Best Pokemon Games | Best Comparison

Best Pokemon Games | Best comparison

Pokemon is a Japanese franchise created in 1995 by Satoshi Tajiri. In the world of Pokemon, humans, who are often trainers, but not necessarily, catch and cause creatures called Pokemon, so they fight each other. The slogan of the franchise is “Catch them all,” and the latter video games have made this slogan the ultimate goal of the player. In this article, we will discuss some of the best Pokemon games: those of the first generation, consisting of Pokemon Blue, Red and Yellow; those of the second with Pokemon Gold, Silver and Crystal; and finally those of the third, with Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald.

The best Pokemon games

Best Pokemon Games | Best Comparison

1. Pokemon Gold / Silver / crystal (2nd Generation)

starting Pokemon Starter: Chikorita | Cyndaquil | Totodile

With a new adventure filled with many improvements and innovations, this long awaited sequel to Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow change by improving the winning formula of the series, and offers a gaming experience equally addictive. Pokemon Gold and Silver has essentially the same story, with minor gameplay changes, while Pokemon Crystal is an improved version of the Gold and Silver versions. The games put players in any case in the familiar role of a young Pokemon trainer who tries to collect as many creatures as possible. As often in the franchise, gameplay consists primarily of exploration in a vast world and battles that use the blow by blow system – you attack with your Pokemon, then have to undergo the opponent’s attack before attacking again. Note that the game is played in real time, since the time that you play is reflected effectively in the game, and has a direct impact on gameplay elements – certain events occur, for example at a given time.

Finally, for the first time in a generation of Pokemon games, there are 100 new Pokemon – for a total of 251.

Originally released for the Game Boy Color console in 2002 – in Europe – Pokemon Crystal has added several features, making it one of the best Pokemon games. For the first time, players could indeed choose a female or male character, whereas previous iterations – Red, Blue, Yellow, Gold and Silver – will play only through the eyes of a man.

Playable on Game Boy, Game Boy Color and Nintendo 3DS.

Best Pokemon Games | Best Comparison

2. Pokemon Blue / Red / Yellow (Generation 1)

starting Pokemon Starter: Bulbasaur | Charmander | Squirtle

The world of Pokemon is a world filled with wild creatures and people trying to tame. Your character is a boy who aims to become the best Pokemon trainer on the planet. Professor Oak, the leading authority on the subject, gives you the early Red and Blue, the choice of three Pokemon tame, in exchange for your help to catalog and document all Pokemon. In the Yellow version, you inherit Pikachu, like the character of Sacha in the television series.

In addition to capturing wild Pokemon and to change yours, you can catalog new Pokemon by trading with another player for real, either using a connecting cable or infrared system of your handheld. Pokemon acquired through trade learning and progress more rapidly, and the exchange is the only way to capture 151 Pokemon, as all do not appear in every game – the Red, Blue and Yellow. So for example, if you have the Red, and you want to have the 151 Pokemon, you need to find a friend who has the game Blue, or Yellow version to set up an exchange, and so all the catch.

Overall, the three games are deploying an ingenious story that appeals to exchange with other players, and that gives you the freedom to customize the urge your own Pokemon team. The success of the saga, in this, is not surprising.

Playable on Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance and Nintendo 3DS.

Best Pokemon Games | Best Comparison

3. Pokemon Ruby / Sapphire / Emerald (Generations 3)

Pokemon of depart, Starter: Arcko | Poussifeu | Gobou

Pokemon Sapphire and Ruby takes you into a new immersive adventure offering you like best Pokemon came before, to travel the world of Pokemon, hoping to catch them all, and especially to become the best trainer. The Emerald Version, meanwhile, is a complement, with some additions, the two versions mentioned.

Although very similar, the stories of Ruby and Sapphire have original fact that the hero must fight the Magma team, in alliance with Team Aqua in Ruby, and must do the opposite in Sapphire. In terms of other new features: the graphics have been updated with weather effects, sound reviewed and corrected and more than 100 new creatures. As before, here we can choose a man or a woman as a main character, and an internal clock rhythm of life of the game.

The most obvious change is in the fighting themselves. Now, two of your Pokemon can battle simultaneously against two opponents, increasing the appearance tactical battles. For example, you can now choose a Water Pokemon to thwart attacks a fire Pokemon. You can also prepare your Pokemon to regional competitions, and if you win, it will unlock additional competition. You also have the possibility of building a secret base, which you can decorate as you wish.

Finally, we must not forget that the games host a multiplayer attractive system, or you can connect with three friends, to trade Pokemon, but also make fights with two members of your Pokemon team. For all these reasons, this third-generation versions appear as the best Pokemon games.

Playable on Game Boy Advance.

Best Pokemon Games | Best Comparison

4 Pokemon Sword / Shield (Generation 8)

Pokemon departure Starter: Ouistempo | Flambino | Larmeleon

In games of the 8th generation Pokemon Pokemon Sword and Shield, the story takes place in the new area of ​​Galar, which is based on the UK. This region is full of contemporary cities and idyllic landscapes, alternating vast plains and snow-capped mountains and the Wilderness, an area where there are more Pokemon unpublished elsewhere. As is tradition, your character, chosen among four girls and four boys, started the adventure with one of the three creatures of different types: Ouistempo – grass – Flambino – fire – and Larmeleon – water.

It is noteworthy that in the 81 new Pokemon that appear in these two games, some new forms of old Pokemon, called “forms of Galar.” All in all, you will catch 400 Pokemon, which will fight in an original way thanks to two special events. The first, Dynamax, is to make your Pokemon huge and powerful. Players can not use this ability once per battle, the Pokemon will remain in its Dynamax form for three consecutive laps before returning to normal. The second Gigamax, is reserved for special Pokemon. He also emphasizes the size and power of the combatants.

In this installment, Pokemon gyms are back after missing the previous four games – Sun / Moon, Sun Ultra / Ultra-Moon. New features are by against a first appearance: this is the case of cooperative raids that you can carry with friends, online or locally, or Poke service, which charges the Pokemon player to fill requests, such as help with construction or kitchen, allowing him to gain experience or rare items. Note finally that Shield and Sword are compatible with Pokemon Home, an online storage service that can give you access to your old Pokemon games Switch.

Switch playable on Nintendo.

Best Pokemon Games | Best Comparison

5. Ultra Sun Pokemon / Ultra-Moon (generation 7)

starting Pokemon Starter: Brindibou | Flamiaou | Otaquin

In Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra-moon extensions of Sun and Moon, you can customize first cut and the length of hair and eye color and skin of your trainer – or trainer – here old (e) 11 years. The main character just moved into the area of ​​Alola archipelago of five islands in Hawaii that model. There are some differences between the two games – alternative plots, new Pokemon, features – but they are at the margin.

In Sun Ultra and Ultra-Moon, with your first Pokemon – Brindibou, Otaquin or Flamiaou – you’ll mostly to unravel the mystery surrounding the legendary Pokemon named Necrozma, part of the Trio Astral alongside Lunala and Solgaleo. Note the presence in these games seventh generation of Professor Raphael Chen, cousin of Professor Chen versions Blue, Red and Yellow. Team Rainbow Rocket you also recall good memories, since they summon all the wicked of the best Pokemon games, like Giovanni – Pokemon Red / Blue / Yellow – Ghetis, Helio, Lysander, or Arthur Max. Before that, it will mainly fight against Ultra Commando and Team Skull.

The news in terms of Pokemon are chick – only five unpublished creatures among the 400 available – but there are three new activities that appear Surf Mantine, which allows the player to surf through the seas of the region on the back of a Mantine; Photo Studio Alola, which offers the player the opportunity to take pictures of the character with his Pokemon; Finally, the player can also browse the Ultra-breccia with Solgaleo and Lunala to meet the eleven Ultra Chimera in their own world. What adventures ahead!

Playable on Nintendo 3DS.

6. Pokemon X / Y (generation 6)

starting Pokemon Starter: Marisson | Feunnec | Grenousse

Unlike usual, there are only two games in this 6th generation games: Pokemon X and Pokemon Y. Here, no third iteration trying to rob others the title of best Pokemon, which extends the adventure started at Kalos, fictitious new area inspired by France, and where the evil Team Flare is in shadow. In this place, which has three zones – the center, the coast and the mountains -, players encounter beautiful forests, thriving cities and many new Pokemon – 72 new species. You will also work for the “catch all”: all Pokemon from previous games are present, there are 721 in all, including two new Legendary Pokemon, and Xernaes Yveltal.

Pokemon X and Y are full of news in the game modes. In Aerial Battles, for example, only Pokemon that can fly are available to compete in battles in the air. Not to mention that so far, the number of Pokemon on each side of a battle was equal. Now you can experience the battle outnumbered with Hordes, battles where one of your Pokemon can face multiple enemies at once – up to five. Finally, Stage Combat, you can compete against players from around the world online. Have fun in friendly battles, or join in the fighting that you advance in rank, you can climb to the top, where the best trainers around the world compete mercilessly.

To finish with the news, we note the presence of mega-developments, which allow a Pokemon reaches its final form to change temporarily during combat, which will multiply its forces and allow him to make you achieve victory.

Playable on Nintendo 3DS.

7. Pokemon Diamond / Pearl / Platinum (Generation 4)

Pokemon of depart, Starter: Tortipouss | Ouisticram | Tiplouf

The fourth-generation installment, Pokemon Diamond and Pearl fit as the best Pokemon games in the RPG genre. Here, the action takes place in Sinnoh where Dialga which time control and Palkia, which warps space, are both mythical and legendary Pokemon of the region. The organization called Team Galaxy is trying it, govern Sinnoh using the power of these two mysterious Pokemon. During your adventure, you can play as a boy or girl, you will have to oppose the Team Galaxy with your own Pokemon. Early in the story, you can choose between the unpublished Mime Jr., Lucario, and Munchlax Weavile.

The third game of the fourth generation, Pokemon Platinum features a story largely similar to those of Diamond and Pearl. But there is obviously some additions: some places, the appearance of the hero, the composition of the Team Galaxy or the overall difficulty of the game have changed. One of the top new Platinum is also the Distortion World, which allows to enter a place where time is frozen, changing gravity and unstable space. In this game, up to 20 players can interact with other users around the world in the new Square Wi-Fi mode, offering mini-games and various activities. Users can also take advantage of the new Global Terminal features, such as the publication of fight videos. In addition, Pokemon Platinum features a new Battle Frontier, where the toughest Trainers can test their skills in various ways.

Playable on Nintendo DS.

8. Pokemon Black / White and White 2/2 Black (Generation 5)

starting Pokemon Starter: Snivy | Tepig | Oshawott

Pokemon Black and White are, as usual with games of this saga, two sides of the same coin. Their common story takes place in the Unova region, very inspired by New York, which mixing urban and natural landscape panoramas. At first, players first choose from a trainer, Ludwig, and a trainer, Ludvina and three Pokemon: Oshawott, Snivy and Tepig. Note that the two legendary Pokemon, Reshiram and Zekrom can only be caught in their respective versions – Reshiram in Pokemon Black Version and Pokemon Zekrom in white version.

In both fifth generation of games, it is impossible to capture the old Pokemon before the National Pokedex. Initially, therefore, there are 156 unpublished creatures caught in the Unova region, which also takes place Pokemon White 2 Black and 2, released in 2012. There, your character is named Melis – the boy – or Echo – daughter – and must compete with the villains of the New Team Plasma. Originality: for the first time, the player begins his adventure in the big city, Pavonnay, and the story is a direct result of the previous games, since it takes place two years after White and Black. Indeed, some characters and some cities have changed during that time. We also note that patterns Combat Trio and rotary Combat are emerging, as the Pokemon World Tournament, a battle arena where players can face many champions of the best Pokemon games. All this and much more – Pokedex 3D Pokemon Dream Radar – renews a tad saga.

Playable on Nintendo DS.

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