the wearer. This is important because you can wear this Bluetooth headset for a long time thanks to its autonomy!

Once loaded (via a micro USB cable) it will be possible to enjoy 25 hours of music. What never miss her even when your longer days of activities. If the battery runs low, simply plug it to start to charge or connect it to your PC or to the phone using the supplied audio cable in the bundle!

I bought this helmet bluetooth headset seeking a reduction of active noise and can not afford to buy the high-end Sony or Bose. Frankly, it’s stunning, the quality is really to go for a great price. I did not know this brand and I am pleasantly surpris.La quality of plastic is very good, it is comfortable to wear, I tested wired PC and bluetooth phone and the sound is good.

The product also comes with a hard carrying shell, convenient to carry and without damaging a start guide that will teach you how to use the hand free mode! So you spend your calls like a pro ‘!

With loudspeakers 40mm and design that includes your ears, you’ll enjoy quality sound. The bass is very powerful – must like- but you can adjust the bass and treble via some applications (like Spotify) if you find them too pronounced. It is found that when the active noise-canceling function, the sound is slightly altered and it becomes clearer. But nothing too embarrassing!

Here we have a Bluetooth headset enjoying a very good price / quality, convenient and comfortable to wear, the surprising quality for such a small price.

3. The Bluetooth headset JBL E55

JBL is a brand that needs no introduction on the market, since it true reference in the field office. It proposes here a Bluetooth headset within 100 euros that focuses on sobriety to attract potential users. Successful bet ?

This model circum-aural Black (but also available in Blue, Red or white to suit your style) offers a classic design that will appeal to those who do not like to be too noticed. It has a cloth headband which unfortunately gives it a little cheap side, but this aspect is offset by the quality of its headphones. The pads are very comfortable and they fit your ears, for use as never becomes tedious. But after several hours with the screwed headphones on (sitting, running or at the gym), it does not feel any discomfort.

So you can enjoy it during the 20 hours of battery life it offers (with only 2 hours of charge). The Bluetooth connection is almost instantly with devices that you have registered and you can easily switch from one to another. And if you want, you can of course connect the stereo mini jack 3.5mm the package contains.

Good headphones. Good sound. Quickly connects via Bluetooth to my telephone.Tient about 20 hours before being recharged. Best Bluetooth in Wired. For calls, you should use the wire if you call in a bruyant.Boutons place controls to increase / decrease the volume and to play / pause. No buttons to change songs. No active noise reduction system. But being a circum-aural headphones (around the ear well) that allows a good noise reduction. Comfortable. Do not use the head.

In terms of sound, JBL rarely disappoints and this helmet we still confirms once. With speakers in 50mm and amplitude of frequency 20 Hz-20 kHz suitable for all kinds of music: jazz, reggae, hip hop, French variety … The styles are respected and there is no difference between a listening Bluetooth and wired listening. powerful bass, treble property returned, your favorite tracks will find a second life in your ears!

The sound is easily controlled from the set volume button on the headset and – little more valuable – this Bluetooth headset has a detachable cable to serve as a remote control. Perfect for a call, as you will also have a built-in microphone to talk with someone, or if you play on console or PC, it does a very good headset for gamers!

still the passive isolation Note is not optimal, since we hear some noises goshawks and, at full power, you will enjoy your music with everyone around!

This Bluetooth headset JBL offered to less than 100 euros is a model that is intended for those who prefer their style. Very traditional in its design and even a little old school with his headband fabric, it offers a high quality sound!


Bluetooth headphones for less than 50 euros

4. The Bluetooth Noise E7 Pro helmet Cowin brand

This wireless headset of Cowin brand incorporates an anti bruitqui system will let you enjoy your music in peace and in the best way possible. With a pleasant sound and a very large autonomy, a Bluetooth headset within 100 euros which will accompany you throughout your day!

This features a simple design (black and silver) although a bit too big for smaller heads. It weighs about 300 grams and its earphones, wide enough, does not go unnoticed. But that’s the price to pay for outstanding comfort and great sound quality of this product.

When he was on the skull, this Bluetooth headset is really nice. His headphones feature a coating-type texture very soft skin that you will never be irritated by wearing a helmet. It remains fixed on the same head when doing sports and it will keep you company for a full day because his autonomy reaches 30 hours. Impressive, and very useful for not having to constantly load. In 4h charge via micro USB, the battery will be full! The plus of this model: a fast charge 10 minutes to 1 hour of music and more!

Good quality / price ratio for this helmet. I bought it to listen to podcasts while working without being bothered by the noise of the machines and I am satisfied. No noise reduction, but like all good frames ear once its launched I mean not much from the outside. Easy to fold. Easy to connected bluetooth it takes two seconds. Regarding the battery that makes 5 days I use on average 2-3 hours and I still loaded. The battery indicator on the phone tells me that there is still a lot of battery very well. For a low price headphones I recommend. I forgot that the microphone is fine for calls. No problem found with my interlocutors.

Connecting to Bluetooth devices is quick and smooth and the sound is as good as wirelessly connected via the audio cable. Its built-in microphones are equipped with drivers large aperture of 45 mm, for his clear and powerful. Listen to your favorite music will be a pleasure and you will enjoy it thoroughly. In addition – and this is certainly the strong point of this Bluetooth headset from Cowin – it has an ANC function. This is an advanced technology active noise cancellation, which works beautifully here.

No matter where you’re used to using your headset, you will feel isolated with this model screwed on the ears. What full advantage of the latest album from your favorite artist, a movie on your tablet or be fully focused during an important call. Indeed, you can answer (with the buttons on the headphones) and make calls with great clarity with HD quality microphone that is built. His range of 10 meters allows you to easily connect to any area of ​​device and never miss a call on your smartphone!

If I had to fault one could criticize his weight (300g) and the fact that the volume control buttons and forward / backward tracks are in the same place and must vary the type of pressure effector for the desired action. For the rest, it’s all good! A great choice for music lovers!

5. The Bluetooth headset Wireless Multifunction of Elegiant

The Elegiant brand offers Bluetooth Audio cheap headphones that will delight budget. This device multifunction less than 50 euros offers a cool design and sound quality to meet expectations.

This black helmet model has quite bulky headphones which, once on the ears, do not go unnoticed. However, as a whole, it is rather nice and it especially proves very comfortable. The adjustable headband over the head is padded which helps mitigate the helmet pressure sensation, and one can easily adjust it to the size of your head. In addition, it is thought to easy storage, with a rotating earpiece system that allows you to fold it to reduce the space it occupies. Perfect for the most nomadic of you!

Comfort level, we also appreciate the leatherette ear pads, which they hold a little warm in the long run help to not have an earache, even for eyeglass wearers. The helmet has as much to the skull, which will appeal to all who love to play sports to music!

Its level, its loudspeakers 40mm and frequency 20-20KHz offer powerful sound and deep bass, and advanced CSR chip offers a significant noise reduction. Without completely cut from the outside world, the nearest surrounding noises will still be mitigated.

This Bluetooth headset offers users a range of 10 to 12 hours with a load of only 1 hour. It is compatible with all smartphones, all PCs and all the tablets and it can connect to a maximum distance of 10 meters from the transmitter. Even if your computer is not in your room, you should be able to enjoy your favorite albums from your bed!

Note that it is also possible to answer or reject calls by simply pressing the volume button on the headset, which gives it an additional practicality. It will be interesting both for the young who will enjoy their favorite sounds for active workers who will find it a useful business.

Very easy to use even for a novice Bluetooth headset and offering Honorable sound quality for this small price, this model of mark Elegiant satisfy those who want to buy a quality product without spending too much.

6. Audio Bluetooth headset Sports and Gaming cheap to MPOW

Here is a Bluetooth headset for less than 50 euros, which is intended primarily for gamers! We quickly understood, with its bright colors (blue or red in addition to black) and more aggressive design than conventional models. But of course, even those who do not play will enjoy its performance for their music plays!

The helmet proposed by the Mpowpossede mark a CSR Bluetooth chip that ensures a very good connectivity via the airwaves. In use, the sound is clear, fluid, and never cut. The signal is so stable that you can even pair two Bluetooth devices simultaneously (a PC and a smartphone, for example) and switcher whenever you want. It has a range of about 10 meters!

Its range allows use for 20 consecutive hours with a load of about 1:30, which is very satisfying. If you use way conversation, with its built-in microphone for hands-free calls, while the autonomy goes fifteen hours. If necessary, it will be enough to connect via the 3.5mm audio cable to stop using the battery!

It is noted that this Bluetooth headset is quite comfortable thanks to its skin type of ear pads, which offer a very good feeling faith worn. the headset also can we adjust to fit the circumference of the head and especially folding completely for storage in a snap. It is more significant that can put it in a purse or a pocket without souci.Dommage it is sold without protective shell, because it will be better to buy one to preserve for shocks. As reproach compounds also comprise its weight (360 grams) which can weigh during a too long use.

On the headset, its Multifunctional button will allow you to change the volume of the songs you listen to, change tracks or accept / reject an incoming call. It is also possible to redial the last number dialed with the touch!

If this Bluetooth headset cheap does not have anti-noise system, allows its relatively well cover the surrounding noise disturbance. But be careful not to turn the volume up for not disturbing your neighbors headquarters at work or in a bus!

For a headset model to design less traditional than others, this product MPOW is more than advisable. The sound is good, it keeps well on the head and it connects to multiple devices at the same time. A good choice at low prices!

7. The Bluetooth headset with microphone Wireless PowerLocus

You are seeking the best Bluetooth headset cheap? From an original and effective model? This Bluetooth helmet Powerlocus brand might surprise you.

It surprises with its design Flashy, which mixes two colors: black and orange, black and red, white and blue … The visual result is sumptuous, despite an aspect little fake closely maisil appeal to those who want to combine style with good sound quality.

From that side, this Bluetooth headset cheap you perfectly accompany the move, including its effective noise reduction system. The surrounding noise will be well mitigated and integrated microphones cancel echoes, providing balanced sound. We appreciate the fact that the bass are not predominant, giving a pleasant sound made with all types of music.

It uses dynamic speakers High diameters 40 mm, which gives a good spread of sound in your ears when you place the headphones against them. Moreover, this on-ear headphones are fairly comfortable with the atria covered garnishes foam leather shape memory. You can keep it on the head for long hours without discomfort, even if you wear glasses!

Also, note the ease of storage caused by its flexibility and the fact that it is foldable. He will accompany you everywhere, once inserted into the storage shell that comes with the headset Locus of Power! In the pack, there will also be a manual and audio and USB cables required for full use.

Apart from this good ergonomics and nice finishes, we must look to its Bluetooth function. With a charging time of 3 hours, you can utiliser8 the hours music listening mode and about 6 hours depending calls. While not amazing, it’s more than reasonable especially for the small price. The device easily connects to your smartphone or tablet and you control the connection, volume or calls placed via the buttons on the headphones. Simple and practical. Note that the range is about 10 meters, which leaves you enough margin.

This Bluetooth headset within 50 euros as surprised by its finishes, its comfort and the quality of the sound is obtained once the helmet on the head. An excellent price / quality ratio!

Shopping guide for choosing the best Bluetooth headset: our main criteria selection

To choose your Bluetooth headset, there are several criteria to be taken into account. Here is a buying guide that will help you determine what is the wireless headset that best suits your needs!

Sound quality

Who says Bluetooth headset said obviously good sound quality. This is the ABC to select the best wireless headphones and sound performance will be judged based on several elements.

First, the type of helmet: it will either supra atrial (as Y50BT helmet AKG), that is smaller and more compact because they are designed to not take up too much space or atrial circum ( as the JBL E55 model), wider and encompassing all of your ears.

For better sound, we prefer the second which will further isolate music to your ears breasts. But we must also consider the type of speaker and the diameter of their driver: simply put, we recommend the diameters of 40 mm for balanced sound, ideal for the most varied musical genres. (This diameter is between 30 mm and 50 mm).


If you use your headphones in a noisy environment (metro, bus, open space …), noise reduction function and passive isolation should not be taken lightly. It determines the capacity of your helmet to cut you from the outside world and its ability to not broadcast the music you hear around you, not hinder!

For music, but also your viewings of films and series at home when other family members are sleeping, as well as during your journeys by public transport, being able to isolate themselves without disturbing anyone is particularly valuable.

The frequency as your favorite musical style

More sound amplitude accepted (in Hz / KHz) by a helmet, the larger it will be able to accurately transcribe a wide variety of musical styles. But knowing that many people listen to compressed files (MP3 type), it is a given schedule, which will mainly be taken into account by those with the original musical material.


The best Bluetooth headset will not be too heavy (> 300g) nor too broad, and it will be arrayed easily. For this, the models have the headphones fold up our attention. The PowerLocus helmet folding system is eg quite ingenious!


Since you could wear many hours in the day, according to the utility that you have it, this wireless headset should be comfortable. For this, it should have padded ear cups, an adjustment system to suit your head size and it does not make you sweat at the ears.


The autonomy of a Bluetooth headset is of course capital, because its primary purpose is not to be connected! Some models show up to 30 hours of battery life for a load of a few hours (2, 3, 4 hours), as proposed in the model of Cowin brand. What keep you company for days without his fault the load permanently!

It is also it can be used connected via a 3.5 mm audio cable, in case you loose the battery in a crucial moment!

The helmet design

The perfect design for you will depend on your tastes: from the simple elegance of certain models or flashy colors other headsets (like the one proposed by MPOW!), You have the choice! In general, younger prefer flashier models while adults turn more readily to easily adaptable helmets with classic style of dress.

The price

Finish with the price of the headset, which can vary up to ten times. But as you have seen with helmets shown here, there are very good models to less than 100 euros or less than 50 euros. Depending on your budget, you will make your choice!

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