The Best Dry Hair Masks 2020 | Reviews And Guide

The Best Dry Hair Masks 2020 | Reviews and Guide

Hydration, fall prevention, strengthening effect … There are countless benefits of masks for hair. Just like face creams, the hair mask is a must beauty treatments. That’s why it’s so interesting to integrate his hair beauty routine. Yet, many people still consider this as a luxury, an optional product is used to cajole his hair from time to time. But the intense concentration of active ingredients of the masks is such that they nourish the hair more intensely than any other treatment. There are particular among their credentials, that of preserving the health of hair by preventing breakage and the appearance of split ends. Find below some of the best masks for dry hair.

The best masks for dry hair 2020

The Best Dry Hair Masks 2020 | Reviews And Guide

1. Kerastase Nutritive Masquintense for dry hair

Designed for fragile hair, Kerastase Nutritive Masquintense mask provides concentrated hydration and nutrition. Available in two versions, one for fine hair, the other for thick hair, this excellent mask for dry hair has many benefits.

Upon first use, the mask moisturizes hair thoroughly, bringing vitality and hydration. They become progressively silkier and shinier. In addition, by eliminating frizz and protecting the tips of the forks, that complete treatment facilitates combing.

Its sweet scent envelops hair a few hours after applying the treatment. Regarding the texture, the mask comes in the form of an extremely rich and creamy designed to instantly smooth wet hair.

The mask is also very easy to use. Just leave the rest for ten minutes on hair washed and towel dried before rinsing matching contribution. For increased effectiveness, it is also possible to leave it on for several hours by wrapping your hair soaked with the product in a warm towel.

Side packaging the product has a tinted clean, minimalist packaging of a color key orange. His pot solid well facilitates transport and the plastic disc arranged under the cover provides additional protection to better preserve the product and prevent runoff.

Alongside these many strengths, Kerastase Nutritive Masquintense the mask, however, has some drawbacks. The mask is unfortunately only available in one size: 200 ml. Moreover, its main drawback is its relatively high price usually ranges between 35 € and 40 € the bottle. Fortunately, if the product is used correctly, the pot of 200 ml lasts, because due to its richness and quality, a small amount is enough to nourish your hair intensely.

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The Best Dry Hair Masks 2020 | Reviews And Guide

2. Second Regenerating Mask M Christophe Robin

As one of the best masks for dry hair, the rare oil regenerating mask prickly pear Christophe Robin restores and strengthens the hair fiber hair including more damaged.

Composed of three natural main ingredients, this mask seduced users search of nature. These three compounds are oil prickly pear seed, known for its antioxidant and rejuvenating, sweet almond oil with soothing virtues and Inula flower used to beautify hair color. In addition, it contains no dye, paraben and silicone.

We also liked the character very concentrated mask. One dab of product heated in the hands only to sublimate a hair. It also nourishes the scalp, an area often overlooked by the hair masks yet often beset by irritations. Moreover, as a use to twice a week is more than enough, a pot of 250 ml can last very long.

Its peculiar flowery smell the jasmine and bergamot leaves no one indifferent and thick texture blends perfectly wet hair. A bath of instant pleasure.

packaging side, Christopher Robin has really sought to make the packaging attractive: a small black plastic pot shiny arranged in its box red card with a hint of gold.

Available for fifty euros, the price of a pot of 250 ml of regenerating mask Christopher Robin can repel many. Nevertheless, taking account of the high quality and high concentration of the mask, this investment can be easily profitable if the product is used correctly.

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The Best Dry Hair Masks 2020 | Reviews And Guide

3. Sephora Collection instant coconut hair mask

This mask Sephora offers an express treatment for dry hair even more damaged. Enriched with natural coconut oil, this mask nourishes and regenerates dry hair thoroughly. It strengthens the hair and facilitates disentangling for sublimated hair, tame, softer and shinier. It comes with many advantages. Instant mask Coconut Sephora contains a key ingredient to a thousand capillaries virtues of coconut oil. Indeed, this oil including the power to moisturize dry hair thereby reducing breakage, to protect hair against loss of protein and form a protective barrier against external aggressions such as wind, UV radiation and pollution.

The mask also seduces with its low price of 5.99 € per 100 ml and therefore offers a great opportunity to have fun without breaking the bank.

With its flexible packaging, it is also just as easy to use as transport.

In addition, the mask has the advantage of requiring a record time of 1 minute poses sure hit the hurry of you who have no time to lose in the shower.

Still, this mask Sephora has a downside. The product is available only in one 100 ml format, which is not very convenient for users who have long hair or very damaged and therefore need to use a larger amount of product every week.

The Best Dry Hair Masks 2020 | Reviews And Guide

4. Mask feeding Amika

The mask consists of a cocktail of three main ingredients of a high quality: jojoba oil, allowing both to regulate the scalp of sebum while replenishing the dried spikes of oil seabuckthorn, able to fight against breakage, and vitamin C, which fights hair loss by promoting good circulation. In addition, it contains no sulphate, parabens and other toxic chemicals.

We also appreciate its thick texture that permeates throughout the hair perfectly without slipping. No drop is not lost in the trap of your shower. As for the smell, the mask brings a breath of freshness and summer with notes of citrus and sea buckthorn.

He prepares well to brushing the hair after shampoo in the smoothing instantly. It thus provides a considerable saving of time at the time of disentangling while preventing breakage.

Regarding the exposure time, two choices are available to you: let it act on hair washed and spun in a shower cap for about twenty minutes or lay two to five minutes after shampooing before rinsing . This last option will appeal no doubt the impatient.

packaging side, the fun and colorful appearance perfectly reflects the creativity and cosmopolitanism of Brooklyn, the birthplace of the brand.

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The Best Dry Hair Masks 2020 | Reviews And Guide

5. Super Mask Nourishing Coconut and fig Coco & Eve Like a Virgin

Very popular on Instagram, this mask 5-in-1 repairs the hair thoroughly to make them resplendent beauty and better prepared against external aggressions such as pollution. Find out why it caused such a craze on social networks.

In addition to creating a mask 100% vegan, Coconut & Eve provides not practice any animal testing to develop its products. His mask Like a Virgin is also a full mask “cruelty free” approved by PETA animal rights foundation.

packaging side, the mask will delight fans of packaging treated with its pretty pastel shades pink and dark green, and her adorable little palm adorning the top of the lid.

As for the content of this beautiful tropical packaging, mask Coco & Eve combines no less than 5 five natural ingredients with exceptional properties of the extract of coconut rich in fatty acids to prevent the forks, extract pear to moisturize hair, shea butter to unravel easily, argan oil to reduce frizz and flax seed extract to give luster.

Another plus for dry hair mask is available in two sizes to better meet your needs: a 212 ml standard format and a 60 ml travel size.

Despite these strengths, the mask has a major drawback. The mask beautiful not contain sulfates, parabens, however, it contains some potentially allergenic and pollutants such as phenoxyethanol and chloride behentrimonium. Moreover, as it contains silicone, it is not appropriate to fine hair, because this compound tends to weigh down the hair.

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6. Bleach London Reincarnation Mask

Born in a London specialist living in coloring and bleaching hair, the brand develops Bleach London since 2010 hair products designed to nourish and restructure the hair colored, bleached or simply damaged. Discover some highlights of its nourishing mask for dry hair Mask Reincarnation.

With his nineties grunge look, packaging immediately attracts the eye. The product is presented in a metal tube encased in a colorful cardboard packaging.

Its very affordable price of 10 € per 200 ml also has it all, especially since the product can last long if used correctly. It thus offers a very good price / quality ratio.

As for texture, the mask has the advantage of being rich while keeping a certain lightness. Both creamy and light, it applies easily and wraps each hair perfectly wick for 10 to 15 minutes, the ideal time to offer a moment of relaxation in the bath.

Microble enriched in proteins, capable of improving capillary elasticity, the mask eliminates frizz and provides smoother hair even after natural drying.

Nevertheless, the product has a major negative point, its packaging. The metal tube that makes this product so unique was unfortunately not as advantages. In fact, its smooth surface tends to slip into the hands once in the shower. It may therefore be necessary to wipe hands with a towel before using. In addition, when the package of the mask is almost empty, it is sometimes difficult to get the latest product drops that get stuck in the tube.

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7. Aveda Damage Remedy deep repair mask

Born in Austria, Aveda is the fruit of the work of Horst Rechelbacher, hairdresser committed to creating quality products by making the best of nature while respecting it. It is in this spirit that Aveda has developed its range of treatments designed to restore Damage Remedy thoroughly dry and damaged hair. This collection includes the deep repair mask, a product having valuable assets.

The mask follows the “cruelty-free” policy of the brand. Thus, manufacturing is not accompanied by any animal testing. In addition, the mask is made from wind power, a renewable energy Aveda supports the development to reduce its carbon footprint.

As for the packaging, in addition to presenting a stylish sleek design that looks like a spa product, its packaging charge of 50% of bioplastic itself almost entirely from plants. Aveda standby elsewhere to develop packaging also respects the environment as possible by minimizing the size and weight of various packaging and using recycled materials for manufacture.

Side scent, the mask, made from extract of bergamot, mandarin, ylang ylang and other floral species and plant certified organic, leaves a sweet scent on the hair while subtlety. It must be said Aveda does not neglect the scents of its products. It has also developed its flavors Pure-Fume ™ using specialists to transform each of its products in a unique sensory experience.

In addition, the mask does not impose time ending pose. Two to five minutes to nourish your hair thoroughly.

With its price above € 40 for 150ml, Aveda Damage Remedy mask certainly not among the most affordable hair masks.

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Buying Guide: everything you need to know about a mask for dry hair before buying a

Know your hair type

Hair masks are critical to maintaining healthy hair and shining. To maximize results, you must first learn how to select and use.

Dry, oily hair, colored, curly and fine all require different types of masks. Each type of hair requires products specifically designed to meet their needs. So be sure to know well your hair type in order to give them the treatment they need.

The best mask of each hair

Colored hair are more prone to breakage and therefore need to be fed deep to keep their reflections. It is best to opt for a mask designed for colored hair or dry hair so that the color fades as possible. Focus on the tips, which dry faster than the rest of the hair.

As for dry, frizzy and curly, they tend to suffer from a lack of hydration. Even if you have the good sense to use a shampoo for dry hair, you should also use a nourishing mask. keratin masks are especially effective in sustainably nourish the hair fiber.

If your hair tends to become fat quickly, use masks green clay based. If you notice that only your roots become fat quickly, apply the mask on the lengths and ends of your hair.

For fine hair, it is important to choose a mask that does not weigh down the hair to give them maximum volume. Use a dry hair mask to apply only on the lengths and ends.

FAQ: it answers the questions you have about the masks for hair

A hair mask is a conditioning treatment in depth which helps to cure the damaged hair which eventually be damaged due to the capping, the use of straighteners and external aggressions such as pollution. These treatments contain ingredients with exceptional properties such as oils and natural fatty acids, in amounts far greater than those of hair conditioners. The mask is placed on the hair for a variable period of three minutes to overnight. Their use is highly recommended for all hair types, even the healthy hair. Indeed, even the healthiest hair can be damaged, particularly when the seasons change.

The hair mask is applied at least once a week. Having washed and spun your hair, apply the mask on your lengths avoiding the roots if your scalp tends to grease quickly. Apply product lock by lock to distribute optimally. Leave the mask on for the recommended time, rinse your hair and dry them using an old shirt or towel microfiber specially designed for this purpose. Resistant fibers of an ordinary towel can make rough hair follicles and cause the forks. Comb-in as usual. In principle, a hair mask must bring visible results from the first use.

The frequency of application of a hair mask depends entirely on the condition of your hair and your laundry routine. In most cases, a weekly application is sufficient. However, if you often use styling products and heated styling tools such as flat irons or curling your hair can be damaged and require more intense care. In this case, you can use a hair mask more regularly. However, do not abuse it, because excessive use of hair masks can make your abnormally oily hair, flat and dull.

Dust and impurities that accumulate in your hair create a barrier around the hair shaft that makes it impossible infiltration nutrient and hydrating agent inside the hair fiber. Now as a hair mask main objective to restore moisture and repair the damage, it is essential to thoroughly clean the hair and remove all traces of dirt and sebum before applying another product. Moreover, the fact of washing hair with shampoo and rinse with warm water opens the cuticles and maximize nutrient absorption.

Before installing the hair mask, hair should be washed and dried. Spread the product evenly in your hair, strand by strand. Massage the product from root to tip before you comb your hair with your fingers. To maximize the effects of the mask, you can also cover your head during a hot towel at least 10 minutes. In this way, the mask is in direct contact with your scalp and can be absorbed more easily. Leave the mask to act 20 minutes, depending on the condition of your hair. Then apply cold water and lather before rinsing gently.

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