The Best 4K Tv In 2020 | Reviews And Guide

The Best 4K TV in 2020 | Reviews and Guide

4K TVs have long been confined to the level of luxury, of little use in particular lambda because the content offered was not following this technological evolution. But those days are gone! Now, there are 4K on most surfaces and choose the best 4K TV will allow you to enjoy your entertainment in the most beautiful way.

Good 4K TV will be able to turn your visual experiences into real travel, when you use it to watch your favorite shows and movies on Netflix, Amazon Prime or on VOD services that offer this resolution to their clients. The report offered by current models is a striking natural and is a real good technology.

Moviegoers will be equipped with a 4K Blu-Ray player to enjoy movies in the best conditions, when gamers equipped with a latest-generation console and a quality 4K TV will discover how the game has evolved this video recent years: the images are gorgeous and unimaginable fluidity there are still a few years.

It is not easy to choose the best TV 4K, because different manufacturers often use obscure technical terms to sell their product. To help you make the right choice Compare Best offers here a complete shopping guide containing the essential criteria to be taken into account, as well as a comparison of 10 4K TVs among the most interesting on the market today!

Top 10 4K TVs:

Depending on your usage (movies, series, video games …), the space you get home and your loyalty to one or the other screen manufacturers brands, the best 4K TV will be different . The 10 models that we review below are among the best and most interesting at the moment!

-> Buying Guide – How to choose a 4K TV?

The Best 4K Tv In 2020 | Reviews And Guide

1. Samsung Q90 QLED

The 4K TV QLED most impressive.

The TV model Q90 QLED Samsung could be what is best in screen using QLED technology and the South Korean brand is able to offer one of the best TV 4K in this format.


In terms of design, Samsung often put on minimalism and this is still the case with this TV 4K Q90, sober and elegant. This thin model has a flat screen surrounded by a metal edge disposed on a flat support and very stable. It will fit in any interior and can even be wall mounted (with a wall mount for tv). Caution, however, the screen is quite heavy (35 kg).

One of the unique style of this 4K TV is the virtual absence button and son, since everything will be contained in the black control box attached to the TV. A good idea with this little box that contains 4 HDMI 2.0, 3 USB 2.2 and 3.0, an optical output and a LAN port.

The remote is ergonomic, with an effective voice control system as well as direct access buttons to key VOD services (like Netflix).

Smart TV

With a clean navigation system Samsung and the ability to organize your favorites (games, movies, applications, …), the TV system connected to the brand is again optimal. We can easily navigate from one page to another, with the remote control or via smartphone control system, and the many app ‘available make the experience as rich as desired.


It’s simple, the Q90 model offers what is best in terms of QLED. The image is a striking natural colors seem straight out of real life. In a dark room as in a lighted room, well proportioned contrasts allow you to have a clear image and uniform, regardless of your position on the screen.

In terms of 4K, the proposed image allows to enjoy a clarity which honors films or series latest. Just look at one of the last MARVEL, or revise Game of Thrones to realize the work done on the equipment. It’s beautiful, fluid, and only the fact that Dolby Vision (a technology that perfect all) is not supported sets this TV some competitors.


The 4K TV Q90 Samsung is surprisingly deep bass voice and is clearly distinguished, as in the films in the series, video games or when listening to music. It has an Audio Intelligent mode that adjusts the sound to the environment and content, allowing for example a total immersion in the stadium when watching a football match. Only downside, the model does not support the latest Dolby Atmos format.


With the available visual quality that reaches heights of precision, thanks to a perfectly controlled QLED technology, the expertise of Samsung in terms of design and ergonomics and smart sound system, one class without difficulty this TV 4K among best 4K television market. The experience, once facing the screen, is simply memorable.

The Best 4K Tv In 2020 | Reviews And Guide

2. Panasonic TX-55FZ952B

TV 4K reference in HDR.

With its attractive design and its excellent sound and image quality, this TV 4K TX-55FZ952B of the Panasonic brand, proposed here in format 55 inches, may surprise many.


At first glance, this seems fairly standard 4K TV, with a clean design without frills. The screen is surrounded by a contour thin metal black and the support leg – too wide for our tastes – ensures good stability.

It is a model that does not denote a living, and it’s nice to see that all of the connectivity was hidden by a cover. This gives it an elegant look.

We find this model 4 HDMI, only 2 support Ultra HD. The Panasonic model also has 3 USB ports, an SD card reader, audio support for headsets, optical output and an Ethernet port.

Smart TV

The Japanese brand still uses his system My Home Screen, which is here in its third version. The system is fluid and easy to use and is not encumbered superfluous. app found ‘the most popular of the moment (Netflix, Amazon Prime, …) and you will be kept informed of information by BBC services news or BBC Sport.

Quite minimalist, and this is why we appreciate the Smart TV system of this model 4K TV does not revolutionize the genre but done perfectly for which it is intended.


OLED technology used by Panasonic is under control and it only takes a few moments to take the measure, after turning on the TV. The colors are deep, bright and well-adjusted contrasts. It is also possible to choose the type of images to be displayed according to what you are watching and viewing conditions: Normal, Cinema, lit room, Sports …

With the setting, sometimes saturate the colors a bit, but in the Normal or Dynamic, the result is impressive and the film show at home take on a different dimension.

4K, deep blacks is a detail that not mistaken about the quality of the image. Here it is beautiful, and is also surprised by the wide range of colors offered by this screen. Clearly, Panasonic made a considerable effort to offer a visual upscale experience with this model, and it succeeded.


The audio service is provided by the brand iconic Technics and it pays, with a clear, deep sound that provides immediate immersion. Too bad the Dolby Atmos not be read for a more pleasant made on programs including Netflix.


With an adjustable image quality and a successful sonic performance, coupled with its system of intuitive Smart TV, 4K TV model TX-55FZ952B OLED Panasonic is a great choice for lovers of OLED displays.

The Best 4K Tv In 2020 | Reviews And Guide

3. Sony KD-43XF7096

An excellent TV 4k cheap.

The Japanese brand Sony has managed to retain many consumers over time, thanks to the reliability of its products and a quality that is not open to discussion. With this model 4K TV less than 1000 euros, in format 43 inches, the picture appears again positive.


Sony has specialized in the design by offering each new product some innovations. With this model of 4K TV, we can appreciate the effort to make the screen end, the small weight of the whole (9.8 kg only) and stable, consisting of two small feet. This television will be enthroned in any room without task.

In terms of connectivity, 3 HDMI, 3 USB ports, an Ethernet port and a LAN port and an audio jack for headphones.

Smart TV

Sony’s operating system for the connected platform runs Linux, which gives a certain simplicity. We find all of the most convenient features for navigation program or program on the Internet, and use is nice. However, time image reflects light freeze in the other.

You can control all via smartphone or with the supplied remote control, which despite its appearance a little dated has interesting features such as dedicated buttons for Netflix and YouTube.


In terms of picture quality, Sony disappoints rarely and that model proves the expertise of the Japanese giant. The colors are vibrant, with nuances that give each program a natural look that astonishes. The contrasts are well balanced, and the blacks are deep.

Rendering 4K allows to benefit from a level of detail rarely seen on TV this size.The Motionflow system makes sports events particularly alive. Whether you’re watching a football match, a MMA fight or a round of golf, you will live the moment as if you were there.

However, for the TV series, it is possible to disable this mode to avoid rendering too Soap Opera!


This is perhaps the only flaw we find this TV 4K, but the sound quality remains slightly below that can offer some more expensive models. The sound is good, but the slight lack of deep bass is felt, especially during the battle scenes in some movies or when playing video games. An annex sound installation improves this easily.


Apart from a slight weakness sound, this KD-43XF7096 Sony model is the best of TV 4K less than 1000 euros and associate it with equipment of the same brand (PS4, speakers …) ensure an optimal experience.

The Best 4K Tv In 2020 | Reviews And Guide

5.4. LG OLED 55C8 to 65C8

The best model of 4K TV 55 and 65 inches.

South Korea’s LG bet on OLED technology, considered the best current standard quality, to offer 4K screens able to capture the most accurate images possible. With this model of TV 4K 55 pouces- LG C8 – and the equivalent 65 inches, the result is still up to the expectations.


With its metallic black outline that gives the impression that the screen has no edge and no visible connectivity (they are hidden in the lower part of the TV, which serves as support), the design of this model LG 4K is a success.

The brand opts for a modern approach to television, considered a decorative object as well as entertainment. On the edges, its 4 HDMI ports its 3 USB ports and optical output, and the LAN port and jack used to associate all the required equipment.

We appreciate the magic remote control, which takes in hand with ease giving a shot of old in all older models of remote controls, period!

Smart TV

LG always uses its connected WebOS platform and regulars will therefore not be disoriented. Easy to use, with a fast browser, many applications available (Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime …) and a recommendation system well thought out, you can control the program via your remote control via your smartphone or vocally, thanks the integrated artificial intelligence system with this release.

This is by far the TV service connected the most successful of the moment!


With deep blacks and saturated colors – especially valuable in 55 inches and 65 inches – the image offered by this TV model C8 4K OLED from LG is remarkable. In the past, this OLED technology suffered from some problems of consistency, with an uneven picture on the entire screen, but it is now set.

Fluidity is amazing with Trumotion option that makes the most real sporting events than ever (but it is better to disable the movies or series, to avoid the sitcom effect!), And the refresh rate of the image will delight the most demanding gamers. Please note only if you spend consecutive hours in front of the screen, because there is a risk of persistent images on the screen!

Despite a sometimes too powerful clarity, which is particularly visible when looking at some documentaries on space or on landscapes, note that the proposed LG HDR experience remains superior to what many have models that range. In addition, this TV 4K supports most of the latest video codes, so you can enjoy your Blu-Ray 4K Netflixet of the latest games without worry.


The sound is remarkable, especially for a model of this size. The soundscape is redirected to the viewer for a gripping experience and we appreciate the fact that the technology Dolby Atmos is supported.


certainly was, with this LG OLED C8 model, the best TV 4K 55 inches and 65 inches, and if it amply satisfy moviegoers, it will also be a good choice for gamers, with a quality / price.

The Best 4K Tv In 2020 | Reviews And Guide

6. Philips OLED 4K HDR 803

A P5 processor of a new genre.

Philips 4K OLED TV this team a new processor, which enables it to offer a stunning visual rendering to a very interesting price.


The level of benefits finitiondont this screen will surprise more than one, but Philips is not the type to do things by half and he proves with this TV 4K minimalist and very neat design.

The ultrathin screen to have the TV on any medium and in any room, giving the area an appreciable elegance. It must be said that the absence of visible connectivity using this model to blend into the background.

It is equipped with four HDMI ports, two USB ports, an AVE minijack and an optical output to the audio components. There is also an Ethernet port and you will have two remotes: one dedicated Bluetooth control and connected devices (any design!) And the other, more traditional, for the usual control of the TV.

Smart TV

Both say immediately, is the least convincing of this model 4K OLED 803 Philips. The Oreo Android system used here provides stability to the connected navigation platform but supply available on this system is very limited, especially when compared to the best Smart TV of the moment.

However, you will find basic, including Netflix, YouTube, and some games that run on Android.


OLED technology is able to offer an amazing visual rendering and model of TV 4K us proves it once. The general picture is stirring with a color rendering that gives the whole a photorealistic appearance fly high. The well balanced contrasts allow for incredible depth and those discovering high definition with this model will certainly agape.

Different modes for images, depending on the nature of what you look and atmosphere of the room (dark, lit viewing angle …) and the best are the Standard and Natural modes for everyday use.

This TV supports 4K HDR10 + (not yet widespread, but some content already offers), and you will enjoy and the last visual innovation with this material. However, for gamers, this model is the absolute minimum, with a good quality gaming mode without thundering.


Nothing wrong side audio performance of this model, which with a built-in amplifier system and three rings sympathetic sounds, is capable of making the soundscape of movies, series and games in the best way, in No. any living room or bedroom. The sound filled the room as with some very good speakers!


With its new processor, this TV 4K proposed by Philips arrives to offer a result of both visual and sound of very good quality for a very reasonable price. Too bad the Smart TV does not follow the fashion and gaming in decaf slightly from the rest, because otherwise it’s all good.

7. Sony Bravia X900F Series (XBR-65X900F)

The best TV 4K big screen?

If you are looking for a big screen at a reasonable price, then this TV 4K X900F Sony could make you happy. Between the quality of its images and the quality of sound from the object, you will not be disappointed.


It said, Sony knows how to make beautiful objects and model of 4K TV is no exception. Simple and neat, this LCD TV with LED lighting directopte for fine and flat screen that allows viewing in most lighting conditions. But we have to reproach him his inordinately large supporting legs relative to all! For one, it’s not very nice, the other must be a suitable cabinet to hold them. It is also quite heavy, with nearly 25 kilograms.

Apart from this detail finishes are very neat and there are 4 HDMI ports, 3 USB ports, an optical output and a headphone output.

Smart TV

Sony still uses the Android system for its browser connected with this type of model, and there are good and less good in this choice.

The good of all, with the multitude of available content in Android games, applications by hundreds from music to videos, via information or release applications. We also like the ability to manage everything from their smartphone and can control the TV by voice.

As for the more negative aspects, there is confusion on the screen, especially when you do not know the browser. Too much information make navigation painful, especially as the system tends to row sometimes. Frequent updates also tarnished the experience.


In terms of visual performance, the Sony Bravia 4K TV X900F is just great! Its powerful processor enables rendering of beauty, with 4K that transcribes every detail on the screen.

The image enhancement system that puts high definition 4K classic is one of the most successful ever known and Blu-ray media, like some games of last-cry consoles will undergo a facelift.

Colors are transcribed perfectly, so the clearer and brighter than the darkest. The choice of the screen with LED task lighting provides impressive visual performance and brightness produced offers an amazing experience. However, the disadvantage of this power system is that if you watch TV for too eccentric position relative to the screen, the image will be covered by light.


Despite a slight lack of bass – recurring problem on TV models Sony – sound atmosphere is well done and it is also pleasant to listen to his favorite artists on YouTube or Spotify, since TV.


With its moderate price, this TV Sony 4K is an excellent choice for those who want a wide screen capable of offering their image quality exceptional. For such a quality / price ratio, we had to make choices and the system Smart TV suffers a bit, but all should satisfy the greatest number.

8. Panasonic FZ802 / FZ800 OLED

The Japanese firm Panasonic has a 4K OLED TV model in 55 inches, which stands out for its HDR performance and the simplicity of its Smart TV platform.


Just watch this TV to realize that design is not what has been the most work. Far from being ugly, this 4K TV is rather classic in the vein patterns of the last few years. But this minimalist approach is not to displease us.

The metal support foot is solid and contours provide some resistance to this model. Moreover, beautiful finishes guarantee him a good life.

All connectivity are hidden and that’s a good thing because they are many: 4 HDMI, 3 USB port, SD card reader, an optical output, a headphone jack, an Ethernet port and even analog outputs, which is rare these days.

This 4K TV comes with a remote control could not be more classic in the style of the screen, but it provides the basics.

Smart TV

This is always the My Home system makes navigation platform Screenqui office connected and ease of use should delight those who do not like the superfluous. You choose in the TV Menu, Applications or connected objects and you only have to perform the requested action via remote control or from your smartphone.

This simplicity allows the system to be very fluid and you access Netflix, TV Rakuten, Amazon Prime or YouTube in seconds. A real success for a highly ergonomic system.


The real strong point of this screen 4K Panasonic, is the quality of its images. Only with the normal OLED setting you will get a worthy visual rendering of the latest productions in the cinema, you can also make various adjustments to fit the image to your activity (film, series, games …).

The colors are natural, deep blacks (thanks to Absolute Black filter) and brightness adapts to the room where you are, to a degree of detail impressive.

Special mention to sports broadcasting and play video on this TV 4K, which truly transforms the experience. The fact that the TV supports HDR 10+ is more significant (because the content is developed) and the dynamic scene optimizer 4K leave you speechless while viewing your movies!


Panasonic knows about sound even if the TV has no sound bar included, speakers and amplifier (40W) offer a more than respectable performance for use. We simply deplore the non-support of DoblyAtmos, but apart from that, the sound quality is more than satisfactory.


Stunning image quality, with deeper colors, a multitude of details and a dynamic scene Optimizer make this model of TV 4K OLED FZ802 very interesting if you like to make the most of your movies and series. The simplicity of the connected TV from Panasonic is also a plus!

9. Samsung UE49NU7105

A large LED display at an attractive price.

If you are looking for the best TV 4k by 49 inches, it may well be that your focus is on the UE49NU7105 Samsung model. The South Korean brand has a screen of very good quality at an unbeatable price.


This TV 4K put on simplicity in form, with a delicacy that allow it to take place on all media and feet, in the form of tripods that although not very gracious offer good stability, and allow to place a internet box under the TV. It is also possible to fix the wall, thanks to its light weight (14 kilos).

We find this model 2 USB ports, 3 HDMI inputs, an Ethernet port (but no Bluetooth) and it is good to know that it has no headphone jack.

It comes with a remote control which is very convenient to use, with good grip and a provision of thoughtful touches, but no micro system: suddenly, impossible to enjoy the voice control system Smart TV.

Smart TV

The Samsung Smart TV system called Tizen and it’s still one of the more advanced of the market. No slowing, fluid and responsive interface and a wide range of applications among the most popular (Netflix, Amazon Prime, or My Youtube Channel …).

Even for a 4K TV at low prices, we have here one of the best systems of Smart TV!


With its LED screen, this Samsung model is doing pretty well with a very valuable picture rendering in Cinema mode, especially. We know that LCDs sometimes tend to shine too but here the brightness remains well balanced and you can enjoy movies and series with optimum quality and great detail.

Note that the colors are rendered, although it does not equal the depth and range of shades provided by the high-end models, and only the fact that the image is not visible if the screen is fixed from a too obtuse angle (this is often the case with LED) sometimes a little discomfort.

In performance 4K, rendering HDR still okay reach heights, but we did not expect better with a model of mid-range and performance offered remains more than commendable. In full resolution, it shines a little but you can enjoy your content 4K worry!

To play, we see that the on-screen actions are extremely fluid, which will delight gamers who will have a wide screen to enjoy their last game, with the only downside a slight blur on the sets when there are too details.


Samsung is known to provide excellent audio quality with its appliances and despite its 20W power, it was with this model of TV 4K very pleasant sound made as much for movies or series that when listening to music!


A very good choice for the best TV 49 inch 4K at this price, which will offer a visual experience and quality sound for a small price!

10. Smart TV Cheka U50E6000 December Whose

The best 4K TV less than 1000 euros.

For a 50-inch TV at bargain prices, here’s the best 4K TV less than 1000 euros! ! This model of chiq brand is an interesting compromise for a TV mid-range, capable of providing an image level to meet your expectations.


This 4K TV offers super slim design, classic but successful, which gives it a special place in your living room. His gray metallic contours interesting modern look donnentun he and his feet, type wrought iron guarantee a good stability. In addition, they are mounted easily.

Its low weight (only 10 kg) will, if you wish, to fix the wall. We only regret plastic finishes in the back that are a little fake, but we do not see the face.

This chiq 4K TV has 3 HDMI ports, 2 USB ports, an optical output, a LAN port and a 3.5mm headphone jack. On the side of the remote, nothing particularly original but functional and pleasant order to take control, with specific buttons for Netflix and YouTube.

Smart TV

The Smart TV browser is fairly good, with preinstalled applications that bring together the essential entertainment with Netflix, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube … Too bad we can not add applications or browse the Internet.

The connected TV system is fairly intuitive and no regrets slowdown or bug, as is sometimes the case on browsers 4K TV midrange.


With its resolution 4 times higher than Full HD, the level of 4K offered by U50E6000 chiq model displays a natural image, clear and exemplary fluidity. The colors are perfectly transcribed on the screen and LED technology allows the viewer to enjoy a balanced brightness.

We like the fact that this model supports the latest standards (like HDR 10) and displays images of impeccable quality, allowing you to enjoy your Blu-Ray and the latest console video games. With Red Dead Redemption 2 on PS4, the result is stunning!


This is perhaps the only downside of this 4K TV: audio quality. Without being catastrophic it offers a relatively low sound that does not enjoy the deep bass of some movies or series. When looking at scenes of epic battles, it lacks a little something. It will put the sound loud enough to offset this weakness or combine this 4K TV with adequate sound installation.


It’s simple, it was with this model U50E6000 chiq best 4K TV less than 1000 euros. If you want to make you happy despite a limited budget, this is the right choice.

Buying Guide – How to choose the best 4K TV?

To choose a 4K TV and take advantage of its maximum capacity, the following must be taken into account.

The size of the screen

It is important to choose a suitable screen area of ​​the room in which you will place. There is no point of view too if it is to damage your eyes when you use it.

To choose the best size 4K TV screen, it is recommended to take the size of the diagonal of the screen (eg 140 cm for 55 inches) and multiply by 1.5. This gives 210 cm, 2.10m distance. Apply this calculation on TV of your choice to see if the location you have booked him suitable for that screen size.

Good to know: to enjoy 4K resolution at its peak, the larger displays will be interesting.

The type of screen

There are several screen types on the market and most use LED tiles. In order of performance are: OLED screens (like the excellent LG OLED C8), the QLED displays, LED screens and LCD screens.

The type of screen to affect image quality and viewing comfort, since it depends on the colors displayed, depth, contrast and the possibility – or not – to see the screen from any angle .


The most important is the HDMI port number because most newer devices use this type of connective. So it is better to have the maximum, to connect all your devices. To be sure you have enough, count objects to connect and verify that the selected 4K TV model has enough entry.

Besides that, the USB ports can be used to play video files or photos, but they no longer have a major now. On the other hand, have an SD card reader may be more significant.

Finally, headphone jacks and optical outputs are always interesting for audio systems.

Sound quality

If the screen of course a paramount importance to provide the best visual experience, it would be a mistake to overlook the sound quality of your TV 4K. A good sound is all about fun and it’s for your movies and shows or enjoy your music through your TV, it should give special attention to this criterion.

As such, the model Samsung Q90 QLED is a wonder!

Its Smart TV browser

Since the connected home no longer reports to the future and now we can link most of our devices to each other, have a 4K TV with a good Smart TV operating system will be a huge advantage.

In this area, there are several schools and some manufacturers give great attention to this criterion by providing a system as fluid as pleasant (like Panasonic FZ802 and TV 4K) .This allows users to connect to the Internet, watch the VOD directly on the most popular apps like Netflix or Amazon Prime and direct their TV by voice or via their smartphone.

A good way to make the most of the capabilities of your TV 4K!

The design and ergonomics

You 4K TV will surely take place in your living room. As such, it will occupy the space and you will see constantly, even when it is off. It is therefore important that it boasts design mat, or a more daring design that transforms into a real object of decoration.

The KD-43XF7096de Sony model is very successful example for a modern approach to the TV, while those from Panasonic are often much more conventional, if not old school. And it is not necessarily a fault!

Ergonomics will judge the weight and dimensions of a TV but also accessories. We love when the son-caches are provided, and when the supplied remote controls or are pleasant to handle. 4K OLED TV 803 Philips HDR 2 offers, one for the control of Bluetooth devices is the most beautiful effect.

The standards considered

To enjoy the best content 4K requires that your television is able to play the best possible codec.

Note that the most common formats are HDR, read by most models, but exists among the latest innovations HDR 10+ and Dolby Vision, which are not supported by all TV for now, because the media who offer remain low.

the tariff

Choose the best TV 4K requires time and some investment, but it is a purchase made to last. Rates may vary fivefold, depending on the brand, the type of selected screen and the technical capabilities of the TV.

There is very good model quality media for less than 1000 euros, high performance 4K TV between 1000 and 2000 euros, and high-end models that easily exceed 2,000 euros. Depending on your budget and the past screen time (watching TV to watch movies and series or playing a console), you will make the choice that suits you!

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