Best Laser Pointers 2020 | Reviews and Guide

Laser pointers have several uses. You can use them during office meetings to highlight important parts of your presentations or home as a high-tech toy for your feline companions. If you are a professional and you are looking for the best quality laser pointers, then it is a bit difficult. Because finding the best laser pointer in 2017 in a highly competitive market is quite difficult. Best Comparison hope you like them!

Logitech Wireless Presenter R400 – the best laser pointer for presentations

The Logitech Wireless Presenter R400 is a multifunctional device for the office and classrooms. It comes with a red laser and a remote control for slide presentations. While it is perhaps not the most powerful laser pointer in the market, its shape and size ensures ease of use in many different situations.

Best Laser Pointers 2020 | Reviews And Guide

The light beam has a power of less than 1 milliwatt (mW). This means that the device does not even come to class score III of ordinary consumption. This laser pointer is a Class II device. This lower classification allows the device to remain in compliance with most regulations on consumer powers, but also limits the places and ways in which it is used. The laser pointer makes a good job with long distances. It can light up to a distance of 15 meters without losing focus, but not much further. This is why where this laser pointer is the most effective is within. It can be used in an amphitheater, but you may need to stay close to the front of the room so that the device is working properly.

The unit also comes with a remote control to a slide show. It has five different buttons to control your presentations. The top of the knob controls the laser pointer, and requires a constant pressure to operate. The two control buttons below the previous and next page of movement through the slideshow. You can return to the previous slide when necessary. The two buttons underneath them will get you to the beginning and the end of the show. The left button is similar to the usual symbol of startup, and pressure starts the slide show. The remaining button takes you back to a black screen. These two commands are used to make the effective pointer during your business presentations, because you can start and to pause the presentation as you speak.

The R400 connects to most wireless computers. You can stand at about 9 meters of your router without losing the performance of the remote control, and you can use the laser pointer at the same time as other features.

The laser pointer Logitech Wireless Presenter R400 is a low-power laser that has a range of features for presentations. The design of the device allows to keep control of the closely laser control the slideshow, you can use the buttons without losing focus during your important presentations.

Satechi SP800 – The second best laser pointer

The Satechi SP800 is a wireless presenter that has all the features and functions usually available in wireless presenters. However, this presentation laser pointer green, large wireless range and small size it apart somewhat from the competition. The SP800 also has the ability to follow the mouse movements, but it has not been in circulation in this presentation device nor in the other.

Best Laser Pointers 2020 | Reviews And Guide

The SP800 is a serious competitor in a tough market, it does everything you expect from a wireless presenter. The wireless range is an important feature to consider when looking for a wireless presenter. The SP800 deploys a wireless range of 30.5 meters, well above average. This range allows you to move as much as you want during the presentation. Some wireless presenters can limit yourself by making you stay in a reduced without wireless range, but the SP800 gives you the freedom to do what you want. If you want to involve your audience more directly, you are free to move between them. The integrated green laser pointer that the SP800 is different. Green lasers are generally less frequent because they are more difficult to build, and are therefore more expensive.

The green laser pointer SP800, like most green lasers is bright and easy to see in all conditions. The red lasers are sometimes difficult to see on a bright screen, and that’s where the truly great green lasers. The green laser SP800 is always easy to see. The mouse functionality are sought in a wireless presenter. The SP800 provides a service to those who want this feature, but disappoint when in use. We can not make moves diagonally, which means that clicking on things like scroll bars can be a difficult task. Make subtle movements simply is not possible with the four-way button of the mouse.

The SP800 has seven buttons. Four buttons are used for management control of the mouse. A switch on the wafer can change the display mode to mouse mode. These same buttons that control the mouse pointer allow, when activated, to control the presentation mode. The other two buttons are used to perform the left-clicking the mouse and rights. The layout can be a bit tricky, but it only requires a little practice to get used to. The SP800 is a relatively small wire without presenter. It easily fits in your hand. However, even if it allows the wireless presenter to go far, it is quite heavy. With just over 300 grams, it is the presenter wireless heaviest we examined during our research. While this is not a big problem. In fact, 300 grams is not very heavy. If for any reason, your SP800 does not work, you can contact Satechi by email or phone.

The presenter has a limited one-year warranty, which allows you to feel comfortable in your purchase. If you have urgent questions, there is a user’s manual. It can provide basic information and application tips. The SP800 excels in some areas and leaves little to be desired in others. The green laser pointer and long wireless range are the strengths of this product. The limited functionality of the mouse weaken this wireless presenter.

The Satechi SP800 is a serious contender in the wireless presenter of the market because of its well-designed features such as green laser pointer, but it is also weakened by features that do not work so well, as is the case with the mouse commands.

Laser pointers: What to consider

Depending on the use you make of some laser pointers are more appropriate than others. To indicate constellations, you will need a powerful light beam, which allows you to point the location in the sky. Only a high power pointer can create this type of light beam. To distract a pet, you need much less power. Other elements, such as color laser and availability of accessories will also affect your decision.

Output Power

Laser pointers differ in many aspects, but the output power remains the most important element to consider. higher power levels that can be measured in milliwatts (mW), create more bright light beams. They reach beyond their low voltage counterparts and can sometimes reach ignite matches if they are pointed directly. These high power laser pointers are not a wise choice for most common tasks.

lower output powers generate enough energy to illuminate a laser spot on the other side of a room. They need less space to operate, and produce less milliwatts that the most powerful laser pointers.

Laser Color

The red lasers are the most common for home use while the blue and green laser pointers are gaining in popularity. These alternative color lasers are associated with higher levels of power, and they can be used for long-range projects. Green laser pointers are the most effective for astronomy classes, while red pointers take care of daily tasks.


Laser pointers for domestic use require a much lower extent than that required for more intense activities. The long-range use request some additional features. For example, blue laser pointers typically aim further than the red lasers. This ensures a clear point greater distances and stand farther from the target without losing accuracy.


Laser pointers for domestic use are sometimes provided with replacement heads for modifying the beam. These ends project lines, dots and simple images instead of traditional point standard lasers. Other accessories include Laser Pointers cords for better control and protective cases for transport.

Good laser pointer depends on the use you make of it. The long-range jobs require lasers under greater. The activities for which the visible light beams are required they require green laser pointers to be visible at night and domestic flows ask them a lower power works that ensures safety. Learn everything you need to know before choosing your next laser pointer.