The Best Gopro 2020 | Reviews And Guide

The Best GoPro 2020 | Reviews and Guide

For fans of action, adventure and travel that want to film their adventures, buy a GoPro camera is a very good idea. Initially, these embedded camera models were intended only for professionals, but they have democratized our greatest joy. Now, many models and you have to identify themselves, and Best-Comparison is here to help!

These sports cameras can shoot with the amazing views, and make closer the dynamic movement of the activity you are doing. Very practical, thanks to their connection Usb Hdmi or their mounting ease on different media and their many features, these cameras will delight their users realize high quality photos and movies.

But how to choose his GoPro? There are many GoPro camera models on the market, each with specific characteristics and technical characteristics that differ. To help you in this choice, we have developed this guide for different types of GoPro and their characteristics, which will let you know what is the best for you GoPro!

Best Accessories for GoPro

The Best Gopro 2020 | Reviews And Guide

What is the best Go Pro? View our reviews and our opinion

Here are our reviews of 3 models GO Pro attractive, affordable, each with their peculiarities and strengths / weaknesses of each camera.

La Go Pro HERO Session

The Best Gopro 2020 | Reviews And Guide

This model pro sports Go is the lightest and the smallest of the range Go Pro, with dimensions of 3.7 x 3.7 x 3.8 cm and a weight of 74 grams. Ergonomic Incredibly, this is a condensed technology that will allow its users to perform above definition videos.

In short, it is an ideal model for most athletes and adventurers who will have available a compact camera, easy to carry but the performances that have everything a great.

La GoPro HERO+

The Best Gopro 2020 | Reviews And Guide

This is the entry product range of the brand Go Pro now. This sports camera has a LCD screen in its brochure version that allows you to view what you’re shooting or what you are shooting.

With a photo-quality 8 megapixel camera and a video resolution 1080p60 and 720p60, she makes beautiful videos in all circumstances.

Very convenient to use thanks to the smartphone application or Smart Remote Go pro, she undoubtedly satisfy photo enthusiasts sessions / videos who want to keep track of their trips.

For those who want to enjoy the quality of technology for a budget, this is an excellent choice.

The GoPro HERO5 Session

The Best Gopro 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Top Technology Go Pro. This compact model with dimensions of 3.64 x 3.8 x 3.8 centimeters allows for high-definition video (4k) and take pictures with the 10 megapixel camera.

also with a simplified control (a button) and a powerful voice recognition system, this little device managed to get to the screen sensations experienced during your adventure.

For those who want to enjoy the quality of technology for a budget, this is an excellent choice.

This model is therefore to be reserved to those who realize videos then they go up, so to benefit the greatest number. It is a high-performance model, and certainly what is best in terms of GO Pro now.

Different Go pro on the market in 2017

You should know that sports camera range GoPro has 8 models referenced as: Camera Hero (which tends to disappear), the camera GoPro Hero +, the Hero + LCD, Hero 4 Silver, the GoPro Hero 4 Black, the Hero 4 Session Hero 5 and the latest Hero 6.

What sets these models apart? On the one hand, their price, which can vary between 100 and 500 euros on average. On the other hand, these are options, technical details and different performances that will guide the choice of the user you are. The following summarizes the characteristics of each of these cameras so you can make your choice knowingly.

The GoPro Hero: base

Designed for videos to be viewed on mobile formats and small screens, this camera has film in 60 frames / sec in Full Hd. It allows for timelapse videos and take photos at 8 megapixels.

It has a great WiFi connection to control the camera with a remote control Go pro or from your smartphone, which is very convenient, but if your memory card reached its capacity, the oldest tape will be automatically deleted to make room for new movies. We like least.

This is the model GB Basic Pro.

The Hero and Hero + LCD: sports videos and holiday movies

These two models are identical, except for one detail: the Go Pro Hero LCD features an LCD screen that lets you view and edit your movies directly.

These models are water resistant to 40 meters, strong, and has a Wi-Fi also. It can shoot full HD with a resolution of 1920 * 1080 pixels and take pictures in 8 megapixels. Too bad that the audio quality is reduced by the irremovable limp camera. In addition, the battery is too, which will prevent you to change if you get stranded in action!

The Hero 4 Hero 4 Silver and Black: for nice montages

Equally models with LCD display, convenient to edit videos and produce sublime mounts quickly. It has video resolutions 4K15, 2.7K30, 1080p 60fps and 720p at 120 fps, making it a very interesting model for sports video enthusiasts.

With its easy USB charging, easy sharing his Wifi and Bluetooth on different networks, it is a model which we can blame its low autonomy and nonremovable battery.

The hero session 4: upscale and marvel ergnomie

Very lightweight, the GoPro does not need external protection case. In terms of design and ergonomics, this is one of the most successful models.

She films in 920 x 1440 pixels at 30 frames / sec, 1080p / 60 frames / sec or 720p / 120 frames / sec and allows to perfection. Too bad the battery still is not removable, and especially having to go through the GO Pro application to all settings, since it has no LCD.

The Hero 5: the top of the sports onboard camera

A true marvel of technology, one of the most accomplished model. Small, compact, the camera shoots in 4K and has an image stabilizer for video worthy of a professional.

Waterproof and without housing, able to take pictures at 10 megapixels, and with a voice recognition system to the point, this model of camera Go Pro is offered at a rate that remains high.

The Hero 6: The best GoPro

Last year, the GoPro Hero 5 Black was a huge change for the range GoPro Hero. The Hero 6 Black, however, is an evolution of a winning formula now established. It improves in many key areas, including its high-end resolution and frame rate and provide better image stabilization and upgrade the overall quality of the image.

The selection criteria of GO Pro

After knowledge of the different models that you can find on the market, it’s time to know the essential criteria that you will choose the best GoPro to your needs.

Versions and options

Depending on your budget and the level of achievement that you want to do (amateur for holiday memories, more professional for youtubers for example), you can already make a first choice by eliminating sports cameras that do not match your desires .

With or LCD? Waterproof? What options are available? Among the most important options, we note a WiFi connectivity for use via the smartphone application GoPro, effects of possible assemblies and software compatible with the model, Bluetooth connectivity, a stabilization GPS, made the power or not change the batteries, the different connection ports associated (USB, mini USB, or Hdmi, it will for example viewing movies and photos easily on your TV). Depending on the options, prices rise. Ensure you focus on what you really used.

Resolution / image quality

This is the test number 1 for those who wish to offer a sports camera.

In the same vein as the previous test, the resolution of the camera allows for sharper videos and little or no pixelated, you can watch on the big screen for the highest resolution. You choose between models 440p30, 1080p60 and 720p100. Of course, the higher the resolution, the higher your pictures are accurate and enjoyable to watch. The 720p is the minimum required for amateur videos, but for full HD, it will direct you to the 1080 pixels.

We recommend higher resolutions to those who want to slow motion, effects or impactful fixtures. Later models included the 4K resolution for their size, which is the current ultimate in video quality.

Images Per Second / brightness

30 fps, 60 fps, the more volume, the higher you will realize up fluid and dynamic definition videos. Perfect for sporting or thrill seekers!

If you plan to use your Go Pro night or dusk, choose a camera model which features a night mode or a good opening necessary to capture the light of the best ways.

Sound quality

Often embedded type Go Pro cameras or other fish on this. Those that are equipped with a protective case in particular, which gives an effect sound box a little unpleasant the sound on movies. If this is an essential criteria for you, opt for GO Pro without protective housing.

Weight & dimensions

The GoPro camera is a small object that can carry anywhere, and its small size allows it to fit in your bag without difficulty. However, weight is something that becomes important when going on a long trip or excursion you need to shoot movies holding your camera at arm’s length (or pole). GoPro weigh between 50 grams for the lightest to 200 grams for others. Think you will definitely add some accessories that will weigh all.

Users who will set their GoPro on a drone (like Dji Dji Phantom models or Spark) should be alert to the weight supported by the drone model will be equipped pod camera for best results.

The size of the onboard camera is also an important selection criterion. The smaller, the more it will be easy to carry and fix your bike helmet or on your snowboard for example.

Movement and angle of view

Some models have a stabilizer which allows shooting in sudden movement, with a perfect rendering of the video. They are preferable to film the sportiest and most hectic activities. Moreover, the viewing angle which is generally between 90 ° and 170 ° on GoPro sets the width of the shots you can shoot with your camera. For lovers of panoramas is an important factor.

If it is to make videos or photos of landscapes, wide shot, it will be wise to opt for a model with wide-angle views for shooting impeccable views. These are models that have the famous fish-eye style in vogue in the clips and videos of the moment.


The Go Pro cameras are renowned for their strength. Fortunately, because often subjected to conditions of intense use. Under water (up to 40 meters seal on some models), with a protective case, or simply through greater strength, different sports cameras Go Pro resilient. The Session models are, at the moment, the strongest.

For models or the lens is exposed, it is appropriate to place a small protective film on it to preserve it.


A good sports camera must be able to accompany you during a journey without having to be recharged continuously. Some models have a battery life of 1 hour recording, which is little more than several hours with break or 2 continuous hours.

The accessories

Most of the accessories will be options, but some of them you will quickly be essential. First, check well that includes your GO Pro when purchased, and then check the accessories with which you can associate. Among the practices we find the fixings for helmets, tripods, optical stabilizers, microphones or battery chargers.

The possibilities are vast, according to your sport or activity, you can transform your model Go Pro genuine professional video tool and realize visual sequences of beauty.

On taking into account all of these criteria, you can define what is the best for you Go Pro! And to guide you, we have reviewed the best Go Pro today, with models that offer the quality / best price.

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