Best Bluetooth Headphones With Active Noise Reduction 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Best Bluetooth Headphones with Active Noise Reduction 2020 | Reviews and Guide

You will agree, nothing is more pleasant than a real musical escape without any interference or noise false note. To meet your expectations, the secret is to be equipped with a good Bluetooth headset with the technology that absorbs, namely the reduction of active noise. Nowadays, the number of Bluetooth headset with this technology is growing exponentially on the market, sometimes leaving rightfully lost its user face information and the incredible choice of models.

To help you choose the best Bluetooth headset noise reduction for your application, in comparison Best reviewed 5 Bluetooth headsets quality you find in the contents of this comparison. Similarly, a buying guide will help you understand the important features to consider in order to elect the best Bluetooth headset noise reduction.

Our selection of the top 5 Bluetooth headsets noise reducer

Whether for professional use, at home, on the go or relaxation music, there is the helmet that is right for you through the selection of the best Bluetooth headsets benefit from noise reduction technology.

If you are looking headphones instead of a helmet

1. TaoTronics – The best bluetooth headset noise reduction quality / price ratio

Best Bluetooth Headphones With Active Noise Reduction 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Our opinion on the bluetooth headset TaoTronics noise reduction

You dream to listen to your music without being distracted by background noise during your train travel or plane, without fear for the battery? You will not regret buying our site the best Bluetooth headset noise reducer sold by TaoTronics and this at an extremely competitive price.

After reviewing, we can now tell you whether the noise canceling headphones Bose directly challenging with its excellent price / quality ratio. Its users without complex associate with the most exclusive model, wonder? See for yourself…

With quality sound and well balanced low aggressive, balanced mids and clear treble with dual speaker 40mm, and more effective active noise reduction at will, you will try to adopt it.

It does not make you default on the life of the battery, if not beyond 25 hours listening … and a pair of overtime wireframe. Obviously, the microphone is integrated and make you enjoy your calls with noise reduction, is not it?

Comfortable to wear thanks to its super soft ear pads, its swivel ear cups 90 ° (practical for a helmet around the neck), ergonomic headband and its weight lessened thanks to the materials used. Specifically: This is a noise reduction Bluetooth headset very pleasant and never disturbing. A fortiori, when we know that is foldable and comes with a protective carrying case.

2. Bose QuietComfort 35 – The best Bluetooth headset noise reduction market

Best Bluetooth Headphones With Active Noise Reduction 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Our opinion on the Bluetooth headset Bose QuietComfort noise reduction 35

Quoi de mieux qu’un specialist audio connu et comme reconnue Bose hook for the vacation of a produit d’une qualite prodigieuse aussi que son ergonomics and the reputation?

Immerse yourself in your music bubble without any false note: optimized ergonomic in all its areas of expertise, the sound is of the highest quality without any vibration of the bass and you will note with pleasure the impressive difference and efficiency of the gearbox sound by activating and deactivating!

Whether you wear glasses or if you should not wanting Otter your Bose Bluetooth headset of the day, know that he has no discomfort and is more comfortable for both your skull to your ears!

This Bose Bluetooth headset offers even the possibility to connect two devices simultaneously thanks to NFC technology. And it is quite easy to imagine yourself amazed by his skill recharge express: a charging extra 15 minutes ensures 2:30 listening and we did not invent, it’s Bose who did it!

Note: The headset comes with a rigid protective pouch, a cable jack and an airplane adapter and a micro USB charging cable and requires installation on your SmartPhone application “Bose Connect” (on iOS and Android) before connecting automatically and within seconds.

3. Plantronics BackBeat PRO 2 – Most Bluetooth headset noise reduction most versatile

Best Bluetooth Headphones With Active Noise Reduction 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Our opinion on the bluetooth headset noise reduction Plantronics BackBeat PRO 2

You will agree, nothing is nicer than the musical escape in harmony with good Bluetooth headset noise reduction. And that, to appreciate all the more the return of soft sounds and nicely decorated with well-defined bass.

The American manufacturer Plantronics deploys an evolution of its model BackBeat PRO, which is thinned in a slim design with a padded headband and leatherette fabric between ensuring greater comfort and an absolutely perfect fit. Its pivoting ear cups 90 ° fit all body types without problems.

This is the Bluetooth headset noise reduction most versatile on the market: it has a multitude of excellently integrated features to the headset including its motion sensors detecting the removal of the helmet to get in “pause”. But also, a tremendous autonomy and actual call quality sound, in addition to a range of 24. And, while assuming real sound performance that you’ll be forced to find!

Extremely convenient with the main controls on the outside of the left atrium such as enabling or disabling the noise reducer and the controls to manage his listening and his calls. Control at hand and functional and more perfect!

It is obviously possible to connect two devices simultaneously, practice office to keep connected your computer and your smartphone.

4. Cowin E7 – L’excellente surprise

Best Bluetooth Headphones With Active Noise Reduction 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Our opinion on the bluetooth headset noise reduction E7 Cowin

Looking for a Bluetooth headset noise reducer cheap but effective enough to camouflage the cacophony that reigns in your office or home? Enjoy only hear what you want to hear, escape into your music, movies and videos.

With crisp, powerful sound, a flirtatious look well made and 30h of autonomy that is breathtaking, the helmet at Cowin is positioned correctly on the market. Especially since it is rare to dispose of a removable battery, far from insignificant appearance you will agree.

This is a nice quality product to wear even after hours of listening earphones are neither evil nor sweat excessively. This helmet is entirely satisfactory in terms of both comfort and in terms of its features: Bluetooth pairing is fast, the atria rotate 90 ° and ensure easy transport.

What if we told you that also ensures its noise reduction function via cable?

Please note: comes with a storage pouch, a jack cable and a power cable

5. MPOW – Efficiency cheap

Best Bluetooth Headphones With Active Noise Reduction 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Our opinion on the bluetooth headset noise reduction MPOW

Whether nomadic or pleasantly installed in front of your TV, this Bluetooth headset will give you all the desired satisfaction with its noise reduction. As fascinating for its design as for its ergonomics and excellent quality, it is the result of a combination of plastic and aluminum.

Comfortable both in the blindfold that his listeners that fully encompasses the ear, it is extremely popular with gamers. And more while it is charging, it lights up with a slight white halo that perfect sound robocop look stylish! Us it deserves its place in our comparison of the best Bluetooth headsets noise reduction. Its only downside is not having Bluetooth mode noise reduction.

Please note: comes with a storage pouch cloth, jack cable and a power cable

Buying Guide: How to choose the best Bluetooth headset reducing noise?

Far from being a simple accessory, Bluetooth headsets guarantee the user to overcome a cord that can cause discomfort, hold on to all-will even be damaged without the possibility of replacement. It is therefore a significant additional comfort to consider in getting your material. But not only …

Sound quality

Obviously we can not rule out this criterion in choosing a headset. The sound quality is above all that each user research, and listened to whatever style of music or use made of it (movies, video games, etc.).

These are low that determine the best audio quality, manufacturers ensure the balance so that they are not too worn on acute or serious but there is enough bass to ensure sound quality pleasant. The right balance is the result of clear bass that do not come insofar hide the treble and assures a sound pleasant to the ear final.

And of course the quality of noise reduction technology enjoyed by the helmet you elected. Although it is the secret of many technological prowess, the operation mode to design a isolation from outside sounds, is also excellent and obvious: the ambient sound is recorded automatically and regularly in a microwave ridiculous, before being immediately transmitted to a processor which analyzes and projects accordingly sound counterbalancing the harmful sound element.

The accessibility of control commands

If you plan to buy a Bluetooth headset, it’s likely to give you the luxury to avoid leaving your smartphone field after all to manage your music or receive a call, is not it?

It is therefore to be considered at the time of purchase because it is a more significant issue comfort. Most helmets we’ve reviewed in this roundup Bluetooth headset reducing noise, have directly integrated controls.

To elect your mobile headset, consider the convenience of its orders, which must be intuitive in addition to being accessible when you have headphones on.


All Bluetooth headsets in this roundup feature a rechargeable battery whose life is relatively long and sufficient not to find yourself running out of battery while on the go at the end of the world, between 20h and 30h efficient, they send heavy!

However, other features can interfere with your choice of a helmet if they prove as relevant as beneficial to a better functioning of the battery of your equipment:

The shape of the headphones: circum-aural VS supra-aural

There are two types of headphones forms, namely:

Generally the atria of these helmets are of larger size. However, the full wrap the ear obviously provides better insulation against ambient noise.

Conversely, these helmets have less bulky headphones and therefore lighter which is reflected on the overall weight of the helmet but also in ease of transport.

Overall, this is important, however, it will not impact on the performance of the helmet but is more about the comfort of the user.

Son design

Think of the effect, the aesthetic appearance you wish to disengage wearing your helmet. Some models are simple while others combine different materials or colors … and the collection of Bluetooth headsets noise reduction is great! This decision is yours of course. But if ideally you take a liking to a helmet that turns out to be more comfortable design, it won for you!


Through this selection of the top 5 Bluetooth headsets, we hope you have routed in your choice of purchasing a Bluetooth headset reducing noise, in addition to answering your questions about the important criteria to consider in order to elect one that suits you.

Keep in mind the importance of the quality of its materials and its deployed technologies which make sense in the auditory and physical comfort of your future helmet. Also, the convenience of use for the accessibility of its control commands that can cause discomfort to the use if it turns out they are not ergonomic enough. But most YOUR priority depending on your use.

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