Best Adapters Usb-C Cables & Hubs | Best Comparison

Best Adapters USB-C Cables & Hubs | Best comparison

When Apple introduced in early 2015 MacBook 12-inch, USB-Type C was simply a new type of connectivity for most people. But now that many new laptops abandoned the old type of ports, the USB-C went from interesting to important. Models MacBook Pro 13 and 15 inches, and Windows laptops from HP, Asus, Acer and others offer only USB-C ports and a number of Android smartphones use the USB-C as a single physical connection . All this means that a critical mass of people in need of cables, adapters and other means to run older devices with newer devices. For this reason, Best Comparison decided to in this article to gather the best adapters USB-C, cables and hubs, to get you to facilitate the use of your device with your PC or smartphone.

The USB-C can theoretically replace all other ports, and there is a seemingly infinite number of combinations of ports you might encounter. We focused on the most important tasks you will probably be faced, such as connecting older peripherals such as external hard drives or connecting an external display.

To connect USB devices oldest: C-USB adapter to USB-A

If there is one accessory, most people with a USB-C will need only computer is a USB adapter-C to USB-A. Available as a small tip or a short cable, this adapter allows you to connect USB accessories inherited, including flash drives and cables, which have a traditional USB-A plug. We spent several adapters in journals and found that they all work as well. The data transfer and power consumption of speed tests available tells us that on the MacBook Pro 2016 USB transfer speed 3.0 is allowed, and that energy consumption is 2.1 amps.

AUKEY USB adapter C to USB A 3.0

Best Adapters Usb-C Cables & Hubs | Best Comparison

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Among the models that we spent in magazines, our “tip” preferred style adapter is USB adapter C to USB A 3.0 AUKEY the brand. Available in two packs for less than 7 €. (The fact to have several very useful if you have multiple devices to be connected.) The adapter is just over 3cm butt (its own USB-C plug included), about 1.5cm wide and not much thicker than the USB cable you plug it. Unfortunately this usb to usb-a c adapter is too thick for two adapters can be plugged together. The adapter AUKEY nothing extraordinary, but it works well and is cheap enough to buy a few items and leave the adapters connected to cables and sockets of your old devices.

The Aukey adapter supports a data transmission rate up to 5 Gbps. It is also covered by a warranty of 24 months and Aukey guarantees customer service response within 24 hours.

AUKEY USB adapter C to USB A 3.0

Best Adapters Usb-C Cables & Hubs | Best Comparison

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If you prefer a short cable instead of an adapter shaped tip, so use it. Also the Aukey brand, black cable has strong boxes at the ends and the cable itself is fairly robust. The advantage of a cable compared with a probe that is away a little the connector of the computer, approximately 20cm in this case. This length and additional flexibility can facilitate the use of certain accessories, especially those with big catch. The small plug of the adapter may be more appropriate for some computers or allow you to connect multiple devices, depending on proximity to ports of it.

The adapter Aukey provided average write speeds of 340 MB / s read speeds of 423 MB / s and a maximum power consumption of 2.02 amperes. This is the fastest of all type cable adapters that we could go through. Aukey is well known for its reliable cables and adapters, which makes us even more confident in this choice. And if something happens, the company offers a warranty of 24 months well regarded.

For video, the USB-A and loading: the multi-port adapter from one port USB-C

Multi-port adapter Satechi USB-C

Best Adapters Usb-C Cables & Hubs | Best Comparison

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Multi-port USB adapter Sanho-C

Best Adapters Usb-C Cables & Hubs | Best Comparison

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Our favorite adapters to connect both USB-A ports, HDMI displays and power your computer are USB-C adapter Sanho HyperDrive and its twin, the multiport adapter aluminum Type C Satechi. They are identical in all respects, including the design, performance and price. (Satechi claims to have designed the adapter, they say. “. Because of manufacturing abroad and along patent process, other companies could get their hands on our designs and imitate our products,” Both companies offer a one year warranty.

The adapter consists of a solid aluminum block (16cm long, 6 cm wide and less than 3cm at its thickest point) that connects to the computer via a USB cable-C permanently attached. Satechi sanho and sell the adapter in the colors Gray, Gold, Pink Gold and Silver to match the MacBook 12-inch Apple (although the adapters work with any computer USB-C). On the side thereof are two USB 3.0 ports and a USB-C port, it is only for the passthrough load, and the single HDMI port is on the opposite end to the cable.

For this category, we have reviewed only adapters with USB-C port that has the charging function, because we believe that passive loading is important, especially for computers such as the MacBook 12-inch that has that a single port. We found that on each adapter of this type that we have reviewed, the USB-C port supports a single power supply: you can use it to charge your computer, but not connected to power accessories, and it does not work for data.

The adapters of these two brands are also good performance in reading and writing data with USB 3.0 full speed on both ports USB-A. However, each port provided a maximum of 0.45 A to connected devices, regardless of what was plugged in, even if a charger was connected to port USB-C of the adapter. This means that none of these adapters will be perfect for charging tablets or phones that can load faster with more power; it is better to use a standalone charger. The most important is that you can have problems with bus-powered hard drives because many require 0.9 amps to operate reliably. For example with a Western Digital MyBook (an external hard drive USB powered), the drive is recognized only occasionally, not good! If your drive is supplied with an optional AC adapter, we recommend using it.

In terms of performance HDMI, adapters can run a 1080p display at 60Hz or 30Hz display 4K This is exactly what one would expect from a USB-C video card. During the execution of everyday tasks such as Web browsing, use of Slack or watching videos on YouTube, the video went without graphical issue. Both adapters can heat a little when a screen and some USB devices are connected, but nothing dangerous to the touch.

All Available And How To Plant Bushes | Animal Crossing: New Horizons

All available and how to plant bushes | Animal Crossing: New Horizons

All Available And How To Plant Bushes | Animal Crossing: New Horizons

New pretty shrubs to decorate your island!

In Animal Crossing New Horizon, shrubs / bushes are a beautiful way to decorate your island, as well as flowers, trees and various furniture. Many new plants were added with this release, and they function as both the flowers and like trees.

Here you is how to get these shrubs, and how to plant and care!

Where shoots for your bushes?

You know that every week you will receive in your city occasional visits from travelers each with a characteristic.

The character that interests us here is called root and is a nature lover who will sell you the bushes and other rare flowers that you will decorate your world! Know that it will also buy weed at good prices, so do stocks in anticipation! To find it, go for a walk on the square of the time mayor then.

Root usually appears Monday to Friday, so do not miss it if you want to put you in the garden!

All bush sprouts Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Several bushes are available with Racine, regardless of the season. However, the flowers of some of these small trees bloom at the right season, so keep that in mind if you want to give a particular tone to your island.

Here are the varieties that will be available in the shop of the character:

How to plant your bush sprouts?

Plant shrubs is a breeze! Just proceed as for flowers, selecting the drives chosen in your pockets and clicking Planting! It is not necessary to dig a hole first, even if it makes it easier and it allows you to create a special design for your garden.

It’s ready, and you will see the shrub exceed the ground immediately! It only remains to wait to see it grow, which takes 2 to 3 days usually.

Among the recommendations that we can give you on the cultivation of bushes, there are those not placed too close to the rocks, not too close to the cliffs. Also, be aware that after 12 shrubs planted, you have reached the limit and they do not bloom!

What to know about the bushes Animal Crossing: New Horizons

It’ll just make your plantations and discover if you have a green thumb …!

New bushes video (in English):

Reviews And Guide

Reviews and Guide

Christmas is a magical time for children worldwide. But it is also terribly stressful for parents. Indeed, in the minds of all the great remains the “how to find the perfect Christmas gift idea for children? “Or” How to find a Christmas gift for a perfect child? “.

In short, it is the time of year during which you do not want to be wrong and where the idea of ​​not nail it scares parents. But relax. There are solutions to all things. After a fierce selection as we will explain, Best Comparison you developed a list of the best Christmas gifts for children.

Difficult to make a deal list the number of products available. Even for parents who have experience and who are not their first Christmas. Here’s how we did it.

Here’s how we selected a list of Christmas gifts for children. Of course we also took into account the fact that boys and girls have different tastes.

15 ideas for Christmas Gift Boys:

Reviews And Guide

1. ATOYX AT-66 Drone Kids

The Christmas gift for 10 year old while height.

Reviews And Guide

2. Monopoly Fortnite

A Christmas gift idea for kids who want to come back to reality while keeping in mind games.

Reviews And Guide

3. Lunii, Fabrique a Histoires

A Christmas gift for children 3 years more imaginative.

Reviews And Guide

4. Microscope Buki – 50 experiments

A Christmas gift for children ages 8 to 12 who have the scientific spirit.

Reviews And Guide

5. Nerve Fortnite SP-L and Darts Nerf Elite Official

A Christmas gift for children 8 years more muscular.

6. LEGO City – helicopter carrier

One of the great classics of Christmas gifts for all children from 4 years.

7. Fortnite – Pop Vinyl 466: Drift

The Christmas present for 3 year old who wants to do as adults.

8. GotechoD Remote Robot Toy for Kids

The Christmas gift for children 8 years from the future.

9. TOMY – Pic Pirate Board Games

A gift for children 4 years completely unavoidable.

10. JitteryGit The Toy Robot Transformer 3 in 1

A Christmas present for all creative children.

11. Asmodee – Brain Box – Travel Around the World

A Christmas gift for children 8 years observers.

12. Peluche Grobag Ollie the Owl

A wonderful Christmas gift idea for very very small children.

13. Playmobil Krokmou et Harold

The Christmas gift for children 4 years old fans of dragons.

14. Kindsgut Petit Train Wooden and Construction Cubes

A great idea for Christmas gift toddler.

15. Camera VTech Kidizoom child Duo

A Christmas gift very connected to children from 3 years.

Our Tips For Choosing The Best Hiking Boots – Guide

Our tips for choosing the best hiking boots – Guide

Backpack: check. Gourde: check. Comfortable clothing: check. You hike and want to be equipped to enjoy the experience thoroughly. Have you thought about the shoes? The great walkers already know, the quality of shoes is crucial to enjoy hiking.

By not giving enough care to the choice of hiking boots, you are exposed to the risk of blisters, aching back and knees or falls. This is also one of the main reasons why some people lose taste for hiking. It’s a pity when you get used to it is one of the most enjoyable sports and the most relaxing. And walking is the best way to ensure his body a flood of endorphins and manageable effort that you really will be good.

Well. That said, facing the radius of your favorite sporting goods store or on Amazon, hard to know what determines a good choice. Mountain ? Trekking? Simple walk? New technologies have emerged and advanced manufacturing techniques has given rise to novel products. Note that selecting your pair of hiking boots will be far more important than shoes. But today there are so many types of hiking shoes there are walker, and when it leans a little we notice that all provide an advantage depending on the situation. Others, however, are rather versatile and let you enjoy walking in all circumstances.

It is a product of this type that Best Comparison will look first. This is one of the products the most advanced and most affordable that one can find on the market. Then we will try to give you the keys to understanding what defines the best hiking boots.

Redmond Mid Columbia – The best walking shoes for men in terms of quality / price

Our Tips For Choosing The Best Hiking Boots - Guide

In terms of hiking gear, Columbia is no introduction. American brand sports clothing since the 1938 Columbia has always endeavored to offer a wide selection of products that can reach as hiking to the city and ensuring optimal comfort. It is not only in a vague reputation: the special care they give to innovation and new materials guarantee a product always at the top. The model that we present today is a pair of hiking shoes for men. The model for women are the same characteristics, the only change is the size range.

Comfortable in town and in the mountains

This is, from my point of view, an important criterion. Hiking boots should certainly help you feel good when you walk, but ideally they pass unnoticed in the city. If, like me, you will help the daily walk to go, these shoes touring allow you to be comfortable all year round, whatever the distance. This model is available in four colors: black / gray, dark green, brown and gray and as you can see, there is no more impressive or flashy as city sneakers.

High quality materials

They nevertheless have nothing in common with simple sneakers. The top cover is leather with a synthetic lining mesh. The advantage is twofold. The leather ensures durability and optimal rigidity, while the synthetic lining allows the foot to breathe. The sole is rubber adherent, flexible enough to provide good energy return.

The energy return is the rebound feeling you give all the best hiking shoes. This is often a guaranteed effect by a midsole in a particularly elastic material which, when placing the foot, will return a portion of the energy in the opposite direction. This is an innovation that is that trying a good pair of walking shoes, you feel like running or jumping.

Speaking of the sole – and this is probably the most important point – it is an optimized form to be perfectly loop without being too flat. The toe is raised, allowing a good place of the ankle.

Our Tips For Choosing The Best Hiking Boots - Guide

At the same time, it is held by semi-amount design that supports the joint in case of a false motion. Neither sprains or bulbs!

Especially least if one knows that inside, padded, offering optimal comfort. Thanks to the integrated liner Omni-Tech, the water can not seep into your shoes. At the same time, you get a continuous aeration which, in case of bivouac, eliminates completely the risk of fungal infections or irritation.

From the inside to the outside, hiking shoes Columbia Mid Redmond have been designed for comfort.

Background optimal use

We have already said, each shoe hiking is optimized for a type of terrain and walk.

In the case of Columbia shoes, we particularly enjoyed its versatile appearance, allowing you to use on virtually any terrain. With Omni-Tech technology, you can wear these shoes for hiking in all climates, even wet, without discomfort or discomfort.

Their gripping sole, whose quality has been recognized by all its users and that is a strong point of these shoes, you ensure optimal comfort in the mountains or on particularly uneven roads. Moreover – and this is something I really appreciate with Columbia, this brand of hiking shoes was tested as others through the American mountains.

The Redmond Mid, in particular, have been tested in real conditions in the northwest mountains, along the Pacific coast in winter. What make their appearance with a little mat, they can really take you far!

The criteria for choosing the best hiking boots

We will start by introducing the different materials must be watching to ensure comfort and quality of your shoes. Secondly, we will detail the various features and contexts of use that will guide you in estimating your budget and your choice. One of the elements to keep in mind is the length of your walk and frequency of your walks. If you will simply take walks a few hours from time to time, some of the criteria you will count for little. But if your dream is the GR of Corsica, the Pilgrim or more days of walking in Patagonia, we have the elements that you will travel without bulbs.

Discover a good pair of hiking boots

You viewfinder a pair of shoes that you like. How to make sure it is suitable and of good quality?

First of all, if you plan to buy your pair of hiking shoes online, we strongly recommend you to the store to try them before. To choose shoes that are perfect for your foot, it is best to put the feet in the afternoon. Indeed, our feet tend to swell at the end of the day – and especially after several hours of walking. This is when you will see if the shoes fit the shape of your feet at all times.

In the case of the most rigid models, always take a size larger than your foot hard. To ensure that even with thick socks they will not be too small, check that there are many 1 cm margin at the toes without the heel rises.

Most touring models can well adjust the laces, which many maintain the shoe in place. If you have time, buy the socks you plan to use before the pair of shoes. Their thickness and flexibility can change your choice of size. In addition, certain pairs of socks do have their benefits if they are not too tight in the shoe. This is the case for example of the models that provide ventilation and comfort padding.

Four criteria will determine the right model for you.

At first, a rigid shoe can you seem uncomfortable. In reality it is vital that they are not too soft, especially if you plan to walk in mountainous terrain. It will allow you to carry larger loads and less tired. A rigid shoe relieves your joints, especially the knees!

There, you should see based on your needs. Low shoes are ideal for walking with a maximum day and planning to travel light. They are often less severe. Beware though, they are more sensitive to water and would not agree to work harder. The average shoes are sustainable and adapted if you’re not too busy. A fairly clear path do not pose a problem, attention to the most difficult and rocky terrain. For the latter,, prefer high shoes, also called high-hike. They go up to the ankles and relieve your joints in case of heavy load.

Look for a model with a hard and resistant gum. The soft tires have more grip but wear them is also much faster. Again, evaluate what is best for you, depending on your use of the shoe.

Scottish Highlands? Normandy cliffs? Find out about the climate of your destination. Please note that the majority of models called “waterproof” will protect you in case of rain, but if you walk into a big puddle there is always the risk of infiltration.

What are the different materials and their advantages?

You feel lost reading the datasheet hiking shoes of your dreams? We’ll see you for the different materials used in the manufacture of your hiking boots and benefits they offer. Some of them are from the latest technologies and offer comfort or a walk feeling quite new!

Full-grain leather – This type of leather is known for its durability. It will not scrape during walking and offers good resistance to water. This is the preferred material of hiking shoes, thanks to their adaptability to difficult terrain and heavy loads. Matter itself, tends to weigh its weight, with pairs of sometimes 300 grams. Allow some time to loosen the shoe – and well worth taking to do so before the hike!

Split grain leather – This hybrid material is a mixture of leather and synthetic material, often nylon. The result is a lighter shoe that breathes more. If the shoe is often cheaper on arrival, it is often less durable and does not offer the same benefits for water resistance.

Nubuck – This is a very durable and waterproof material. Although flexible, it takes a long use to loosen the shoe. If you are in the viewfinder a pair of shoes made in this matter, do not buy it at the last moment!

Synthetic – All synthetic shoes ranges offer undeniable advantages. Polyester, faux leather or nylon: they are certainly light, they dry quickly and are less expensive, but the need to provide them with a lot of seams tend to drastically reduce their lifespan.

In the same technique list, two options are sometimes present near descriptive materials. The first is the impermeable membrane. They prevent water entry and leave the shoe breathe. Note however that a point the air flows, of course, but less than in the absence of a membrane. If you will walk in a hot, dry climate, its waterproofing function will be virtually useless and excessive sweating can become disabling. The second point is the presence of a thermal insulator. It is present in most shoe hike designed for winter or mountain. Do not neglect this point: below 0 degrees, made the walk longer enough to fully warm up your end of term!

A midsole, or intermediate, will be slid between the outsole and the foot. Let’s say for simplicity it will ease your walk and absorb shocks. This is one of the first factors to the rigidity of your shoe – and we pointed to what extent the stiffness could be an important factor, especially in inhospitable terrain. Two materials are often used:

Eva – This is a synthetic material that is inexpensive and that weighs only a few grams.

Polyurethane – one is better thanks to its strength and rigidity. This is the one found in most shoes high-end hiking for professionals or enthusiasts of extreme conditions!

All soles classic hiking boots are made of rubber. This is its quality and flexibility that will determine which model suits you best. To test the flexibility of the shoe, just try to fold. If it is hard, you should not do this at all.

With that, we hope that you will not be helpless when you purchase good hiking shoes, and your new pair will accompany you in all your adventures!

The Best Nails Uv Lamps | Best Comparison

The Best Nails UV Lamps | Best comparison

There are a few years, the UV lamps for nails were reserved for trade shows. Today, more than ever, these objects invite us in for a manicure homemade. Some brave dare do their nails themselves and get gorgeous results. There are many models available OTC. If you are beginner and want to see a little clearer before making your choice, you are at the right address. To be sure to find a quality model, we selected the best UV lamps and LED popular now. As usual, we made sure to find the best deals at the value.

The best UV lamps for nails in 2020

1. Sunuv: The best UV / LED nail, used by professional salons

The Best Nails Uv Lamps | Best Comparison

The latest model from this list will satisfy the most demanding customers. Indeed, Sunuv is a very serious brand that produces UV lamps / LED high quality. This is one of the most expensive lamps in our comparison, but this price is justified by characteristics and interesting features.

Here we have 48 W of power, a great setting: neither too much nor too little. It is suitable for both professionals and individuals. For those interested, there is a preparation guide nails included. On this model, there are 4 different drying time: 10 seconds (very impressive!), 30 seconds, 60 seconds and 99 seconds. The last option also provides under low temperature drying to the fingernails, or the most sensitive feet. Also, all varnish types are compatible. The 36 LED lights that equip this lamp is 2 times faster than the others and the light they produce is similar to daylight. They last about 50,000 hours, you surely will replace yourselves before it could exhaust its reserve. Here, the function that detects hand turns on automatically for a period of 120 seconds.

This UV nail lamp is the best! Easy to use, there are 4 buttons to adjust the exposure times. Very solid, it has already fallen from the table and not a egratinure! Jolie and large enough to be used for manicures and pedicures.

And finally, a word about the design of this lamp is simple, but very elegant. We might even say it has a luxurious. The UV lamp for Sunuv is white, to blend in any decor.

We begin this comparison with a high-end product that customers around the world love and has a very good value, though. The drying result is perfect and the lamp is very robust. This is a best UV lamps for nails that exist, as even the OPI salons use it.

2. Navanino: The lamp with the most features for a small price

The Best Nails Uv Lamps | Best Comparison

UV / LED lamp Navanino is a less expensive of our selection. It offers interesting features for home use, making it the best multifunction nail UV lamp for the market: this lamp is suitable for manicures as pedicures. Indeed, the bottom plate is removable, which allows to place his foot on the ground and the lamp immediately above, for a more hygienic use. It has 30 LED lamps, which is quite big for its price. They use two light sources (electric and natural), which gives a faster and effective result.

Choose from 4 different timer: 10 seconds, 30 seconds, 60 seconds and 99 seconds (this mode allows to dry the sensitive nail more slowly). These parameters are very interesting because they allow you to customize your maximum use. And to make your life even easier, this lamp has an intelligent infrared sensor that automatically turns on when you place your hand inside and turn off when finished. If you remove your hand during the countdown, it will stop and resume when it is detected again. This option does not exist on the latest generation of lamps and you will agree with us, it is really great! Note that you can also turn off your machine manually if necessary.

Awesome ! The best value for money. This UV lamp is very easy to use: one branch, selecting the duration and go. If you do not select the time the camera detects hand, sounds and the timer starts. 30 sec (per layer) my gel varnish is catalyzed.

This UV lamp / LED Navanino allows you to use two different power modes: 48 W and 54 W. This is to provide you the most comfortable drying. Some nails are sensitive and can be painful if the lamp is too powerful. Finally, the design is fairly standard: white, with a modern, slender lines and a glossy finish. You will see that the models are very similar on this point.

Guests recommend great product, and e is not surprising given that the varnish is completely dry and that the options make its use very comfortable. However, considering the price, remains to be seen whether small LED lamps last enough time.

3. Mylee: The best all in one kit for LED polish

The Best Nails Uv Lamps | Best Comparison

This kit Mylee is really convenient for beginners who want to start in the nail home, without much thought. It takes a lot of accessories for even the simplest manicures. Mylee saves you time but also money, as the price of this kit is very reasonable.

Here are the contents: 1 LED lamp, one solution bottle for preparation and cleaning of nails (250 ml large volume), 1 base coat (10 ml), 4 varnish Mygel (10 ml, light pink, purple, fuchsia and burgundy ), one topcoat (10 ml), 1 gel dissolving 100% acetone and 100 wipes lint. The only thing you will miss nail files, but in general, everyone already has. Rest assured, every product has a label where you explain how to use it and only LED varnish are compatible.

The shape of the machine has been specifically designed with technology Convex Curving, which provides optimal drying. Indeed, sometimes the sides of the nails can hurt dry with some models. There are three drying cycles: 15, 30 and 60 seconds. The timers are low compared to the others, because this machine really dries very quickly. A boon for presses or the lounges, where large numbers of customers each day passes. Moreover, varnishes have been tested and are guaranteed living without scales or flow. Your manicures and pedicures will remain intact on your nails for 14 days.

Super happy with my purchase. The lamp is aesthetic, compact and very complete kit mylee departure: wipes, products to prepare the nail … etc. and a selection of 4 colors varnish “boilerplate” rendering impeccable!

One feature that would please us: the colors. This LED Mylee lamp is available in white and black. For cons, the plate where we put hands is not removable, which is a shame. The machine is quite compact and has taken US, UK and USA to take with you anywhere.

The price and convenience of this kit unbeatable and that’s why we wanted to introduce this model. This is the best all in one kit with a UV lamp for nails that you can find. Know that varnishes were a big hit with customers who are extremely bright, as the living room.

4. Nailstar: The best special lamp LED high-end market

The Best Nails Uv Lamps | Best Comparison

Nailstar is the world leader in its field and manufactures a better UV lamps for nails market … That’s why we could not miss out on their model.

The design is classic as the others: a hemisphere, white or black mat. However, it really looks class and everything will base perfectly in any environment. It does not take up much space in your luggage if you need to transport. This lamp is compatible with any type of LED gel (CND Shellac, Bluesky, Gelish, OPI …). It is up to 3 times faster than traditional UV lamps, the biggest advantage of LED lamps. A big plus here: you’ll never have to change your lamps, they are sustainable for life. You will get results worthy trade shows, for manicures and pedicures too. There are two different types of timers in seconds or minutes: 30, 60, 90 seconds and 30 minutes (if you are doing nail art, for example, and you need to dry without stopping the layers). This lamp fits so as much as possible to your needs. An LCD screen displays the number of seconds remaining before the drying.

This is definitely the best UV lamp to my nails! It is cheap, lightweight and super fast! Tested for several years now on Shellac gel polish, speed of wonder without overheating!

We found a pity that this lamp can only dry the varnish LED and not UV coatings that are also very popular on the market. For that price, you can find lamps that do both. Customers are very satisfied with their product, which has a very good value for money, and meets all expectations. The price is higher for our selection, but still quite affordable. This machine is a real premium product for the most demanding customers.

5. Nivlan: The best UV lamp / LED professional and not too expensive

The Best Nails Uv Lamps | Best Comparison

With 72 W, this machine is very powerful and will be perfect for a living room use. Under these conditions, it is essential to have a powerful UV lamp for nails, which will be fast and well will dry the varnish, as it should. This does not prevent the use also at home, for pro results. The large number of Watt should not worry about the temperature and cases of overheating: a control chip is responsible for regulating all this, in order to avoid burns. In addition, four different timers allow you to tailor your UV lamp to your needs: 10, 30, 60 and 120 seconds with reduced heat mode. All machines have this option, so nothing fancy here, but no less important. With the screen on top, you can track the number of seconds remaining until the end of the manicure.

I use it in my work of nail technician and it works great! Thanks to LEDs, I earn about 10 minutes per client. I recommend !

With 72 W, this machine is very powerful and will be perfect for a living room use. Under these conditions, it is essential to have a powerful UV lamp for nails, which will be fast and well will dry the varnish, as it should. This does not prevent the use also at home, for pro results. The large number of Watt should not worry about the temperature and cases of overheating: a control chip is responsible for regulating all this, in order to avoid burns. In addition, four different timers allow you to tailor your UV lamp to your needs: 10, 30, 60 and 120 seconds with reduced heat mode. All machines have this option, so nothing fancy here, but no less important. With the screen on top, you can track the number of seconds remaining until the end of the manicure.

6. Laluztop: A UV lamp / LED most powerful for pros

As the title suggests, UV / LED lamp Laluztop is extremely powerful with 84 W and is rather beneficial for professionals, which does not prevent domestic use. But, some may find it useless, because you do not necessarily need as many watts. You choose ! One thing for sure is that you results fast as lightning and manicures that last long. The budget to be made for this model is more consistent: double compared to the least expensive UV lamps our selection. And we will immediately tell you why it’s worth:

Use pro. Really not disappointed. She saves time because it catalyzes faster than my old machine. To see how it lasts over time it’s been 2 months and I have no problem at the moment.

Admittedly, this UV / LED nail lamp is very powerful, but it remains respectful nails. Indeed, the single red light technology preserves the nail darkening under the veneer. This damage can occur with UV lamps where power is poorly controlled. It also means a larger number of LED lights, 42 in all. Of course, it does not spoil your eyes and skin. We find here also infrared sensor technology, which is already well known to you. Your manicures and pedicures will dry for 30, 60 and 120 seconds. This parameter is less detailed than other models, but still okay. Any type constructors gels, varnishes and any brand that is compatible with UV / LED lamp. Finally, the color of this lamp is original: the entire surface is candy pink. We like or not.

Our verdict is quite positive about this lamp, which stands out thanks to its power. This is the best UV lamp / LED for professionals who need quick and effective results.

7. Carttiya: UV / LED lamp mini price, perfect for novices manicure

The lamp model UV / LED we’ll see now will be perfect for those who want to do their nails at home. This is the best nail UV lamp for beginners because it is very easy to use. The power, which reaches only 12 W is just enough for a non-professional use. To give you an idea, there are only 12 LED lights for over 30 in the other models. For beginners who are not yet comfortable with manicures, you’ll find it with UV lamp Carttiya. It soon surely did not want a machine that dry, high temperature, when one is not yet self-confident and his ability to put the polish properly. All this requires a little practice … This UV lamp nail has a very low price, making it the first great investment. The fact that any UV gel polish or LED is compatible makes use even simpler.

Very nice lamp with a nice design. Light and base practice removable for cleaning. The hand goes very well in it.

For other characteristics include intelligent sensor and automatic timer three times (30, 60, 99 seconds). The light produced by this lamp is approaching the white light to try to preserve as much nails drying inconvenience. Carttiya thought a handy accessory: charging by USB cable, convenient to carry your UV lamp in your friends, for example, for a party manicure. You can easily recharge it on a computer or in the car.

The color of this lamp is white on the outside, pink inside. At this price, it could have an air of not very good quality, but this is not the case.

Customer rating on the UV lamp / LED Carttiya are positive for the majority. There is nothing exceptional about this model, but the work is done correctly, and at reduced budget.

Buying guide: all you need to know about UV lamps for nails before buying a

Your level of expertise

This is the first test that will think about when voting choice of UV lamp. Indeed, as you may have noticed in our review, the lamps stand out much on this. A novice user surely will not need to shell out 70 euros in a 84 W lamp, because not only he will not necessarily use it, but in addition, it will discourage and eventually return to her nails salon. This is why we must not embark on your purchase without having defined this first. More powerful the machine is, the more it dries quickly. UV light with fewer watts dry as well, but less quickly. This prevents burning and allows you to control the drying process. This article will also be used for those who have a little more experience and want a serious product. In this case, you will surely find your happiness because we found very good UV upscale lamps for you.


You should know some basics before using a UV lamp, so as not to damage it. It is not for nothing than before, these objects were reserved for professional use. Casually, one dirty very easily the lamp while we did our manicure. You just have to touch the tip of your brush to leave a piece of sticky gel, difficult to clean and, if he stays there, hang dust and become impossible to remove. To keep your lamp as long as possible, do not clean especially LED lamps with products that contain acid. They could soon be damaged. Prefer gentle products or adapted for cleaning of UV lamps.

Type varnish

There are two types of varnish on the market: UV LED. Make sure that your products are compatible. So there are two types of lamps too, but there is of course the lamps that can dry them. We made sure to find more lamps UV / LED possible in order to facilitate your use.


All lamps are similar, in general, both on form and color. This detail is especially important for professionals who need a nice lamp and quality to make a good impression in their living room. Also make sure that it is compact enough to fit on your countertop.


For beginners, the kits will be perfect in order not to get lost in the multitude of accessories you need to make a simple manicure. Here is the list of all the products necessary: ​​nail files, liquids (preparation, cleaning / finish and dissolution) brush to remove dust, reposuse cuticle, small scissors for cuticles and dead skin, buffing, polish (base , color, top coat), and optionally rhinestones, glitters, stickers …

FAQ: it answers the questions that you have about the UV lamps for nails

Once you have collected all the accessories listed above, it will do more than prepare your nails, varnish, and the use of the lamp will be the easiest part of your manicure. And if in addition you have the Intelligent Sensor feature, you just have to put your hand in the lamp, and drying start. Otherwise, it will look on your LED or UV varnish recommended drying time and press the appropriate button.

Both dry very well the nails, and your choice will depend on the varnish type you want to use. A UV varnish never dry out in a lamp LED nails. The main advantage of LED varnish and it dries much faster than UV varnishes (30 seconds against 2 minutes.) In addition, LED lights are also softer with hands.

This is not a parameter that defines the quality of drying, as one might think. Rather, it is what will define the drying time and more or less respect for nails. We must know how to use a powerful lamp, because it can easily burn nails. This is why they are more suitable for living room use. On the other hand, professionals will need powerful machines because they need quick and effective results. For use at home, you can settle for 12 W and even 48 will be OK for those who want a machine a little more powerful. By cons, 84 W will not be necessary for this type of manicure.

We talked about the power that plays a lot on this issue. If you do not know properly use a UV lamp, you can easily burn your nails. This in itself will not have a very serious effect, you will have a burning sensation during drying and when you leave your hand, the pain will disappear. But that’s not very nice, especially if you use your UV lamp in living room, your customers will not be happy. We add that it must be careful not to freeze layers or too thick varnish. Also, do not exceed the recommended drying time on the packaging of your polish. If you follow all these tips, you can use your UV lamp safely.

Black Friday 2019 – The Top Deals & Offers From Amazon

Black Friday 2019 – The Top Deals & Offers from Amazon

Offers Black Friday Amazon have already begun and are already excellent. Beginning November 22, the Friday before Black Friday, these deals include big specials on Amazon devices, Apple and AirPods TCL 4K TVs.

This latter period is from Friday to Friday, and then it will pass to offers Cyber ​​Monday over Thanksgiving weekend. So you have plenty of time to get the products you want, but it means you’ll have more good watching all week.

Do not worry. We are here to guide you through this busy time in online shopping. Below you will find the Black Friday the best deals on Amazon and you will find our selection of the best below. From what we have seen, it could be the best Black Friday ever created for the retail giant.

Summary of the best Black Friday deals:

Best deals: Amazon Products

The best deals Audio & Video Portable

Best deals: Cameras and Camcorders

Last updated on 2020-05-13 / Affiliate Links / Images of the Amazon API Partners

Best Office Chairs 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Best Office Chairs 2020 | Reviews and Guide

Whether you work at home or simply spend time on your desktop, you will definitely need to obtain an ergonomic office chair. Indeed, being installed is very important because it prevents many health problems. A study in 2017 reported that 10 French has already suffered from back pain and it turns out that this problem is most common in France. To prevent back pain, it is recommended to invest in a suitable office chair. The office chairs are above all objects that are designed to fit the shape of your body to give you the best possible comfort.

However, it is true that it can be difficult to select a wheelchair compared to simple pictures and simple little description. That’s why you spent Comparison Best reviewed many ergonomic chairs to offer a very good selection that will fit everyone in search of a new office chair.

Best Office Chairs 2020 | Reviews And Guide

1. The office of chair of Intimate WM – A good choice for gamers

Best Office Chairs 2020 | Reviews And Guide

2. The chair Amazon Basics – The best price / quality for professionals

Best Office Chairs 2020 | Reviews And Guide

3. The office chair Langria – A good choice for midrange gamers

Best Office Chairs 2020 | Reviews And Guide

4. The office of chair of TecTake – The cheapest model

Best Office Chairs 2020 | Reviews And Guide

5. ergonomic chair SongMics – Most expensive of our selection

6. The office chair Tresko – The most original

7. The ergonomic chair Intey – A good model of average range

To choose the best office chair, we recommend that you follow our buying guide. However, you must keep in mind that you must select the object that will fit best for your personal needs, which is why it is not always necessary to choose the cheaper of the chair or the one with the best ratings by users, but the one that meets your personal criteria.

Before making your purchase, we recommend you to analyze your body to know what type of chair you could match the best. You must then take into account your height and know your weight to ensure that the chair fits you.


The ergonomics of an office chair is judged in relation to various factors. Indeed, initially, the chair should be comfortable for you, especially if you spend many hours sitting on it every day. Comfort comes first of all from where you sit, who must have a good coating should be soft but also a good comfortable padding. It also requires that the chair can incline so you can change positions easily, but also you have the possibility of good rest your back on the record.

Then you need to choose a chair with armrests. We recommend you to select adjustable armrests and back to make sure they fit your body type. You can also select a chair with a headrest, it is true that this is not an essential criterion, but it is a little more in terms of comfort. We advise you to choose a seat with a headrest if you spend more than 5 hours sitting at your desk.

By itself, the shape of the seat has no particular significance other than an aesthetic function. There are many forms of chairs, which are all relatively similar. Found mainly modern styles, but gamer. It is simply that the seat fits you and you like it.

Finally, you can also opt for an office chair with wheels. This is not the most important criterion, but it is still quite handy to have wheels.

The price

The price of all the chairs are a bit expensive, especially the ergonomic desk chairs are substantial goods, they are actually an investment. We must therefore think carefully before making a purchase and do not necessarily choose the most affordable, but the one that suits you best against the criteria of ergonomics, form and design. In addition, the ergonomic office chairs have a long life of at least 10 years, so this is a purchase that can easily absorb in time.

the design

The design of the chair does not play anything on ergonomics and comfort of it. However, the design is an important factor to consider because according to your tastes, it must fit your needs such as decorating your office or your living room. There are many models of all colors that will necessarily agree with what you are looking for.

The Best Games For The Nintendo Lite Switch | Best Comparison

The Best Games for the Nintendo Lite Switch | Best comparison

During its first three years of life, the Nintendo Switch has managed to build a large library of games and convinced people that a hybrid console / handheld is something they need in their lives to play. But 2020 will be the biggest challenge of the system to date, while their rivals Sony and Microsoft launch both their powerful new generation of consoles, the PlayStation and Xbox 5 Series X at the end of this year.

However, even with the power of the world, one thing that these systems will not (unless you count streaming clumsy workarounds game) is the ability to take your games with you when you travel. The Nintendo Switch Lite, cheaper, more robust and mobile is the ideal medium for playing games Switch if all you want is the portable play.

For third ports and small independent success, here are some of our favorite games on Nintendo Switch Lite.

The best games on Nintendo Lite Switch 2020

The Best Games For The Nintendo Lite Switch | Best Comparison

1. Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Building the island of your dreams

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is definitely the best game on Nintendo Switch Lite for builders and designers. The scenario is simple: here are powered alone on a desert island. As you build the city of your dreams with the help of bridges, houses, furniture, vegetation …

All your buildings are 100% customizable, like your character. If you like games that appeal to your creativity, it should please you. Your island is changing as you advance in the game, to turn into a real city.

In this version of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you can tinker. This feature can create your own furniture and tools from raw materials that you find on your island: wood, twigs, stones …

In parallel with the construction game aspect, you must fulfill the objectives set. You must pick up such waste, fish and shellfish well perform other tasks yet. The more you accomplish your goals, the more you advance in the game. You can unlock new features that help you evolve your town

Your avatar meets many animals on the island. They are always kind and willing to share tips and stories with your character.

The Animal Crossing: New Horizons is available on Nintendo and Nintendo Lite Switch Switch.

The Best Games For The Nintendo Lite Switch | Best Comparison

2. Pokemon Sword and Shield – Catching Them All!

Pokemon Sword and Shield keeps its promises based faithfully on the Pokemon series. You will need to browse Galar with your team and face the masters gyms before you confront the champions.

You will find in this game Nintendo Switch, Switch Lite also available on all legendary creatures that made the famous Pokemon Jigglypuff, Charmander, and other Farfetch’d.

The video game has certainly changed little, but that does not prevent you to immerse yourself in an unusual adventure.

The user experience is pleasant, many joystick shortcuts allow you to launch the best attacks or open your Poke Ball in seconds.

It is of course possible to fight players from around the world with a multiplayer mode that opens many doors. More than 400 Pokemon are released in the game, you can exchange them easily with other players to complete your collection. You can also go on a raid in teams to complete missions.

Pokemon Sword and Shield is the best game on Nintendo Switch for all hardcore fans of the series. It is a timeless universe that crosses generations without taking a wrinkle.

The Best Games For The Nintendo Lite Switch | Best Comparison

3. Luigi’s Mansion 3 – A chilling haunted universe

If you are a fan of mysterious atmospheres, Luigi’s Mansion will be your best game Nintendo Switch Lite.

Your mission is to fight ghosts and other creatures from beyond the grave in a haunted castle. The graphics are extremely well successful and you embark on the adventure from the start of the game.

Luigi, the faithful companion of the famous character Mario, must explore the area in search of his missing friends. So you play as Luigi, armed with a portable vacuum cleaner and a grappling hook. In order to find your loved ones who are missing, you must explore the vast house. Thrills guaranteed.

This Nintendo game Switch, available Switch Lite, is surprising. It offers a wide variety of locations, characters and scenarios. So you play long hours without tiring you will, the life of this game is relatively long.

Luigi’s Mansion 3 is primarily aimed at a young audience or followers of crafted graphics.

The multiplayer mode supporting up to 8 players, leaving the option to play as a family. Moreover, in this Nintendo Switch game against players progress together, not each other.

The Best Games For The Nintendo Lite Switch | Best Comparison

4. Untitled Goose Game – Sow panic with an evil goose

In the game Nintendo Switch Untitled Goose Game, available on Switch Lite, you play a nasty goose wanders into a village in the English countryside. Your goal: to terrorize the inhabitants, pillage their gardens, pull their shoelaces, breaking their favorite things, plunder their clothes …

In parallel, you must solve puzzles and complete objectives. Warning, if some villagers will be afraid of you, others will try to chase you by all means. It will be up to you to make the difference between fearful and those who are a danger to you. The various missions push you to think and develop your logical sense, whatever your age.

The animations are nice, we love the expressions of the characters, realistic and fun. The soundtrack is made of preludes of Debussy, which brings a comic touch to the ambiance.

The game Untitled Goose Game is the best game Nintendo Switch if you want to pass a light and fun time. The situations are all the more improbable than the other.

This game short and unpretentious won wide acclaim and conquered many players. It will convince you if you like British humor. This is a stealth game that comes out of the ordinary.

The Best Games For The Nintendo Lite Switch | Best Comparison

5. Overland – Objective survival on the West Coast

The Nintendo game Switch and Switch Lite Overland takes you on a race for survival on the west coast of the United States. You are the head of a group of characters who tries to escape the invasion of aliens. The trip to the zone of peace is fraught with difficulties: checkpoints, breakdowns of species, looters, meeting with the invaders … It will require strategy and determination to get away unharmed.

You will need to carefully consider the items you collect, some are essential to solve the puzzles. Your party can quickly switch when you make the wrong choices.

This game is definitely the best game Nintendo Switch survival. While it is complicated and you’ll earn the Game Over before successfully pass all levels, this game is extremely addictive. It is for players who like challenges and who demonstrate temerity to finish a play.

The graphics are very worked and change settings between each level, which will not leave you time to get bored. If you like western atmosphere or down Hollywood fund, this game transports you to an America worthy of the greatest classic films.

6. Baldur’s Gate 1 and 2: Enhanced Editions – The essential role play

The Nintendo game Switch and Switch Lite Baldur’s Gate 1 and 2: Enhanced Editions was one of the most anticipated this year. This mythical game features a story of uncommon richness. This is an extremely addictive role-playing that you immediately embarks on an adventure populated incredible mystical creatures.

The animations are successful despite a retro style that will not suit everyone.

Victim of an assassination attempt, your avatar, heir of Bhaal, embarks on a quest for justice to avoid a full-scale war. You must link the struggles and fight for your survival. A merchant supplies you with arms and elixirs.

You will have many missions to complete over your meetings and worlds as you cross. Baldur’s Gate 1 and 2: Enhanced Editions is the best game Nintendo Switch for gameurs who like role playing.

Your character is moving with an analog joystick which makes the experience enjoyable. The menus are clear and minimalist, all dialogues are subtitled in French. This game is therefore aimed at a wide audience and should have many followers among fans of adventure.

7. Super Mario Maker 2 – A classic revisited

The Nintendo game Switch and Switch Lite Super Mario Maker 2 put on stage the legendary character Mario. The graphics and designs are true to the Mario universe which one never tires never definitively. You cross the worlds always with the same enthusiasm and sympathy for this character.

Some levels are very difficult and despite your intensive practice, you will certainly have some challenges to overcome before completing the game.

New features were introduced in this version of Super Mario Maker 2. You can now take a cat suit to climb the walls and climb trees. It became also possible for enemies to eat mushrooms to grow. The karts are always present in the game.

This is the best game Nintendo Switch to have a good time with family or friends. He promises good laughs.

The multiplayer mode allows you to share parts simultaneously. You can also challenge your friends as well play cooperatively, a real novelty offered by the game.

Super Mario Maker 2 is a successful game that keeps its promises: the novelty while remaining faithful to the Mario games that appeal to a wide audience since the 80s.

8. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – A classic revisited

The game Nintendo Switch Lite Ultimate Super Smash Bros. is a fighting game set in the Mario universe. The formula does not age despite the amount of versions above this edition. We find the characters and scenery that made the success of the game, without ever being disappointed. You lead the titanic battles with attacks increasing work and eccentrics.

The animations and scenery have been reworked and improved to provide a visual also resulted Nintendo Switch on Switch Lite.

Adventure mode to explore solo unlocks features and enhance its character. This is the great novelty of this game Super Smash Bros Ultimate. You can play alone or with friends and confront you in the ring and never get bored.

This is the best game Nintendo Switch to players who like to revisit the classics while having fun and taking on new challenges. This is an accessible game that is suitable for experienced players as well as casual players.

If you are looking for a first game for your new Nintendo Switch Lite is a great choice for discovering your device.

9. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe – Always more circuits

You definitely know Mario Kart, all players have a day in their life exploring this legendary play. The game Nintendo Mario Kart 8 Switch Lite Deluxe is the latest and certainly the most successful.

New offers tours and climbs a notch. It will quickly master your kart to hope to cross the finish line and beat your competitors.

This is the best game Nintendo Switch to play two through Joy-con releasable. You can play around with your playmate. Convenient to avoid boredom in transport.

The online multiplayer mode allows you to organize Grands Prix with up to 12 players. You will have to do many competitors, always ready to plant banana skins to divert your course.

This new version of the game available at Switch Lite provides ultra-precise driving. You can improve your performance quickly taking the game in hand. A beginner mode will leave the management of the automatic speed pedal. So you can play with children without worry.

Switch the video game Mario Mario Kart 8 Deluxe does not surprise you and have fun. This is a game that has reinvented itself and convince a wide audience.

10. Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled – A color top racing game

The game Nintendo Lite Switch Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled is a racing game that features retro graphics true to its early versions. Indeed, the first edition of this game already has 20 years, and yet it still attracted many followers.

Driving is not as easy as other kart racing games. The control of your vehicle requires more technical and you need to train long hours before winning races and Grand Prix. You will need experience, especially if you plan to use the boost that can quickly throw you off when you do not know how to use.

The animations are fluid and fast, it is a feast for the eyes. The sets are many, there is in this video game Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite rich content to explore. The karts and characters are fully customizable, so you can use your creativity to customize your vehicle.

This is the best video game Nintendo Lite Switch for fans of racing games. It will be more suitable for experienced players who put technology at the heart of their conduct.

Best Brooms Steam Wireless | Best Comparison

Best Brooms Steam Wireless | Best comparison

The following article will present you one of the best appliances ever invented devices: wireless steam brush! This invention revolutionized the world naked household cleaning. After great research and a lot of products reviewed, we selected the top five wireless steam broom that exist today. No more heavy buckets, dirty water splashing, traces of mop, and even detergent. These little wonders allow you to effectively clean your floors and some vertical surfaces. Clean this way, you not only save time, but also to adopt healthier habits for your home and the environment.

The best cordless steam brooms in 2020

Best Brooms Steam Wireless | Best Comparison

1. Black + Decker FSM1630 – The best wireless steam brush our selection

This model steam broom is great on every point. There are many positive things about this model that make it a very complete product. And to top it all, the value of this wireless steam brush is a top of the market.

Black + Decker really well thought out design, with the steam brush is the most beautiful of our selection. It is very elegant and will be based in any decor. The colors are gray, white and turquoise for parts. The tank is gray and transparent, removable, which is convenient for filling with water. Patina are microfiber and can withstand 100 cycles of washing machine. In short, it is a modern brooms, and very little space that will please everyone.

The main advantage of this model FSM1630 Black + Decker steam. The stream is very powerful with its 1600 W constant, according to consumers. This technique allows to kill 99.9% of bacteria and germs without chemicals. You simply select the type of soil you clean and thanks to the AutoSelect technology, the amount of water and the temperature will adjust automatically.

This cordless steam brush will fit very well with tiles, flooring, linoleum and marble. There is also a Steam Boost button that allows you to add 50% more water for ten seconds, to cleanse stubborn stains or heavily soiled floors. You can add tap water without worry, since the device has a scale filter. The tank is rather small. It measures 460 ml, and that’s the only thing we have to say about this brush. It takes 15 seconds to heat and changes from red to blue when it is ready, a small detail really nice.

The wireless steam brush comes with four accessories, two rectangular pads, including a detachable 2 in 1 that converts delta-shaped (a single property in our selection) to reach every corner of your home. The head is rotating 180 ° to slip between the furniture and in the corners. There is also an adapter for carpet and a resting mat. When you ask your steam brush on it, the steam is automatically cut and standing. A 6 meter cable is included for charging and in case you want to use.

The performance and design were so well crafted that it has earned the rating of 4.5 / 5 by the Club of Experts “On women” magazine. We completely agree with the ruling, and highly recommend this product to all our readers.

Best Brooms Steam Wireless | Best Comparison

2. Bissel 2240N – The best wireless broom mop

The following model is unique. It has a fairly complex technique for an almost automatic cleaning. This cordless steam brushes is one of the best brushes of the market due to its performance and its large capacity tank.

The design of the steam brush is modern and gives a robotic air device with curved parts and sharp edges. The neck is long and metal. The top of it is black, some parts are gray and others blue details. The tank is gray transparent, removable and can contain up to 900 ml. This is one of the best capabilities that are found in wireless steam brushes. We do not find such a large volume in the other models. It will be convenient not to have to stop in the cleaning to fill the water tank.

As for controls, there is a button to activate the machine and to spray more water. The latter emits a “beep” each press, which is a bit tedious as consumers. The only notable flaw in this wireless brooms in terms of design is that it is quite bulky and will not fit in the recesses of your home.

The SpinWave Bissel technology is very interesting. Instead of a simple mop Microfiber is a system composed of two powerful buffers that turn on themselves at high speed. They do all the work for you and the machine advance alone, there are more than the guide. Be careful not to go too fast, otherwise marks will appear behind your pass. Buffers are microfiber and machine washable. They can spend on any hard floor: tile, linoleum, vinyl siding and hardwood. You can clean for 20 minutes wireless with the lithium ion battery of 18 V.

Bissel provides you two formulas 236 ml which can be used, one for the prosecution and one for the rest of the soil.

Bissel is a leader in the world of household cleaners since 1876. Their innovations are inspired from real life and that’s why their models are so popular. These innovations have a price, and that’s why this wireless steam brush is a more expensive of our selection. It is ideal for quickly wash supermarkets.

Best Brooms Steam Wireless | Best Comparison

3. Polti Moppy – The best steam brush without cheap and lightweight wire

Polti thought an ingenious model. In terms of appearance, Moppy is no different from a conventional mop. However, it has the power of steam to effectively clean without detergent. Also note that the price is very correct, it is even the best steam brush model wireless cheap our selection.

Here, instead of the bucket, that is a base which supports the steam brush. It is black and white, with a tank which is transparent to the sides to check the level of remaining water. The capacity of the tank is not the least: 700 ml to be quiet a long time.

The highlight of Moppy is that it is very light. It will be a perfect model for those who prefer a handy brushes. The handle is made of anodised aluminum, and in addition, it is telescopic. A practical detail to adjust the size of any user.

Moppy is very intuitive, convenient and fast to use. It will appeal to those who do not want to waste too much time on housework. This model works with a system of “basic load”: here is that if the water tank and simply put the brush on it to soak up steam, which is ready in ten seconds . Then you can start cleaning. No more bucket! The surfaces dry quickly after you pass through the microfiber pads and electrostatic, also very convenient to capture dust. 99.9% of germs and bacteria are destroyed by a sudden brushes with its 1500 W of power. Simply return to the base to eliminate them and the brush is again ready for a new round. And finally, Moppy can adapt to any type of soil, even the floors. It can also rub washable vertical surfaces, such as windows or large windows.

This model is a favorite of our team. It adapts very well to children and adults interiors, because it is very powerful and compact. This is a very good choice if you want an easy product to use and effective.

Best Brooms Steam Wireless | Best Comparison

4. Arthur Martin AMP181 – The best high-power cordless vacuum broom

The main advantage of this wireless brushes is that your washer and dryer along floors. It has an ingenious system that will save you lugging a bucket behind you and that will suck any dirt, even liquids.

The water brooms wireless Arthur Martin was not the prettiest models, because of the black and blue colors which are not very harmonious. Otherwise, the rest of the design is quite classic. It has two tanks: one for clean water for the cleaning and another to recover the dirty water from the ground. Both tanks are removable, which is very convenient for filling or emptying of water. One that serves to clean water is 550 ml and that for the waste water, 500 ml.

The grip is good, with a round of 85 cm. By cons, in the comments, it is a device slightly heavier than necessary. On the head of the brush, there is a button for switching the suction function.

With an output of 2200 W, this is one of the most powerful models of the market. This is a very important point, because in general, this kind of brush does not draw very well. With such rate Watt, you can be sure that water broom will do its job. It is effective on any ground. As you work the brush, it aspires and dry simultaneously. With the button on the top of the brush, you can spray water, detergent where you want, with complete control over this function. If you do not activate it, the device will simply suck. Two speeds are available for this: high and low. Inside is a rotating brush snaps, very effective to clean and removable for flush accumulated dirt.

The lithium battery of 22 V you can switch the wireless brushes for 30 min, and the charging is done in 3.5 hours.

This device is particularly suited to soils that are often dirty; for example, when you have pets or children. Apart from the design that looks a little less worked, everything else is excellent, and it’s also a steam brushes wireless the cheapest on the market.

Best Brooms Steam Wireless | Best Comparison

5. Karcher FC5

Karcher is a big name in the world of cleaning. Their products are innovative and of high quality. Wireless cleaning brushes FC 5 brand is quite popular among consumers and we will see why.

The appearance of the FC5 remains faithful to the yellow and black colors of the brand Karcher. It is a matter of personal taste, for some it is not annoying, others find it makes it look too “industrial”. The reservoir is transparent in order to control the water level and is 400 ml. The second reservoir for dirty water, it has 200 ml. They are small enough for this power unit. As for the race, he is aluminum which reduces a little while.

This wireless brooms Karcher is 2 in 1: cleans with water and sucks at the same time (small dirt, hair, hair, sheep, liquid …). The system consists of a pair of microfibers rollers, which rotate on themselves to cleanse dirt and are constantly humidified. This invention eliminates the need to scrub your floors. The unit advances almost alone. By cons, customers have felt a bit heavy during use. After your passage, the soil is dry in two minutes and the vacuum recovered dirty water simultaneously. Cleaning is greatly facilitated; you just have to guide your wireless brushes. After each big clean, it will clean the rollers and drip tray, which is a bit annoying. Its lithium battery will allow you to use it for the cycles of about 20 minutes. Then he will have 4 hours to recharge.

The unit will be delivered with a maintenance base, the two rollers and 30 ml of universal detergent. This is a point that we like a lot at Karcher: there are a lot of accessories available when needed. There are a variety of different detergents for all soils.

This model is one of the more expensive and more developed Karcher. The others do not have the wireless option, or do not have the suction function … This wireless brushes is really convenient with all the duties performed simultaneously. You certainly will not be disappointed by its performance.

Buying a wireless steam brushes

Ease of use

cordless steam brushes can sometimes be complicated to use. If the equipment is too bulky, which is too complicated digital panel, challenging parts to remove, you will lose patience quickly when using it. For example, when a broom swivel head, it will be easier to slip into every corner of your home. Some models, with their mops or roller systems, advancing almost alone. To you to see which system you think is most suitable for your use. Think about it, this is something that can really be decisive when making your choice.

Tank Capacity

As we saw in the article, the capacity of reservoirs vary from one model to another. A large volume of water simply lets you avoid round trips to the tap to fill your tank. When you can control the flow of steam on your brush, then you can save a few milliliters. However, if this feature is not available, the steam will come out continuously and without a big enough tank cleaning will be painful. We recommend a device with at least 400 ml clean water for proper longevity.


Over a device is powerful, its cleaning power will be. It takes at least 1300 W for a sufficient power. This corresponds to several criteria: the speed at which will be heated water, steam quality, suction power, the speed of the rollers … You’ll understand more steam brushes will have a high amount of Watts plus your cleaning will be effective. The number of bacteria and germs eliminated will be stronger and making our selection, we made sure to include models very powerful for your convenience. Indeed, it takes a lot of energy to quickly and efficiently heat the steam so that your brush is quickly ready for use, so you do not waste time. In addition, for products with a vacuum cleaner, this is even more important. It is easy to suck dust that is very light, but to suck liquids must have enough strength. It would be a shame to have this option, but it is not powerful enough.

Heating time

The heating time does not exceed 30 seconds in general. This is what it will take before using your device. In general, a lamp lights up or a small sound is heard when the brush is ready for use. Meanwhile, the water heater so that it can then turn into steam. For the duration of the cleaning, the water will remain at the right temperature. There will be no need to warm water then at least have to fill the tank. In this case, the new tour of water will in turn be heated.


The design of your wireless steam brushes is an important point because it will surely be visible in your home, as a machine is used frequently. Each brush like parts: a handle on the top with a part for holding it, a screen or gate. At the other end of the handle are the skates or rollers. On the handle itself is generally located (or) tanks, which are always transparent. Sometimes the tank can also be based on like for Moppy Polti. The appearance of the brushes is quite similar from one model to another, and this remains a matter of personal taste. To assess our models, we based on consumer reviews.


Accessories can be very important when doing your household. This can be a particular form of skating, to reach small areas or under furniture (as we saw with the Black + Decker steam brush and mop-shaped delta). There are brands that offer more detergent for you to have an overview of the products they offer and can help you in your cleaning. You can find these accessories on the brand sites or on Amazon. Sometimes there are packages available with steam brushes included.

Fair questions about wireless steam brushes

What is a wireless steam brushes?

A wireless steam brush works on the principle of a broom with a mop at the end. Except that everything is electrical and runs on lithium battery. It has a water reservoir that must be completed before use, some also have a container for dirty water. This appliance is used to clean all hard surfaces, some are even suitable for vertical surfaces. When you turn the brush, the water turns to steam and is sprayed directly on the ground. The steam brush has really revolutionized the world of cleaning.

Why use a wireless steam brushes?

The main advantage of this type of brush is that it is economical and ecological. No need to use detergent, although some models offer the option. The only thing to add is water. In addition, the steam has a high cleaning power. It not only kills 99.9% of bacteria and germs found on the floor but in addition it is very effective for degreasing and removing stubborn stains. There is no better way to clean your floors. This is a very healthy method to use when you have young children or pets. The planet will thank you too.

steam mops, or wireless?

Both methods have advantages. With wireless, you can use your device without limited time. It will be on stream all the time cleaning and for large surfaces, this is important. A wireless steam brushes can average clean 80 m² for a load which lasts 20, 30 minutes. And to reload again, it usually takes 3 to 4 hours. This is a point that needs to be improved, certainly, to be able to use it several times on the same charge. But the surface you are cleaning is not the entire surface of your home, when you add the furniture. In general, the autonomy will be satisfactory for cleaning tour.

Usage is fairly easy in general. Simply fill the tank with water, wait a few seconds as the water warms up and voila. You can add a few drops of essential oil of orange or lavender to scent, or use tea tree and lemon to enhance the antibacterial action. Then it will trigger a button or simply lift the base of brooms he starts cleaning. Some models with virtually rolls advance of themselves, it will be enough to guide them. These little gems are a gain incredible time to clean. You will not have to lug you a bucket of water, get your hands dirty and in addition, cleaning with steam brushes is much more effective.

Best Yoga Mat | Review & Guide

Best Yoga Mat | Review & Guide

Yoga is an ancient practice that is recognized for its many virtues: stress management, physical health, emotional balance … Whether yogi aspiring or experienced, it is essential to properly equip themselves to practice yoga with confidence.

You must have a yoga mat which assures you a comfortable and safe practice. It is important to move towards a model where the size, thickness and material correspond to your practice and your level. There are now many yoga mat models and it can be difficult to make the right choice. This is why it is important to inform, compare features according to specific criteria.

The best yoga mats in 2020

Best Yoga Mat | Review & Guide

1. Yoga mats Movit: A yoga mat Fitness and easy to carry

The yoga mat Movit is available in various sizes in many colors, which leaves you the option of choosing a suitable carpet for your size and your tastes.

It is without doubt the best yoga mat for those who have practical varied and seeking the versatile material. With its comfort and its thickness, this carpet can also be used mats for building muscle or gymnastics.

If you practice an activity that makes you sweat, the advantage of this mat is able to wash easily. You can also use it outdoors on a ground not necessarily own lawn or sandy guy. A simple sponge and soap enough to give it a facelift, freshness and cleanliness.

Elastic transport allow you to carry your yoga mat easily. If you practice yoga room is an excellent compromise. You can get there on foot, bicycle or by public transport with your carpet to the shoulder.

The only complaint one can make this yoga mat Movit is to score easily. The foam tends to scratch or to sink when it takes shocks.

Best Yoga Mat | Review & Guide

2. Yoga mats Manduka Eko Lite: An extra fine carpets for stability

The yoga mat Manduka Eko Lite offers a non-slip surface that allows you to go further in your practice. The requirement of the positions requires quality equipment that gives you security and stability.

This carpet is the best yoga mat for experienced practitioners or those who wish to evolve to the next level. Its thickness of 4mm allows to be truly anchored in the ground. You can feel the connection between the earth and your body when performing your postures.

As a yogi you environmentally conscious and want to protect nature by consuming products that respect it. This natural rubber yoga mat is designed with total respect for the environment.

If you are allergic to latex, this equipment is for you. Made up of 99% latex, this yoga mat is made of natural fibers. It is therefore the ideal partner for people with sensitive skin who want to favor soft and breathable materials.

Beware, if you are sensitive to smells, you will certainly notice the rubber smell that emanates from the carpet. You can hide the smell with a few drops of essential oils.

Best Yoga Mat | Review & Guide

3. Yoga mat High Pulse: From Cork to mix originality and performance

If you’re looking for a cheap yoga mats and quality, the carpet High Pulse will meet all your requirements. This mat natural cork is for nature lovers who need a mat for practicing yoga or meditation.

Its original aesthetic and crude should entice you. In addition, cork is a soft material, antipolluant and hypoallergenic. This yoga mat is a perfect compromise between ecology and performance. It ensures you maintain seamless thanks to its non-slip surface, even if you tend to sweat when you hold positions for long minutes.

Waterproof, antibacterial, self-cleaning that carpet offers many advantages in terms of hygiene and maintenance. You do not have to clean your carpet after every yoga session.

The yoga mat High Pulse has a thickness of 4 mm, which stabilizes the positions and to connect to its anchor points. Whether beginner or advanced, this rug can suit your practice.

Rather heavy to carry despite his shoulder is a yoga mat that is perfect for a home practice.

Best Yoga Mat | Review & Guide

4. Gaiam Yoga Mat: The mat ideal for beginners

If you need to book a yoga mat to begin the practice of yoga in good conditions, the Gaiam yoga mat is that it takes you. Lightweight and soft, it offers unparalleled comfort to explore new positions. Discover the key positions: the dog upside down, the lotus or the triangle.

Its thickness of 6 mm allows you to write your movements and postural changes without injury.

This is a PVC mat that is ideal for practicing yoga in room or at home. Easy to carry, this yoga mat rolls and does not take up much space.

Be careful if you tend to sweat, this yoga mat is not absorbent and tends to become slippery when in contact with water. This is why the Gaiam model is more suitable for beginners or for those yogis who practice meditation.

We love the aesthetics and prints reminiscent of mandalas. You can choose between different units each more beautiful than the other.

As a bonus with this yoga mat, you can download a workbook to guide you in learning about your practice and bring you home.

Best Yoga Mat | Review & Guide

5. Yoga mats Lotuscrafts: For versatile use and universal

The yoga mat Lotuscrafts allows the practice of all types of yoga, Hatha yoga Ashtanga Vinyasa through. If you are looking for a practical yoga mats and versatile, it is a model that fulfills the contract.

Certified free of toxic substances, this mat is safe for your health and for the environment. If you have sensitive skin it is an essential criterion.

The non-slip surface allows you to vary your posture and practice yoga in all conditions. If you like Bikram yoga is a device that may be suitable for hot and humid environments. You can as well use indoors and outdoors. Note however that the side surface of soil that may lack adhesion on smooth floors.

You can choose your Lotuscrafts yoga mat in the color of your choice: soft, natural shades to accompany you in your practice.

The weight of this carpet remains light at 1.2kg, so you can take it to go. If you like to practice yoga in nature to enjoy the serenity of the landscapes that surround you, this is equipment that will bring you satisfaction.

6. Yoga mats Arteesol: Ideal for outdoor practice

The yoga mat Arteeso is very durable and can accompany you anywhere for long sessions. Its material into high-quality TPE is extensible and allows to practice many dynamic postures without damaging your yoga mat. It is a carpet that is highly appreciated by the followers of Ashtanga yoga. This practice requires dynamic elastic materials and shockproof to preserve the mat as long as possible.

Extremely soft, thickness of 6mm and multi layers make the best yoga mat for outdoor use. If you like to play your favorite sport in the great outdoors, the yoga mat Arteeso is an excellent partner.

It is also well suited to the practice of yoga to the fitness or gymnastics. Its absorbent surface helps maintain a secure fit even when you sweat. You do not risk slipping or injury. This is an important criterion to ensure your safety.

You can choose the quality without compromising on ecology since its materials are certified non-polluting.

Its competitive price makes it a cheap yoga mats for a leisure practice, the outdoors weekend.

7. Yoga mats filiform: To guide you in your postures

The yoga mat slip filiform is undoubtedly one of the most revolutionary of the market. Appreciated by perfectionists its alignment system is used to position your anchors according to specific axes. You can adjust your posture to the millimeter and evolve in your yoga practice with these printed marks. It’s a yoga mat that is both fun and efficient.

Rather designed for experienced practitioners, this yoga mat provides excellent support and good depreciated. Soft and comfortable, it allows a practice with confidence.

Its size is slightly wider and longer than the yoga mat and classiques.Vous can vary your posture and amplify your movements.

Its material “Grip for me” is revolutionary. It has been specially designed for practicing yoga efficient and pleasant.

This yoga mat does not neglect the ecological side since it is 100% biodegradable.

If filiform carpet has many qualities, its price remains high. If you are an experienced yogi and are looking for a high performance yoga mat to help you even further in your practice, you will love this model.

Buying Guide: everything you need to know about yoga mat before buying a

Choose a specially designed mat for yoga

You want to practice yoga for the well being of body and mind, then you must do it in the best conditions possible. Equip with adequate equipment and quality secures your practice and improve your posture.

As with all sports, yoga requires technical equipment. Whether in the clothing or in hardware, you must choose the right products for your practice. They will bring you comfort and serenity.

It is important to choose a carpet that is specifically dedicated to the practice of yoga. This allows you to feel comfortable during your workout. It has a role of insulation that protects you from the cold ground you were indoors or outdoors. Yoga mats are designed in technical materials that isolate while being breathable.

They absorb sweat and prevent you from slipping when you need to hold long positions, like that of the dog upside down.

slip yoga mats are also required to bring you the stability you need to develop your balance. Excellent support is the foundation of your evolution. It improves your posture and keep them longer.

The practice of yoga is a long and tedious journey that requires all your energy. That is why if you are equipped with good hardware, you mind free to concentrate on your body.

The essential equipment to practice yoga

As a beginner you do not know what equipment to direct you. To start yoga off right, here is the list of everything you’ll need:

FAQ: it answers the questions that you have about yoga mats

You must choose a yoga mat non-slip, it is the criterion which should guide your choice. A good carpet should be able to obtain good support, stability and good grip. This is what allows you to hold your positions as long as possible. A yoga mat secures your practice. It prevents you from slipping and hurting yourself by falling.

Choose a yoga mat that fits your type of practice. If you do yoga at home, you can choose a heavy belt and without carrying system. By cons, if you practice yoga studio, orient yourself to a light and easy carpets to carry.

A yoga mat must have a thickness that ideally between 4 and 6 mm. The thickness of your carpet is an important criterion since it is what brings you stability.

Too thick carpet tends to unbalance you if it is too soft. Your anchor points must be in contact with the ground. More carpet is thicker, it will be for a gentle yoga or meditation. If you want to focus on comfort and ground positions, you will find thicker yoga mat, up to 1.5 cm thick.

Too late carpet could hurt him when to insulate you from the ground. You can feel the cold or suffer from a soil too hard when running your balancing poses.

A yoga mat should be long enough for you to lay on you and spread without your members do not exceed. The average size of a yoga mat is between 180 and 183 cm. If you are tall, you’ll find the longest yoga mat. Orient yourself towards a model of 190 cm for example. In terms of width, most carpets are 60 cm.

If you want to prioritize comfort above all, you can choose a large rug. It will be against a more difficult to transport to accompany you to the studio.

Sweating and soil are not very clean, so it’s better for your health and to protect your skin clean your yoga mat after each session.

You can wash your yoga mat with soapy water and a sponge. Be sure to rinse your carpet to avoid leaving traces of soap.

Apple cider vinegar is also an antibacterial perfect. You can pay on a cloth and rub your carpet.

It is important to regularly wash your carpet even if you have made the choice of an antibacterial material. *

Your carpet tends to slip when you sweat and it bothers you in performing your yoga postures.

When buying a cheap yoga mats, it is important to ensure that it is non-slip. A mat that slides can be very dangerous.

If the best option is to change carpets and opt for a better model, you can also use talcum powder. Sprinkle talcum your carpet before each session, it absorbs perspiration and gives you more stability.

You should not put a towel over your carpet.