Best Bulbs Connected 2020 | Reviews and Guide

At a time when all objects are connected, it is not surprising that today the bulbs are too. These are smart bulbs that can easily satisfy our requirements bright atmosphere using our favorite object connected the Smartphone.

Our house will not have a monotonous brightness we get tired pretty quickly as we can make adjustments to the As the seasons. Why does it always have the same light intensity inside while outside it is constantly changing?

Lighting connected we offer a smart and responsible energy consumption, as these products are known for their respect for the environment. What really makes obsolete the old models of bulbs that consume a lot of energy.

In addition, with the evolution of technology, the connected bulbs are no longer content to have one or two features since some models are, today, capable of amazing things through applications on our mobile phones.

All these features make the connected bulbs or Smartlight English are gaining more and more followers. More unique designs and sophisticated are emerging every day to offer more choice and satisfy more customers who are waiting to receive good quality products.

Comparison of Best Connected Bulb

AWOX Smartlight – The best bulb connected

This model bulb connected is probably the most efficient. The bulb has the best features available. In addition, it effectively meets the criteria set current customers. Indeed, nowadays, when people buy the bulbs, they seek more simple items that produce light. They also care about other potential uses that can have the bulb. Fortunately the bulb connected to AWOX has many modes and functions that will greatly serve to customers. Anyway, it would have been surprising if AWOX Smartlight could not offer such a variety of purposes as it is considered the bulb connected to the moment that totally stands out and takes top accolades in the online shopping sites and as price comparators.

Best Bulbs Connected 2020 | Reviews And Guide

AWOX SMLm-C9 E27 Smartlight is controllable using the connected devices such as smartphones, tablet computers, or, which is quite normal for a connected lamp. However, most smartlight models require the presence of Wi-Fi before being synchronized with connected objects. This is where the difference is with this model, because the connection is possible even without WiFi as smartphones or other electronic gadgets similar feature Bluetooth® 4.o or later.

This is very useful especially in remote areas where WiFi is not going very well, especially at the present time where Bluetooth is an inseparable feature of many objects connected models.

Energy consumption is also a problem that everyone wants to solve. With AWOX SMLm-C9 E27 Smartlight, one more is done to improve the way we illuminate our homes. This bulb connected consumes very little power and energy class A + is proof of this ability to save energy. In addition, this low appetite for energy does not diminish its performance, it has a power 9 W with a luminous flux of 806 lm at 3000ᵒk. For a more concrete idea, these figures demonstrate equivalence with an incandescent lamp of 60 W, from there we can clearly see the difference. The AwoXSmartlight connected bulbs have an average life of 20,000 hours and a 240 degree angle of illumination.

The various functions that the bulb connected to play a big role in its success. The disco mode is the one that customers value most. To create a nightclub atmosphere in his home, this function changes the usual lights are a bit of life. But other more useful features are also available such as adjusting lighting and extinction. With it, we can adjust the times during which the bulb on and off. A proximity detection and incoming call signal is also feasible, unfortunately, it is reserved for devices with Android operating system. The group creation is possible, it allows grouping fifty bulbs and thus extend the range up to 100 m.

TP-Link LB130 – The bulb connected multicolored

In terms of innovation for the connected bulbs, this model has no equal. This is the bulb connected art that relegates its competitors in another category. It is distinguished mainly by characteristics worthy of the greatest films of science fiction. Equip his home in the TP-Link LB130 bulbs will greatly increase its standing, and it is very easy to impress friends when we have this kind of items. Lighting connected take another dimension with this model, since their passing simple useful electrical objects to illuminate the night in a marvel of technology that beautifies our everyday facilitating certain tasks and making us see all the colors. TP-Link LB130 is the bulb of the future that we can get right now.

Best Bulbs Connected 2020 | Reviews And Guide

The greatest asset of TP-Link LB130 is the color it can offer. In sum, it has up to 16 million shades of color, which is an astronomical number. We can not complain about the failure to find the color that matches our desires because 16 million is a figure beyond what we can imagine. In addition, we can make adjustments in order to obtain the greatest possible precision the mood we want. Even white light can be adjusted so that it is similar to natural daylight, it’s like having the sun for himself in his house.

To perform these settings, we do not have to look far enough because our smartphones for everything at any time. You just have the free mobile application Kasa which will allow us to control the bulbs and so do all the adjustments is to say the management of the brightness and color, programming schedules of ignitions and extinctions and the monitoring of consumption. In addition, it is unnecessary to worry about the brand of our smartphone since Kasa app is available on both iOS and Android. But the most fascinating with TP-Link LB130 is the existence of the voice control. You can order the bulb just by speaking. You just have to match the bulb with Alexia Amazon, Google Assistant and other equipment that could be aligned with the voice command.

Unfortunately, TP-Link LB130 has a high enough price. But this is not surprising given its performance. However, this cost a little above is not so huge that since the bulb consumes very little energy. With an LED bulb and an energy class A +, our consumption will be 80% less than if we use an incandescent lamp of 60 W. The surplus that we will pay will be profitable each electricity bill comes your way. Especially this bulb connected TP-Link has a long life, the economy thus lasted until long term. TP-Link LB130 is the new generation of connected light bulb and it’s only a matter before it replaces the other models.

Philips Lighting – The best brand of bulb connected

Philips is no stranger to the world of lighting, including light bulbs. It is quite logical if the bulb connected Philips was the first to invade the market. This brand has an edge over its competitors because it works for a long time in the design of lamps. Lighting connected Philips does not stray from the quality that this brand has always offered. In typical style Philips, the Lighting model modestly plays in simplicity, however, it’s just a hasty judgment, because if we deepen the bulb is made with components of choice and level of light intensity can illuminate a large room without encountering difficulty. Philips Lighting is a credit to the reputation of the mark where his presence in this list.

Best Bulbs Connected 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Like any bulb connected Philips Lighting is controllable by means of connected objects such as smartphones. This command per connected object is achieved by a hue bridge (or bridge) which permits synchronization between the bulb and the phone. The bulb connects with E27, the latter is present in almost all connected latest generation bulbs models. The remote control allows for precise adjustments, because the display settings on the smartphone is both clear and ergonomic. Unfortunately, unlike other models, Philips Lighting will only diffused than white light. But with the settings, we can have the intensity of light that suits your mood to create a serene and fresh atmosphere that will make our home sweet as ever.

To save on your electric bill, Philips Lighting is the bulb connected in the best position to ensure that we spend more colossal sums for lighting. This model is very energy efficient, it has an energy class A +. The bulb used is an LED bulb, demonstrating Philips intend to minimize the consumption of its smartlight. With an output of 9.5 W and a luminous flux of 800 lm, our play will be really dazzled as much as if we used an older model light bulb with a power of 60W. In addition, we can easily make a group of lights that we can control, because the bulbs can simultaneously connect with the hue bridge.

Big deal with Philips Lighting is that the pack includes 2 bulbs. A little calculation is enough to understand that the price of a bulb is really accessible, which confirms more the economics of the connected lamp. However, the hue bridge that allows the bulbs connection is not provided with them. We are therefore obliged to think at an additional cost so that our light bulbs connected to function properly. But in general, buy Philips Lighting amounts to a great buy because in addition to the price of very small bulb, the life it reaches 25000 hours, which in the long run can save a lot of money, but also to preserve the planet.

Xiaomi – The bulb connected easy to use

Since the invention of electricity it a long time ago, bulbs lighting has never stopped evolving to become connected bulbs as we see now. This connectivity can sometimes cause problems for some customers who are not comfortable with the new gadgets. However, with Xiaomi, they have nothing to fear, because this model has been designed so that even the most ignorant in technology can operate it without difficulty, that in order to popularize the use of the bulb connected. Xiaomi connected bulbs are therefore made to equip all homes that even those who are reluctant to the idea of ​​smart bulbs that will control more than just a switch back and forth.

Best Bulbs Connected 2020 | Reviews And Guide

The Xiaomi connected bulbs can be controlled anywhere and anytime. And this feature is really useful because in case you forgot, we can easily solve the problem of ignition and extinction by controlling the distance bulbs. Nothing could be simpler, we carry only two steps. Firstly, it is necessary to connect the bulb that is equipped with an E27 base. Then it only remains to settle in our smartphone Xiaomi the Smart Home App. The two that is to say, the bulb and the phone will automatically find it to synchronize. Just by doing these small steps we can have total control over our lighting. The application interface is clear and we can understand the parameters instantly, therefore, no need for a long period of adjustment to be able to make adjustments.

Once we have all the cards to use our smartlight Xiaomi, it remains only to enjoy the many benefits it offers. First, the number of colors and shades available for creating different atmospheres: family with children, romantic for two people or a total calm to rest fully. Secondly, we also have the ability to adjust the color temperature between 1700 K and 6500 K, which adds one more asset in creating atmospheres corresponds to our desire. A small side note, to increase our concentration, ideal temperature is 5300K. The base of the bulb connected using professional optical structure keeping stable source of light that our eyes are fully protected.

Of course like most smartlights, the LED bulb is recommended since it consumes only a small amount of energy. The luminous flux of 600 lm is Xiaomi with a power of 9 W. It is quite suitable for illuminating a larger or smaller chamber. The bulb has a suitable life of 25,000 hours, which is well above the average for a connected lamp. It is possible to combine multiple connected bulbs Xiaomi controlled by a single smartphone. This allows us to blow our creativity by producing blends original colors that will offer a unique design to our home.

Horsky Smart Bulb Wifi – A perfect light

Horsky is a brand specializing in new technologies, especially in the world of connected objects. She makes devices in order to create a truly connected home. Smart lights are among the best known of its products, including the Smart Wi bulb sleek, modern design. This is a standard bulb and thus well suited to the middle of the ceiling on a bedside table.

Best Bulbs Connected 2020 | Reviews And Guide

This intelligent bulb works with RGB LED technology resulting in the possibility of varying the color of the emitted light. Thus, it has a range of 16 million colors which allow to enjoy the bright atmosphere that is to be create at home. White light is excellent with a color temperature of 6500 K, which is just close to perfect. The brightness can also be changed as needed as for a reading or in to serve as pilot. However, it is necessary to note that the maximum brightness is quite limited if the room becomes too large. This lamp is rather intended to be used in a medium sized room or as extra lighting.

Being a smart bulb, this model is logically accompanied by a dedicated application called eFamilyCloud supports Android and iOS. A simple smartphone is used to control the lamp wherever one is in the house. She uses it for 2.4 GHz wireless connectivity through which it is not necessary to be in the same room as the bulb to use the remote control. This is rather useful when you need to turn off the light in another room without having to move. Despite all this, the settings with Google Home is a little more complicated especially as the lamp comes with instructions in English only. Once connected to the home network, it can even be remotely controlled via the 3G / 4G smartphone, or tablet.

Many features available through the application accompanying this bulb and provide the user a more comfortable use. The settings of the light can be programmed according to eight different customizable scenes. It is also possible to record up to 20 time parameters groups still easier the programming of the device depending on the hour. The lamp can detect the presence of the user on and off automatically.

This bulb connected is easy to install. You just have to do is place it on a socket and make the first settings. One has no need of a hub to connect it as everything is already integrated into the bulb itself. The operation of the device can be done if the switch is on and it should not be turned off if the lamp will not be powered and the application will prove useless. There are, however, not too much risk of power consumption because the power consumed in standby is less than 0.3W if 6W running.

Led Bulb Morpilot Bluetooth: Smart Bulb with speaker

A light bulb connected always practice at home, but the models are not all alike. Some users will be attracted to a cheaper bulb and other rather many features. This intelligent Morpilot bulb is an LED bulb equipped with Bluetooth connectivity. It is noticeable thanks to the presence of a speaker for listening to music from a smartphone or tablet.

This model is signed Morpilot bulb E27 using LED RGB technology. This is a multicolored lamp can reproduce up to 16 million different colors and offering its owner the freedom to choose the mood that wants to install at home. It reproduces color at a temperature of 3000 K, which reproduces a white hot enough to relax.

This bulb uses Bluetooth 4.0 to connect it directly to a smartphone or tablet. It is controllable through a single application, JBSmartPro compatible with Android and iOS. To get it, just scan a QR code or search directly the name of the app in Google Play or the App Store. This application will change the color or brightness of the lamp according to the needs of the user. It must nevertheless be held in a not too far distance from the bulb if the Bluetooth connection can not be made. The installation of the lamp is not complicated, just as it must be inserted into a single socket connected to the mains and let the power switch on. The light is programmable through application to enjoy optimal light at some point. Thus, it may as well set it as a night at bedtime and automatically turn on the alarm clock.

Apart from the light, this bulb is also equipped with a speaker with whom we can share the music played on the smartphone. To enjoy this feature, just pair the lamp with the phone like any other Bluetooth device and play music with any application. When the automatic light mode is activated, the light emitted by the bulb will change depending on the music. However, the sound is a bit too steep for our liking and the low level is fairly random. A small problem occurs if one associates two bulbs at the same phone. The application can control that one of them at a time and not both simultaneously. It is possible in this case a light bulb plays music and the other light.

The biggest concern with devices that have many features usually energy consumption. The power consumed by this lamp, however, is only 5 W, which represents a very low consumption. It has an estimated life of 16000 hours and is made in good quality materials (ABS, PC).

Minger with wireless remote control – The bulb connected intelligent Cheap

Among the many models of smart bulbs on the market, it is difficult to know which most closely matches their budget. Many users are interested in the cheapest smart bulbs market in order to make maximum economy. This smart bulb Minger in this list bulbs competitive price and is is however not stingy with functionality.

This device is a E27 LED bulb whose shape is more traditional with a dedicated remote control. This is a RGB lamp, that is to say, it is a multicolored lamp. It allows to choose between a total of 12 colors in RGB mode. It also has the distinction of producing a white light whose brightness is 100% more powerful than ordinary lamps. Therefore, the lamp can be perfectly used as main lighting in a fairly large room.

Despite its price more than attractive, this bulb has a lot of interesting features. Besides the fact that one can easily choose between a dozen colors from the remote control, it is also possible to select dynamic mode of color change. There are 4 modes, including flash mode, strobe mode, the smooth mode and molten mode. As for speed, the lamp offers 5 different parameters.

One can control this lamp in many different ways. First, there is the infrared remote control that allows for lots of manipulation as well as to turn on or turn off the lamp. In order to use the remote control, it is imperative that the switch is turned on. It is also possible to control this smart bulb through a smartphone application. This requires that the phone in question has infrared connectivity to simulate the original remote. It is impossible to use a smartphone without the Infrared with this lamp.

Another way to control the functions of the smart bulb is to use the wall switch. Unlike conventional lamps where it only serves to turn on or off the light, here you can control the color with this single switch. The handling is quite simple. When turned off and then back on the lamp in less than 3 seconds, it automatically changes color. Four different colors will thus succeed in loop as we turn off / on the bulb. If you wait about 5 seconds before turning it on again, the light turns automatically to white. This manipulation is very useful if the remote control batteries fail without having spares on hand.

This bulb is easy to install and no manipulation is required because it automatically detects the remote control. It consists of aluminum or plastic, which leaves expect good durability. Moreover, the lifetime of this bulb is estimated at 50,000 hours. For the duration of this use, it will not consume a lot of electricity saw its ranking in energy class A +, which means very low power consumption.

Shopping guide to choose the best bulb connected

A bulb is connected to a bulb that can be fully controlled by the user. In addition to the turn on or off, one can also change the brightness, color or the program switched on or the lamp shutdown. A connected bulb can also offer other features in addition to the lighting. The problem is that there are a multitude of intelligent lamp models on the market and it is difficult to navigate. To learn how to buy the best bulb connected, here are several criteria to be taken into account.

The technology

If all models are named lamp connected or smart lamp, how this connection establishes may vary widely, as changing the operating mode. For starters, there is WiFi connectivity which allows the lamp to connect directly to a smartphone or tablet through home WiFi network. An application will connect the lamp to the smartphone. WiFi gives the advantage to control the lamp from any location covered by the network and even allows remote control through a 3G or 4G network.

Another technology used is the Bluetooth connection. Like WiFi, it installs an application to be able to handle the lamp. If it saves a little more energy than WiFi, its scope is also less important. In addition, a lamp connected via Bluetooth can not be controlled remotely unless it is used with a special hub allowing the home WiFi network connection. Also, the smartphone must have used Bluetooth Low Energy or the connection can not be made. Most modern smartphones are equipped with this connectivity.

A connection mode less frequent than the first two is the infrared link. It is more economical and models are usually cheaper. The manipulations are generally done through a special remote control or with a phone with the infrared port. Features are typically a little limited compared to other technologies used.

Available features

What most differentiates a bulb connected to an ordinary light bulb is that it is possible to do many other things besides turning on and off the lamp. Many connected bulbs can change the brightness or color or both. While some models offer a choice between a handful of preset colors, others allow you to choose up to 16 million colors. Some smart bulbs also offer other modes in addition to the normal lighting. One can for example opt for a strobe mode when you want to organize a party in itself and dispense as a system of independent lighting effects.

Newer bulbs connected speakers embark generations for broadcasting music. They thus act as Bluetooth speaker to share music smartphone. If some bulbs produce speakers sound good, others can be quite poor. It is also possible with this type of smart bulb brightness associate with the music played and thus enjoy a more pleasant atmosphere. This bulb can also be used as an alarm clock or to set an alarm.

The quality of light

Even if a bulb connected offers many useful features enough, his main role will still illuminate the room where it is located. It is then necessary to ensure that the light emitted is of the highest possible quality. It must also match the expectations of the user.

For a better choice, it is necessary to consider the different technical parameters of the bulb. The temperature of the light directly affects the color of the white light of the lamp. Measured in Kelvin, it may vary between 2000 and 7000K. Between 2700K and 3300K, it corresponds to a light warm tending to yellow and proper relaxation. Between 5500 and 6500K, the more matches the color of the day and therefore natural light, which is the ideal temperature. Beyond this, the color seems too cold and turns to blue.

One can also measure the illumination of the lamp in Lux, corresponding to the amount of light produced. The higher the value, the greater the light bulb will be. There is also the light output in lumens (lm) which is related to the illumination. The lamps to the most intense lights usually have a luminous flux of about 2000 lm, corresponding to 100 Lux for a room of 20m².


When buying a bulb connected, there must be the ease with which it can be used. Generally, bulbs are connected in standard form, that is to say screw E14 and E27 or B22 bayonet. It is then necessary to check whether the base of the bulb corresponds to the socket installed at home.

Convenience also depends on the wattage of the bulb because it will generate the lamp power consumption. The higher the value, the less the bulb consume electricity. In general, economic connected bulbs do not exceed the power of 10 W.