Best Cervical Pillows | Best comparison

Neck pain affects nearly 70% of French and they come to spoil the day by extending the shoulders and back. Often it is our position that is the cause of the pain, with a sore common among those who work on a computer all day. But these cervical pain can only come from a wrong position during sleep that will trigger these concerns from waking. More dragged to treat more neck pain will increase!

Fortunately, there are good solutions to relieve you; you can purchase a mattress topper shape memory, to maximize your comfort in bed and go for a cervical cushion, designed to reduce and eliminate pain. Discover the 10 best neck pillows that we have selected for you, and a comprehensive shopping guide to help you make the best choice!

The best neck pillows 2020

Best Cervical Pillows | Best Comparison

1. Power of cervical pillow of Nature- The best neck pillow shape memory

The English brand Power of Nature here offers a comprehensive cervical pillow, which fits without difficulty at the forefront of the best painkillers cushion the market. It accounts for a protection for the neck, shoulders and back but also takes care of your skin and your sleep.

For this, put on an ergonomic design that promotes the proper alignment of the spine and relieves neck pain and back. It therefore ensures quality sleep in the best positions. It is intended also to both sleepers who spend their nights on the back to those who tend to turn on the sides.

This neck pillow uses a form of memory foam that reduces pressure on the head, neck and shoulders and strengthens the feeling of wellness night. So when you ask your head above it marries form and follow your movements during the night. The foam used by the manufacturer of high quality, which guarantees a good life in this neck pillow.

Comes with a pillowcase and breathable hypoallergenic pillow, which cleans machine, it is also anti-mite, which is important for those with allergies. In addition, it is guaranteed not toxic and does not attract dust.

With dimensions of 37.9 x 16.3 x 15 cm and a curved rectangle shape, this ergonomic pillow become an ideal bedfellow to calm, first time, pain, and to stop them gradually.

If you want to end your pain, this is undoubtedly the best neck pillow of the moment. As comprehensive effective, it will allow you to spend peaceful nights and did not wake up all blocked!

Best Cervical Pillows | Best Comparison

2. Cervical Pillow Uttu – The best neck pillow with adjustable height

This neck pillow model leverages its materials and ergonomics particularly well thought out to allow all types of sleepers enjoy its features. Indeed, the cervical pillow Uttu is adjustable at several levels, and you simply remove one of its layers of foam to fit your night stand.

Base, it measures 60 x 36 x 12 cm / 10 cm. If you remove the foam, it goes to 60 x 36 x 9 cm / 7 cm, with a reduction corresponding to the thickness of the edges where you come support you first. In fact, it offers the same results to those who sleep on their stomachs, those who sleep on their back and side sleepers. If you stir in the night, the shape memory foam Uttu DYNAMIC follow the curves of your body to keep you in an optimal position all night!

This neck pillow aims to relieve your neck pain and therapeutic ergonomic design provides good results. Better yet, it prevents snoring, alleviate stiff shoulders and help the body and muscles to relax at night to sleep. After a few days of use, you will wake up as fresh as a youngster!

Finish with his house made of bamboo fiber, breathable (ideal for those who tend to sweat at night), anti mite and hypoallergenic, which prevents itching and skin problems. It does not attract dust, it contains no toxic and clean easily.

The cervical pillow Uttu is a very good choice for those who tend to fidget, as the foam that the garnishes will follow your position. Easy to clean and able to reduce both neck pain and those muscles, it is distinguished by its adjustable height allowing it to suit the majority.

Best Cervical Pillows | Best Comparison

3. Cervical Pillow Thermotherapy MYSA – A superb thermal pillow bio

While most cervical pillows adopt the same shape and more or less the same type of operation, the model proposed by the Swedish brand complement MYSA stands out, with a multifunction pillow with a heating function to relax the neck, relieving muscles, reduce headaches and even to take care of your face.

To achieve these results, the cervical pillow MYSA is filled Italian 100% organic spelled, anti-mite and anti-allergic, which would, according to the brand nearly 30% profit more compared to conventional cushions on reducing pains. If trim is original already, it is mainly its thermal capacity makes it interesting.

You only have to spend the fitted cover these peaks microphones in the microwave a few minutes before lying down on it. The relaxing effect is fast and we understand why it is registered as a medical device. The small spikes are placed so as to stimulate the acupressure points present in the back and the radial nerve, along the spine. This is the hallmark of the Swedish firm, which helps to make disappear neck pain.

But it is also possible to use this small pillow (40 x 15 x 30 cm) for other things: local application on muscle or bone pain, on the face to improve blood circulation and reduce wrinkles / act as an antioxidant or reducing headaches.

It is not intended to be a full night, but rather a moment of relaxation … and it is also sold with a meditation CD for a complete result!

Atypical, this neck pillow MYSA uses heat therapy to relieve pain and relax the body and mind. A nice healthy and easy to use template, for relaxing breaks that you will do good.

Best Cervical Pillows | Best Comparison

4. Cervical Pillow Guiffly- a good neck pillow cheap

This neck pillow Guiffly the brand is not very expensive, but it manages to deliver good performance, including a premium form of memory foam with high density. It molds to your neck and shoulders, and does not harden in cold weather thanks to its thermoregulation. Therefore, comfort is assured year round.

In addition to improving the quality of your sleep, it promises to reduce headaches, sometimes on consecutive neck or back pain, following the shape of your neck in the neck area of ​​support. Very effective for night’s sleep and a gross reduction in pain, it does not work to reduce snoring …!

Neither too hard nor too soft, it will settle the sleepers looking for a basic but effective product. Its it a nice pillow for the skin, composed of 75% cotton and 25% polyester, which makes it very sweet! This cushion also has a useful zipper to remove the pillowcase and wash, and a protective cover between the foam and the same pillow.

With its butterfly shape, this cervical pillow adapts to side sleepers as those who sleep on their back, at least to those who sleep on their stomachs, and its dimensions (50 x 30 x 11/6 cm) are ideal for a rest effective.

Simple and effective, the cushion will be a good choice for budget travelers, those who do not suffer from pain too intense and users who simply want to improve their night. With this cushion cervical Guiffly, you will discover what a restful sleep.

Best Cervical Pillows | Best Comparison

5. Pillow Bed Story Shape Memory – A painkiller anti mite and hypoallergenic pillow

The pillow Bed Story shape memory is a customizable cushion, which can adjust the height and adjust the thickness and has 2 sides to suit the seasons. In fact, the foam cervical pillows (and the mattresses …) tends to freeze with temperatures too cold, which makes it too hard cushion. No problem with this model and its reversibility!

Quite soft but firm, this model comes with an extra foam that allows you to garnish, if you want to change the thickness and texture. Besides, it is also height adjustable to fit all sleeping positions. 3 heights are available to you for a complete rest in all situations.

It reduces the pressure generated by your neck and provides the body a good performance, with proper alignment of the spine during your nights. Therefore, the first improvements are soon to appear!

This neck pillow is also very easy to maintain, with his pillow, anti-mite and hypoallergenic which is easily removed and can be washed by hand. Reduces perspiration, circulates air to minimize odors and is composed solely of non-toxic components.

With dimensions of 40.6 x 28.6 x 18.8 cm and a shredded foam that adds comfort, it is a cushion that will fulfill your expectations!

Adjustable, adjustable, comfortable … the cushion Bedstory among the best neck pillows on the market and it can be used longer, season after season. A good choice !

6. shape memory pillow for neck pain Zen Pure – the best orthopedic cervical pillow

Zenpur uses an Organic Bamboo pillowcase to cover the neck cushion and protect as long as possible. Washable easy, hypoallergenic and antibacterial, this pillowcase and composition bio help maintain freshness and cleanliness in your bed

Of course, this neck pillow is designed to soothe the neck pain of those who suffer, sleeping badly or strength to stand in an incorrect position during the day. Gradually, using this type of pillow, tensions subside and the support offered by the cushion helps make them disappear.

It is equally to sleeping on the back to those who prefer to rest by sleeping on the side, because this premium orthopedic pillow has a perforated shape memory foam, which provides very good support while ensuring good breathing this material quality.

The ZenPur pillows are manufactured in Europe and comply with the certification Oeko-Tex Standard 100, set up to ensure the qualities of human ecology of textiles. There is thus a healthy product, which will last in time; if this is not the case, know that Zenpur offers a 10 year warranty with this product!

Enough wide (60 x 40 x 9 cm) with a medium firmness and rapid improvement in your condition, from the first use is an innovative cervical pillow that has a good price / quality ratio.

Not too hard, the pain could be the best cushion orthopedic neck pillow for those who like to sleep on a comfortable pillow, made from healthy materials and change position frequently. It is even against snoring!

7. cervical cushion height adjustable HB Life – A pillow that fits everyone

This cervical HB Life cushion, rather traditional in its rectangular shape, has the good taste to be supplied with two pillowcases, which allows not having to buy. In addition to this specificity, it offers several interesting features at a reasonable price.

Let’s start with the shape memory foam used, a slow memory to memory foam that will keep its shape and density and provide a very good neck support to those who have sore neck. Classic but effective, including a three-layer design that can be adjusted to individual preferences. Like cervical high and thick cushions? Place all layers to a carrier that matches your expectations. You prefer thinner pillows, which although farms are not raised too? Remove the core layer, simply.

The material of these layers includes a gel which makes breathing bag in order to avoid excess sweating. This also makes heat-sensitive, for use in any weather. If the pillow itself does not wash the pillow case (or cases) can be cleaned easily.

It may be noted that in addition to its benefits against neck pain, this cushion model improves blood circulation, by reducing the pressure of your body. This also results in a lower overall stress and muscle tension, as well as a much more restful sleep.

In short, we have here one of the best neck pillows to take care of you.

This neck pillow with adjustable height HB Life is good to turn your nights into real intense periods of rest and without seeking originality, he is full and satisfactory even after several months of use. Simple and efficient.

8. Orthopedic Pillow Uuq – The best neck pillow for side sleepers

This pillow ergonomic design is intended primarily for those who sleep sideways, but will be effective also for those who sleep on their backs, with a butterfly shape well thought out, that wraps your neck and shoulders while preventing you to switch during the night.

Thus positioned, your rest will be complete and your pain will subside quickly. Better yet, for sleepers who tend to snore, this neck pillow will help you to reduce the noise to the delight of the person sharing your bed

It is lined with a foam of high quality shape memory, the average hardness, which helps to reduce tensions at the neck effectively without causing the alarm backache. Like all cervical pillows, a little adjustment period may be necessary but it quickly gets results.

Notable improvements, reduced neck pain and back pain, but also the disappearance of headaches, aching shoulders and torso, due to the design of Uuq cushion that takes into account the position of the column vertebral.

Note that it has a removable pillow pillowcase and washable, which circulates air to reduce perspiration, and prevent the accumulation of bacteria. Moreover, it is anti-mite and anti-mite!

Designed to last over time, it is a neck pillow with a good price / quality ratio that should relieve you.

You tend to sleep on the sides? Your partner is complaining of your snoring? Here is the best neck pillow for you!

9. Cervical Pillow Cover Anti-mite in Silk Isincer – The most comfortable pillows painkillers?

For a cervical cushion ultra complete, suitable for all sleepers and very comfortable, this pillow of Isincer brand pulls out of the game.

Its shape allows it to effectively hold the neck and head by evenly distributing the weight of the sleeper, which results from the first nights by a sharp decrease in the pressure of the body, and therefore less stress in the morning. Soon the pain fade!

This efficiency is made possible by a heat-sensitive shape memory foam, hard trend (what the average foam fans could blame him), that takes a little time to form initially. Then, the breathable material which composes it allows not to store the bacteria and avoid the sleepers sweat.

In addition, you can easily machine wash the pillowcase around the pillow core. Just remove it with the thought zipper for this purpose, to keep your linen permanently impeccable bed. Let’s finish with the inner house, hypoallergenic, foam that protects and ensures a long service life.

With a standard size suitable for all types of users (60 x 35 x 11/6 cm) and the possibility to use it in one way or the other, depending on your position, this ergonomic pillow shape memory s’ for all those who want to reduce neck pain quickly.

This neck pillow has been designed to support the body and relieve pain and does it well, with an atypical form. Aside from its hard foam, which may interfere in some, it’s efficient and ergonomic pillow for the greatest number.

10. Cervical Pillow Travel Ease – Best cervical pillow bamboo charcoal foam

The cervical pillow is composed premium shape memory foam with bamboo charcoal, a therapeutic method which would improve the results by emitting negative ions to neutralize the positive ions produced by the appliances at home. Thus, placing the neck pillow in your home, stress and the usual tensions could reduce already.

But it is at night, during sleep, this cushion offers the best of its ability. If opening, the smell is quite unpleasant and it takes about 48 hours for it to leave, then thought a pillow to support the neck, head and shoulders. It adapts to the morphology of each, ensuring that all the sleepers restful nights and gentle awakenings.

Bamboo Charcoal in it is a material that breathes, which offers great comfort and especially who does not sag too quickly. The cervical pillow will therefore keep its shape longer and you can easily clean it. Indeed, it is sold with two permeable covers (an outer and an inner) removable and machine washable to the outside. Anti-mite and antibacterial, it is a product that takes care of your skin along with your body.

Quite large (62 x 35 x 11 cm), the cervical pillow Travel Ease and trim reduces back and neck pain within a few days.

Adopting a different padding and organic, this Travel cervical pillow Ease offers comfort and results to those who use it every night. Soon, tension and pain subside and found pleasure to get up without being blocked.

Buying Guide: everything you need to know about a cervical cushion before buying a

Wondering how to know what the best neck pillow for you? On what criteria to base make the right choice? What points should check first on a neck pillow? With this buying guide, you will get all the answers to your questions.

The shape of the neck pillow

Some neck pillows feature classic rectangular, and rely mainly on the quality of the foam to deliver good results. Others, like the orthopedic cushion Uuq opt for a more ergonomic approach with butterfly shapes or wave.

Typically, these pillows are best suited for people with neck pain because they come support the neck overnight and neutralize tensions. In addition, they lead to a relaxing effect that impacts not only the neck but also the shoulders, back, or all of the spine.

By choosing the right form of neck pillow, you’ll be able to decrease your pain neck, your headaches and even your lower back pain. If you tend to sleep mostly in a position (only on the back, on the abdomen, sideways …), know that the cushions can be specialized for certain types of sleepers, or adapt to as many as cervical pillow Power of Nature.

The foam quality

For cervical pillows in this roundup, the shape memory foam is the standard, but its composition and density vary. Also, be aware that this type of pillow does not wash because the memory foam is heat sensitive does not support machines. So make sure to have one or more covers with your pillow to ensure proper hygiene of your nights.

A good foam density is high, it does not congeal in the cold (as is the case on the wrong pillow shape memory), and will take time. In general, good pillows conform to the shape of your body and follow your every nocturnal movements, if the foam is optimal.

Note: some innovative pillows such as cervical pillow Thermotherapy MYSA, choose a different padding, replacing the foam of different components, often natural, as here spelled.

The level of firmness

Depending on the level of your pain, your body and your experience with cervical pillows, the best density foam / cushion firmness level will not be the same.

Those who already know will find it easier to turn to softer or harder pillow as they tried, when new users will choose randomly. The easiest ? Opting for a cervical pillow neither too hard nor too soft, which will be able to relieve tension at the highest number of sleepers.

The too soft pillow often have little effect when the cushion too firm could simply worsen the situation by creating new pain. Among the moderate choice, cervical pillow was the Guiffly brand.

The quality of the pillowcase

The pillowcase is of particular importance since the one hand, it is in direct contact with your skin, on the other hand it is what protects the cushion. Better to have several games (cervical cushion adjustable height HB Life comes with a pair of covers) and check that it is:

Some breathable materials will be more enjoyable and healthy!

Reducing pain but not that …

The best neck pillow should not only help you reduce your pain, but can also help address other concerns as night … too profuse sweating and snoring that disturb your family.

With breathable materials of some cushions, air will circulate better, which will prevent the sleeper from sweating, and body position that allows to adopt some of these cushions models will greatly enhance the concern of snoring! It’s your half that may be!

The size and thickness of the cushion

If the dimensions do not matter, since all the cushions are sufficient to deposit the head, the thickness of the cushion is important. With a height of between 10 and 12 cm, you should be able to pass very decent nights and wake up without torticollis! To ensure that the thickness of the headrest is acceptable, you can simply choose a cervical cushion that rule.

On some models, such as cervical cushion Uttu, you can add or remove thick layers to adapt the product to your desires!

FAQ: it answers the questions you have about cervical cushions

Acquire a cushion for cervical allows to stop the pain of neck / shoulder / back and headaches they entail. These pillows are designed to support the body as necessary, to correct your bad night positions and ensure a refreshing rest during the night, which will offset your bad postures daytime.

In short, the neck pillow relieves and decreases body pains that come ruin the lives of many French.

The price of neck pillows will depend on several factors: composition, size, quality of its coating and the reputation of its manufacturer. Some experts sell their more expensive pillows because they have a recognized expertise and this is quite normal.

On average, good for cervical pillows will cost between 30 and 70 euros. It is possible to find prices lower, but the quality is rarely appointment. In addition to these rates, the cushions will be very good but almost medical, and if you do not have a medical prescription, it may not be worth spending much.

Medical cushions are available online, on the commercial sites that distribute often the products of leading manufacturers, offering some welcome reductions (possible thanks to the absence of intermediary) in the bedding shops that also sell shape memory mattresses and products for the comfort of sleeping, or in supermarkets. Note however the latter case, because the cushions are rarely very qualitative.

The heating pad to the neck is a great option … to relax and unwind. The grains that adorn these cushions will soak heat but there is no risk of burning, due to product coatings. It is sufficient to apply the thermal pad on the painful area and leave the specified time, to relieve pain.

But beware, they are made for one-time use, not to sleep!