Best Trees Cat In 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Best Trees Cat in 2020 | Reviews and Guide

Even if your faithful daily companion, the cat remains primarily a predator and as such, to scratch and care is indispensable for him. In short do is a matter of natural instinct as it is used to address the various dangers he may face.

When they do not find the proper place in nature, cats tend to look elsewhere and especially inside your home. Therefore, to prevent your furniture will undergo various hazards that may ensue, the best solution both for those animals for you, will be to acquire a cat tree.

Best Trees Cat In 2020 | Reviews And Guide

But a cat tree, it serves not only to make your cat’s claws! Indeed, to oversee all her little world, your cat feels most often need to perch height. Also, the cat is animal that likes to live in a space of its own, and on which there are resources that must manage, start, monitor, or even use it for fun … A cat tree, it fully meets its various functions.

If you are about to buy a cat tree, know immediately that there are several different models on the market, which can complicate the task when you operate your choice. To help you choose the best cat tree, according to the needs and character of your kitty, Best Comparison reviewed 6 quality cat trees. In addition, we offer a shopping guide, so you can make your purchase with knowledge of all the key points to assess.

Our selection of 6 best cat trees

Whatever the habits of your cat, whether the hyperactive type or rather lazy, you’ll find your account in the selection of the best cat trees.

1. Finether – A good solid cat tree

Best Trees Cat In 2020 | Reviews And Guide

As for comfort, you can not expect better! Your pet will delight with this sturdy cat tree that can support up to 3 tomcats up to 7 kg each. The Finether of cat tree was designed specifically for those who have more than one cat at home. This, to enable them not only their clear a space of their own (cats), but also to protect their furniture from various assaults of these felines.

Adapted for the comfort and entertainment of your kitties, this cat tree is made with a faux fur trim very sensual and soft. Your cat will take pleasure in to rest and enjoy endless hours of sleep on the hammock and the platform. In addition, this cat accessory is equipped with a pole curve to cradle your kitty, a condo that allows him to relax or hide to hunt, a perch with rounded sides to the height view and a plush ball pendant he can use for fun.

Super tree cats (this is my second one was too small and of lower quality)! It goes fast, he is strong, and of good quality compared to others. My cats have adopted immediately (compared to the old …). My cat 6 kg enters the hut without problems and can even go all in height.

The solid Finether cat tree is otherwise composed of several floors to optimize the experience of use of this accessory with your companion. On one floor to another, your cat can climb it as they wish and still go further entertainment. With its vertical option and fluffy, it may also be used for exercise and to keep fit.

Aesthetically, the soft beige surface of the cat tree will complement maliciously interior decoration of the house. Its design is very elegant, despite its large size (154 cm, base 54 x 45 cm), it takes up very little floor space.

For security reasons, the four poles of the tree are wrapped in natural sisal rope. And on the surface of the curved boom, you have a sisal party responding to natural need your cat to scratch and sharpen its claws. Thus, your furniture will be spared!

2. Dibea – A cheap cat tree excellent

Best Trees Cat In 2020 | Reviews And Guide

The gift price quality, cat tree dibea will delight your loved cat can use it to indulge in beautiful sessions of play, rest and sleep in privacy, and make its claws in peace. Indeed, this cat tree for cheap dibea includes a tube and a spacious niche that are quiet areas perfect for your pet that will find the peace and comfort.

Since its berth and the top three platforms that offer panoramic views stretching to the horizon, your fearsome feline perched in height as he loves will observe and monitor the smallest details, all that is happening around him and thus keep control of his environment … while taking full advantage of beautiful moments of relaxation on comfortable hyper surfaces of the shaft.

The top plate of the tree has a soft coating that will be particularly appreciated by your kitty, especially at nap after heckled and being well spent climbing around on its shaft. Similarly, it may serve that niche Douiller to hide such a fearsome predator ready to pounce on its prey to the slightest flaw.

Produced a compact but my baby cat was immediately adopted and loved! He jumps platform to platform, is the claws and plays with pompoms. I recommend !

Fun at will, nothing better than both balls game hanging on the tree and that move very quickly at the slightest touch. In addition to these balls, the shaft is provided with a rope chew. The animal will be able to enjoy two fun play activities that awaken or participate to maintain its predatory instincts. Furthermore, the robust tree trunks coated sisal are perfect for the maintenance of its claws. It will take pleasure in daily scratch and sharpen its claws without yet touching your furniture.

The cheap cat tree offers Dibea ultimately an ideal platform in which your feline to create its own environment to him and enjoy his life. In addition, it is provided with several accessories and strengths that will enable it to engage freely in several activities within the natural needs of a cat, play, hunt, climb, acerer claws, get high, sit , is to shelter from danger, etc.

3. Songmics – Luxurious cat tree with a good price / quality ratio

Best Trees Cat In 2020 | Reviews And Guide

If you need something big and luxurious at the same time, then you will not be disappointed by the cat tree house SONGMICS. With its impressive dimensions (100 x 90 x 165 cm (L x W x H)), this tree is perfect for big cats that can flourish which freely and in comfort.

This accessory is equipped with anti-tip strips for attaching to the wall and chipboard which ensure very good stability panels. Your cat will be able to let express his feline instincts freely and perform acrobatics jumping from one place to another without being obstructed by the tree that will move the point, no matter how brutal jumps. As for safety, this one runs no risk of injury and have fun thanks to the rounded edges of each panel.

On this cat tree house, one finds not only plush panels, but also a great niche and luxurious cave with a velvety platform … all offering a pleasant and comfortable living environment in which your cat can rest, hide, relax and nap away sounds and looks.

impeccable packaging, very fast mounting, for 3 cats with a large and a “good weight”. Spacious and a very appreciable height since it allows my kitties to climb on the cabinet … The broad base ensures good stability (we do not need to fasten or support to a wall as recommended (for the moment) for now all is well!

To unleash their desires feline, tree trunks includes sisal natural that the animal can use to get the claws and romp without however to take your furniture. Similarly, the multi-level structure, rope and ball game incorporated offer him something fun and take pleasure when he feels the need.

We must recognize also that for such a large accessory, the cat tree house SONGMICS nevertheless displays a beautiful simplicity and elegance unusual in its design. His tone gray industrial look gives it that will give more style to your interior. And what about the perfect match between the multifunctional aspect and the excellent quality of this gadget cat hyper strong domestic and strength to withstand all loads of it.

4. Vesper – An elegant wooden cat tree and not bulky

Best Trees Cat In 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Far from going unnoticed, the walnut wood color cat tree Vesper is a high basic furniture amounting to hauteur.Excellente good viewing platform for your kitty, it is also an ideal space for its expansion. With its slim and tall poles for griffade, your cat can stretch the entire body and claws acerer freely. These posts have been designed with unbleached seagrass, a 100% natural material known for its strength and durability. And to sleep and / or enjoy themselves without being disturbed, a cube cozy comfortable with two entrances was built on the tree just for him.

Regarding the quality of this cat tree wood, we note that it was designed with high quality materials, including wood with laminated walnut finish renowned for its high resistance to claw marks left by your pet. The cabinet is also accompanied by memory foam cushions made with synthetic fur cream color and very soft to the touch. Very soft, foam adapts quickly to your cat silhouette liked that this cat can enjoy the most comfort. The Vesper brand also thought about the longevity of these cushions in the equipping of a border that protects them against fraying.

He received a week ago, it was immediately adopted by my 6 cats. It is beautiful, strong, does not move a muscle when my cats climb over the top coat is because it does not retain the hair and is really easy to clean, for now, it is only good to the point that I plan to order another one for my cats can all enjoy together ..

Update: It was so appreciated by my cats I bought another one, perfect, no complaints!

Are also arranged on the cat tree, carpets scratching made with high quality sisal optimal experience. Just like the cushions, they (the carpet) have a border that is resistant to fraying. With dangling balls, your kitty can work his line while playing on his tree. Made from rattan, these balls are made to withstand effectively to machonnements your cat.

Finally, the installation and maintenance of this high basic furniture are very easy. To fix carpets and cushions on your cat tree, you just enough to use strips self agrippates very easy to clean or replace. And if you want, you can wash the carpets and cushions hand.

5. Dolomit – A wall cat tree striking design

The cat tree wall Dolomit 2.0 Kerbl will seduce more by its charm and elegant which makes it a perfect object design for any interior decoration beyond its primary function. This design cat tree has all the characteristics and strengths required for the full development of your cat.

On this very functional tree, your cat can have fun, relax, scratch to sharpen their claws, climb, perch, hide to hunt or protect themselves from danger without the slightest concern and whenever he will want.

Very practical for small spaces because this cat tree is mounted. The basket is quite small but the cats love it so much! Design and elegant, I recommend.

The pole claws comprises a game sisal rope, two removable beds woven fabric, Velcro tape fabric and cushions with a hammock for napping, and a plurality of posts coated with sisal. Designed to be mounted on the wall, this cat tree is made with quality materials, including wood and polyester, which ensure a perfect robustness and longevity.

Its gray and white gives it a unique charm that you will enjoy, and also your cat! Very attractive visually, it will bring a touch of charm in addition to the decoration of the house. Your cat will enjoy a pleasant and comfortable space to him alone, and you, a beautiful and elegant object.

Your feline especially find this tree design cat, a folding corner when it needs calm face daily hectic of the house. Also, he can use the trunks to stretch and do exercises to keep fit.

6. Maine Coon Lounge – A cat tree XXL suitable for large cats

Made in Holland, and from the finest materials that is, the tree Maine Coon Lounge giant cat RHRQuality brand is designed specifically to meet the needs of nature and development of the largest and heaviest cats.

With a total weight of 25 kg, and the trunks of 20 cm, you’ve got a XXL cat tree that shows extreme strength and stability thanks to the 4 screws on the bottom of the trunks. It will withstand all assaults your feline. Without risking anything, it will unleash his predatory instincts by leaps and climbing in all directions. The posts are coated in particular a plush extra strong 600g finish and high quality which will resist marks of its claws.

For rest and nap, your tomcats find on the shaft maine coon cat, a large sleeping space of 5 cm thick, 60x 42x 15 cm high, with replaceable removable cushions and hand washable for easy maintenance. Also note that you can control every part of the tree separately, allowing you to make replacements every time you want to give a little updating this accessory for large pet cat.

Cat tree used by a Maine Coon adult. She likes it a lot and spend a lot you time. It has room to spread out which was not the case on the previous tree. Immediately adopted!

In addition, there is a coating of natural sisal high quality of the columns of this tree wall RHRQuality cat which also provides protection and stability of trunks for optimal use. The base plate has been strengthened, and the two ends of the shaft in sturdy ABS plastic are sealed with a M10 thread that makes it even more resistant, thus guaranteeing its sustainability.

Finally, your Maine Coon cat tree for large cats Lounge is available in several colors. From dark gray to light gray, through brown and beige, it y ‘has to satisfy all tastes, and the specific black poles on each model brings even more neutrality and charm to this accessory.

Buying Guide: How to choose the best cat tree?

More than just a control tower for your pet, the cat tree is an essential piece of furniture for the satisfaction of his needs and natural desires. This is a place where he can spend time, live life normally and flourish in peace. The following criteria will help you choose a cat tree quality and adapted to the needs of your pet.


As you can see, the word “tree” appears clearly in the statement “cat tree”. But a tree by definition, is something very solid that above all, do not move unless an external force to compel it. The strength is the first criteria you should consider when buying your tree cats … watch in particular.


This criterion is also important. Your kitty will undoubtedly hours and hours on his tree. While it is not always easy to combine this criterion with the washing, it remains essential to surf disappointed. As mentioned earlier, there are some great trees on the market that combine both. A force to educate yourself, you will eventually find one that suits you.

Ease of maintenance

A washable cat tree will be ideal in this case.

The cat trees vast majority are covered with non-removable carpeted or toupee. While these materials are nice and soft for your cat, but they are very difficult to maintain. The particular wig is virtually impossible to clean, so if your pet is sick or has a body full of parasites, you will have no choice but to get rid of the tree …

The cat trees providers are increasingly the effort to put at your disposal, cat trees washable and removable. You will gain particularly to choose the wooden model that offers an ergonomic and very solid structure in a quality plywood and removable cushions, machine washable.

The height

For your cat, the cat tree is above all, a tower that allows him to have control over their environment. After the strength, size is the second feature to evaluate before purchasing this tool. Generally, you should choose a cat tree for your space. In this sense, you can make out:

– The small cat trees: they are less than one meter (1m). If you have a rather small space or else, if you do not want to saturate your interior, this kind of model will suit you perfectly … especially that they are more complete and you can install them in any corner of the house due to their small size.

– Trees in medium sized cat: they extend to a height of 1 to 1.5 meters. These are the most requested on the market because they fit in principle on all surfaces. Moreover, they are often built of several elements: different heights, hiding …

– The large cat trees: they make more 1.5 meters and are the most comprehensive and most luxurious in the matter. All the elements necessary to the development of your cat are included: hideouts, ropes, tunnels … they are very stable and robust.

For your cat either ease, choose according to their age and size. In short, it is generally advisable to take one that is at least 1.60m.

The bed type

at this level, you will not be disappointed by opting for a cat tree that has a platform (sleeping) at the top, 2 or 3 other three, and at least a niche in which your cat can rest in peace.

Bearings and scratching

It is better to surf a tree ergonomic cat that has bearings and scratching posts so your cat can climb it easily. As such, the sisal scratching poles are particularly interesting. In fact, most cats will naturally well above have not been accustomed to do from an early age. While allowing them to do their claws, it avoids two things: the ugly scratches on the furniture (eg on the leather sofa) and embodied claws.

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