Best Blenders Heated 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Best Blenders Heated 2020 | Reviews and Guide

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Do not worry about their energy consumption: blenders soup heating are products that are used for 20 minutes. It’s a small period of time that does not necessarily require a large investment in energy savings. The 1000 Watt standard will not be very intensive electricity while you prepare your meals.

Best Blenders Heated 2020 | Reviews And Guide

1. The heating blender Easy Soup LM841110 Moulinex

For less than 100 € this heating blender is really the best. There is divided opinion but honestly for me at the top. That makes 3 months I have soup and a package have been made since! Easy to clean thanks to its option “easy clean” .Utilisatrice the heating blender Moulinex Easy Soup.

Best Blenders Heated 2020 | Reviews And Guide

2. The heating blender soup cheap Philips HR2203 / 80

Truly the best for good … very smooth soups receipts books are really good too, a good blender chauffant.Utilisateur heating blender Philips HR2203 / 80.

Best Blenders Heated 2020 | Reviews And Guide

3. The heating blender My Daily Soup Maker LM540810 cheapest Moulinex

This heating blender is ideal combo for soup in 20 minutes, I highly recommend it. Very happy with this purchase! User of heating blender Moulinex My Daily Soup Maker.

Best Blenders Heated 2020 | Reviews And Guide

4. The heating soup blender Philips HR2204 / 80

After extensively studied various heating Similar blender, I am delighted with my purchase. In 1/4 hour, the soup is cooked, mixed in velvety and remains hot for a long time. Cleaning is facile.Utilisateur the heating blender Philips HR2204 / 80.

Best Blenders Heated 2020 | Reviews And Guide

5. The heating professional blender Soup Maker MXC36 of H.Koenig

Blender heating line with my expectations. It allows me to make very good soups, smoothies, gazpacho but also to the pilee.Utilisatrice ice blender heating H.Koenig Soup Maker.

6. The Domo Soup Maker, the heating blender mL cheap

Just top to make soups. We regularly use and we are ravis.Utilisateurs the heating blender Domo Soup Maker.

7. The heating blender soup professional Aicook

I like this blender! Its quality is very good, look good, good job! It is very heavy, glass is thick, giving a sense of securite.Utilisateur blender heating Aicook.


The capacity is an important point that can make the difference in your choice. A large family probably will opt for a model with at least 1.2 L volume. This is the minimum for normal use. With a bowl of this size, you will get 2 large servings (main course) or 4 small as an input. To see if you convenience. The appropriate volume depends on the number of times you use your device. If you decide to turn it every day, then 1.2 L can do the trick. But if you prefer to prepare at once a larger quantity and keep fresh the rest for the next few days, you will have to bet on larger bowls.

Programs tailored to your needs

Each heating blender has 3 basic programs: soup velvety soup with pieces and mix. These will do nicely to fill the basic features you would expect from this type of product. However, if you want to be more creative or if you love the most comprehensive programs, it is possible but it will obviously be more expensive. This criterion is very personal. Our team loves the innovative products we present you with pleasure. This does not preclude that we always keep under wraps one or two basic models for those who prefer simplicity.


Again, this is a point that is tricky because you can not argue about taste. To try to find a middle ground, we strive to find different models that can fit in any kitchen. The blenders add elegance to the room and it would be a shame not to enjoy. For heating blenders, designs are not over worked but we still managed to find some pretty candidates. They are very compact and have a design height: they do not take up much space, and will even be installed on your overall work plan. This is why it is important that the design you like it.

Used materials

You can not use any material to manufacture a heating quality blender. It would first be tested by the heat. Imagine that it is not a quality plastic: it would escape of toxic substances and the lifetime of the device is greatly reduced. Most manufacturers are opting for stainless steel bowls. Its main and property it does not rust, and is more highly resistant. In general it is better to opt for a matte finish that will be easier to clean … The bowl may also suffer food crashing on the walls. The ingredients like tomatoes or raspberries have small seeds that eventually can damage the machine. Of course, the blades must also be strong enough.

However, if you do not use your machine correctly, even with good materials, it will not survive. It will take care to cut and clean food and not use ingredients that can damage the blades.

Options more

We believe that the automatic cleaning function is very convenient for this type of product. Unfortunately, only a small number of features. We must keep in mind that the heating blenders are not compatible with the washing machines. Soups and smoothies are very sticky liquid and if you do not rinse it right away, it will be difficult to clean up after. This is a detail, but we must think about it, because we find ourselves quickly overwhelmed when preparing meals and can quickly forget this step.

Another feature that could be useful: pulse. It is a system which propels food that accumulate around the blade during mixing. Another option that you facilitate cleaning.

If you will be using your heating blender soup occasionally, so this criterion will not be decisive for you. Even the chore of cleaning will be bearable for a time to time use. We try to think of every consumer profile and adapt to all.

At first glance, the heating blender like a blender classic. However, it offers more possibilities since it can make soups and sauces, and independently. He takes care of first cook your food until they are properly al dente. When cooking is finished, the blender starts up and this, in no time, you get a soup made fresh house. The baking lasts about 15 to 18 min and mixing is very fast, 1-2 minutes. On some models, you will have the ability to customize the cooking time and power, other programs will be predefined and you only have to press a button.

The use is very simple. We tried to find the products with the easiest interface to follow. Generally, you simply press a button or two and the heating blender handles everything. As for the same soup, just cut into the right measures your food, add with water in the blender and voila. The most painful part is peeling all that … As you can see, the use is not complicated and that’s why we love these little gadgets.

There are two possibilities: either your blender has two cleaning functions and in this case it will be very easy to clean your blender. First, the pulse function that projects the remaining food inevitably around the blade will be very convenient. And automatic cleaning function helps you all since you only have to add a little water and a drop of dishwashing liquid and clean the device itself. You only have to empty the contents and have a quick sponge. If you do not have these features, then it will all be cleaned by hand and we do not hide that it is quite a hassle. Know that these devices are not compatible with dishwashers.

The heating blender is popular for two reasons:

For one, it allows you to save time by preparing all in one container. No need to cook and then transferring to mix, everything is done in a snap. Your work plan will not be cluttered, you will gain in cleanliness.

All heating blenders are sealed during cooking. The steam does not escape, allowing well preserve nutrients from your vegetables. This is a very important point to which we sensitize bit.

Prices are quite reasonable in general for this kind of device and it does not take up much space in your kitchen. There are often 2 to 1, in order to make hot and cold dishes. They will revive in the summer and you will warm in winter!

For those who use their blender often: do not even think about a blender without automatic cleaning. The capacity will be equal since you often use. It remains to then choose the options that suit you.

For consumers who want to use this time to time product, a basic machine will do nicely and will be cheaper.

The only difference is that the materials used in the Babycook are often tailored to baby’s needs. However, you can find models BPA in conventional heating blenders, such as blender Aicook our selection.

Both are very resistant. However, the glass can see through, which is convenient for dosing and follow the preparation. For cons, the glass heats much as stainless steel, attention to burns.

These two brands are reliable and recognized. Cuisinart United States and Moulinex in Europe. You will not be disappointed with them, but we prefer Moulinex because it is much more commercialized in France and you will have a better choice of products.

It is not recommended to make purees with a heating blender. Indeed, pureed texture can easily stick to the bottom and form a crust. You will not have good results. To prepare purees, better use a blender for this purpose.

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