Best Litter Trays For Chat 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Best Litter trays for Chat 2020 | Reviews and Guide

If you have one or more cats, you know well how to have a good bedding is important. It is indeed a primary objective for the well-being of your pet, which will have to be chosen carefully. But do you know how to choose the best litter box installed at home?

When we think of a cat litter box, one imagines this plastic box in which your fur ball will make its needs, without necessarily taking into account everything that will result from this small matter: the smells, the small pieces of scattered litter all over the floor, daily cleaning chore that you are responsible … so many parameters to take into account when selecting the litter box ready to reign in your home.

In addition, we must not overlook that your cat will think of her litter! It should feel at ease and be able to have enough privacy to relieve himself without shame. It must be considered, as this will be his toilet for several years!

There are different types of litter boxes, more or less technological. It has the classic pan, uncovered, for the litter box compartment cats, litter boxes odor and even some self-cleaning electronic versions. A wide range, allowing you to find the toilet house cat of your dreams (and those of your cat!).

To help you choose the best litter box, we have prepared a buying guide that you find at end of article. We answer all the questions you might ask yourself this important acquisition, so you can provide the best for your pet. In addition, Best Comparison you reviewed 6 litter boxes among the most interesting, which guarantee both perfect hygiene and comfort for your feline, and ease of maintenance for you.

Our selection of 6 litter boxes for cats 2020

Here you will find 6 products that allow all budgets to choose the right bedding for their cat. From the simplest to the most innovative, this litter boxes we reviewed for you!

1. The best litter tray for easy cleaning of cat Curver

Best Litter Trays For Chat 2020 | Reviews And Guide

The Curver brand offers here a litter box for particularly pretty cat. With its Design rattan, you can place it in your living room or kitchen, without it denotes. But the benefits of these cats toilet does not stop there!

This tank is equipped with a sliding gate, under the main body. Therefore, cleaning the litter will be a breeze. It will suffice to remove the tray to remove feces from your cat very easily, using the shovel hole provided that ranks elsewhere over the cash. This tank separates from the rest so you can empty it and fill it with new bedding safely.

very functional swing door is appreciated, which opens easily, as even a kitten will be able to push with his little legs. This litter box is intended for medium-sized cats, because it measures 50.3 x 40.7 x 37.3 cm and is perfectly valid for the owners of 2 cats. Not really cumbersome, but it’s not a tiny model either. It is easily transportable, with a light weight (299 grams) and especially a folding carrying handle attached to the top.

Good litter box, the color is consistent with the picture, the design is unique and above all perfectly filter odors while allowing to remove the tray easily! Not very heavy and easy to carry thanks to the handle on the roof. A scooper is provided with; The transparent hinged door is removed from the picture because my cat wearing a collar.

Best Litter Trays For Chat 2020 | Reviews And Guide
Best Litter Trays For Chat 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Among his qualities, his system odor is remarkable. This litter has a filter located in a small hatch on its lid that captures 100% of odors emitted by small business of your cat. It changes more easily via the compartment provided for this purpose.

This cat litter box is sold with a small carpet cleaner, which is placed at the exit of the litter. So your cat may wipe his paws into or out of his toilet. In use, you’ll see them scratching their pads on each pass, proof that they appreciate!

So we have a litter box that combines a particularly successful aesthetics with practicality that satisfied your cat as much as yourself. For you, the cleaning will no longer be a chore and the fact that no smell emanates litter will be a relief. For your cat, this comfortable bedding will ensure him a welcome intimacy and be his little corner pleasure, when to relieve himself. Probably the best cat litter box for tomcats owners who put the toilet of their cats in a visible place.

2. The corner litter box for cats, brand Cat It

Best Litter Trays For Chat 2020 | Reviews And Guide

If you need a litter box for cheap and convenient place to chat in a corner, then the model Cat It might suit you. With a simple white plastic manufacturing, and design could not be more classic, this large litter is offered at a very low price.

With dimensions of 57 x 39 x 46.5 cm, it is a model that is perfect for several cats, although these are of larger sizes. Inside, the animals will be comfortable and be able to turn without difficulty to adopt the position in which they are most comfortable. As such, the large transparent door makes a significant brightness for the cat, who will feel more at ease in her clothes.

This gate is wide, convenient to open but has a slight disadvantage if you have a kitten, for example: it is raised. Therefore, a cat too small will struggle to open it! Not recommended for owners of small cats.

Apart from this feature, it can be noted the presence of a carbon filter, particularly effective in preventing bad odors from spreading. Carbon filters are famous for their efficiency and confirmed they are small miracles. Even with the litter box next to the sofa in the living room, not a smell can disturb the harmony of the room. Attention however one detail: filters are not provided, and their purchase will therefore be separately (for around 5 euros for 2 filters).

The best bath house that I have ever had. If I had (if I had known mostly …) I will have bought before! We reduced odors of about 90% (as when kitty poops smell that permanent total between each cleaning) and is super convenient with its door and its “half-roof” that rises easily. Only the “ties” cover / tray on the sides are not tip-top, it is a blow to take and they do not have very solid (but hey, we will not raise the house when is full of litter or cat is when it …).

The advantage of this Cat litter tray It is its easy opening on the roof. We can close the lid and lock the well, which greatly facilitates the collection of excrement. You will have a free hand when you clean the litter which will make it convenient filling your trash bag.

Finally, those which move the litter, to wash particularly appreciate the carrying handle and the fixing latches that lock the sides. Sometimes you have to take it twice to fix them properly, because of plastic finishes not perfect at this level.

For a litter box for large cat, this brand Cat It is an interesting choice, which will delight small budgets. The plastic quality does not guarantee him eternal life, but it will do for a while and your cat will appreciate the space that will be offered inside.

3. Cheap litter box with lid Trixie

Best Litter Trays For Chat 2020 | Reviews And Guide

TRIXIE offers here a cheap litter box and classic, both in its design and in its use. However, it is a choice that could be ideal for owners of one cat, who do not want a litter too bulky model.

This cat litter tray is divided into two parts: the removable top, which dislodges to facilitate cleaning. You only have to remove the side clips to remove the entire lid, thus removing excrement and change the litter. This part has a handle to grab it and move it, and a hinged door to come and go from your cat.

The second part of this Cat Toilet House is the litter box. Designed in a very basic plastic, it is simple but has a double edge that ensures there will be no leakage of urine.

I have three cats, so I found one was smart enough to walk out the door and go into the caisse.J’aime still my two other cats but I would like them to understand that the door n is not an invisible force field. Otherwise it’s a good product, sturdy, easy to clean, cheap. I recommend. (If your cats are not morons)

This litter is very light, weighing a mere 1 kg, and will not take up too much space. It measures only 40 x 40 x 56 cm, which is intended primarily for medium-sized cats. A cat just coated it may feel a bit cramped!

The door retains much rather odors without miracles. It opens easily, even for a small cat, but beware of the climb in the right direction! Otherwise, you’ll feel it blocks a little and it could scare your cat!

The brand TRIXIE litter box is more than correct quality product offered at a minimum price. At this rate, we can only be satisfied with the quality / price offered. Only his design a bit flashy hinder those who thought put these toilets for cats in a visible place. For others, be aware that this is not a luxury bedding but will be suitable for this reason it was created.

4. Litter Tray Design Simon’s Cat brand Karlie Flamingo

Want to give your cat an original litter box? The cat scratched Simon’s model should please you! This is the brand that offers KarlieFlamengo collaboration with the famous cat, hero of a series of the same name! You will see the character to play with a mouse, or attaching to his mischievous air, from the walls of the litter! But aside from its aesthetic qualities, that is this cat litter box?

You should know that this is an open litter, without lid, which therefore does not retain odors. To reduce discomfort, it will either place the litter box in a remote location, or use the litter type crystals to absorb the noxious fumes droppings of your favorite hairballs.

As a fairly simple plastic tray, you have a very classic litter. The tank will be filled with litter and emptied when full. It has enhanced edges that prevent urine or dirt does gush out of the tray. It is intended for cats, mostly, but also small animals such as rabbits.

We must consider the dimensions of this cheap litter box because it does not suit all cats. Indeed, with a size of 43 x 32 x 16 cm, it is mainly intended for kittens or cats small sizes. Since it does not cover the risk of projections are large and cats too big will in everywhere! Better to book this litter box with kittens!

The side clips seem a bit fragile and might break during use, due to manufacturing plastic rigid. It is a defect that is valid for all of the litter box, but if you opt for this model for occasional use (to go on holiday for example), or as the first litter for your cat, then you will not regret not that choice. At that price, there is nothing to say!

5. The litter box for XXL Cat PeeWee

If you have a large cat, you need a XXL litter box. Designed to fit most imposing breeds cats like Maine Coon cats Norwegian or sacred of Burma, this litter is 66.5 x 48.3 x 46.5 cm and weighs 3 kilos. It is necessary to provide a space large enough to accommodate this product, but if you have a big cat, this should not be a worry!

This litter box proposed by PeeWee is a nice matte black enough, which does not indicate too if you place it in the corner of a room. It consists of two parts: a lower tray which will host the droppings of your pet, and an upper portion with a grid. This serves to prevent your cat collects dirt litter in his pads and scatters them throughout your home!

Your cat will be comfortable in the bathroom, and the swinging door opaque ensures privacy and light it, for maximum comfort. On your side, no risk of being bothered by odors. This litter box for XXL cat has a carbon filter that traps odors. It changes easily through the small compartment located above the front door

Commissioned for my Maine Coon which has so far only 4 and a half months. The cover was a bit broken on arrival, but the seller sent me one in good condition for a replacement. I use firewood pellets for litter, he must remove the poop and “raking” a little every day with the shovel to knock down all the sawdust under the grid, but in the end it takes little time, and it avoids changing the litter in full: I clean the tray below once a week and add just enough to complete the litter missing in the sieve. This saves money and avoids handling large litter bags sale.Tres satisfied.

You can use as bedding Bio pellets for the litter box, which are composed of sawdust spruce Swedish ultra absorbent. You only have to remove the droppings with small shovel and provided for it.

Cleaning the tray is easily done, since it is sufficient to remove the small side clips and remove the cover, then empty the lower tray in a large garbage bag. Simple and efficient !

In the end, PeeWee proposes a relatively conventional litter, but does the job! Perfect for large cats, with space and effective carbon filters to remove unpleasant odors, it will be the ideal choice for homeowners massive felines!

6. cat litter box self-cleaning and anti-odor Pet Safe

Did you know that there were electronic litters, who were cleaning all alone? This is what the brand offers Pet Safe to improve your daily life with your cat.

This self-cleaning litter box for cats is in the form of a removable tray covered with a lid of privacy, which allows your cat to defecate away from prying eyes. But where this model stands out from conventional litter is its automatic cleaning function.

The lower tray is filled with a crystal litter (supplied) which captures odor. When your cat poops, urine is absorbed to the odors disappear. And if he made the big board? An automatic cleaning system is activated every 5, 10 or 20 minutes depending on the setting chosen to remove droppings!

A cleaning rake engages and scrapes the entire area of ​​the litter box. With small stainless steel rods, it will silently carry feces in a compartment at the end of litter, so that they are no longer outside. Thus, there is no longer any odor and litter is clean for the next passage from your feline!

For your cat, it is the guarantee of having at any time available to cleaned toilets, where be pleased to go. Thus more pee on the floor or in the bathtub if you forget to clean the litter box! For you, it is an additional convenience because if you have a cat, what type of bedding will last 1 month before needing to be replaced.

Purchased in 2016, this litter is really very good. It is an investment that is worth coup.Afin replace expensive boxes of the brand, I bought on the “Reusable ScoopFree Litter Tray” which is a plastic tray (about 100 euros with costs delivery of the United States, does not yet exist on Amazon France) .J’y put litter in amorphous silica (much less dangerous than the litter silica). I hope this can help.

On this self-cleaning litter box for cats, note installation very easy, almost nonexistent cleaning and a health meter that records the frequency of passage in the litter your cat. What monitor the health of your cat effectively. Among the smaller more pleasant, we include the presence detection sensor that is that in no case the automatic cleaning will be triggered in the presence of the animal!

The model is quite heavy, due to the presence of an electronic system, since it weighs about 6 kilograms. However, its dimensions are standard (69.5 x 48.2 x 17.9 cm), and perfectly suited to all cats sizes.

You can also add optional various items for even more interesting performances, including a flap door or kibble dispenser. What to give your real life dream cat!

Here we have the best litter box market with an innovative product and uniquely designed. Of course, this model a higher price than a conventional litter, but durability, warranty of 2 years and the comfort offered to your feline deserve your interest.

Shopping guide for choosing the best litter box for your cat: our selection criteria!

Learn about the benefits of choosing a litter box for your cat, as well as the main selection criteria which you will have to consider. So you choose the best litter boxes for your pet and for you!

Why use a litter box for cats?

Cats are animals that like cleanliness. Buy a litter box is paramount to grant you with this trait of the animal! Otherwise, the cat will seek a place to do his business, and his choice may not suit you.

Having a litter box is the guarantee for you to centralize its droppings and the cat is an additional source of well-being: it will have its little corner him alone!

The different types of cat litter box

There is no single model for cat litter box, and depending on the breed of cat, the number of cats that are at home and the configuration of your home, you choose which one you is most appropriate.

The main criteria of choice to choose the best cat litter box is for us the following:

The cleaning convenience

You clean very often your cat litter, while much opt for a model that is easy to wash! We like the convenience of the litter boxes of the brand Curver, with the lid which can be removed for easy cleaning.


Some models will not be suitable for kittens, while others will be too small for the big cats. Pay attention to the dimensions of the litter when you choose your model, especially if you have multiple cats.

Also, choose a location in your home before buying, to make sure that the model returns!

A good odor treatment

Cat owners know how much litter odors can be unpleasant! To avoid suffer, choose an anti-odor efficient model. In this area, carbon filters are known, and they equip the good litter boxes like PeeWee.

With or without cover?

We advise you to focus on models with cover, because they better keep odors that open models. Moreover, it is a way to give your cat real intimacy.

But be careful with the most fearful cats, who sometimes refuse to enter into a tray covered!

The design du bac dirollerezh

The litter box may be in a crossing point of your home, so long as it is cute! You choose originality (with the litter box Simon’s cat!) Or a neat design as the black rattan proposed by Curver.

Supplied accessories

We love when a shovel excrement and filters are provided, in the same way that it can be valuable to already have a reception litter refill the litter box.

Optionally, the carpet cleaner and dirt-grid are the friendliest!

The price of the litter box

Prices of cat litter boxes are very variable! You will find models to less than 15 euros, for the simple plastic tubs to more expensive models and more technological, the price can reach 200 euros. See for yourself, depending on your budget, what is the best model for your fur ball!

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