5 Best Headphones With Active Noise Reduction In 2020 – Reviews And Guide

5 Best Headphones with Active Noise Reduction in 2020 – Reviews and Guide

Aficionados of nomadic music of all generations, we have all experienced the headset-ear classic for listening to his favorite songs discreetly. Before the resurgence of visible and inclusive helmets on the market, the “ear-phones” were riding high until the early 2000s Disadvantage size: environmental sounds were omnipresent at least push the volume strong enough to cover them. Problem: eardrums took quite a blow to introduce in irreversible damage. Indeed, once this lesion, the body has not the ability to regenerate. Consequences that transform the listening pleasure in true health hazard.

To overcome this problem, designers have developed advanced technology to eliminate ambient noise while maintaining optimal playback quality. To do this, engineers have used an ultra simple process but an efficiency foolproof: reducing active noise. The latter uses the basic mathematical law of “1 + (- 1) = 0”. To make simple, sound is a wave that propagates in the air to reach the ear of the listener. To eliminate it, simply to give its exact opposite. The process active noise is basic to implement: simply integrate a micro responsible for capturing external noise on the helmet. These are filtered by a processor which reverses the ambient sound captured to reinject it in the headphones. Thus, both ambient sounds are canceled and the listener can enjoy music without being parasitized by ambient noise, such as car exhaust, jackhammers or the sound of transport.

The 5 best active noise canceling headphones as Best Comparison

This is the American manufacturer Bose was the first to equip part of its range of technology. And for good reason: the Californian brand had been called in reinforcements by NASA to design specific helmets for astronauts, they suffer from the huge noise emanated from the engines of its space shuttles. Little by little, other brands have begun to speed and have adopted this must-listen for music lovers. Nowadays, the process is more efficient thanks to current technologies. Indeed, the most advanced helmets usually incorporate 4 headset microphones for best results. Some brands even offer preset atmospheres and locations to best meet the demands of their users.

Also, in order to better guide your choice, Best Comparison reviewed the top 5 pairs of headphones with active noise reduction of the moment. A good way to define your needs before you throw your heart on your future audio equipment.

Taotronics ANC – Most headphones to reduce active noise less than 50 euros

5 Best Headphones With Active Noise Reduction In 2020 - Reviews And Guide

Reviews Taotronics

Known worldwide for the quality of its components and finish of its products, the Chinese firm is required Taotronics slowly but surely as a fixture in the world of high tech. Founded in 2008, the brand offers a model of anti-ear noise up to its reputation. Here, manufacture ultra-neat aluminum provides a metal alloy matte black finish look great. Besides a very elegant design, the headphones come with a noise reduction system of 25 dB for total immersion without surrounding discomfort for more than 15 hours with its lithium-ion battery. Moreover, their “Monitoring” mode allows to increase its vigilance in all circumstances. Here, just press the dedicated button to clearly hear these audio announcements on planes or trains.

Furthermore, the microphone “For MEMS Integrated Noise Reduction” offers the user a hands-free kit for smartphone worthy of the biggest brands with clear calls and voice transmissions without interruption. Side sound quality, the Taotronics ANC does not disappoint with a respected spectrum with accurate treble, midrange and bass present wraparound. Practical, its comprehensive remote control integrates all functions required for easy operation. Very ergonomic, it hosts a play / pause button, a shutter button and rejection of calls, a volume button, a navigation button between songs, and monitoring button.

As usual, the Taotronics company is very generous with its customers as it offers ultra-pack full. Indeed, the headphones come with a carrying pouch, an airplane adapter, a micro-USB cable, 6 ear tips and 4 hooks for optimal convenience. A practical and competitive package which makes these the best Taotronics ANC headphones active noise reduction of less than 50 euros.

Bose QuietComfort 20 – Best Headphones Bose active noise reduction

5 Best Headphones With Active Noise Reduction In 2020 - Reviews And Guide

Reviews Bose QuietComfort 20

A pioneer in the field, Bose is the first brand to have developed active noise reduction technology. Founded in 1964 in Framingham, Massachusetts, is a few years later that NASA commandeered the unparalleled expertise of the firm in developing a system to relieve astronauts on takeoff. Indeed, the sounds of the engines present in the cockpit were so deafening that they became harmful to the health of its occupants. That’s why it is not surprising that the American company has a head start on the competition.

Proof is with its QuietComfort 20, a concentrate of technology in the service of the most demanding music lovers. Here, the process eliminates the surrounding sounds with greater efficiency while StayHear tips + exclusive Bose are responsible for blocking the residual noise. It’ll just enjoy your music whatever the volume sound around you. To enhance the listening experience, the TriPort system with its active equalizer delivers balanced sound and ample expensive Bose. Here the music is both precise and powerful, warm, subtle and highly detailed.

Convenient, exclusive mode “Aware” allows you to be closer to its environment. Indeed, simply snap it to do more to cut from the outside and be sensitive to external hazards: announcement of the departure gate at the airport, passing tricky on a busy street and crowded … More need remove his headphones for increasing attention, Bose technology helps you stay alert at all times. And for functions at hand, a comprehensive remote control completes the system. Here, the mode buttons “Aware”, start / end and volume are accessible fingertips. Enough to ensure long music sessions in perspective, especially as the lithium battery of the QuietComfort 20 provides over 16 hours of battery life. Features worthy of a premium product that make this model the best headphones active noise reduction Bose home.

Sennheiser CXC 700 – Most headphones active noise reduction to less than 200 euros

5 Best Headphones With Active Noise Reduction In 2020 - Reviews And Guide

Reviews Sennheiser CXC 700

Specializing in the manufacture of microphones, headphones and audio accessories since 1958, the German company Sennheiser continues to offer products of very good quality. With extensive experience in the field of sound, its research center designed for headsets in-ear noise reduction is constantly innovating. The CXC 700 is thus one of the flagship of the brand. With its NoiseGard / digital technology, the headset offers a selection of three modes of digital noise suppression according to the acoustic environment.

Thus, the “Mode 1” focuses on low frequencies (between 100 and 400 Hz) for use in public transport, short-distance flights and car. The “Mode 2” is responsible for its mid-frequency ranges (400 to 3000 Hz) to enhance listening comfort in long haul flights and air-conditioned rooms. Finally, the “Mode 3” is optimized for universal use, especially to evolve in the crowd or in urban environments with a balance between the low and mid frequencies. Thus, regardless of the selected mode, the attenuation reaches anyway the – 23 dB, complemented by a passive suppression of 25 dB. A technology combined with high-end amplifiers for outstanding sound in all circumstances, ensuring a detail unparalleled in the spectrum and low round and deep.

Also, its TalkThrough ensures optimum user comfort since it is sufficient to activate to stop noise suppression and stop the music. It also allows direct external sounds in the headphones to maximize his attention. In addition, the CXC 700 is equipped with an integrated control panel for ergonomic advantage. This includes volume control buttons and a supplied AAA battery providing up to 16 hours. Designed primarily for daily and mobile use, especially for business travelers, the CXC 700 is optimized for entertainment systems on board aircraft and for MP3, iPod, iPhone and iPad. With a classy and elegant design coupled with advanced technology, this model is one of the best headphones active noise reduction to less than 200 euros in its class.

– Most headphones noise reduction Active 2019

5 Best Headphones With Active Noise Reduction In 2020 - Reviews And Guide

Reviews B & O Play

Founded in 1925 in Quistrup, the Danish company Bang & Olufsen designs since its creation audiovisual high-end devices. While its products were previously destined for wealthy clients, democratization of high technology has enabled the brand to offer a range more accessible without losing its unique expertise. This is the case with BeoPlay H3, a high-performance model in the image of the prestigious brand. Imagined by the Danish industrial designer Jakob Wagner, this monitoring system was formed from an aluminum block. Its sophisticated design allows it to provide resistance to any event, especially against scratches and other stresses of daily life. Designed for comfort, this model has been molded from the shapes and curves of the human ear. Thus, 26 vents equip each earpiece for best results musical. In a featherweight 40g, the BeoPlay H3 hosting tips shape memory foam which ensure a perfect fit and noise isolation unparalleled. Note that four pairs of silicone tips in different sizes are also supplied with the headphones.

If one looks at the audio quality, the earphones is equipped with 10.8mm and microbasses drivers. Methods which confirms the reputation of Bang & Olufsen for sound reproduction. Here, the highs are crystalline, percussive mids and extremely deep bass and present.

Also, the active noise cancellation system is based on an anticipatory technology. To do this, an ultra-discreet microphone is placed in the unit to measure the ambient noise and sending it in a microcontroller responsible for the cancel by inverting. A process that ensures unmatched listening comfort by insulating noise. Furthermore, H3 BeoPlay accommodate a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery life of 20 hours in continuous use with the anti-noise function activated. A great performance compared to the competition that usually appears 5 hours behind the counter. Thus, with the unparalleled expertise of Bang & Olufsen which combines performance and reasonable price for the range, these BeoPlay H3 are undoubtedly the best headphones for active noise reduction in 2019 on the market.

Bose QuietControl 30 – Most headphones active noise reduction Wireless

5 Best Headphones With Active Noise Reduction In 2020 - Reviews And Guide

Reviews Bose QuietControl 30

A pioneer in the design of in-ear headphones with active noise reduction, Bose goes one step in innovation by offering a high-end wireless system. Thanks to its modular reduction technology, you can control the level of noise reduction depending on your environment. Also, the optimized EQ adapts the volume wherever you are without worrying about environmental noise. Whether you’re in a quiet room or in a very sunny location, you will enjoy the excellent sound quality of Bose. Indeed, thanks to an international reputation that is no longer in doubt, the firm offers here sublimate your favorite tracks with clear treble, midrange and present low round and warm. Designed for maximum comfort, its design “neck” allows the system to fit all body types. Thus, in addition to being trendy, earphones enjoy discretion foolproof for hours of use without fatigue. Equipped with a lithium-ion battery of high capacity, Bose QuietControl 30 ensure autonomy for 10 hours straight at full load. Practice, simply 15 minutes of charging only to enjoy an hour of listening.

With its experience in decades, the brand prides smartphone users with a dual microphone noise reduction. Connected to your phone, the system offers excellent call quality, even in heavy weather. For the sake of offering the best current technology, Bose also offers Bose Connect application (Google Play / App Store) that allows the device to connect to multiple devices via Bluetooth. It is thus possible to switch easily from one device to another through an intuitive graphical interface.

Comes with 3 sizes of caps StayHear +, which provide increased insulation and a carrying case with a protective cover, the QuietControl system 30 is the complete solution for enjoying their favorite music and his calls outdoors regardless is the sound environment, wireless and more. A luxury that makes this model the best pack of headphones active noise reduction without market wire.

Buying Guide: Choosing the best headphones for active noise reduction?

Strolling the streets, in public places or public transport with his favorite music in the ears without being bothered by surrounding noise, this thing possible by reducing active noise. Impressive feat in hearing innovation, this technology was first equipped headsets to migrate to in-ear headphones. Thus, it is now possible to get these essential accessories quickly in urban areas for the price quite reasonable. However, some points have to go through to be sure to make the right choice and enjoy your favorite music in the greatest comfort.

Noise reduction

It must be at least 20 dB to be sure not to be bothered by the noise came first. The very first democratic priced models sold on the market is not providing this criterion, there were many users feel fooled. Since then, manufacturers have greatly improved the system to reach this threshold to ensure optimal convenience. Some models even offer programmable helmet according to the desired sound environment. Also, do not hesitate to compare the technical performance of different models to consolidate your choice.

Sound quality

Like any audio device worthy of the name, the sound quality is a key criterion to enjoy his music and his telephone calls to the maximum. Also, respect the audio spectrum is just as important as the quality of headphones containment. In fact, no need to isolate themselves from the outside world to enjoy sound quality poor! To advance in conquered territory, choose brands have already proven themselves on earphones or conventional helmets. There is very little chance that disappointment is the rendezvous.

The remote control

Very practical, the control box placed halfway between the headphones and your device to control your helmet fingertips. Usually equipped with a system to cut the soundproofing headphones, remote control becomes almost essential when it comes to crossing the street or to be alert to a possible message in a train station or airport. All models do not provide this type of function, be sure that each model provides for optimum user comfort.

The wireless

This is absolute luxury if you want total freedom of movement while being isolated from the outside world. Usually quite expensive, helmets adopting Bluetooth or NFC, however, enjoy significant advantages such as automatic connectivity with dedicated surrounding mobile devices or applications. These in-ear headphones models are anyway perfect for aficionados of the foot race and energetic sports in general.

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