Best Coloring Books For Adults | Review & Guide

Best Coloring Books for Adults | Review & Guide

With the national containment which we are living, many people see their lives disrupted and disorganized. If this period is particularly conducive to anxiety and apprehension of the future, many French are engaged in new relaxing and creative activities. The adult coloring is a particularly interesting activity to relieve pressure and refocus his attention.

In recent years, the adult coloring has become a hobby. First for children, he returned to date in creative shops and has become widespread everywhere, read the delight of the big kids! This is a convenient inexpensive, very accessible and extremely effective against stress. So lets take a first step in a leisure activity.

The best books adult coloring in 2020

Best Coloring Books For Adults | Review & Guide

1. 50+ Mandalas Meggan Magic: the best coloring book for beginners!

The adult coloring book 50+ Mandalas Meggan Magic is ideal for beginners who want to learn to Mandala. Under paperbacks, it is offered at a very attractive price, making it the best adult coloring book for fans who want to discover the art of anti-stress coloring Mandala.

This book will help you to relax because the coloring complex and repetitive patterns is a real therapy to relieve chronic stress. You will find in the album of Magic Meggan designs professional-quality, hand-drawn. You can easily color the spaces because the lines are thick, allowing you to take control without exceeding lines and damage to your work.

Each pattern is printed on an A4 size. The paper is matte finish, careful though not to color the felt since the paper is fine. It will therefore favor the coloring pencil. Count 55 pages of drawings, allowing you to train and notice your progress as you of your creations.

This album is the perfect gift for the big as for the small to the creative spirit. It is ranked third in sales of colors for young and first in the category of individual artists books.

Best Coloring Books For Adults | Review & Guide

2. 100 Mandalas Animals Creative Mandala: the best animal coloring book.

The book 100 Mandalas Animals Creative Mandala takes you into a universe exclusively animal, coloring pages with 100 wild animals, domestic and farmers. This book is the best album of anti-stress coloring for animal lovers.

Offered in a paperback format for a price of € 7.99, this book allows you to de-stress after a busy day thanks to its hypnotic quality and animal motifs. To avoid the transfer felt and the risk of burrs, each design is printed on a separate sheet and back of each page is printed in black. Creative Mandala therefore sign a book worked for optimal comfort coloring.

Be careful though because the leaves are thin, we therefore advise you to preferably use crayons or felt fine and light to color your album.

You can give this album to adults and children who love nature and animals, for an original gift that liberates the imagination. Also note that the book is published without editor, allowing you to discover and support independent creator.

Best Coloring Books For Adults | Review & Guide

3. Wonderland Midnight Blue of paper: a whimsical coloring and irresistible album

Blue Stationery is here a unique whimsical coloring book of its kind, ideal for fans of fantasy and imaginary universe. The book is published by Gray & Gold Publishing, specializing in the world of notebooks, weekly planners and calligraphy in particular.

The book is light since it contains 66 pages. You’ll find 30 pictures of animals and flowers in a unique and eccentric style. Indeed, exotic birds illustrations are revisited and reinvented by fanciful geometric shapes, for your enjoyment. This is the best album of coloring adult fantasy and exotic our selection! Each drawing is represented on a black background to highlight your coloring, and printed one side bright white for better visualization rendering.

This album is suitable for both children and adults and is also ideal as a gift for a person enjoying the fantasy.

Like previous works, the main downside Wonderland Midnight is the paper that is deemed a little too late. Despite sided printing only, the black background and the quality of paper 90 g / m², felts used are likely to pass through the sheet or be visible when you turn the page. Opt so the crayons.

Best Coloring Books For Adults | Review & Guide

4. Scribbles: read coloring hypnotic adults

With Scribbles, Stationery Blue sign the best anti-stress coloring book for original and offbeat adult! A big key positive points of this book are the sayings and proverbs of love subtly slipped on each spread. In addition to coloring patterns, you will find so ideal for your meditations, constituting a perfect item for art therapy.

The second big advantage of this work are the design patterns. These various reasons, not representing a particular object as the previous coloring books, intermingled and almost hypnotic to watch. These black and white lines are interlaced some complexity that you will free your creative potential to the maximum. coloring areas are both large and small on the grounds, to alternate your desires.

Like most coloring books, each pattern is printed on the front page on bright white paper, and the back of the page is black. We recommend this album for adults and young adults, because the complexity of the patterns may be difficult to handle for children.

However, attention to coloring felt pen that will pierce the paper, choose pastels or crayons.

Best Coloring Books For Adults | Review & Guide

5. ARTEZA floral motifs: the Pocket Album to color everywhere!

ARTEZA offers here the best coloring book bag! Indeed, this book has a square dimension of 16.3 × 16.3 cm, convenient to take him in a bag and color wherever you like, even at work during your breaks. One of the innovations of the book is the system of detachable pages that you can isolate your work or supervise your works.

This book features 72 unique floral and complex, ideal for soaking up the spring season. This book is perfect for use in art therapy and meditation thanks to its specially designed anti-stress designs.

The paper quality is excellent and professional quality with a thick 150g / m² and offers an anti-smudge surface for all types of tools to color. Besides, you can both coloring with colored pencils that felt marker, brush or pen.

Finally, the book is 100% guaranteed by ARTEZA: the after-sales service return a book for free if you have any problems.

Finally, we recommend ARTEZA Floral Designs for adults and young adults because of the superior quality of the book and coloring small areas that the dimensions induce.

6. Clairefontaine 97505C: customizable coloring book

The French paper Clairefontaine offer with the 97505C book a multitude of choices patterns. Indeed, the brand offers different models with very different styles: the model cities to color buildings, the model Nature, flowers, patterns, Birds, Butterflies, Tattoos, Bollywood, tapestries or Mediterranean. logbook dimensions vary according to the selected pattern, from 20 × 20 cm, 21 x 29,7 cm 29,7 × 21 cm. The 97505C book is definitely the best book coloring Stress customizable.

Each book has a different number of impressions. Cities with the album, you’ll find 36 different motifs cities coloring. The reasons are more traditional than previous coloring books, but you can discover or rediscover the most beautiful monuments and buildings of cities while freeing your creativity to give them new colors!

The funds are either black or white and printing of drawings is made duplex on a good quality paper 120g / m². Therefore, you can smoothly use all of your favorite coloring tools, including pens and markers. The paper is thick, we recommend instead to use tools to ink rendering sparkling magnified.

7. Wild Tangerine Avenue 4, GY093C: a coloring book professional

With the album Wild 4 GY093C Avenue Mandarine offers exceptional quality book. Indeed, the reasons offered are from drawings by illustrator Colin Emmanuelle which portrays his characters in the book “Wild”. You will therefore find 14 drawings of girls accompanied by an animal of a stunning realism. Each design is printed twice, allowing you to test different colors and shades.

Paper quality is also waiting for you since the book is composed of drawing paper 250g Clairefontaine certified PEFC (sustainable forest management). The originality of the book lies in the spiral system for convenience and better handling when coloring. You can also detach your drawings if needed.

Avenue Mandarine so here offers the best coloring book for adult professional. It is both for parents and children; however to reserve for regulars of the drawing and / or coloring. All coloring tools can be used, including markers of alcohol, watercolor, paint and crayons for (oil, wax, etc.)

Finally, if you enjoy Emmanuelle Colin artwork, you can also find the other 3 books in the same range with wild patterns.

8. Nest Coloring Publisher and his coloring book “Beautiful Flowers”

Nest Coloring Book, coloring specialist for children and adults, offers with “Beautiful Flowers” a classic coloring book and floral perfect to start the anti-stress coloring. This book is perfect for those wishing to explore the adult coloring without spending too much, with classic designs and easy coloring. Indeed, the reasons are very simple and easy coloring, making the “Beautiful Flowers” the best coloring book for adult beginners, with classical motifs.

High resolution prints are located on each page of the book right and has a black back to prevent smudging. You can use all your coloring tools this album: markers, gel pens, colored pencils, markers and watercolors. The patterns are unique, professional quality and printed in large format for a spacious and pleasant coloring.

Like the previous two books, he also holds a detachable page system to reuse your drawing or frame it. This book is suitable for any type of user, both for children and adolescents and adults.

Finally, Beautful Flowers came out very recently – March 22, 2020 – and is ideal if you are looking for a new coloring book test!

Buying Guide: everything you need to know about adult coloring books before buying a

Paper thickness

As you may have noticed in product magazines, coloring books have very different thicknesses of paper. While coloring books, especially for beginners, have a thickness of 90g / m², some other more qualitative books may have a thickness of paper up to 250g / m². Paper thickness depend on the quality of the book and the audience. Indeed, the books for beginners and children tend to be less qualitative and propose a rather thin paper, while the professional books will have a much greater paper thickness.

If you are a beginner or your purchase is intended for a child, so prefer the input range of coloring books as Gribouillages (rather for adults or teenagers) or 50+ Mandalas Meggan Magic or 100 Mandalas Animals Creative Mandala.

If you’re more a regular coloring for adults and are looking for a professional, turn to Albums coloring Clairefontaine or Wild 4 GY093C Avenue Mandarine with his paper 250g / m² Clairefontaine PEFC certified.

The equipment to be used

Enter the world of coloring for adults and you will discover a wealth of tools and equipment more or less professionals to color your drawings. As a beginner, we advise you to test several tools to unleash your creative potential and find the one that suits you best

So you can start with very simple materials like crayons or markers. Begin testing the crayons and your children felt or those who stay in your drawer bottoms that will do nicely for a first. If you are looking for more subtle tools, know that there are more qualitative pencils colors than those for children, you can find online or in specialized stores of crafts. There are also better alcohol-based markers, we recommend once you have well taken hold of the coloring for adults. Note that there are many different felts professional quality and the prices can sometimes be very high compared to conventional markers.

If you want to test less conventional but equally interesting tools, you can test the water-based paint and / or oil, pastel or watercolor. For the latter, a certain technique to acquire necessary, but the result will be very fine, subtle and colorful.

The coloring of the reasons

Today, there are an incredible choice of adult coloring books on the market. You can find Mandalas, animals, cities, ethnic grounds but also fictional characters or manga. If you are new to coloring, prefer rather simple patterns, traditional and consistent coloring you leave spaces. So you can turn to the Mandalas that are classic children, flowers or even universe characters you enjoy. You can start with the 100 Mandalas Animals Creative Mandala or the beautifuk Flowers Nest Coloring Publisher to beautiful floral and easy.

If your goal is primarily looking for an anti-stress effect through art therapy, turn to repetitive patterns or hypnotics such as mandalas and other abstract motifs. For this, we suggest the Mandalas 50+ Meggan Magic to classical motifs and haunting, the book Scribbles Stationery Blue for repeating patterns, interspersed hypnotic or the Wonderland Midnight Blue Stationery with its exotic animals and fanciful.

FAQ: it answers the questions that you ask on adult coloring

The adult coloring is a new trend that emerged in the last few years in the early 2010. If it can be perceived as a mere hobby or pastime, coloring has real health benefits. It is part of activities related to art therapy, a method that allows people to use their creative ability to psychotherapeutic purposes. Many activities are to count years of art therapy as coloring, painting, working with clay, collage, photography, dance, theater or music. In addition, the coloring has real assets: anti-stress, better concentration, sensory experience … and many more to discover!

Overall, all the arts or creative have anti-stress effects because it is all about taking time for yourself. The coloring (and other activities mentioned) allow reduced levels of cortisol, the stress hormone. Several researchers from Drexel University in the United States also conducted an experiment to analyze the effects of art therapy on stress. As a result, 75% of study participants, cortisol levels had decreased after 45 minutes of practice. In practice, the coloring enhances his ability to concentrate and focus on a single task, in full consciousness. This allows to forget his problems, let go and thus reduce stress.

The adult coloring books are generally findable everywhere. In physical store, you can find them in bookstores, in creative specialist shops and leisure and even hypermarket radius books. Online you will find them on sites ecommerce physical signs listed above, on marketplaces or directly on the publishers websites.

Coloring Albums are usually very accessible in terms of price. There are for all tastes, as the sector has developed in recent years. Among our selection you will find albums at very low prices as the book Gribouillages less than 6 euros or Mandala Meggan Magic or Beautiful Flowers Nest Coloring Publisher less than 7 euros. It all depends on the desired quality and your level of coloring. Indeed, cheap albums are ideal pure those just starting and want to get your foot in the adventure of coloring for adults. Now the paper is thinner and you can not use some coloring tools such as felt or painting.

If you want excellent quality paper, it will cost a little more. Guests will appreciate the magnificent Wild 4 GY093C Avenue Mandarine sold to 15.69 euros, the Clairefontaine 97505C and quality of premium paper or the ARTEZA floral motifs.

The first issue to consider first is what kind of paper you have. The more paper will end and it will be difficult or impossible to use certain tools like pens or markers. You can also choose your albums to your tools if you use only the felt, turn to coloring books and qualitative thick paper. Opt so the crayons on thin paper, to be sure not to damage other coloring pages. Finally, we simply recommend testing both for yourself and tools to choose your favorite!

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