The Best Electric Planchas 2020 | Reviews And Guide

The Best Electric Planchas 2020 | Reviews and Guide

The arrival of spring is often associated with seasonal cooking methods that had been relegated to the closet for the winter. Exit raclette and fondue another, up to the light and tasty dishes with the Iberian cooker par excellence plancha. This cooking apparatus (which also refers to the type of heating associated therewith) is composed of a plane heated by gas burners, electrically or charcoal. Once the temperature between 240 ° and 300 °, simply deposit meat, fish or vegetables for a tasty diet and cooking. Be careful though, despite the ease of use of this product, the risk of burns is always present! Consider buying gloves scald. The huge advantage of cooking a la plancha over other traditional methods is the retention of juices during the rise in temperature. Called “film boiling”, this phenomenon makes the griddle perfect utensil if we want to enjoy all the flavors of dishes without adding fat. Ideal when you pay attention to dietary differences with the approach of summer! And unlike prepared grilled on the barbecue, seized food on the griddle cook evenly without the risk of burning. Also, stainless steel is increasingly used as the material is known to withstand the weather and humidity, essential material for external plancha.

Originally scheduled for outside use, like barbecuing, plancha now find grace in the kitchen and dining room with appropriate equipment.

The 7 Best Plancha Electrique 2019

Yet the cookware is far from modern. Indeed, we must go back to the time of the first pilgrimages to Saint Jacques de Compostela to trace raw plancha! At the time, the marchers were accustomed to carry with them a steel plate in which they placed hot coals to cook their food. Lightweight, easy to carry and very effective, this method of cooking was perfect for long routes.

If subsequently came a long period of neglect due to the arrival of other ways to cook food before a real comeback in the 2000s As one might imagine, it was the Spanish who reintroduced grilled in their daily lives. Symbol of a popular and festive cuisine, thanks to the success of tapas bars, it will democratize the country to spread all over Europe thanks to mass tourism. Based on this success, major world-renowned chefs have also seized this technique to sublimate their dishes and invent new recipes.

Now plancha plethora of models have invaded the kitchen equipment rays, jostling with griddles, hot stone and other raclette. Cheaper, more accessible, this authentic griddle is now part of cooking appliances hottest of the moment, thanks to the countless flavors that can extract healthy way of food.

So if you want to take the plunge and try cooking a la plancha, Best Comparison reviewed for you the best 7 plancha which you will surely spend convivial and warm moments with family or friends.

Lagrange 229001 – Best table electric griddle

The Best Electric Planchas 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Reviews electric plancha Lagrange 229001

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Since its creation in Lyon in 1955, the Lagrange family business has maintained its traditions and know-how to develop and become a specialist in user-friendly cuisine and homemade. At the origin of this insatiable passion for the manufacture of Machine: the invention of the first electric waffle maker with interchangeable plates. Since then, the company has adapted to the arrival on the market of new culinary trends and has developed its range with its unique expertise. Proof is again with his model plancha 229001 finesse, sobriety and practicality. At first glance, the accurate finish is obvious. His varnish beech handles are the most beautiful effect and exude strength and usability. His feet Bakelite provide a neat finish for a stylish effect on every table, inside and outside. Resistance in molded aluminum provides the heat homogeneity no equivalent on the large cooking plate (43 x 28cm). Nonstick, it allows to bring back meat, fish or vegetables without fear of the burn. Thus, the flavors are respected and preserved to delight the taste buds of all the guests. Very convenient, its removable juice tray stainless steel is equipped with a spout to keep and reuse the juices. A very interesting option below to give a little more flavor to your dishes.

Also, the removable connection block equipped with a control knob (graduated from 1 through 6) can deliver a power of 2000 watts. Perfect to reach a glance the 240 ° minimum required for optimal cooking your food.

Thus, through careful design, materials of very good quality and manufacturing 100% French, Lagrange 229001 plancha will no doubt find its place in all the dining rooms or kitchens of family garden. Features that make it the best electric plancha table in its class.

Moulinex Accessimo – Best plancha electric table less than 30 euros

The Best Electric Planchas 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Reviews electric plancha Moulinex Accessimo

For over 80 years Moulinex innovator in home appliances for all cuisines worldwide. Since the invention of the robot Maria, many utensils that have succeeded to revolutionize the way we cook. It was therefore quite natural for the French brand to address the market for plancha which is currently experiencing a real expansion. Tom Thumb of the range, the Accessimo model finds its place on all convivial tables thanks to its compactness and warm curves. Comprising a thermoplastic base, whose peculiarity is to isolate the heat up, and a large metal plate (25.5 x 35cm), grilled ensures easy cooking, healthy and rapid of all foods without fat. Meat, poultry, fish, shellfish, vegetables, fruit … Meals in small groups promise to be very user friendly. With an output of 1800 watts, resistance delivers constant heat and homogeneous and ensures fast cooking. Also, its removable juice collecting tray keeps the cooking surplus for savory preparations wish.

Practice, its thermostat placed on the power supply is graduated from 1 to 5 for controlling the temperature of the food fingertips. The latter is very easy to store, since a location under the unit is dedicated to him. Moreover, it is possible to store plancha vertically to save space in sizeable kitchen.

Little extra that makes the difference: Accessimo griddle is dishwasher-safe. To do this, simply remove the power supply before cleaning the device. A time saver and very significant for allergy dishes.

Thanks to its ease of use, storage and cleaning, Accessimo griddle is the perfect companion to rediscover the culinary delights with family or friends. With an unbeatable value, it is undoubtedly the best electric plancha table in less than 30 euros the market.

Riviera & Bar QP350A – Best Electrical outdoor table plancha

The Best Electric Planchas 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Reviews electric plancha Riviera & Bar QP350A

There are in the market for kitchen appliances little-known French brand of the general public yet offer excellent models bills. This is the case of Riviera & Bar, founded in 1967 and currently based in Mundolsheim in Alsace. Since its inception, the firm anticipates trends and gives life to the aesthetic, robust, innovative and ergonomic. With the avowed wish to approach ever the professional, it’s no surprise that the model proposed by the plancha brand inspires confidence at first glance. Here, design is sleek and stylish, with a cooking surface generously sized accompanied by two large handles heat-insulated solid metal. Integrated into its large plate made of cast aluminum (59 x 32.5 cm), its resistance ensures a power of 2200 watts to fit all types of foods. Thus, the cooking is precise, harmonious and respectful of each dish: seasonal vegetables, meat, fish or seafood is perfectly cooked to heart to give a smile to all guests. Also, the non-stick coating without PFOA – a harmful substance to the body – ensures no fat cooking for dietary preparations wish. Practice, its adjustable thermostat 5 temperature levels also maintains warm. Also, its inclined plate provides instant remove excess fat for a healthy diet cuisine. In addition, its large drawer recovering juices optimizes maximum use, and its two-meter power cord moves plancha easily without risk of accidental disconnection. A characteristic that is worth emphasizing, because few devices to have a sufficient length of cable.

Dishwasher safe, the Riviera Bar & QP350A is very easy to maintain and fulfill all refractory sponge.

High-performance, versatile and elegant, this plancha alone represents the quality of expertise hexagonal. With a trendy design, a generous power and ease of cleaning, it appears naturally among the best electric griddles with outdoor table.

Severin 2397 – Best plancha electric table 2019

The Best Electric Planchas 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Reviews electric plancha Severin 2397

Known to have designed a range covering more than 300 products, Severin home is one of the largest German manufacturers in the appliance industry. Indeed, it is more than a century, the brand strives to produce the first choice while meeting high quality standards devices. The adventure that began in 1892 with a small forge in Sundern is now a medium-sized companies the most respected in Germany. Quality, safety, precision, durability and reliability as well characterize the spirit of the brand. Therefore it is not surprising to find in his model plancha the seriousness of the German firm. First announced characteristic: the unit specializes in Teppanyaki preparation. Literally meaning “grilled on an iron plate” in Japanese, this way of cooking combines traditional ingredients, including beef, and spectacular techniques to impress the guests. A spectacle unto itself in prestigious restaurants of the Country of the Rising Sun. Obviously, grilled Severin 2397 does not provide twirling deftly ingredients in the air, but rather by specializing in cooking thick meats. To do this, the apparatus is equipped with XXL plate anti-stick melt very high order. It guarantees respect for taste, color and flavor of food without risk of unpleasant odor or smoke untimely. Powered by a resistance of 2200 watts, it ensures quick cooking ingredients and perfectly homogeneous.

With the 2397 model, Severin has also played the card of easy maintenance with a removable drip tray for convenient fats. Although not compatible with a dishwasher, this griddle is very easy to clean thanks to its non-stick coating. Equally convenient, its power unit also ships bright thermostat knob. Removable, it can detach the assembly to avoid damage when servicing the unit.

On the design side, finally, is the simplicity and purity of lines that prevail with a sleek look and a stainless steel facade beautifully. An elegance that allows it to easily find its place on all the family tables.

Severin strikes again very strong with a plancha of exemplary quality and elegance that characterizes the brand. Specially designed for the Japanese, it will also fill all lovers of traditional griddle. Characteristics that make them the best electric plancha 2019.

Tefal Colormania – Best Tefal electric griddle

The Best Electric Planchas 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Reviews Tefal electric plancha Colormania

Is it still present Tefal? Known worldwide for the quality of its anti-adhesive coatings, the French company founded in 1956 has continued to expand its range of everyday products. Contraction of “Teflon” and “aluminum”, the process has made the brand a real cooking stoves benchmark snag. An invention that has pushed designers to imagine other devices over the decades, as this Plancha Maxi Colormania.

At first sight, it is the very sour look that stands out, thanks to a well-rounded design and flashy colors. One assumed that positioning is certainly youth and reminds the festive nature of a plancha friends. And for good reason: its thermoplastic coating welcomes a wide griddle up the ingredients 6 to 8 guests. What to spend excellent friendly moments. With its adjustable thermostat, all preparations are inratables, whether from meat red or white, fish, crustaceans, or even with eggs, vegetables or fruit. This pilot strength of 2000 watts which grants the perfect homogeneity of heat plate for cooking at heart. Also, her juices drip tray and grease ensures very healthy recipes, especially as the character nonstick model allows not add fat before cooking.

Singularity Plancha Maxi Colormania: the board integrates the Thermo-Spot innovation, exclusively from Tefal. Here, a red circle in the center of the plate acts as a visual indicator warns the user that the ideal temperature to start cooking is reached. Thus, food is always perfectly cooked to perfection.

Easy to clean, the device is compatible dishwasher after having previously disconnected the power supply. A boon for those who hate long chores crockery.

With its look endearing, Maxi Plancha Colormania will undoubtedly feeling on large tables with friends. His cooking witnessed exclusive system coupled to the expertise of the pioneers of non-stick make it a safe bet for moments very user friendly. Undoubtedly the best electric plancha Tefal table.

Philips HD4418 – Better electric plancha table with removable plate

Reviews electric plancha Philips HD4418

Strong international recognition in electrical and electronic products, Philips continues to expand and improve its range. Originally the first electric razor, but also the first audio cassette and VHS system, the Dutch firm has developed its know-how to adapt to all everyday situations. Thus, the brand has built over decades in modern kitchens, offering practical and quality products. Riding on the resurgence of conviviality at the table, it is not surprising that the Amsterdam house will be launched in the production of griddles with the HD4418 model. A successful challenge when we look a little closer on the utensil. Indeed, the apparatus inspires prima facie robustness and strength due to its hard plastic and aluminum structure. It is on its side a large rotary knob as a graduated thermostat up 5. pictograms indicating the nature of the food and the corresponding graduation are also inscribed on its right side, which bodes perfect cooking without errors . Powerful and compact, the griddle plate has a thick ultra-high temperature (30 x 37 cm) which preserves the flavor and soft food. With the power of the resistance on which it is installed (2300 watts), it is hot in minutes and maintains a constant temperature. Thus, the original flavor and vitamins of any dish are preserved. red or white meat, shellfish, fish, vegetables … A medley of flavors you promised through this mode of healthy cooking, healthy and tasty. To facilitate maintenance, Philips equipped its model of a removable tray for discharging excess grease so that it does not stagnate within the device. A process which greatly facilitates cleaning, especially as the cooktop is also removed to a passage in the dishwasher. What utter a big “phew” of relief after the party. Best of all: it is possible to store the plancha vertically to save space in small spaces.

Thanks to the expertise undeniable Philips, the Dutch brand offers with its HD4418 model a reliable device, durable and easy to maintain. These advantages make the best table in electric griddle with removable plate in its class.

H.Koenig GR20 – Best multifunction table electric griddle

Reviews electric plancha H.Koenig GR20

Specialist small appliances, H.Koenig offers a wide range of products for the entire home and family since 1960. It is in the Ruhr region in western Germany then in full industrial restructuring, Helmut Koenig, small hardware store craftsman, founded his own workshop for manufacturing household appliances. In a few years, success is the appointment and its range continues to expand. Taking advantage of industrial dynamism of the time, it expands its production in nearby factories and becomes the benchmark in its region. Thus, over 50 years later, H.Koenig is now a global brand, offering a full range of small appliances known for their reliability, ease of use and design. That’s why the brand plancha model immediately arouses interest. First, it is the multifunctional aspect of the apparatus that calls. Announced simultaneously as plancha grill like everything, everything suggests we are dealing with a novelty that few competitors offer. Indeed, the Up and Down function is bluffing. The latter automatically adjusts the height of the apparatus to the food in preparation for grilling point any type of meat or fish. Thus an infinite possibilities available to you, since it is quite possible to turn your grilled panini machine! With a large cooking surface (29.7 x 23 cm) powered by 2000 watts of power, you can simultaneously cook a variety of foods quickly and very homogeneously.

practicality hand, the use of the apparatus is of a simple child. Indeed, simply turn the thermostat knob on the front panel after removing the food beforehand on the plate. Graduated from 1 to 8, it can be adapted to the cooking all the ingredients safely to hang or burn.

design side finally grilled H.Koenig GR20 is a success thanks to a modern look that one has to its wide ergonomic grips and finish stainless steel. Practice, a location is expected to store the power cord.

So, with a great value and a unique method of cooking the steaks as well as toasted sandwiches, grilled H.Koenig GR20 meets all expectations in terms of innovation and reliability. Definitely the best electric plancha table multifunction market.

Buying Guide: How to choose the best electric plancha table?

Share a great meal with family or friends is an immutable pleasure for generations. The arrival on the market of grilled accentuated this warm and friendly spirit. Like the pancake party or stone grill, everyone can cook ingredients to the temperature it wants to taste an infinity of possibilities. Known for its dietary benefits, cooking a la plancha is also popular in summer. That’s why the models are more and more numerous, making it difficult to make a choice. However, some essential points should be studied to take advantage of this device that promises food placed under the sign of flavors and sharing.

The size of the cooking plate

The size of your plancha course depend on the desired number of guests. Generally, a plate of 30 to 40 cm in length can treat 4 to 6 persons. Beyond these dimensions, large tables of 8 or more will be widely met. To cook meat and fish along with vegetables provide a better model a little larger than expected for the not frustrate the appetite of each other!

The cooking plate material

It is a basic rule to follow is essential: the material that constitutes the plate should quickly diffuse the heat from the resistors evenly. This is the key to successful cooking. Indeed, good thermal inertia prevents the adhesion of food, which will lead eventually increased ease of maintenance. In other words, the plate must be very hot when you add cold food progressively. To do this, the cast iron or steel are just the job in this function.

The heating power

To enable your griddle to achieve the regulatory 240 ° for perfect baking, do not hesitate to opt for grilled a bit more powerful than the average. The vast majority of current brand plancha displaying 2000 watt meter or more, choose one that will come out of the lot. You will avoid the endless waiting for cooking your thick piece of beef.

Ease of maintenance

After the meal, fetching dishes often come to spoil the party. That is why it is imperative to analyze maintenance systems offered by your griddle. The most common models all offer a removable tray to collect fat and juices. Very handy to clean after use so bad cold cooking odors do not persist. Also, it is best to choose a model compatible dishwasher. In this case, is the only board is removable and washable, or it’s all the apparatus that can be put in your dishwasher after removing the first power supply.

the design

It is important ! Indeed, your electric plancha enthroned on the table along with your guests, as far as its look is nice. Some brands offer bright colors, other design or retro chic. You have to find the right balance between friendly appearance and quality workmanship to make the most of your friendly family time or friends.

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