Best Juice Extractors 2020 | Review & Guide

Best Juice Extractors 2020 | Review & Guide

What better than a juice extractor to be used at home, every day! These devices ensure optimal rendering, since they are very gentle with food during the throwing. It is ideal for making juice “home” healthy with no additives or added sugars. Today they are among the must-have in the kitchen. Some models allow you to concoct yet other types of preparation … These are items for the most expensive enough, because the innovations they use are fairly complex. Indeed, we need quality food materials to keep up your preparations. We have chosen for you the best market juice extractors, with prices that will fit any budget. And to help you choose, read our buying guide.

Best Juice Extractors 2020 | Review & Guide

The Omega Juicer is best extractors horizontal juice market. It is very efficient and is part of a favorite consumer products.

This juicer is very efficient thanks to its screw and its screen, very sophisticated. The system is simple: a single screw, easy to disassemble and clean takes care of crushing the fruit. They bump against the screen patented two-phase, which will make a maximum of juice. Food is crushed once rudely and juice will filter through the portion with large holes. Then, the wet pulp goes forward to the extractor where it is strongly pressed and there, all the juice out. Finally, the juice passes through the fine sieve part of the pulp dryer and the spring on the other side. Please note, the screen is not in stainless steel and it will be necessary to dry after cleaning.

One of the other flaws of this device is that it is not compact enough to keep it on his kitchen counter all the time. Its appearance is classic, the body is white with a green label “Omega Juicer” above.

The first product of this review is the Omega 8224 juicer, a model design and multifunction horizontal. This is one of the best models on the market, because it is very powerful and customer ratings no shortage of compliments.

The major advantages of this device are its multiple functions. Moreover, this partly justifies its price. You can cook almost anything you want with this juicer: fruit juice, vegetables and herbs without pulp, creamy purees, sorbets, nut butters, pasta, breadsticks … In short, plenty of opportunities for your great pleasure. Take time to read the user manual, in order not to use food that could damage your machine. In case of problems, Omega cover damage for 15 years (manufacturing defect, technical …). The only downside is that it will return the product at your cost to Britain.

However, it does not appear that this machine makes you worried, as customers have stressed many times the strength of this extractor. This is the best extractor powerful horizontal juice. The pressing screw is formidable and eight times stronger than its competitors. His power does not stop being silent: you can do your morning juice in peace.

This Omega juicer is the best on the market, because it is very efficient. The juice it produces are delicious and healthy. The screws that grind food is resistant to everything. In addition, this machine offers a lot of possibilities.

Best Juice Extractors 2020 | Review & Guide

The second model that we will see part of the high-end market products. Its price is quite high, because it is a very well thought extractor juice. There are many details we loved our team of experts.

The appearance of this juicer is available in several colors: silver, white, black and red. It therefore melt perfectly in any kitchen. Its small size does not take up too much space on your counter, which is convenient for those who want to use their daily extractor.

It has 8 different rooms so two sieve juice (large holes / small holes) to adjust the consistency to your liking. The container that collects the juice is very large for comfortable use.

This juicer is the best market in terms of speed. Indeed, the extractors are known to be much slower than the centrifuges. This model Biochef Atlas is pretty fast compared to its competitors, a considerable asset when pressed in the morning …

This device uses cold pressed and the protective enzyme system, which is very important to keep a maximum of nutrients intact. The slow extraction pressure allows very smooth, result: no friction and no heat aired on food. In addition to conventional juice, you can cook fresh tofu, almond milk, boiled vegetables, fiber … Our team of experts love multifunction devices like this.

Most of this apparatus is that it has an overtemperature sensor for even more security. In addition, the materials used are tritan, guaranteed BPA free and non-toxic. So, you can make juice for your babies without worry.

Cleaning starts already during operation of the device. This task is quite easier. However, the brush that comes with was considered too soft to remove the remains effectively.

This is a premium product, with a price that is unbeatable in its class. The guest reviews are unanimous: the juices are excellent and the opportunities this extractor are really interesting. A real gem for cooking enthusiasts that will accompany in their culinary adventures.

Best Juice Extractors 2020 | Review & Guide

The AMZ juicer Head is also part of multifunction machines. It is efficient, robust and is able to perform a number of recipes. It is also the second high-end product in our product, and we’ll see why.

Most juice extractors has two outputs on each side, one for the juice and pulp for. This design makes the rather cumbersome device during use over the AMZ Chief, because containers that take up space. This model is horizontal and its output for juice sits just below the screen, while the pulp is poured in front of the camera. The base that houses the juice container is convenient to avoid splashing. It is very quick to assemble. This will be advantageous in the morning when you have not much time …

The parts of the extractor were thoughtful. The neck is quite small, a positive for children, who can use it safely. The grinding spiral is divided into 7 parts 90% nutritional value in addition, because the extraction is still softer.

The motor 80 rpm is perfect to preserve maximum nutrients and reduce foam which often creates during pressing. This also makes it very silent, less than 60 dB: to get an idea, a clock is a little quieter with 40 dB. There is also a function “reverse” to expel the remains and to facilitate cleaning.

There are two cups, one of 700 ml and 1 L. These are wide enough templates for the whole family. All parts are anti-oxidizing materials, high quality food, BPA. The tritan is one of them and is corrosion and heat resistant. So you can prepare delicious juice to your baby and more to prepare for you.

For Amazon customers, there is a month free trial and a 2-year warranty with technical support and customer service for life.

This juicer is one of the best of our selection. Customers have only positive product reviews, it is difficult to find a fault. It is so well designed that there is no need for instructions for use. It wad hardly and is robust in the long term. It is a 10/10 AMZ Chef!

Best Juice Extractors 2020 | Review & Guide

Infinity Juice extractor Moulinex is a model without much artifice and meets basic use. We will see all its features that make this product a good value.

The appearance of this extractor is quite attractive, gray and black mixture gives an air elegant enough for all. The two containers are in black plastic, which adds more modern.

What makes this special model is that it has two different options for his neck. You can choose a standard model neck or extra-wide mode (4 x 5 cm). This will save time when cutting your food. There are a total of 9 different rooms including a system-drip.

Customers have reported a fault in the design: the unit is too high and does not pass on some kitchen items. It will not be useful if you want your device to your throne counter.

This unit is also quieter than its competitors, this detail, the extractors are developed. This is partly due to its engine 82 rpm, with 200 W power, which gives a very effective device. The nutrients, color and the flavor are preserved. Opinions are quite positive, they show a quality juice, the best on a centrifuge. The “reverse” function is much appreciated, as it allows to expel the remains, especially as this model is more difficult to clean than others. The fact that the parts are compatible with the dishwasher is suddenly very convenient. Indeed, customers have noticed some kinks during extraction: there is too much foam in the end, this may annoy some. Also, bowls for juice and pulp are too small and fill up quickly.

You will understand here that we can extract fruit juice, vegetables and herbs. Nothing extraordinnaire, but that does not stop this extractor to make delicious juice, which is the principal. The price is high compared to what you get, but Moulinex’s still a trusted brand, and this partly explains the price.

Best Juice Extractors 2020 | Review & Guide

The fifth product of this article is not a conventional extractor. This is a Kenwood food processor accessory, which serves as a juicer. An interesting object that allows a notable saving of space in the closets!

This sentence seems to be the watchword for the creation of this extractor. Kenwood is a fairly common name and many of you may have this brand food processor. So they designed an accessory that will simply attach to the front of the robot to use. The design is quite simple, the device is gray with orange details inside. This accessory weighs just 2.5 kg for dimensions of 27 cm x 22 cm x 21 cm. It will be easy to store without making too much mess in your kitchen.

The power of the robot associated with this innovative accessory provides very good results. Indeed, it is able to do everything as a “real” extractor: fruit juice, vegetables, almond milk (perfect for lactose intolerance) … And what really is more is that it can grind almost any food, including: citrus, squash, cucumber and mango. Be careful to remove the seeds for grapes. On the other hand, the pulp is collected so it can be used in your cakes, brownies, falafel or in soups.

To clean, it’s simple. Just remove the inner parts, rinse them well for several minutes under running water, then put them in the dishwasher. Attention, it is important not to put the whole apparatus under water.

A cleaning brush and a container of 400 ml (which seems small for once) come with the extractor.

This extractor is rather expensive in comparison with others … Since obtained only part of the extractor, at this price, we can as well buy entire machines. This accessory especially suit those who often use their various kitchen appliances. There will be more to add the part you need, the robot base will stay on your countertop to prevent you from out each time. Finally, despite the high price, this extractor is worth it because it produces excellent juice.

Here’s a better extractors and processors of food that exists. Pressure extra slow and really nice design will please everyone. Let’s see what he has special.

This horizontal extractor has many qualities: its design is beautiful and practical at the same time. The body of the device can be gray, red or black, your choice. The finishes are varnished. There are four feet with suction cups for safe use. No risk of slipping or splashing.

For horizontal model, it is quite compact and is ideal in your kitchens. It has against by a fairly wide neck of 4.5 cm in diameter, a detail that will greatly facilitate your use.

The detail that makes this special machine is its mild engine, with only 60 rpm. It is slower than all models seen so far. This ensures removal of respectful and quiet. With 150 W, you can be sure that this device will last over time and will be very effective.

The surprises do not stop there: Juice me is one of the few models with a manual cutter wheel for adjusting the desired amount of pulp in your juice.

It is also a multi-function extractor. You can easily prepare homemade delicacies to 6 for your family and friends: sauce for tortillas, sauces for meats, thick purees, soups, tapenade, sorbets, jams and even … Juice Me accepts all kinds of ingredients, even the more hard and fibrous (nuts, herbs, leaves) There are various accessories for nut butters, pesto, bases in sherbets, chopped meat, baby food, hummus, ice cream … in short, list does not stop, and that’s what we enjoyed in this extractor. Few devices that offer many possibilities.

Juice Juice Extractor me was definitely the best of our selection. The details were well thought out and the opportunities it offers its really limitless. This also justifies its price, very high, and even the more expensive of this article.

The latest model of this list is a high-end extractor. The slow juicer Joerid is one of the slower market, which also means the healthiest possible juice. You can be sure to refuel vitamins through this extractor.

The brand wanted to make an extractor that will be practical and therefore will not interfere with your work plan. In addition to this, it is fast to mount because it has only 4 games. This is really nice, especially when you know how painful it can be on some appliances.

Not only the expression is slow (60 rpm) and two-step, but there are no blades to chop the ingredients, just a propeller that gently extracts the food. No foam or oxidation, and nutrition is suddenly 90% larger. There is also a button “reverse” that extracts more juice. There are up to 85% more juice than a lambda extractor. With Joerid, the vertical extractor you can extract only fruits, vegetables and herbs. Beware of soft fruits such as mangoes or bananas.

It is so quiet that you’ll find not even notice it is running. To give you an idea, when a conversation, the noise level reaches 70 dB, and the extractor does not exceed 60 dB. A significant asset in the morning!

The detachable parts are food grade materials BPA free and all are compatible dishwasher. Customers found this extractor easy to clean.

Finally, this device is safe because it does not turn on if you hurt assemble. A good place for the children to use comfortably.

We find that the price of this device is a bit exaggerated, it is around 400 euros. Certainly the results are impeccable, but there is no very special options to justify a price too.

Desired type of juice

All produce juice extractors, yes, but not all the same. There is a difference between the juice of a vertical or horizontal extractor (see FAQ). Each is compatible with very specific foods. In addition, some models have accessories to vary the preparations, for others it will buy them and others have just not. We will have to reflect on this based on your personal tastes. To you to see if you just want to make juices, or other preparations too (pasta, sauces, sorbets, mashed potatoes …)


Vertical models take up less space because they go up. The horizontal models will not be suitable for small kitchens. Take into account also that in addition to the extractor, it will also place the juice and pulp containers on the sides.


Prices of juicers can range from 70 euros to 1,500 euros. Your budget will thus considered in your purchase. For proper puller, have at least 150 euros. In our selection, prices range from 100 to 400 euros. Let’s say this is the minimum for quality machines. Anything that goes beyond 500 euros qualified professional equipment and will not be found so easily in the shops.


That’s a point at which we will have to think. If you want your machines lasts long and your juices are of quality, then it will take care of your extractor. There are some steps to follow scrupulously:

A trick to effectively wash the screen: the fibers are sometimes encrusted strongly in the small holes. If you have a shower head with the powerful jet option, you can rinse your sieve. The water jet remove all residues in seconds.

compatible ingredients

In general, the extractors do not like too all soft foods. Some examples: bananas, golden apples, mangoes, pears, zucchini, cucumber, avocado … Or too hard foods: sweet potatoes, celery, carrots. These foods will be perfect in a blender to make smoothies. Here, they get stuck in the sieve that has tiny holes in order to make the purest juice possible. Some devices can accept some of these foods and in this case, it will cut into very small pieces so they can move easily (you can find more details about this in the FAQ – vertical or horizontal extractor).

Please also a logical order if you use soft foods, alternate like this: pear and apple and orange and re pear and orange …

Conservation of juice

It is recommended to drink your right after extracting juice, so that nutrients remain intact. More juice waits, the more vitamins lose their vitality. If you still want to extend a little conservation, use tinted blue or brown glass bottles to avoid UV destroying the nutrients and most importantly, keep them cool.

The juice extractor is a device that separates the fibers of fruit juice, vegetables, herbs and other foods. With such devices, you get pure juices and healthy, no additives, dyes or sugars.

All extractors work on the same principle. There are several parties who have a particular role. First, the food is inserted into the neck that can be more or less wide. The larger it is, the less you have to cut your food into small pieces. Then there is a pressing screw which hosts food, coarsely grinds slowly and pushes the screen that separates the fibers of juice. The pulp comes out one side and the juice of the other.

Some extractors models have specific screen that perform purees, sorbets or milk plants.

For a quality juicer, it takes at least 100 euros. Indeed, the mechanism that allows a cold expression is quite expensive. This is the best way to extract your healthy juices. In our selection, prices vary a hundred euros to almost 400. There are also mid-range models with about 180 euros. More expensive your model is, the better your options and accessories. To you to see what suits you the most.

You can find this type of product in any appliance store. However, on the Internet you can find products that are not necessarily located in France. There are two such in our selection. Also note that on Amazon, you can benefit from very attractive discounts.

The extractions systems are completely different from one device to another.

The centrifuge consists of a blade which first cuts the fruit at high speed, then the projected against the walls of a sieve and through the centrifugal force, the juice extract. This system allows you to filter the pulp, seeds or tail of food. The result has more to smoothie juice pure. To give you an idea, a centrifuge has a motor of 800 W and can reach 2700 rpm. It allows to make juice very quickly. However, because of the high pressure on food, there will be a lot of heat and suddenly loses the nutrient juice.

However, an extractor is much slower. The juice hardly lose anything in vitamins, colors and aromas. The juice is sweeter. The pressure is cold, which guarantees respect for all cells in the juice. To compare with the centrifuges, speed ranges from 60 to 80 rpm, for an output of 150, 200 W. The machine is quieter and easier to clean.

In conclusion, the centrifuges are convenient for those who want quick results, the juices are still good and much healthier than industrial juice.

The result will be completely different with an extractor or a blender. We saw the extractor produces a pure juice and reject pulp and fibers, while the blender mixes absolutely everything you put inside. There is no waste. The blenders are specialized for smoothies. In addition to fruits and vegetables, you can add milk, ice cream, spices …

You can see this in more detail in the buying guide, but choose your extractor will depend on your needs. If you use it often, or large amounts of juice, you need a professional model. If it is for occasional use, then you can settle for a model not very expensive and not very specific options.

The horizontal juice extractors are versatile. Its shape allows it to handle a wide variety of foods. It has several accessories such as a full screen that allows him to make purees or sorbets. Some models can even make fresh pasta or crushing oilseeds! This type of extractor is perfect for those who want to achieve more than simple juice. He will realize almost all your desires.

The vertical juice extractor is for its more convenient in terms of design because it takes up much less space. In addition, it offers other possibilities that are not adapted to a horizontal puller. For example, the vertical extractors are perfect for grinding plant milks, soft foods or smoothies.

To you to see what type of income you want to focus.

Recipe Ideas

Energy: apple, lemon, ginger

Detox: corn salad, celery, orange, lemon

Immunity: carrot, beet, lemon, orange

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