The 7 Best Cases For Iphone Shockproof 7/8 + (2020) – Our Opinion

The 7 Best Cases for iPhone Shockproof 7/8 + (2020) – Our opinion

You will agree, iPhones are smartphones whose performance is no longer any doubt, just as their fragility to shocks. It is therefore important to protect its quality material with quality equal protection.

Prevention is better than cure is not it? Especially when speaking of a great technology product whose use is not only daily but as users become constant.

To help you choose the best shell iPhone depending on your usage and your latest iPhone model, Best Comparison reviewed 7 quality products you’ll find in this article. Similarly, a buying guide will help you understand the important features to consider in order to elect the best impact protection for iPhone.

Our Choice: Ultimate Hull

The 7 Best Cases For Iphone Shockproof 7/8 + (2020) - Our Opinion

The best general

The 7 Best Cases For Iphone Shockproof 7/8 + (2020) - Our Opinion
The 7 Best Cases For Iphone Shockproof 7/8 + (2020) - Our Opinion

Our Choice: Ultimate Hull

The 7 Best Cases For Iphone Shockproof 7/8 + (2020) - Our Opinion

The best general

The 7 Best Cases For Iphone Shockproof 7/8 + (2020) - Our Opinion

The 7 Best Hulls shockproof iPhone 7/8 / More

Proud owner of an iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8 or even an iPhone 8 Plus, it goes without saying that you will find the shell that fits your phone through this selection of the best shells iPhone latest.

Hull Spigen – Best shockproof case for iPhone 7 2019

Reviews shell shock Spigen

Looking for the best shell that can ensure reliable protection for your iPhone 7 during your adventurous trips or your sporting prowess? The shell shock Spigen is for you and will not let you down!

No more scary when your iPhone stuntman playing with Spigen case for iPhone 7. Thick, designed with a slip resistant plastic and in addition to being provided with air pads edges that protect the screen, you can always tried the test!

After reviewing, we can say today whether you an excellent price / quality ratio for iPhone protective shell 7 through which your phone is protected in full, objective camera included! Its ergonomics are optimal.

Ideal size for an iPhone 7, the shell fits perfectly with this phone. Furthermore, the silent button (recessed so that it does not engage in the pocket) is just as convenient and accessible as audio jack.

Available in different colors including: silver satin, metallic, black, gold or rose gold, your iPhone 7 will not see its delicate design sacrificed by this shell shockproof iPhone 7: the Apple logo remains visible and style too.

Note: buying a tempered glass screen protector is recommended to improve the protection of your iPhone 7.

Hull Jenuos – The bumper shock absorber iPhone 7/8 More

Reviews shell shock Jenuos

You have already arrived to escape your phone is not it? Know that with shell shock Jenuos if your iPhone 7 or 8 more were to fall on the face that we all dread, angles shock absorbers save your valuable.

Protecting your iPhone 7 is provided in full: all buttons and edges and corners are raised to protect the screen and the camera lens. Made to sustainably optimize its protection, this case has strong anti-scratch treatment and slip so that it escapes you more! And if this mishap happened again, TPU shockproof prevents against accidental drops.

This flexible silicone shell and soft perfectly encompasses the phone, which is more transparency keeps visible the aesthetic design of the iPhone and its original color. Its material makes it very comfortable grip.

This bumper iPhone 7/8 Plus, does not prevent the induction charging or connecting a jack audio cable. Moreover, it is absolutely not weigh down your phone.

That said, we recommend to combine this with a tempered glass screen protector in order to optimize the security of your high-end device.

Hull Lanhiem – The best waterproof full case for iPhone 7 and iPhone 8

Reviews shell shock Lanhiem

You vow worship your iPhone 7 or 8 and look for a full shell shock, never to see the damage to your clumsiness on your screen? The Lanhiem case for iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 is unbreakable in addition to being waterproof.

Equipped with tempered glass screen protector, this complete case for iPhone 7 provides superior protection and proven quality. It is designed in a double hull material combining hard metal on the outside and cover bumper inside.

Easy to install (instructions included), iPhone 7/8 will be fully included in its complete hull with a unique seal. Which preserve moisture, dust and all bumps and scratches that could damage its operation. Provided you have full access to all features of the iPhone 7/8 (Touch ID key, keys etc).

Available in different colors including: silver, black or red, it is sold with a cleaning kit (cloth, wet and dry wipes) and two screwdrivers and an additional set of screws to install your iPhone in a protective housing .

Supcase – Stylish protective shell

Reviews shell shock Supcase

You vow worship your iPhone 7 or 8 and look for a shell shock, never to see the damage to your clumsiness on your screen? This impact-resistant shell is made for your iPhone 7/8!

The refined design of black and transparent shell Subcase that retains the sleek Apple style will seduce you as much as its robustness. Composed of a layer of polycarbonate and a flexible layer TPU and air cushions at the corners, which provide excellent protection against drops and scratches.

This impact-resistant shell keeps the initial weight of your equipment and makes it very pleasant to grip your iPhone 7/8.

To have it reviewed, it is a very good impact resistant shell of protection iPhone 7/8 and moreover highly appreciated by its users who are fond to its criteria and advantages previously stated.

Provide additional protection however tempered glass for the safety of your screen.

Facil & co – The most robust full hull

Reviews shell shock Facil & Co

You are often forced to confront your iPhone 7 to hostile environments and want to solve the everyday problems that generate? Opt for one of the best full unbreakable shell has duly proven during the stress test!

Fitted with a tempered glass screen protector that does not alter the sensitivity of touch, this complete case for iPhone 7 ensures maximum protection we have carefully reviewed for you.

Its ergonomics and the choice of its components are extremely well thought: shockproof, dustproof, scratch-resistant and even anti-overheating! Indeed, Facil & co competitors can rightly envy employed technicality in order to integrate a system that rapidly cools the iPhone 7 to prevent overheating of the phone.

It goes without saying that with such a quality product we can not doubt the quality of tailor-made: all openings of the full shell fit perfectly with the iPhone buttons 7. Its perfect ergonomics is no doubt.

With the approach of summer, look no further than the integral hull you need to protect your iPhone 7 is indeed one! It will definitely be your best friend during your Post -Midi to the beach and even during your barbecue evenings during which incidents happen quickly leaving the phone placed on the table … is not it?

OtterBox Symmetry – The discreet and efficient shell shock

Reviews shell shock OtterBox Symmetry

Your children play with your iPhone 7/8 what you worried for the value of the jewelry but you do not want a shell that gives your phone a look of Darth Vader? The Otterbox shell shock is as reliable as it is thin and elegant.

in air cushions ledges guarantee protecting your fragile screen against scratches and absorb the shocks of everyday life.

Its ultra fine and casual design will seduce you, in addition to convenience and protector. Indeed, if you have a conventional use your iPhone 7/8, you will appreciate that your device is resistant to falls and it fits easily in your pocket.

The iPhone 7 finds its place perfectly, easy to installeretremplacer, it protects very well the phone. The buttons are also available if your iPhone 7/8 was naked and location for the jack audio cable is wide enough. Tresagreable sensation to the touch and the sides are slightly slip for easy grip and safe use!

However, it is strongly advised to complete the protection of your iPhone 7/8 with a tempered glass screen protector to reduce the risk of unpleasant surprises.

Note: The manufacturer OtterBox offers a wide range of colors to suit all tastes and styles available on Amazon.

The shell shock HanLuckyStars- cheap

Reviews shell shock Facil & Co

For smaller budgets, we have reviewed this flexible shell and flexible ensuring reliable protection of your iPhone 7/8 in case of unwanted mishaps that affect the operation of the phone.

The reinforced corners protect against bumps and accidental drops, which has the advantage of not only save the screen of your iPhone 7/8 when dropped on a corner or on the edge but in case of falls on screen-side since it will not be affected.

From an excellent quality / price, discreet and lightweight bumper offers a nice grip and fits perfectly to the iPhone 7 / 8. In fact, the gene plastiquene layer in any way the access to all features of the smartphone is its careful and optimal cutting. Similarly, transparency retains the attractive Apple style!

To maximize the protection of your iPhone 7/8, however, we recommend that add a tempered glass screen protector.

This hull design bumpers and anti-scratch is available in various colors such as: clear, pink, pink gold and silver.

Buying Guide: How to choose the best iPhone shell shock?

Obviously iPhones are smartphones whose technological prowess is not to prove the close of the public, as well as their vulnerability to shocks. It is therefore essential to protect its quality material with a protective shell as good as your iPhone.

Especially since these days, the use of a Smartphone is easily sustainable for most users. We ask all our iPhone and constantly have to wear hand, you will agree.

You should know that the best shells are produced especially by OtterBox, Subcase Spigen and offering the market a considerable number of anti-shock protection iPhone cases.

His weight

An iPhone protective case turns out to be slightly protective virtues will descend downward. Along with its very discreet visual impact. Most of the time, these silicone or TPU bumpersen extremely good market and airbags compounds on the edges and corners that assume their roles bumper with some well thought out ergonomics.

Conversely, a medium protective shell thicker ensures superior safety for your iPhone. Because of its greater stiffness and strength, not only the shell very well the shape of the iPhone and its maintenance without disturbing the operation. But in addition, the grip is very nice. In fact, it is the hull category for the best compromise resistant, aesthetic, discreet but efficient and cheap!

And if you really are looking for a protective shell more powerful because you are clumsy, a fan of extreme sports, parent or craftsman? Opt for the best protection: Waterproof full hull and therefore dustproof and shockproof but also provided with a tempered glass screen protector.

More excessive but very affordable in terms of price, it is also the best quality / price! However, if you do not mind that your iPhone is included in its protective shell and lose its characteristics or aesthetics (less recognizable as an Apple product, heavier, thicker) … in addition to thwart hit touch your iPhone. This kind of full hull weighs an average of 200 grams.

A shockproof case for iPhone that weighs no phone and did not thicken probably can not be designed in strong and durable materials. This is known more psychological protection that real protection. A good hearers!

its materials

The silicone is the most flexible material and furthermore, the most commonly used builders in the manufacture of protective shells. Pleasant and soft to the touch the silicone shell is completely flexible.

It is very easy to recognize a silicone shell because it is always dull and often molded in 3 dimensions and adorned with fancy patterns due to its flexible material.

However, finalized the silicone shell shows a lack of finishes that corrupts a little class style of the same iPhone.De is recommended with this type of shell to add a tempered glass screen protector for your screen n is not directly protected as such.

You are among the collectors of iPhone protective cases? The flexible silicone shell is for you because it is extremely easy to install and change as you wish and there are a multitude of different models!

This material is flexible but much less than what is silicone. Similarly, it works more easily and offers multiple variants of models known effect: opaque, matte, glossy or transparent.

A TPU gel shell provides a protective role and as the shell of silicone, it is velvety to the touch and convenient to install and remove on the iPhone. However, we advise you to associate a tempered glass screen protector to maximize the safety of your iPhone that as with shells silicone is not directly protected at its screen.

Moreover, it is relatively inexpensive for manufacturers, which is why it is sold at very low prices and attractifs.Toutefois if not is a good brand, the finishing work may lack detail and furthermore, the transparent plastic has a tendency to yellow over time.

The iPhone rigid plastic shells are a little more expensive than TPU but it really is advisable to put the price because the hard plastic provides much finer protection as other materials listed above.

Indeed, it only prevents scratches and can cause damage (especially tear) crash and lose their protective quality. Depending on the use of your iPhone, so maybe it is better to opt for a silicone shell but good quality or a hybrid-type hull, up to you.

In general, if you choose a hard plastic case for your iPhone it will consider investing twenty euros to have a good quality. Similarly, the addition of a tempered glass screen protector is needed to complete your iPhone protective case.

As its name suggests, the hybrid shell is a mixture of several materials alliantdonc famous silicone, TPU gel and rigid plastic.

This type of shell is positioned as the best compromise between strength, good handling and excellent quality / price ratio.

For maximum protection of your precious iPhone, it will be necessary to elect a reinforced hull. It is usually not only integral and therefore waterproof and dust in addition to being provided with a toughened glass screen protector. This is also worth considering because you avoid buying additional screen protectors.

Subjected to severe stress tests, this is hull protection, the quality is far superior to any other type of protection for iPhone. This is denoted by its high performance protective characteristics.

However, it goes without saying that this type of hull alourdisse and make larger iPhone. This may annoy some love with the iPhone design but it is a matter of taste and especially priority.

Son design

Think of the effect, the look you want to have your iPhone associated with its shell shock. Do you prefer a discrete shell and does not exempt him design the naturally elegant iPhone or shell that hides the aesthetic features of your iPhone in favor of a real protection and all trials? The decision is yours, of course, it This is your iPhone after all!

His price

To give you an idea, an impact-resistant case for iPhone plastic or rigid TPU which provides reliable protection (called average) costs on average € 15.

Between 30 € and 50 €, these shells whose protection is the maximum integral hull types including tempered glass screen protector.

Offers less than 10 € you try? At the expense of protecting your iPhone, you’re sure? If that is the case, re-evaluate your iPhone purchase price you want to protect, and you yourself will realize that it is far better to add some extra ten euros in your protection. If irreversible mishaps having to buy a new iPhone next generation would you far more expensive, you will agree.


Through this selection of the best 7 shockproof iPhone cases, we hope you have routed in your choice of buying an iPhone case, in addition to answering your questions about the important criteria to consider in order to elect the best impact resistant protective shell for iPhone.

Keep in mind the importance of quality materials which makes sense in terms of the use you make of it! Similarly, the notion of the extra weight that causes the protected and visual appearance of your iPhone. But most YOUR priority.

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