Best Robot Dogs 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Best Robot Dogs 2020 | Reviews and Guide

Like every year, you have decided to sacrifice a quiet Saturday in November to visit a large toy teaches your family. The goal: to start writing the famous “letter to Santa,” which sounds the start of the end of year festivities. Gremlins such as overdose of sweets, your charming toddlers squeal on the shelves, stating all the advantages of that model doll or the absolute necessity of yet another Pokemon card collection overpriced. However, the turning radius of the plush, a crowd has gathered: a team of dogs robots of all shapes and all colors sing, did somersaults and wagging tail under the very eyes of the little ones. Yours are not left out and say with disarming insurance they do not intend to live another second without a robot dog at home.

Futuristic or realistic? Fur or plastic? With or without remote control? What robot dog will be most suited to accompany your children in their daily adventures without flinching? To help you in your choices, Best Comparison reviewed 7 robot dogs (all available on Amazon) very different to meet all your needs and those of your children. And if you hesitate between two similar models, find shopping in our guide all the questions before you put your four-legged under the tree!

Robot Dog – Our 2019 selection

SplashToys – TekstaPuppy 5G, the dog robot that obeys you the finger and voice

Our opinion on the robot dog TekstaPuppy 5G

Best Robot Dogs 2020 | Reviews And Guide

You want a dog robot lifelike behavior? The TekstaPuppy 5G SplashToys the brand will fulfill your requirements.

Unlike other similar product, this dog robot is equipped with a technology combining voice recognition and motion sensors. This allows the small owner to be literally obey the finger and voice, without using any remote control. Robot “intelligent” TekstaPuppy 5G barks, cries, whines, sings and makes antics according to his mood and the attention that her your child every day. Comes with a bone and a ball to meet the natural needs of any dog ​​who respects, this dog-robot can also connect to your smartphone or tablet via a dedicated application. You will have access to additional features that allow you to diversify the types of activities offered by the manufacturers.

Friendly and fun for many amazon users, robot dog, however, tend to tune out when you do not say the exact order specified in the instructions. Same if you do not do the right combination of voice commands and gestures: teksta Puppy will not move a muscle. It can also be as noisy as its model living adjustment fault possible volume. From small flats which can make it difficult for young children use.

Robot Dog The Toufous, an animated toy that follows your child throughout

Our opinion on the robot dog The Toufous

Best Robot Dogs 2020 | Reviews And Guide

He wriggles when you take him in his arms and hopping when we walk on a leash, and all without any programming or battery! The Toufou is a small companion unbeatable value that will satisfy children who are old enough to walk and want to just pretend to have a dog, no particular interaction.

Indeed, the Toufou is a plush mounted on an armature springs that mimics jitter of a player when the puppy walking leash. The washable hard plastic legs allow your child to walk his dog everywhere, even in the garden, and the little bell attached to the neck of the plush tells you, to you, if your child plays nearby or not. Simple to use and durable, this dog will make parents laugh and amuse young children, from the time they can walk alone. The biggest will, themselves, somewhat unsatisfied, given the limited possibilities of play offered by this model.

TekstaPuppy 360 °, the dog connected interactive robot

Our opinion on the robot dog TekstaPuppy 360

Best Robot Dogs 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Smaller than his older voice recognition, TekstaPuppy 360 ° is a good compromise to test an interactive robot dog at a reasonable price. Motion sensors and sound embedded in the robot dog allow you to interact with it simply. Tell him the expression of his eyes change and he starts barking or whining for joy. Caress his head: he becomes happy and wanting more, like a real dog. Make a hand gesture: he sits and does a backflip. Several command buttons present on the robot head unlock other features like song, dance or the funny sound effects that are fun little master.

The TesktaPuppy 360 comes without attachment and for good reason: they are stored in the augmented reality application, downloadable mobile or tablet (iOS and Android), designed to increase the game situations. In addition to the features “basic” that you can perform through the control buttons, the application can launch a virtual ball to your dog, feed him, dress or even take her to the vet when sad. The expression of “real” robot changes based “virtual” actions you perform on the application, for added realism.

Simpler to use than TekstaPuppy 5G through the mobile application that is a remote control, the TekstaPuppy 360 retains some defects in its big brother such that its sides noisy and power hungry. There remains a quality toy that will entertain children old enough to understand the simple manipulations on a phone.

Animagic – My little robot dog Fluffy 3.0: Ready for a walk?

Our opinion on the robot dog Fluffy

Best Robot Dogs 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Long white silky hairs easy to cuddle, a leash LED flashy pink for a walk and a tail that moves realistically as it moves: Fluffy meets the right criteria to become the best companion of your little jaunt girls.

Fluffy 3.0 looks just like a real bichon when not on a leash. She barks softly, which will delight the ears of parents, and moves silently through the house to monitor children. Rather easy to use (three features, an on-off button on his stomach and another on the back to change the program), this dog robot turns off automatically after 5 minutes of non-use to conserve power . Its soft and flexible head allows hugs and semi-rigid legs give him a good stability on the road, perfect for small masters of 36 months or more.

Fluffy is a robot dog that will accompany the small steps your toddler throughout the day. By cons, it is not interactive for two pennies. Your children will therefore have to use their imagination to have fun with this animated plush. Otherwise difficult to take bath Fluffy, due to its metal frame and the battery device in its belly. So expect it to have the legs a little gray after some time as a true bichon!

Fisher Price – Bebo, the dog-robot that does grow his master

Our opinion on the robot dog Bebo

Best Robot Dogs 2020 | Reviews And Guide

If you are looking for educational robot does not lack pizzazz, Bebo robot dog Fisher Price seems to be! Designed for children from 9 to 36 months Bebo teaches his own colors, numbers, songs and even words in English. Through its evolutionary learning mode, Bebo constantly encourages the child in his discoveries and adapts questions based on his age to develop their listening and curiosity.

Your toddler on the move? No worries, Bebo wags its tail and dance with him at the rhythm of 65 songs from his repertoire. It gives instructions and thus offers real choreography to develop motor skills, if he is too shy to imagine its own movements. Real fireworks light and sound that can entertain children for hours, Bebo also knows how to be more discreet for tired parents, by adjusting the volume button.

Colorful and vibrant, Bebo robot dog already conquered many families that emphasize the fun of their children to dance along with the robot and its evolutionary side. Some, however, prefer humanoid version of Service, which offers additional fun activities compared to equivalent price.

Full steam ahead with the Robot Dog Zoom Marcus Pat Patrol!

Our opinion on the dog robot pat patrol Marcus

robot dog with the image of the hero of the famous cartoon Pat’Patrouille the Zoom brand Spin Master Marcus embarks your children on a rescue mission through the whole house! Marcus offers two game modes: a puppy mode and Mission mode. The Puppy mode you can play with Marcus as with a real small dog: it barks, responds to tickling, follows its owner through the house with its motion sensors, and sets 150 cults sentences cartoon in addition to generic Boogie Paw Patrol. Pressing the medal of her necklace, Marcus goes in Mission mode: it asks the child to perform various actions to fulfill the mission and save as imaginary friends. A relevant game to develop children’s listening.

Three features also appeal to parents who acquired the robot dog resourceful:

little more that facilitate the adoption of this super hero in many quarters!

KiddyDoggy Vtech, the robot dog multifaceted

Our opinion on the robot dog KiddyDoggy

What child has not dreamed that his dog was transformed into superheroes or by a different animal? KiddyDoggy fulfills this wish to the delight of the small players to great imagination! Issue Vtech factories, KiddyDoggy has a large LCD display with a wide repertoire expressions and voice recognition sensors that allow you to make you obey intuitively. Three game modes are included:

Easy to use, KiddyDoggy is available in several colors and is recommended for children 4 to 11 years. You only need two batteries to be inserted into the bone to make it work. Indeed, the robot itself has a rechargeable battery via a micro USB cable not supplied.

Hard plastic easy to clean, high-tech robot dog seduced by the variety of interactions it promises, and the ability to adjust the volume sound. However, many noted difficulties being obeyed their robot, and regret the poor quality of speech recognition even in a relatively quiet sound environment. One hardly acceptable default when this feature is presented as the highlight of this toy.

Ready to adopt a robot dog? Our advice to not go wrong!

Of course, be mistaken in choosing a present robot dog consequences less difficult to assume that if there was a real four-legged companion. However, sometimes just a simple detail to relegate your pooch bionic to the niche of unused toys for your children. You hesitate between several models? Here are some tips to make sure your dog robot becomes, certainly for a long time, the favorite toy of the household!

At every age its robot dog!

The primary cause of abandonment of a toy by children due to their ability to easily use or not said toy. Indeed, it is important to consult the manufacturer’s user age recommendations, to assess the relevance of your purchase.

For example, some models of robots dogs, like Bebo, the product of the Fisher-Price brand, are for so-petitset all designed with educational purposes, such as learning shapes and colors. Others are just “fluff animated” perfect for the walk as Fluffy or 3.0 Toufous. Some models offer limited interaction with a remote control (KiddyDoggy). Other, more sophisticated, will behave like real dogs and ask the child to make more complex manipulations to achieve the desired result, as the range TekstaPuppy to SplashToys.

Do not unduly overestimate the abilities of your child, keep in mind that the pleasure he will have to play with the robot dog premium on potential psychological benefits or psychomotor he can draw.

A “smart” robot dog?

By “intelligent”, we mean the degree of interactivity that can offer the dog robot. Interactivity can unilaterally, or simple, like KiddyDoggy and most models come with a remote control, the child pushes a button, the “obey” robot dog.

A more interactive model, or “smart”, will require more effort to the child to achieve the desired result and approach and the behavior of a real animal. One example, models that ask the child to repeat several times the same series of actions to “learn” the dog to obey, or models SplashToys which express “feelings” (like sadness) and who will ask the child to act (pet the dog-robot to again become joyful). Depending on your child’s abilities and desires, you choose a model more or less interactive.

Never short of energy

Just like his cousin animal that swallows bowl faster than his shadow croquettes, the robot dog can be particularly energy intensive, especially if it offers many features. Be sure to check the terms of the toy supply (battery or batteries) and average duration of autonomy within the framework of a normal use. In the long term, some dog-robot cheaper to buy but can return batteries greedy as expensive as the models a bit more upscale, but more energy efficient.

The features programmed stop (the example of Fluffy 3.0) can also be an interesting point to refer to lengthen the life of the robot dog.

Durability and strength

The characteristic of a toy is to survive hours of use by small clumsy hands and not always very clean, while keeping a good pace. If your child is a Ironbreaker notorious prefer a model a little less sophisticated and a little more robust, to not have to throw your dog robot following an afternoon game! Similarly, beware of dogs-robots that have a plush coating, or cloth, difficult to wash if no device has been provided by the manufacturer about it. Fluffy 3.0 Toufous and unfortunately a good example in this case.

The accessories

Many dog-robots come with accessories to customize the toy, interact with it, or multiplierles playability by adding new features. These perks are significant to extend the life of this toy and push back the time when your child will lose interest when they do not prove necessary as in the case of KiddyDoggy where bone to gnaw is real remote control to direct the robot dog at will.

Also, do not forget to check compatibility of your smartphone or tablet if you opt for a model with an application to download. It would be a shame to deprive you of new features for a silly question unsupported release.

And There you go ! You now have all the cards in hand to adopt an electronic Medor the hair that will entertain young and old children! Meanwhile, perhaps to acquire the real ball tireless hair, prepare a few hours of commotion in your living room! Good luck !

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