The Best Locks Connected 2020 | Reviews And Guide

The Best Locks Connected 2020 | Reviews and Guide

The doors of the house today do not only consist away the bad guys. This is also to let the right people in your family, your friends and even your favorite service providers. With new connected locks, you always control your front door, wherever you are, from your smartphone.

Connected locks give us the opportunity to open our doors without using a physical key. The advantages are many, which is why many manufacturers now offer this kind of system. We’ll tell you in this guide all you need to know about this new type of lock you connected with the best locks and efficient market.

Manufacturers are competing all ingenuity to provide an intelligent lock adapted to our conventional locks and doors. They communicate by any Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to an application, so it is our smartphone which will be key office. But before opting for this new technology, we should evaluate their reliability, and choose the device that meets your needs as well as being compatible with your doors.

But be careful: the models on the market are numerous, and some are less reliable than others. To help you choose, discover the best guide Best Comparison connected locks.

The 10 Best Locks Connected 2019

1. Nuki Combo – One of the best locks connected

The Best Locks Connected 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Our opinion on the lock connected Nuki Combo

The Austrian startup Nuki to launch its lock connected in our country, most of these solutions require uninstalling the original lock to a facility of the connected release. The Nuki Smart Lock, it is designed to be installed on all cylinders existing European “without being replaced or adapted.” The small case therefore is placed on the inside of the door, with a few screws in the pack. If the cylinder is not clear enough to offer sufficient grip to screw another adapter is provided. It relies in turn on a sturdy double-sided tape to attach. Thus, from the outside, no one can see the embedded system. The key must be inserted into the original lock. This last turns when the lock is configured with the App Nuki via embedded electric motors.

The power supply of the lock is ensured by 4 R6, whose autonomy is estimated at 8 months after user feedback, from the application or from any computer connected to the Internet through the Web browser.

With the smartphone user will be able to lock or unlock the door. The Bluetooth connection can open the lock and thus serves for local use, the scope is announced at 10 m. To expand its capabilities and increase its range, it is possible to connect over Wi-Fi with a connection bridge, Nuki Bridge. From there, the user can open or close the remote lock (to let the child home from school or to lock after the departure of the person in charge of the household, for example), from the application or from any computer connected to the Internet through the Web browser.

The application is pretty well done and offers different possibilities like: configure access continuously for residents or temporarily to its neighbors or friends, checking the state of the lock at any time, or distribution virtual keys to allow other family members or close unlocked remotely. Scheduling time slots to lock or unlock the lock can be seen from the application which also uses the geolocation of the user’s smartphone to open or close the device (function Auto Unlock). The Nuki solution is already integrated with IFTTT Amazon and Alexa, but the Austrian company working on other technologies.

To conclude: Nuki is the first Bluetooth Smart Lock for Europe with a permanent Internet connection. Nuki automatically unlocks your door via Bluetooth when you come home and locked when you leave home. By installing and more Nuki Bridge Gateway, your Smart Lock has Internet access and you can manage the way and open. often decried Security breaches by users and often wisely have not escaped the Austrian company that ensures the Nuki lock incorporates a formidable encryption system and a secure encryption end to end: symmetric encryption 256 bits.

2. connected VACHETTE – Another very good connected door lock

The Best Locks Connected 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Our opinion on the lock connected Vachette

You know maybe not the cowhide brand? The brand was founded in 1864 and offered the basis of standard locks for doors and furniture. Leader in France on the market of the locksmith, the brand has developed in the market of locks connected to offer solutions for reliable electronic locksmiths and quality.

First, if you opt for the lock Vachette connected, you have the choice of several sizes (30 x 35 cm and 35 x 35 cm, depending on your carrier). You also have the choice between two offers, VIP kit or single cylinder. If you choose the latter, you simply have the lock, which installs easily and quickly (within 5 minutes) without drilling and wireless, on all types of doors (even armored).

With this system, you simply download the app on your smartphone or on your tablet Android / IOS to enjoy its orders and its intelligent control (you also get a remote control). With this system, your door automatically locks right out and tells you if you left open or if you closed it and you will unlock as soon as you go back through the remote control or with your smartphone or Tablet. However, with this system, you still have the ability to open and close your door with your key.

By opting for the lock Vachette connected, you can also choose the VIP package which, in addition to benefits that you simply offer the lock, also allows you to unlock your door via fingerprint, to give access to other people ( friends, guests, etc.) and define ranges of access schedules for the babysitter or housekeeper for example.

By opting for the lock connected cow, everything you need for installation is in the package and you get 2 remote control, a key, a key reproduction card and charger (Oh! The lock works on rechargeable battery).

In terms of price, this model is not the cheapest but is level control functionality even when it was found that the lock connected cow was still at a good price / quality ratio. Also, if you opt for this model, you also get 2 years warranty.

3. Yale – The electronic lock at the best price / quality ratio

The Best Locks Connected 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Our opinion on the lock connected Yale

Ever heard of the Yale brand? Well, basically interference at his own beginnings in 1844, Yale forklift trucks manufactured and subsequently invented the lock cylinder (found in our connected locks. So we can say that it is a pioneer in locksmith and by choosing this brand, again, you get high quality products.

Before choosing the model that suits you, the lock connected Yale comes in 3 sizes, but you must first measure the thickness of your door. Depending on your needs, you can choose between the version 31 x 35 cm, 31 x 40 cm and 55 x 35 cm. Installation is very simple, without drilling or wiring, and this lock is suitable for all types of doors without making any changes.

Like the previous model, this system offers different functionality. You can first manage your lock via ENTR Yale app, available on iOS and Android, from your tablet or smartphone. In addition to managing the opening and closing of your door, the application also allows you to create virtual keys to your family, your friends, your guests and set blocks of time for the nanny or housekeeper by example.

Other options you have to manage your door and your lock, this model has a remote control, a fingerprint reader (to open only with authorized fingerprints) and a keypad code digitalsi you want to set an unlock code. With this lock, you can set an automatic locking and therefore, every time you close the door, no need to worry and ask you if you really have closed the door. In short, it facilitates still good life.

Like the previous model, this lock works with a rechargeable battery (so you benefit obviously a charger), and autonomy is about 3 months, with 10 inputs and outputs per day. Overall, the lock connected Yale offers the same functionality as the previous model, for a price still quite lower and therefore, having reviewed, we found that this model provided a very good value / PRICES AND in addition, 2 years warranty.

4. Samsung SHS-2920 – Best Affordable code lock

The Best Locks Connected 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Our opinion on the lock connected Samsung

Tablets, laptops, computers, TVs … Well we do not present you the Samsung brand you certainly know enough. After reviewed, it was found that Samsung electronic lock offering very good features, especially in terms of security.

First, the lock can be easily installed on any type of door (no drilling, no cables), with a thickness of 35 mm to 80 mm. By opting for this model, you get 6 key fobs, key rings 2, 2 stickers and 2 cards to go with all the features of this lock.

When you go out, this lock automatically lock your door and you can set a code on the digital keypad to unlock it when you return. For added security, you can also activate the random code option, which asks you enter 2 numbers before you enter your code, in case you are worried that your code is discovered.

But that’s not all ! So we first random code, and the unlock code, and if you want to feel even more secure, you can also activate the option that requires to scan your key card after entering the code for unlock your door. With 6 key chains and 2 electronic cards provided with this lock, you can give access to several people (friends, family, etc.).

In case of break and if someone tries to open your door with the wrong code or without entering a code, the lock also has an audible alarm. Rather, it is a detail, but we also liked the high-tech design of the lock and the fact that you can adjust the volume of the keypad (which is pretty cool if you come home late, if the children sleep, etc … ).

Last interesting feature in case of power failure, the lock also has an emergency power function. Overall, after having reviewed, it was found that the lock connected Samsung is a very good model to optimize the security of your home and most importantly, we found it was a very affordable price (but it would just like to have a guarantee).

5. Ultraloq UL3 BT – The best door lock digipad

The Best Locks Connected 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Our opinion on the lock connected Ultraloq

This lock can be installed on any type of door very easily and, once installed, it offers several features to lock and unlock your door and offer maximum safety. First, this lock has a digital keypad that allows you to set a security code to unlock your door when you get home.

Second feature, the fingerprint reader, which allows you to scan your finger and the door will therefore unlock only if it recognizes the cavity. Then this lock can also be managed via tablet or smartphone. It can firstly be controlled by Bluetooth or by tapping your phone to unlock your door. Finally, in case of problems, you can always unlock your prote via the hidden backup key.

Operating with 3 standard AA batteries, this lock connected offers a range of up to 1 year (about 8000 inputs and outputs). One of the things we found pretty interesting also is that the handles of the lock connected are reversible. Compared to earlier models that you present above, it was found that the lock connected offered fairly standard features and therefore it is thought that its price may be a bit high (compared to other more developed models cheaper). However, the lock Ultraloq UL3 BT’s still a very good model and makes life easier.

6. ZKTeco DL30B – The best lock connected cheap

Our opinion on the lock connected ZKTeco

ZKTeco is a multinational company specializing in the manufacture and development of assistive technology and access control. With over 25 years of experience and presence in the market, this brand offers products of high quality and always offers some great innovations.

First, the ZKTeco lock is easy to install and adapts to all types of doors. Like many models that you present above the lock connected ZKTeco is a multifunctional model that offers many opportunities to manage your lock and optimize the security of your home. First, thanks to the digital keypad, you can set a password. You can set a different access code for the guests and the family so to have better visibility of accessing your home.

You can also manage your lock via your smartphone or tablet. To do this, download the ZKBioBL application available on Google Play (Android) and App Store (iOS). The ZKTeco Smart Lock technology simply allows you to unlock your door by pressing the button on your tablet / smartphone. With the application, the lock also provides 5 key (and you can buy separately, up to 100 keys), which allow you to give access to other people (friends, family, guests …) and define time slots. Everything is controlled via the application and each key is personal for you to see who you go home and when.

Overall, for a lock connected with so many features, having reviewed, even if we would just like to have a guarantee, it was found that the ZKTeco model was a very good model and a very reasonable price.

7 / ZKTeco TL100 – Electronic lock has biometric code

Our opinion on the lock connected ZKTeco TL100

Check the comings and goings, the opening and closing of the door only from your phone through ZKTeco TL100. This product is undoubtedly the best in its class, thanks to its ease of use, but especially its practicality. It is especially to houses and homes, but also to warehouses or depots. Its use does not require any device other than your smartphone. Thus, no need key or card to unlock your door; your phone only.

With your phone, you open and close your door at your leisure, but so also have access to settings and administrators can record the fingerprints of those who can proceed to open the door, because yes, this lock is pledged a recognition mark.

This lock is also very smart because you can remote control, that is to say that you can give access to visitors or not, without having to get up to ask who is behind the door. With this lock, you can also monitor access to the building, because the lock records the comings and goings of people who passed through the door.

Installation is also very easy and requires no great skill, because everything is explained in the user guide. It is much easier to handle and secure so that only administrators can access its settings. It is also compatible, and on Android and iOS and the realization of its programming will not cause you any problems.

To conclude: This therefore meets the faith to family security needs, but also professional. It is also very convenient, especially with the remote control, making your life easier since it requires that the smartphone or fingerprint to open; the trouble of rummaging through his bag to find there keys, having to use the services of a locksmith in case of lost keys; everything is really simplified. We recommend it because with this material, security is ensured for any building and also because it can both be used, both internally and externally, but also for doors and gates. This is an easy hardware to install and whose user guide and installation is complete. It requires no other hardware, including those provided in the pack, especially since its wiring is at a minimum.

8. ZKTeco L7000S – connected Locking has fingerprints

Our opinion on the lock connected ZKTeco

This material is also very smart because it can store more than 500 different fingerprints and these users will have access from their smartphones or their fingerprints. In fact, you are more to live in a building or the building is a society where many workers move there as long as they have access through fingerprint recognition or smartphone, their number will pose no problem. This feature also eliminates the need for physical security because the door does not give access to others.

Very easy to install, its operation is powered by batteries and therefore without the need for electrical installation, no need to be a professional to be able to use. With the guide and all necessary equipment, its installation and its parameters require only a few hours. It may well be used outdoors, because this material stand the rain, cold and wind as many wireless doorbells and intercom audio.

This material suits any door and gate. It may well be attached to the inside of a bank for example to protect a vault, and on the door of a warehouse, to secure content.

This material designed to withstand the weather and dust. His finger recognition system works even if the fingers are wet or soiled. This lock does not deteriorate to handling strength, since everything is done from the phone.

To conclude: This device has all the features to be used both for homes and professionals. We recommend it because it is a device that offers easy operation mainly thanks to its various features. A rather expensive product but has the advantage of being set on the vast majority of current locks. The fingerprint recognition also works even if your fingers are dirty or wet. The complete biometric lock is battery powered and therefore requires no power source. If battery drainage, system beeps and ignition warns you beforehand.

9. SOMFY – A very good lock connected Somfy

This lock is appealing, it can manage access to his home simply and with confidence. Easy to set up, it is supposed to adapt to all situations. Indeed, in the box that connected lock, you will find everything necessary for the proper functioning as well as its installation. To fit all doors, the lock is provided with three covers, one white, one silver and one gold. Also provided batteries, cylinder, hardware and even tools! Somfy also provides two screwdriver that will allow the barrel adjustment and installation of the lock. The installation documentation for its part, is available online. All or everyone is able to put this lock without a professional or have special equipment.

The lock block fits all types of locks. Whether you have an existing lock crutch, rosette, bare or apply the lock connected Somfy install with no problems! The barrel, also will install on any type of door. It has several possible combinations to perfectly match the original barrel.

It goes without saying that safety is not a point to be taken lightly when it comes to access to home! On this point, the barrel provided meets European requirements. Thus, it is anti-breakage certified, anti-pull and anti-drill. Regarding the security of the connection, there also is a sensitive subject that is scary. The connection has a 256-bit AES encryption. For the record, the AES (Advanced Encryptions Standard) was first used by the NSA to encrypt files classified as “secret”. Since, it is the best type of encryption used worldwide.

An application dedicated to the steering lock connected Somfy is available to download for free on the Apple and Android platforms. The lock configuration takes place in two stages. First, make your configuration from the portal “My lock Connected.” Then when the setup is complete, stand close to the lock with your smartphone and application of the lock. There, the application downloads the latest configuration on the portal via wifi and pushes into the lock Bluetooth.

In use, this application is quite simple. Before you can operate the lock, you must login using the captured password to check the lock. Then, a four-digit code is then requested. A sort of PIN which increases security even more. Finally, once in the interface, simply slide left or right to open or close the lock.

To conclude: This is really a nice surprise, the lock connected Somfy works fine, it responds well to the opening and closing, the application is functional and fast. With this Somfy lock you rediscover the open system. At home, everyone can have his little preference: bracelet, card or smartphone and it’s perfect like that. Besides being able to still use a key “old.” It is also possible to operate the lock manually from inside via its mechanical button. Then, you can also provide access to a third person who has neither key nor badge or wristband or card. No worries then in terms of installation. Whether you are a DIY enthusiast or a handyman Sunday, everyone can do it. Small drawback, it will download the application first on a smartphone or tablet to have close at hand during the phase of implementation of the lock, at least for the installation hardware.

10. LockState Remotelock – Lock Wifi Connected

The lock connected Remotelock 7i is perfect for your holiday home or as Airbnb and even professional use. This robust system allows users to lock and unlock the doors remotely, to know when people unlock your door and receive alerts email / text, even when the codes are used. You will be able to run new codes or delete codes via your computer or phone. Temporary codes can be created to give them to your guests when they come to visit you and then shopping in appointment in your company. For this reason, the lock connected also works with Airbnb hosts automatically genererent guests codes.

The Remotelock 7i is a “lock leak,” which means you can leave the building without having to lock the door. This safety feature means that the inside handle is always available to open the door. This is an excellent feature and often a requirement for public buildings.

The code is mastered only by the owner of the house, for example. No need to lug with a set of keys along the day. The use of codes can quickly open the door without too much effort. Operation of the system is automatic and easy to handle. But be careful you can find yourself stuck outside your door if you forget the code.

Unlike most of the connected locks, LockState Remotelock 7i has neither smartphone application or protocol mobile communication. It works with an ordinary digital code, and can also be opened using a conventional key. Smaller than most connected locks, it is less bulky. To enhance security, functionality offers to press two keys at random before typing the code. With this system, the burglars can not find the code based on fingerprints. In addition, an alarm sounds in case of attempted burglary. This model represents the best compromise for those wishing to discover the world of connected safety.

To conclude: This opening allows the management of a door. You will have no problems to install the hardware. Its wiring is very simple with easy elements to mount. You just follow the instructions of the guide; wirings have been minimized and each wire is also very durable and robust. This material can also recognize multiple users. Finally, this product is also very good and elsewhere, is a manufacturer of best-sellers; it is very resistant to the external environment and does not rust in the rain and wind.

A lock connected, what is it?

Some people suggest that buying a lock connected offers no real advantage. However, when you think about the number of times you have misplaced or concerned about losing your door keys, you will realize that these locks are a source of convenience. In addition, while traditional locks can easily be manipulated, it is more difficult for intruders to enter your home when you have a smart lock. These locks allow greater connectivity between all your devices. Not only can you sync with your phone, but you can also connect to video surveillance to keep an eye on who comes to you. Therefore, you can create a security system. A high security lock connected may seem expensive but if you have a burglary, the deductible on your homeowners insurance is likely to be higher than the cost of the lock. Some models completely replace your existing lock and convert them into other intelligent locks.

These models do more than lock the doors, providing remote control, voice control, access logs and other smart features. Just be aware that remote access requires the use of a sort of WiFi bridge, at an additional cost. Connected locks do not have built-in WiFi since the chips are too power hungry for AA batteries that generally feed. Smart locks solve these problems through smartphone apps and functions lock and remote unlocking. And if you plan a smart lock, but do not want to pay more for Wi-Fi, electronic locks could serve your needs. This type provides access via keyboard and the ability to program and distribute PIN codes to various guests, but can not communicate with your smartphone.

Intelligent lock can be very useful if you often forget to lock your door or if you have to let the world of entrepreneurs, a cleaning company or simply your loved ones when you are not at home.

Therefore, these models add the convenience and with a wireless connectivity option, a peace of mind with remote control, access logs and other intelligent functions. But they are just as vulnerable to forced entry not connected locks, and they are potentially vulnerable to digital hacks and require additional hardware for the remote operation and are more expensive than conventional locks.

Why buy a lock connected?

As we mentioned earlier, a smart lock does not necessarily equate to a safer lock. If you are skeptical of the entire smart home and you’re not sure of a lock connected by Bluetooth, WiFi or another protocol, this type of product is definitely not for you.

With the connected locks, it’s really about trying to add a little convenience to your everyday life. They can facilitate access to your home when your arms are full and your keys are out of reach. They can also save you a trip to the hardware store to make a double of your key or when you need to grant access to someone when you are not at home.

Another general concern is the life of the battery, but it varies considerably (for all smart locks) depending on the locking / unlocking the door, the quality of batteries used because the colder temperatures can harm life drums.

Ultimately, there is no right answer as regards the model you end up buying, but you must take into account third-party devices with which you would like your lock works, and if you prefer a touchpad or a design different lock. All this will help you narrow down your options so you can quickly find the right intelligent lock for you.

What criteria taken into account in the choice of a connected lock?

Type Smart Lock

Decide what type of product you want. There are different types of locks connected to the market. The first consists of a simple keyhole and a touchpad, which requires less removal of the door and less installation, others come with a lever to open the door.

This practical accessory

The main advantage is obviously convenient. No need to have a key to itself, and not have to use our hands to unlock a door. It always wins some time, and that’s obviously comfortable, especially in winter, not having to look for the keyhole with our frozen fingers. If you happen very often lose your keys in your bag, or forget them at work, but that you never leave it lying around your smartphone, then a lock connected will necessarily beneficial for you.

Key or no key?

Some smart locks will offer you a traditional key backup, while others will not do. You must choose whether to use a smart key or if you want the manual key is secure. The locks have a physical key are the most sold, because it means that even if there is a technical problem with the lock, it will still be possible to enter your home.

Smart Home Compatibility

Most connected locks will be compatible with your phone. But do you want to go further? If this is the case, opt for locks with an audio application that can help you create a synchronized security system. These applications allow you to link your home security system to lock.

additional Features

All connected locks do not work the same way. The locks offering Bluetooth and NFC are the most practical. Bluetooth will allow remote opening and above a door lock as you walk away too. So you never forget to properly close the door.

NFC operates differently since we must tackle the phone directly against the lock, much like with a magnetic card for the trigger. It is less convenient, but more secure than Bluetooth. Some packages will then accompany Bluetooth or RFID remote. This may keyrings for adults or bracelets for children. There are also badges that just keep with you to open the door from a distance.

According to the manufacturer, there are security protocols which are different from each other. Often it will be possible to disable remote lock in case of loss of the smartphone. regularly found encryption to fight against piracy of connection, more or less strong credentials for the administrator control and avoid forcing.

Basic smart locks so will do. However, you can also enjoy the benefits of additional features. These include integrated alarms, guest keys, access via the remote control and Bluetooth connectivity. However, there is a compromise between features and price, so prioritize what matters most to you.

Where to buy your future a connected lock?

Overall, all the products are excellent in one way or another. Many locks are connected to the market that we do not know on which product to choose. The locks connected better and cheap are on the Amazon site. You can sort your needs, but also according to your budget. To help you find the right model, Amazon offers a very careful selection of the best locks connected as you can see for yourself in the products listed below.

Now this does not mean that other products are not worth the money. You might find another product. It all boils down to what you prefer.

Whatever the intelligent lock you choose, make sure you equip your entire home with such locks. Leave your worries behind when you go out the door. Let the lock do all the work for you.

Finally: The safety of our home is the most vital concern for anyone. Since the invention of locks and keys, we trusted to door locks for the safety of our families and workplaces. The only problem is when we end up losing the key that the only option is to either break the lock or make a new key. Many of us have to make spare keys because adults return home evening work while the children fall into the afternoon.

Do you often forget your keys in the car or sometimes the office and you find yourself at the door until another family member to come and open the door? Want a keyless lock? If you answered yes to either question, the new locks are connected exactly what you want.

Gone are the days of having to remember where the keys or having to make spare parts because intelligent connected lock arrived, making it easy and safe life. As stated above by purchasing a door lock there are many things to consider.

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