Best Survival Knives In 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Best Survival Knives in 2020 | Reviews and Guide

If you are an adventurer at heart, gain a survival knife will help from nature and to deal with any danger. Indispensable in a range of survivalist, lover of wilderness getaways or even a simple practitioner camping, survival knife – just like a water bottle, a flashlight or a paracord bracelet – is a versatile object that you used many times.

With a survival knife, you can cut wood, build a shelter, hunt or prepare your food … So many determinants to survive.

In this guide, Best Comparison you to discover what makes a good survival knife, so choose the one that you most closely matches. You will discover the most important criteria for selection, the coolest accessories, as well as my recommendations not to buy anything! In addition, we go over some models of survival knives to establish a little comparison that will help you choose well.

Ready for adventure?

Our selection of a look:

Our Choice: The Top Rated

Best Survival Knives In 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Best quality price report

Best Survival Knives In 2020 | Reviews And Guide
Best Survival Knives In 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Our Choice: The Top Rated

Best Survival Knives In 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Best quality price report

Best Survival Knives In 2020 | Reviews And Guide

The best survival knives 2020:

To make this selection grouping the 10 best knives survival of the market, it took into account many parameters. For example, the use made of each knife and therefore construction materials. The best knives will have to meet all types of needs, such as wood cutting, pruning vegetation, help the fire, sharpen, grate, use mass …

It was therefore crucial to take into account opinions of experts in the field, many users feedback from knives models and online testing confirmed survivalists to achieve create this final list of 10 products.

Among the decisive factors in our choice, it has been:

There are many varieties of survival knives and we focused on models that give complete satisfaction to their users. With 10 knives survival you will find below, you can be sure that all your experiences survivalists – in the forest or in the mountains – will be frank success because you will be equipped with a knife that does not let go. With a backpack with the right equipment, it’s a precaution worthy of the best practitioners Bushcraft!

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1. Survival knife of Esee Model 6 – The best survival knife for bushcraft

Esee The brand specializes in making survival knife and model RC6P Model 6 shows that the expertise payroll. Tough, durable and fully functional for many tasks of survival, Full Tang knife will accompany you in the best ways in your adventures.

Design & Features

This knife upscale survival has a carbon steel blade in full in 1095 with a length of 14.60 cm with a thickness on the back of the blade of 4.8 cm. Including the handle, it measures 29.84 cm and is perfect for a nature excursion. His garment guarantees a rock solid, with a steel strong enough to cut the hardest wood, but flexible enough not to break during use. The stirring will become a pleasure!

This blade has the potential to rust and it will be necessary to ensure the wipe after each use, but it is a classic disadvantage on survival knives carbon blade. Suffice to apply some grease or rust preventive oil to alleviate this concern. For sharpening, you will only serve you a diamond stone or ceramic or even sandpaper because this steel is resistant to impacts and scratches.

The knife is provided with a Esse Full Tang blade, which means that it extends throughout the length of the handle, for Robustness. With a weight of 454 grams very correct that ensures a good grip and a comfortable handle to hold it offers the wearer a good feeling.

This is a knife Made In USA, which is tested in real conditions before being marketed. This is felt, and we understand quickly that we can trust him. It is also guaranteed for life. In addition, it is provided with a molded plastic resistant case that can be attached to the belt.


For a survival knife high quality, solid, enjoyable to use and extremely effective, this model 6 of Esee brand will be the best choice.

2. Knife Military Survival Ontario Knife – Top high-end knife

Genuine military survival knife, this model of the brand Ontario Knife has conquered its users, who appreciate its edge as far as its strength. For those who want to equip a military knife to the undeniable quality, this could be the right choice.

Design & Features

Ranger knife survival of this brand is not at his first attempt can seduce at first glance. With its sleek black coating and a graceful curve, it is a beautiful object.

In total, it measures 25.6 cm, and its blade carbon steel 5160 is 13.6 cm with 0.7 cm thick on the back of the blade. It’s a great model, able to support you during your kind survival activities because it will be effective in all situations. Note that it weighs about 1 kg, which is heavy, but the flip side of its high strength.

Carbon Steel 5160 used to make the blade is extremely strong – some will tell you more than the carbon in 1905 – and this allows the knife to withstand several types of use: you can cut wood, clearing brush, cut the rope, deloquer a door lock, a padlock to blow … The Ontario Knife remained intact model.

Of course, it is designed with a Full Tang blade, which will last in time and that will never break.

At its sleeve is of Micarta, a conventional coating for knives that offers plug in friendly hands, even if the thickness of the handle will hinder some. But nothing prevents you chafe a bit to match your fingers.

With this military survival knife, you will receive a belt holster included with nylon sheath, not necessarily very aesthetic but very practical, since you will attach easily to your belt for easy access in case of need and features an accessory pocket.


Definitely a better survival knives upscale, versatile and very resistant, that fishing by too much weight. It enjoys a very good value!

3. A1K Survival Knife Fallkniven – A knife upscale Made in Japan

If you are looking for a high performance survival knife, both light and durable and designed with high quality materials, this is the best survival knife high end of this selection: the A1K of Fallkniven.

Design & Features

This model of the renowned Swedish brand Fallkniven almost look like a classic knife when seen: a steel blade VG10 laminated, black Kraton handle with grip, there are no signs of such efficiency.

However, this knife with its blade 28.2 cm 16 cm wonders. He badly cut without any material and is so sharp that even the most minute cuts are possible. You will have no problem logging, or to peel your potatoes. A feat made possible by a remarkable convex blade, made in Japan.

Among its strengths, note that the blade will not rust as easily as those of carbon steel knives. It requires no maintenance, except a one-time sharpening that takes some practice, because of the shape of the blade. For this you can use a classic stone or emery paper because it does not scratch.

Its handle is also very well made, with its rubber-like coating that provides very good performance. It is both pleasant and convenient, and it has the advantage of absorbing shocks. In short, to use the knife will not vibrate in your hand and you can use a long time without difficulty. And nothing to spoil, it is very light, with only 312 g evenly distributed throughout the object, to a substantial balance.

You will receive this knife in a Zytel® case specially developed for this model, which is well protected object during all your adventures.


This is what may look like the best survival knives: fine, elegant, lightweight and able to cut everything that happens on his blade, without you having to maintain more than necessary, A1K model is Fallkniven gem that will delight all survivalism practitioners.

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4. Folding knife Bearcraft – The best survival knife folding

There are good models of cheap survival knives, as evidenced by this product Bearcraft brand. This folding knife will accompany you during your outings in nature and its many features make it an interesting pattern.

Design & Features

This survival knife has a very aggressive design that will appeal to those who like fighting knives. Black, thick, with ergonomic aluminum handle and 8 cm stainless steel blade, he assumed his appearance survival.

This is a multifunctional object, which has a serrated cutting edge for cutting small wood, but also a glass breaker and a breaker belt (if you get stuck in a vehicle, for example), d a cable cutter and a quick release function to a hand. Regarding the latter feature, it takes a few tries before the blade actually so easily because initially encountered some resistance.

For maximum safety, survival knife is equipped with a safety catch which blocks the outlet of the blade, and it is especially folding. This practice is, for easy transport within its small case canvas. Incidentally, with a single push button for closing and one video clip, the case is not convincing and it might be necessary to acquire a better quality.

If we dwell on the slide, we see that it meets the basic needs of a survivalist: cutting, slicing, sawing, lobby … It is resistant and seems durable, but do not avoid scratches. The painting of the handle also tends to fade quickly, but it is only a visual detail.

Folded, this knife is ergonomic, with a size of 12 cm to a minimum weight of 141 g. What take it anywhere, for your holidays, day trips and excursions, and always have on hand.


If you are away from the quality of a survival knife high-end model of the Bearcraft brand has still a very good price / quality ratio. For smaller budgets, this is a good way to have a convenient and effective tool to help you during your travels!

5. Survival knife multi-use of T new – a cheap multifunction knife

For a knife multi-purpose mini price, hard to beat the knife survival of T new brand. This tool near the multifunction pliers, has several elements that make it very convenient for camping, DIY or some adventurous situations in nature.

Design & Features

This knife multi-tool Stainless steel is quite close to a Swiss Army knife, but thicker and more imposing. It is very small for easy storage in its nylon case that can be attached directly to the belt and light weight makes it easy to carry.

It is an object 16-in-1, which has various tools: a serrated survival knife blade to cut or saw no evil makes it perfectly why it was designed, a sturdy clip, cutting pliers, can opener -Bottle and a bottle opener, and a clever tip screwdriver.

Via the latter, you can set one of 9 screwdriver bits that accompany this knife (Phillips, flat, …) via a simple magnetic fixing system. For DIYers, this is ideal because you will on hand everything you need without having to lug around a toolbox!

This multifunction survival clamp is designed resistant materials, with stainless steel tools which are fairly resistant to rust, and it is equipped with a welcome safety catch. Ditto for the non-slip ergonomic handle which although a bit too short, that ensures a proper grip.


This is an object that has a quality / price quite incredible, as is better in terms of strength and efficiency as knives survival more expensive! Of course, it should rather those who practice survivalism in leisure, hikers and campers as adventurers who go on tour in extreme conditions! But for a survival knife to do anything cheap, it’s great!

6. Knife Stainless Tacklife – The best survival knife cheap

For survivalism practitioners, good knife will be durable, comfortable, convenient to use and potentially cheap. The brand Tacklife has understood and offers with this pocket model FK03 the best survival knife cheap!

Design & Features

The Tacklife survival knife is a folding model, which can be clipped to a belt for easy transport. Its design is not too aggressive, black gives it a certain elegance and features only orange tarnish all giving it an aspect Cowboy which one would have happened.

The knife blade is stainless steel quality, it is sharp and without evil slice everything that passes under the blade: small wood, string, cardboard, food … you can use it in many situations. It is fixed, and strong enough not to break and even if it does not settle as well as razor-type blades, it does the job.

With a total length of 20 cm and a blade 8 cm thick of 3 mm, this is a small knife will never clutter. It also weighs only 136 g! The blade is dull, as rust treated gray titanium, which allows to use it even in rainy weather or in more extreme conditions. Note that it sharpens easily with most knife sharpeners.

At its metal handle, its non-slip coating ensures a good grip, just like the bends that provide greater comfort to your fingers. It is a survival knife that is pleasant to use, even if the system open / close takes a little break at the beginning because you have to press the right spot on the dial. But once you have the hang of it, no worries.


This beautiful object is undoubtedly the best survival knife cheap this selection, since his blade as well as the handle are of fairly good quality for the price at which it is proposed. Ergonomic, safe and sharp, this is a recommendable tool!

7. Small folding knife Buck – A model of ergonomic survival

For a knife lightweight, strong and sharp, Rival 0365BKS II model of the Buck brand is an interesting choice for those who want a small efficient survival knife. With its particularly successful design, it will appeal to those seeking a tool to carry around with them.

Design & Features

Rival II 0365BKS Bucks, an American brand famous in the world of cutlery survival is a foldable model with a black handle and a blade 11 cm steel 420 HC flick and double button. It weighs 140 g and once folded, it easily held in your pocket.

We like its design, with a matte black on the stick and undulating forms that make it as pretty as convenient to hold in hand. Indeed, the handle has a very good ergonomics that once we closed the fingers, he will never escape and even users with the most impressive hands should find their account. The finishes guarantee him a good life, even with frequent use.

Regarding his blade, folding survival knife Buck offers a blade centered very sharp (but must sharpen frequently), which allows to easily cut branches and foliage, and all types of small equipment that you may encounter during your activities outdoors or your DIY sessions.

It is interesting that the knife has a well-designed blade lock system, which eliminates the risk of injury: the blade will not replicate itself. It can be opened with one hand (with some practice), and so react quickly even in emergencies.


This small survival knife has real qualities – his strong blade, ergonomic handle, its security system – and this is one of the models Made In America the cheapest. The price / quality ratio of the object is such that you will not regret your purchase, if you need a survival knife for everyday use!

8. Hunting Knife Survivor RKS Diffusion – The survival knife Rambo!

Who does not know Rambo, the soldier played by Sylvester Stallone in the movie of the same name? A true expert in hostile environment survival, many weapons mania character but his favorite subject remains the survival knife. This is the reply that we present here and far from being a vulgar replica is a functional product that will accompany you in your shipments.

Design & Features

The knife brand RKS Diffusion is a hunting style, perfect for in the forest survivalism sessions. It has a stainless steel blade 440 which guarantees a good strength and sharpness necessary to cut kindling wood, rope, foliage and cut most foods.

With 390 grams, and a large size of 33.5 cm (19.5 cm with blade), it is a survival knife that you will not use every day, but during your wild outings. This large blade gives this replica of Rambo knife a very attractive appearance, which will make its bearer a true warrior.

With a durable steel handle and a carrying pouch Leatherette, which can be attached to the belt, imitation is perfect and the visual result does not disappoint. But it is just as good at the grip, because the weight is evenly distributed. Only downside, the handle of the coating is not slip and if you have wet hands, the knife could slip.

Since this model is as a military survival knife, it should allow you to spend a few days in the wilderness without worry: this is the case, with the survival kit that is in its handle. The lower part of it is a compass that you avoid getting lost and if you unscrew you will find the rope. To design a shelter or to help rappelling, this is the top.


In a hunting dagger style, this replica of Rambo survival knife is a real success, allowing fans to go on an adventure with good equipment. Complete and cheap, it could make a great gift!

9. Gerber Bear Grylls – The best survival knife Bear Grylls

This survival knife Gerber Bear Grylls, 12 centimeter to 210 grams, is the most complete model and one we recommend to those who want a weapon / tool all in one. It takes the form of a classic hunting knife with a blade and various related accessories, contained in its case as a flint. It also comes with a flexible sheath and an emergency whistle.

For a few days of wild camping, it orange knife and gray give you the ability to perform many actions: cutting wood for the fire, sharpen sticks for you to use in-call attempts (or protection against wild animals ), drill containers your food (cans, cake package recalcitrant) or digging to set up camp and store business in charge. Truly multifunctional, we ranked as the best survival knife.

His case is really good, it is perfect for hiking and protects this very knife, it is adaptable to a leg or an arm even a belt.

After countless try in different conditions and on different materials, the tip is intact, only the teeth are slightly damaged but still intersect. These are really helpful and when it comes to overcome a big piece (green wood or coconut, for example. However, these teeth can be embarrassing slightly to make chips with dry wood.

10. The survival knife MORA Companion mg of 23 cm

This first survival knife is a small model, with a 10 cm blade, lightweight (115 grams), and comes with a colorful pouch bit quiet but that brings originality to the object key. It is also available in several pretty flashy colors, and black guard our preference for appearance infiltration / survival!

The blade is only 10 centimeters but it contrasts wonderfully! We may have many knives in his hands and it is impressive with the edge it offers. If the design does not conquered us especially, this blade is the first advantage of this survival knife.

Presented as a dagger, it will be a perfect companion for camping enthusiasts or wild rides, as will collect the necessary wood to make fire, it will allow you to scale your freshly caught fish or slicing sausage for appetizer! In addition, the holster keeps the blade away and avoid the more awkward injury.

Offered at a very low price, it’s a basic survival knife, simple to learn, which works great for small tasks for which you use it.

Buying Guide: everything you need to know about survival knives before buying a

If you do not know how to choose the best survival knife, this comprehensive guide and the most important criteria you need to consider your purchase will allow you to choose the best model for you!

What is a survival knife?

A survival knife is a tool that will help you get you any emergency situation while you are in the wilderness or in a hostile environment. It will protect you, to hunt, you make a solid shelter and safe to light a fire to warm you up or feed you and you open the track on the roads particularly difficult to access.

Any good survivalist therefore must possess this essential item!

The best survival knives can also be used in more common situations, such as camping, family hikes, crafts or work sessions, or conversely for hunting parties.

With the criteria below, you will understand what we must be careful in choosing it.

fixed or folding blade

A fixed blade will be more stable and more durable than flexible blade, especially if it is in Full Tang, ie it extends throughout the length of the handle.

In general, survival knives upscale and pro models have fixed blades (like the model Survival Knife Esee 6), when the knives for less intensive use will be equipped with foldable blade.

However, those who want an easy object to carry and accessible at any time could favor a folding blade. If it is less suitable for the size of heavy materials, it remains functional for wilderness getaways. As such, the folding knife Bearcraft is an excellent choice.

single or multifunction knife?

The simple survival knife is all about its ultra-resistant blade, suitable for use in all situations. Generally more expensive than type models Swiss Army knives, the ultimate survival knife suitable for survivalism practitioners. Top in this light, the A1K of Fallkniven.

Multifunction knives are inherently less resistant, but they allow DIYers and leisure travelers to have available a practical object to use less sharp than military models and certainly less expensive.

The type of metal used for the blade

The choice of the blade through an analysis of the steel used in its making. Without necessarily being an expert, keep in mind that there are several types of steel and their type influences the strength of the blade, its flexibility and its ability to last over time.

The best survival knives have a blade flexible enough not to break when you cut wood for example, but not enough resistant not be damaged too fast. It is also appropriate to opt for a blade that will not rust too quickly and that will sharpen easily.

In our selection, the models have robust blades that do not let go!

The ergonomics of the survival knife

A good knife should be handy and lightweight, the handle must be well designed to facilitate your tasks. This requires a weight of between 100 g and 1 kg maximum (for the most robust models), and a metal handle (wood is avoided, not resistant enough) covered with non-slip grips. Similarly, the case is important because it helps to have your knife handy soon.

A good grip guarantees a flawless efficiency and an increased use pleasure.

Its dimensions and design

The size is important for several reasons. The first is that more the blade is, the more you will be able to decide easily large objects. In an optical survivalist, we therefore recommend that favor the longer blades.

However, we must not overlook the convenience! A knife with a long blade will be more difficult to carry a small model. Depending on your use, weigh the pros and cons!

The design of the knife depends on your taste (some love the warrior side of the replica of Rambo knife, while others prefer the more sober aspect of survival Tacklife knife), but also think that if you daily , purse, sobriety is preferable.

For use reserved for getaways in the mountains or in the forest, the models to design more aggressive are no problem!

The price

Must necessarily spend a fortune to acquire a quality survival knife? No, because there are good basic models less than 50 euros. However, if you want the best survival knife upscale, count between 150 and 250 euros for the most efficient models. An investment up to the quality of the object, which will become your partner No. 1 for your survival missions.

You should know that the survival knife can take various forms. First, know that there are three major categories of survival knives: survival knife classic, military knife and hunting knife. Let us see what are the characteristics of each model:

The survival knife, accessories and various functions

The survival knife is the most complete model and one we recommend to those who want a weapon / tool all in one. It can take the form of a classic hunting knife with a blade and various related accessories (often contained in its case) or it can be a knife that is also called Swiss multifunction knife or knife.

For a few days of wild camping, this kind of knife you give the opportunity to carry out many actions: cutting wood for the fire, sharpen sticks for you to use in-call attempts (or protection against wild animals!) pierce your food containers (tins, cake package recalcitrant!) or digging to set up camp and store business in charge.

The military knife and serrated edge

The military knife, classic, can be recognized from the shape of its serrated edge. As the name suggests, this is the weapon that accompanies soldiers during their missions. If used at the base to kill or protect themselves, it will serve mainly to cut wood! Practical and durable, the knife adventurers equipped with a bag that will have the necessary in their wallet. The knife will be a strong ally, but incomplete.

The hunting knife, basic and effective

This is the simplest form of the survival knife. A conventional blade, rigid and imposing, allows it to be used to cut wood or digging, as long as you munissiez a stone or rock that will help push the blade!

You now have an idea of ​​the different survival knives available, and as we shall see later, there are many criteria that you must pay attention to choose the best survival knife.

But before that, let us introduce three models of knives, and that you will make you a more accurate picture of the characteristics of these different objects.

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