Our Tips For Choosing Your Column Fan Up Or Else!

Our tips for choosing your column fan up or else!

With the arrival of hot weather, there is no secret: a good cooling system can change your life. Only it is not always easy to choose between all options available to us, the air conditioner fan on foot, between power consumption and optimum freshness.

The choice, however, should not be done lightly. Several factors come into play, the first of course being the fact that noise. It is critical that we hear most often when fans and air conditioners are returned back to back, yet product lines have emerged in recent years and have undeniable qualities of this view. The second is its power consumption. Whether you live in a hot area or not, it is advisable to circulate the air inside the house to facilitate its renewal, especially in summer. Your fan will stay on for long hours, and the subtlest optimization can significantly reduce your electricity bill. The last is the type of product best suited to the natural ventilation of your home, the size of your room and the use you intend to do.

It is these issues that we will help you today to choose from the many fans on the market.

What Compare Best offers today is to help you find what you want in terms of fan. It’ll be a silent device, efficient and intensive electricity. But the models that exist on the market today offer a much wider range of features that can guarantee quiet nights and a mild summer, wherever you are!

Honeywell HYF290E4 Fan Column – The best value for ultra quiet fan

Honeywell is a major brand for ventilation. If this model has easily earned its place in our top is that it remains good market and classic, but his finish offers all the qualities of a premium.

Design and discretion

What is expected of a fan in design? We want a model that changes everything in a room being almost invisible. With 86 centimeters and a constant air circulation from bottom to top, Honeywell is discreet. Some models “tower” have a flat foot, which takes some floor space in order to stabilize the device; not this one. His raised foot is barely wider than the fan itself, thus placing it in a corner of the room and forget his presence.

Our Tips For Choosing Your Column Fan Up Or Else!

Silent and designed for night

A major qualities of the Honeywell fan is optimizing its air circulation for a minimum sound level. It was, undoubtedly, thought to be used at night without disturbing sleep. It emits indeed a maximum of 48 decibels. It is little: some models reach only 40 decibels, but it is rare that they are well designed in this price range.

It has a screen to control the speed, backlit by blue LEDs; Brightness is adjustable – you can switch it off – for this black fan melts completely in the dark and that nothing will disturb your sleep.

It may be noted however that some users complained about the noise of the rotary engine. Sometimes the pivot slightly creaks when the fan comes to stop, offsetting the remarkable work on the sound of the blades themselves.

Honeywell still remains an ideal model for your room, in the category of silent fans column.

ventilation functions

Our Tips For Choosing Your Column Fan Up Or Else!

Let’s talk about the main: Honeywell is it a good fan? It has an air flow of 2.5 m / second. This is the speed of the air emitted by the device, and in this case corresponds to about 3.6 km / hour. This is relatively small, and this is one of its flaws, but this performance may be sufficient for relatively small size pieces. Honeywell will be more suited to parts under 15-20m2.

With his swing – optional – 80 °, it covers still the entire surface and may even be appropriate to air two rooms effectively. It is adjustable on no less than eight incremental powers that allow you to adjust the fan to your needs.


We said: Honeywell is elegant; it is also practical. Unusually for a model of this price, it has a remote control with batteries, design and comfortable to handle. You can adjust the power of your column fan from your bed or your sofa. No fear of losing: the remote slips into a small cabin for this purpose on the fan itself.

Since the unit or the remote control, you can control the timer to program the switching on and off the fan as needed. This is even more convenient than fans of the problems is the change in night temperatures: one is tempted to turn it on at full power during sleep, when it is still hot, but there a risk of catching cold around 4-5 hours in the morning when the outside temperature drops sharply. You can set the fan to stay on for 1, 2, 4 or 8, depending on your wishes and the weather of the moment.

These features, in my opinion, contribute to the optimization of Honeywell for overnight use: it can be controlled from the bedside table, it is perfectly quiet, it can turn off automatically after a certain period of time and buttons LEDs can be disabled to make it completely invisible. A fan that does its job without having to think about it for a fair price, is necessarily part of our selection.

Dyson AM06 – The best table fan technology with Air Multiplier

Our Tips For Choosing Your Column Fan Up Or Else!

Needless to present Dyson. The leading brand in the vacuum cleaners market made a dramatic entry into the fan industry in the late 2000s and for good reason: it does not just optimize former airflow matter patents sound level, she introduced new, high-design and futuristic appearance, presenting difficult to match qualities. With technology Air Multiplier Dyson has emerged as a quality guarantee. The AM06 is one of their smaller models, and we will explore its specificities.

Outstanding design

Dyson label is easily recognizable: silvery white color, matte finish, sleek and elegant. It blends into all environments and in default of many fans on the market, offering real added value in terms of decoration.

The AM06 does not take up more space than necessary: ​​the ventilation circle 30 cm in diameter, with a total height of 55 centimeters, which makes it ideal for a coffee table or kitchen counter.

The Dyson AM06 fully suits your needs, quietly

Rarely is a table fan offers so many options of use. Thanks to its remote control, you can control power on no less than 10 levels, as well as its speed and angle of oscillation.

With 370 liters / second at full power, it automatically classifies powerful fans, but it already works perfectly in a position or two small areas.

Up to the 8th power, it is perfectly quiet. It regrets that the positions 9 and 10 of the unit increase its level sound up to 58 decibels, but it is rarely necessary to use these powers.

The preferred home accessory

Because it uses Air Multiplier technology, the Dyson AM06 has unique advantages.

The first is of course the absence of blades. This feature automatically makes it a quieter model, but also more secure: this table fan will adapt perfectly to the baby’s room or in a room where children run down ages and pets.

The other advantage of this design choice is that it is easy to clean. Admittedly: models with blades quickly become dust nests. With the Dyson AM06, a damp cloth in the vent enough to circle it seems like new. No unnecessary roughness, no nook difficult access: this table fan will never cause you to worry.

What to know to choose the best fan

There is a wide variety of fans on the market, and all have specific advantages for use. We will see all the major features and their implications, both in terms of utility and price.

What kind of fan to choose?

Column fans, like Honeywell, have the advantage of being rather cheaply, and not to make too much noise. They distribute the air on a vertical axis mainly, making them quite limited if the oscillation is deactivated. If it turns on itself, it can scan a particularly large space. It is therefore especially suitable for bedrooms, as it will brew a large amount of air and cover the entire surface of the body at the proper height.

Fans walk, classic, are generally much noisier: security grid that lets the air is for many. However, they are powerful and can run outside on terraces for example.

By classic, we can install fixed ceiling fans, which can more or less provide aesthetic benefits. They deserve to work in winter as in summer in hot weather blades draw air from the room and circulate, when cold fact they push warm air down from the room. They remain nevertheless more costly to install and represent a real investment. The ceiling fans are a must in hot regions for their effective mixing and low noise.

Recently, fans without blades, which use technology Air Multiplier, have appeared on the market. They have many advantages. The first is primarily aesthetic: sleek, easy to clean … The absence of blades made objects ultra-minimalist design, which nevertheless compete in power and sound level with the most basic models of the market. The fan motor is small, it is often found at the base of the circle, and the air passes around the device in a circular motion. It’s the same technology that gave us hand dryer that finally really dry hands. Their main disadvantage, admittedly, this is the price. This technology is still quite expensive, although you can expect a normalization of prices in the near future, with the democratization of this type of product.

What features do you need?

The price differences between the various models can be attributed in part to the presence of various features. Targeting those you need most will let you choose your model more easily.

The most classic option offered by the fans is the oscillation, adjustable or not. The oscillation helps ventilate a room and slightly more, open windows, to participate in the renewal of the air. It is more or less obsolete when it comes to refresh constantly a fixed point, such as your workplace, your couch or your bed This is perfect for the room fans. Keep in mind that a model that oscillates will present an additional engine: it-can be a source of noise reducing qualities of your product in terms of volume.

Most everyday objects, move from mechanical to electronic. The fan is not exempt from this transformation. You can now program the direction of your fan, its ignition and extinction, or even connect to a control application that replaces the remote control. Let’s look at these new features. Some fans will propose to precisely control the propeller speed to obtain the ratio of air / ideal sound level. Others can be converted ceiling fans being directed upwards: they brew then air throughout the room and only act to help its circulation from one room to another. Some fans have the potential to be converted into heating or air conditioning, with varying degrees of success, while others have air filters to purify the atmosphere of your home. Some models, finally, are foldable and easy to store after use – which is not entirely useless when you consider the storage space that takes a classic fan feet! Inevitably, the presence or absence of these features will impact on the price and on energy consumption. And that last point is not to be taken lightly.

Energy consumption fans

Today, choose the price of a unit of appliance goes increasingly by calculating its consumption, and its ranking on the ecological grid from A + to F. When you consider the price of a product, is important to keep in mind how much it will cost operation compared to another, maybe 10 € more expensive, you amortize the difference in months.

For fans, the classic models consume very little. If you turn it 180 days a year, count twenty euros of annual bill. For more advanced models that offer programming options or connectivity, electricity price can be much higher.

Dyson models have made progress from this point of view: with 26W, the Dyson AM06 consumes 30% less than the first models of this type on the market. Other products using the technology Air Multiplier can however be less optimized and reserve surprises in the event of heavy use.

Note that, if you can replace an air conditioning system for efficient ventilation can allow you to save a lot of money. Where a fan will never cost more than 100 euros a year, count 300 air conditioning for the most efficient models.

It is time to optimize the comfort of our habitats and energy efficiency. With air conditioning systems and district heating, we are looking to have more control over the quality and temperature of the air in our homes. And in the case of the fans, it must be said, we have wide range of choice!

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