Best Artificial Trees 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Best Artificial Trees 2020 | Reviews and Guide

Artificial Christmas trees are becoming more popular due to their ecological side. The idea to participate in the environmental through this kind of purchase is very pleasant. Today, there are elaborate models that have nothing to envy to real wood trees. With an artificial Christmas tree, you save on the day of purchase, but also for several years. They are expected to last 15 years and much cheaper than true. They are also much more convenient to assemble, disassemble, and maintain. Especially when you live in town … Indeed, it is always difficult to get rid of a natural tree. The products we have selected are very varied sizes vary, prices, colors, there is something for everyone of luxury artificial tree, realizes or mini. O Christmas tree (artificial) king of the forest …

Our selection of a look:

Our Choice: Quality / Price

Best Artificial Trees 2020 | Reviews And Guide
Best Artificial Trees 2020 | Reviews And Guide
Best Artificial Trees 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Our Choice: Quality / Price

Best Artificial Trees 2020 | Reviews And Guide
Best Artificial Trees 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Here are the criteria we considered for our selection:

More and more realistic, the artificial tree has acquired its letters of nobility. It now combines brilliantly aesthetics, durability and practicality. Maintenance free, it does not dry and does not lose its needles. It is also very convenient to store folded in a closet. It is reusable, so his choice requires reflection.

Natural or flocked, artificial Christmas trees now seem larger than life. Whether you prefer fine needles bright green of spruce, needles and flat dark green Nordmann, different varieties are now available in a variety of sizes. Artificial also offers many possibilities in terms of originality. A colored tree will allow you to bring out even more your decorations. Finally, light fir will help you create a magical atmosphere in your home. Material, shape, color, anything is possible.

The latter has therefore evolved and now looks like a real tree: one does not realize immediately that it’s plastic and even less once it is dressed in his pomp. There are different kinds: small, large, green, white, with integrated LEDs and have a smell of fir can opt for fragrances.

artificial tree: try it love it!

Advantage number 1 artificial tree? Its longevity. You have spent years scanning the spines, tried to suck those remaining between the floor of the blades; for weeks after the holidays, you have sought to get rid of your tree … And finally this year, opt for an artificial tree became obvious. And yes, when the tree forests lasts about a month, his cousin plastic can decorate the house for up to six years in a row, on average. Side maintenance, artificial tree requires only a stroke wipe the dust once out of the cellar. The natural tree, meanwhile, ends up losing his thorns and is the soil that suffered often. We do not even talking about the happy owners of cats, who enjoy the tickle or even reverse the just …

Once your tree is installed, it will do more than hang your Christmas decorations, family. A moment of conviviality guaranteed! This artificial tree will decorate several Christmas.

A Christmas tree without it is like a meal without dessert: something is missing.

Most of the artificial tree can satisfy more than one family: the needles do not fall; it represents a financial investment for 20 years if we do not get tired before; there are of all sizes, in all price ranges; it can be very real, clear spruce up a scent with a few drops of essential oil. Icing on the cake: your artificial tree saves annually a natural tree cutting. No need to break to transport, it is in pieces packed in a carton. It can therefore be transported easily without putting thorns everywhere (in the car, your fingers in your nose too). Available directly, simply take it out of storage room, attic, cellar. No need to go to queue in shops especially during this peak period. If it is good, it still retains the same form every year and always responds to the idea that there is a Christmas tree. He holds himself upright, no need too much hassle to make it fit within the prescribed pot for this purpose or other.

However it must also know the price first artificial fir is that plastic in which it is made has a greater ecological cost of production than cutting a tree planted especially for Christmas; it loses its luster fairly quickly if it is not good; plus it is quality, its price is high.

A product for fireproof safe Christmas

The Christmas tree and decorations are indispensable elements of a successful Christmas. Yet the party atmosphere should not forget some basic rules of caution. Indeed, you only have 30 seconds for a natural Christmas tree catches fire due to faulty electrical garland or a forgotten candle too close to its branches. Unlike the natural trees, it is possible to treat artificial trees that withstand weather, UV, and especially the test of fire. In this period conducive to wood fires and candles, no one is actually immune to a small fire and you better be ready effectively against this event. Artificial trees are fire retardant and meet the M1 fireproof standards.

Adopt an artificial tree nature preserves

At a time when environmental disturbances threaten each day more our planet, it is important to consider the environmental footprint of our purchases to guide our consumer choices. Although most natural trees are planted specially for the Christmas holidays, slaughtering them disrupts the ecosystem year after year. Artificial or semi-natural trees are designed with a minimum of plastic to reduce the environmental footprint, and routing them to the delivery points has also been optimized in order to reduce their carbon footprint.

Find a tree you’ll be proud to show off year after year

Before buying a Christmas tree, you need to choose where you will install. In which room he will be? Is it intended to be enthroned in the middle of a room? Or is it a second tree that will fit into a dining room or a guest room? Want to put in a corner, along a particular wall or near a door?

Now that you have determined the location of your tree, how much space do you have? This will help you determine the ideal height of your Christmas tree. If you want to install the largest Christmas tree possible in the selected room, we advise you to buy one that will leave at least 15 cm between the top of the tree and your ceiling. For example, if your ceiling is standard size, between 2.4 and 2.7 m, you must buy a tree of 2.25 m. This will have the margin to ensure that the top of your Christmas tree does not touch your ceiling and leaves room for the crown.

In terms of floor space, measure the approximate diameter of the space that you reserve for your Christmas tree. When you are about to buy a Christmas tree, look for varieties that properly fill the space you have booked. The standard form of a fir tree corresponds to a shape “provided”; trees that fit into tighter spaces are often referred to as names such as “narrow” and “slim”. However, we will suggest to take into account the Christmas tree diameter and not the name given to the form to help you choose the perfect tree. This measurement is taken at the widest level of the tree; if you expect that some branches touch a wall or furniture, the actual space occupied by the tree correspond to approximately 15 cm less than the stated diameter. The other key element is to ensure that the tree has a natural form – whether it is “pencil-shaped”, the tree will probably not look real.

The foliage of my Christmas tree, what will it look like?

Many artificial Christmas trees for their brands offer different types of firs foliage options made either PVC or PE-based materials. While some firs use only one type of foliage, others may use a mixture of leaves to obtain a particular aspect. In general, you can determine which foliage is used by reading the description of each tree.

Foliage larger than life and in conventional needles: plastic base created in PE injection molded in many different colors of pigment to mimic the structure, texture and color of natural evergreen needles. For example, the branch may be a brown-green color while the base of the needles is dark green and the tip of the needles of a slightly lighter green.

Conventional needles are made from thin PVC sheets that are cut into thin strips to resemble evergreen needles. They are also used to fill the gaps in most other Christmas trees because of their known ability to block light and to give an appearance “provided” to the tree.

Regardless of your type of foliage or preferred tree, when you buy a tree, I recommend you carefully look at the pictures of fir that you are considering buying. If you look at an artificial Christmas tree make sure you have access to a high-resolution photograph of tree in question to measure quality. Many Christmas trees have proud look in low resolution but will not look as good when viewed up close and in reality.

An artificial Christmas tree, what should I pay attention when I buy?

The bright trees are extremely popular not only because they save time and effort corresponding to the establishment of garlands in the pines but also because the garlands of bright Christmas trees (excellent) are strung professionally for minimize the entanglement of cables. If you plan to buy a bright Christmas tree, once again you have to be able to judge the quality of garlands in terms of number and quality of bulbs.

When you buy a Christmas tree, you need to think about how you will decorate your Christmas tree. Make sure the branches of your tree are strong enough to support the weight of your decorations. Always make sure that those whose branches are presented as delicate or soft are robust enough for your Christmas decorations. If you have many large ornaments, it may be necessary to consider a Christmas tree whose branches are spaced to give your decorations all the space needed for their development. If you are looking for a simpler look, a tree well “provided” and with a relatively high number of ends will look more beautiful without excessive ornaments.

Do you know showcase your artificial Christmas tree?

After choosing your tree, we must take the next step of decorating. The tree decoration reflects the atmosphere of your home and your personality. This must end the holiday season dresses in a trendy decoration with Christmas balls, suspensions shape of animals, stars, Christmas lights, colored or not, to star in your living room …

The ideal is to decorate it in this order: first the bright LED wreaths and garlands of beads or traditional garlands reflective paper, and then the suspensions and the star at the top and then the base of the tree to hide feet and electrical son. It can operate at heart stroke seen in a shop or else adapt the decoration of the tree to its interior. I think it is mainly based on the vision that was Christmas. If for you, Christmas is a matter of tradition you prefer red and green. And if you do not plan Christmas without snow, you will surely choose a decoration in white and silver tones. Also know that you do not have to change the theme every year. Keep rather the general idea redeeming some stories accessories to please. However it should be some consistency! For example, even if the decorations are different, they have to echo one another. And also … any advice to remember: always put the decorations at the ends of the branches; to ensure that the elements hang and do not collapse on the branches, do not put the same color objects together. Last tip, keep in mind that you should not overload your Christmas tree.

The decoration of the Christmas tree is a tradition that we love and that we keep year after year. So decorate your Christmas tree with beautiful ornaments, wreaths and festive lights.

Your choice will be more according to your needs and your expectations. One tip, if you opt for an artificial tree, which is therefore a sustainable purchasing, choose a nice imitation! And for this, enjoy its shape, density and number of branches! Some models are lifelike: the best high-end artificial trees are very realistic, needles seem real. The charm of natural, without the disadvantages!

If you are convinced by the artificial Christmas tree, it’ll just make your choice as the million French households who opt each year for the artificial Christmas tree! This is one of the major elements that make the magic of this party operates.

How to decorate an artificial Christmas tree?

The biggest decision to make is on the colors used. Indeed, in general there are two dominant colors. For example: red and gold, white and blue, silver and purple …

There are a multitude of decorations for Christmas trees. The main categories: plastic garlands, decorative balls, tops, pendulous figurines, LED lights … Some even hang candy.

How to decorate a white artificial tree?

White is a color easy to combine. You can let your imagination. The white artificial trees are in themselves quite bright. You will need to choose your colors and do not overload your Christmas tree. The two colors that go well are blue and silver. The gold will be very pretty. What he may have to avoid this are LED lights that will make too much of an artificial tree already very bright.

natural or artificial tree?

The advantages of artificial trees are numerous. First, maintenance is much easier because you will not have to pick the thorns that fall constantly. An artificial tree is less expensive than a natural tree and in addition, you can use it for many years (15 years!). This is a great way to save money and protect the environment, preserve forests. It is lighter to carry and you will not have to break your head to get rid of after the holidays. It is not toxic to animals and does not cause allergies, as it may be the case with natural trees.

On the other hand, the natural tree will always have more impact and beautify your home in a unique way. There is also the smell of natural trees, which is irreplaceable and that really brings a magical touch to the ambiance. To change from time to time, you can buy a natural tree for this unique effect it brings and keep under wraps an artificial tree for more potential years.

Where to buy a Christmas tree artificial?

You can easily pick up an artificial Christmas tree on, which is the most convenient for transportation. Otherwise, any garden shop sells artificial trees, as some supermarkets or decoration shops.

How to mount an artificial Christmas tree?

Installation is usually fairly simple. The trunk is sometimes divided into two or three, and there is more to the suit. Some models come in full. It then remains to unfold the branches, which takes some time, but not more than one hour in general.

How to choose artificial Christmas tree?

The major criteria to consider when buying are the size of your room and color, in order to combine all the best. Otherwise, everything will depend on your personal taste.

How to hide an artificial Christmas tree up?

Again, our imagination can go very far … You can hide your foot tree with: garlands, a faux fur rugs, LED lamps, a coat of snow, false gifts, bags, basket, carpet Satin in a flower pot, etc. Here are some ideas that will help you hide the famous metal tripods.

How many branches must have an artificial Christmas tree?

This depends on the size of the Christmas tree. Take the best selling size: 180 cm. For a tree of that height, around 500 branches would be the minimum for proper rendering. Obviously, the more there are, the better. If you stick to a realistic rendering then it will rely on a large number of branches.

How much does a nice artificial Christmas tree?

Even the pine trees at low prices are beautiful when decorated, most important is that your artificial tree is made of quality materials to last for several years without the branches are crumbling. By cons, if you want to get a result even more beautiful, then it will invest double, triple see an artificial luxury Christmas tree. We believe that this option is worth it, given the exceptionally realistic rendering, even for an artificial tree.

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