The Best Smoothing Brushes 2020 | Reviews And Guide

The Best Smoothing Brushes 2020 | Reviews and Guide

It’s Monday, 7am and you are upset. Not that we are on Monday and you’ll bind traffic, appointments and meetings all day, but because this 20 minutes that you try to discipline rebellious frizz that turn your square elegant plunging shapeless mass. You take a look at your alarm clock: you are late. No time to get out your plates, you go on stream by promising to shave the skull returning (Britney Spears style).

Stop! Before you make a move so radical, why not first invest in a straightener for your blow dry? Easier to handle than the combo round brush – hair dryer, the straightener is equipped with a brush of the same heating system to the plates of a straightener, allowing you to smooth and discipline any frizz, curls or crimp in one step. The difference with a straightener? A more natural. The smoothing effect preserves the volume brush your hair while making the bright, smooth and devoid of static electricity, unlike the straightening plates that often leaves you flat sticks and hard to get in shape.

To help you in your choice Compare Best reviewed 5 models of smoothing brushes chosen from the best competitors in the market at reasonable prices. If you do not find your new capillary partner by the end of this article, there will be time to check out our buying guide to go in search of your ideal brush, or you learn about the different models of mowers hair ! Discover also the best smoothing Brazilian keratin.

The best five smoothing brushes 2019 on the test bench

Smoothing Brush Miracle – The best smoothing brush Ms. Paris

The Best Smoothing Brushes 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Our opinion on the straightener Ms. Paris

French brand MadameParis conceives the formatting and styling equipment (straighteners, straightening brushes …) in partnership with professional hairdressers. This expertise has enabled the development of the straightener Miracle, widely acclaimed by the blogosphere. The promise ? A uniform smoothing 3 minutes, whatever the type of hair (curly end, frizzy weakened etc …).

The Miracle smoothing brush is the best straightener for MadameParis. It consists of heating ceramic pins with round tips plastic so as not to hurt the scalp with each pass. With the technology of heating MCH, the Miracle rises rapidly in temperature (about 1 minute), with an extension of customizable temperature between 120 ° C and 230 ° C. The ionic function associated with ceramic spikes leaves your hair smooth and shiny without damage.

Ergonomics, the brush Smoothing Miracle has an elegant design with its black finish accented with gold details. The control buttons on / off as well as for the temperature control are positioned on the side. All lock automatically during your smoothing, preventing unwanted changes in temperature due to an unfortunate gesture. Its rotating power cord follows you in all manipulations of the brush that you could do.

appreciable advantage, the smoothing brush Miracle comes with a range of accessories to facilitate your styling: a comb to detangle your mane before smoothing and replace flyaways after a protective glove to avoid burning your hand by manipulating the brush, two alligator clips and rubber bands to help you in your smoothing, a mirror to admire the result of your efforts and a pocket fabric to take the brush in your suitcase! The brush comes in a deluxe package that provides you gift paper if you plan to offer!

Side smoothing brush proves easy to use, and allows continuous monitoring of the heating temperature thanks to its large LCD display on the back of the brush. Most users say satisfied with the result and would recommend this product to a friend, boasting a natural smoothing and bulky on fine hair curly. However, some note a performance hit on frizzy hair, for which the degree of smoothing would not equal that of the straightening plates and a heating time somewhat longer than indicated on the package. The weight of the brush also enters critical of this product (410g). It is estimated too high in comparison with other products on the market.

Liss Babyliss 3D Brush – The best straightener for long hair and thick

The Best Smoothing Brushes 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Our opinion on the brush Liss Smoothing Brush 3D

Babyliss has acquired a solid reputation in the beauty market for the reliability of its equipment, the flashy touch more. From this perspective, the brush Liss Smoothing Brush 3D is no exception to the rule, with its color fuchsia clanking, which immediately puts in a good mood.

But color is not enough to stand out from its competitors. For this, Babyliss has focused on design by offering a wide brush and rectangular, which provides greater surface smoothness as that of its competitors (60 cm²). This feature makes it the best straightener for long hair and thick. Wondering what refers 3D? These are the three types of pins that make up the straightener and optimize styling time:

To this, add two mini cannons to subdue the negative ions that last frizz and maintain the volume of your hair, without static electricity.

temperature side, the 3D Brush Liss offers three options: 160 ° C for fine hair or weakened, 180 ° C, for normal hair 200 ° C for thick or curly hair. An LED indicator provides information on selected and flashes as the brush has not reached the desired temperature option to use: no risk of loss of time because you started too early your straighteners! Its rotating cord handy 1,80ms’avere to manipulate the brush in all directions. The heat mat comes with the brush protects your dressing table damage due to burns caused by a fast start to work!

However, the smoothing brush Brush 3D Liss Babyliss ignores its promises in terms of results. We regret the one hand, the low temperature range proposed, which extends the time for styling very curly hair or frizzy. His large in fact not the best friend short hair or below the ear, which will find it difficult to handle. Finally, silicone pins for positioning the strands closest to the pins are heated debate: some people love the sensation, others hate.

Arino – The best smoothing brush for fine hair

The Best Smoothing Brushes 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Our opinion on the smoothing brush Arino

MCH heating plates, ionic technology, anti-burn system of the scalp and low price: The brush smoothing Arino has everything it needs to distinguish itself from its competitors on the market!

With an activatable ionic functionality as needed, the brush Arino smooth the most unruly hair while maintaining moisture of the hair fiber. Coupled with the ceramic coating of its pins, this brush ensures you leave your hair smooth, soft, shiny, and not electric, which defines it as the best straightener for fine hair.

We also appreciate the heating base MCH allowing a rapid rise in temperature (about 30 seconds of heating time according to the manufacturer’s instructions), and a constant temperature throughout the smoothing of 150 ° C (recommended for fine hair or weakened) at 230 ° C for thicker or curly hair, all controllable from its LCD screen. An anti burn system at the pins ensures safe operation, an important asset when you need to smooth her hair as close to their roots.

Speaking of safety, it is important to note that the Arinos’eteint brush automatically after 25 minutes. For the heads up and pressed the morning, this feature turns out to be a real asset that will save you much anxiety in the day.

Comes with a small pouch velvet brush smoothing Arino not cause you no excess baggage at the airport: 381g in all and for all, enough to relieve your wrists and make a designated companion for your travels.

Is the Arino perfect? If one believes the users, it is not far from reaching the top step on the podium of smoothing brushes at discounted prices. They declared themselves delighted with his time shortcut heater, its efficiency on thick hair and very curly, and the manufacturing quality of the object.

However, the anti-scald device reduces the heating surface of notifiable way, and makes, therefore, smoothing quite difficult roots. Similarly, the manufacturer as users leave no clue as to the effectiveness of this brush the hair frizzy. Only the maximum heating temperature (230 ° C) makes us think that the brush could be satisfactory in this regard.

Elehot – The best hair straightener for curly / frizzy

The Best Smoothing Brushes 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Our opinion on the smoothing brush Elehot

You want to test a straightener without breaking your ELP? The Elehot brand meets your expectations with this small efficient and flashy brush.

Let’s start with its unusual look into the world of smoothing brushes. The Elehot brush is characterized by its narrow (less than 4cm wide) and the original form of the spikes of his comb. Indeed, it is composed of a single row of pins half-moon, aligned one above the other, which form as many mini straighteners on a small surface. These pins are ceramic PTC and thus combine negative ions and optimal and constant conduction of heat over their entire surface. A real boost to quickly obtain a satisfactory smoothness.

Easy to handle, the brush reaches the first soak temperature in less than 45s. 6 heat levels, divided between 130 ° C to 200 ° C, are indicated by graded LEDs. An anti-scald device allows prolonged safe use. The control buttons located on the handle to the back of the brush, lock automatically during the use of the brush. Just press three times on the switch to unlock the controls and reset the temperature of your brush. It is important to note that the brush is automatically turned off after 20 minutes, and the rotary power cord 360 provides additional comfort of use.

Friends at the very curly mop of hair or curly, rejoice: as surprising as it may seem, you stand there, the best straightener for curly hair. The unique shape of its barbs enables you to easily slide the brush along your lashes, and extended nip optimizes the number of passes to make for optimum results. Pus abandoned halfway possible following the entanglement of your brush your curls!

Deceptively simple, the smoothing brush Elehot could prove to be a bargain for those who wish to test a straightener without putting a large budget. Against by the smoothing fans regret the lack of customization of the heating temperature and the narrowness of the comb. If this latter characteristic is advantageous reveals for occasional use or for slipping into a bag during the holidays, it may nevertheless take longer to styling for long hair everyday.

Smoothing Brush Uspicy – Full of features for a small price

The Best Smoothing Brushes 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Our opinion on the smoothing brush Uspicy

To conclude this review of products, we chose another brush design rather original, described by its manufacturer as “toothbrush hair.”

Strong point of this brush: implanting heating ceramic pins, bell-shaped, which increases the contact surface along the length of the worked wick. MCH technology ensures rapid heat (less than 3 minutes to reach the maximum temperature) and constant warmth throughout use. The heating temperature ranges from 120 ° C to 230 ° C in 7 levels of heat. Whether you have fine hair or frizzy hair, brush curls and frizz Uspicy discipline to turn them into a silky hair without losing volume or quality of the hair fiber.

the brush Orders come with an auto-lock function, which locks all the features of the brush during handling. This is a particularly valuable feature if you consider the fact that the buttons are located on the handle, inside, and so are constantly in contact with the palm of the hand. Its large LCD display allows you to check at any time the temperature of your brush and so demaitriser the risk of burns. Its rotating power cord for ease of use, regardless of the brush position. Its black color enhanced with gold details makes an elegant object that will not break in most bathrooms.

The straightener Uspicy comes in a pretty purple and gold box (perfect if you offer a gift to your best friend), accompanied by the following accessories: a protective glove, a pouch of fabric for storage and a flat brush, that allows you to clean the brush after each use.

We must also stress that this straightener automatically switches off after 30 minutes and it has an anti-scald on each pin that composes.

Side feedback, the Uspicy brush has brought joy to so many people, especially those with thick hair, Metis and very curly. However, many also complained of her weight, her strange and cumbersome design that makes it difficult to reach the roots and fine hair of the neck. Similarly, this straightener is not suitable for short hair. The pins are then described as very rigid, and can make, in fact, experience uncomfortable smoothing.

How to choose the best straightener according to his needs?

The models presented above are one example of the variety of smoothing brushes that you can find in commerce or online stores. If you need some additional tips for choosing your new best friend hair, here are some questions to ask yourself before sliding the brush in your cart!

daily or occasional use?

Before you go in search of the brush of your dreams, it is important to identify what you need, and the use you intend to do. This question will allow you to define your criteria for choosing those who matter to you and those that you can show you more accommodating. You will use it every day? The weight, the ergonomics of the brush and the heating time will be decisive, because you certainly do not have time to lose your hair in the morning! You will use the brush for special occasions? An effective but slightly more compact model may be the right choice, not clutter your bathroom. The brush the price will be also a criterion to be considered depending on your use. No need to buy a Rolls-Royce if it is to let all year round in the garage!

What is your hair type?

Your hair type will help you determine the power of your straightener and the temperature required heating to achieve the desired result. The basic rule is this: the more your hair is thick and curly (or fuzzy), the higher the temperature will be high to get smooth and shiny. Some brushes offer more gradations in the heating temperature than others. In some cases, the temperature is even fully customizable by the user at 10 ° C near. They can thus adapt the smoothing depending on your hair and your desires. Warning: although less aggressive for the hair straightening plates as it is recommended that a thermo-protective treatment on your hair before using a straightener.

What is the lining used this straightener?

As for the smoothing, the coating used for the heater pins of the brush is important to obtain a quality smoothing and respectful of the hair fiber. Currently, there are three types of coating for smoothing brushes:

Ion Brush, MCH heating … What is this nonsense?

To help you get a mane siren in minutes without damaging your scalp or your hair shaft, smoothing brush manufacturers offer different functionality and technology. These features variations can influence the total cost of the brush.

Ionic technology

Ionic brush emits negative ions during the smoothing, in addition to those already issued by the heat conductive material. These will eliminate static and frizz smoothing over. Negative ions also help strengthen the hair scales to make it less vulnerable to heat. Strengthened, the hair softer and shinier, and less sensitive to static electricity.

Hafj Mesh

With HCM technology, your brush smoothing reached the desired temperature within seconds. In addition, this technology helps maintain a constant heat throughout your smoothing. Finished inadvertent temperature variations that damage the hair fiber!

Do not make compromise on safety

Remember that a straightener is primarily an electric heating device. In addition to checking the power of your brush (security standards for electricity vary from country to country), the following functions are more for use safely.

self-locking function

Both measure of protection and ergonomic improvements, the function self-locking / self-lock the controls on your brush is essential to minimize the risk of burns. This feature disables the temperature controller and switch your toothbrush during use. Thus you do not risk more than change the temperature of your brush inadvertently.

Automatic shutdown

Do not overlook this option, it can save lives! This function “off” brush automatically after a certain time (between 20 minutes and 1 hour depending on model). Essential to avoid fire, if you tend to be an airhead!

The little details that make all the difference

Can not decide between two models have the same features? The following details can make all the difference in your choice.

The ergonomics of the brush

This criterion is crucial for everyday use. For ergonomics we mean the weight of the brush, the size of the smoothing surface, the position of the controls on the handle and the ease of handling and use.

Think you’ll keep your arm raised for a short fifteen minutes to the luckiest of you. For example, those who love fitness will not mind working their biceps with a brush that does the weight of a small dumbbell. Others may prefer a lighter model. Women with thick hair, curly or very long (or curly) will focus on brushes with a wider smooth surface, to save time. If the controls are positioned on the side or in the center of the handle, self-lock is strongly recommended. Finally, a long and rotating power cord gives more freedom of movement.

The accessories

Some manufacturers add more and more accessories to smoothing brushes to attract consumers. These accessories are divided into two categories: Accessories “security” (protective glove, thermal mat …) and accessories “styling” (hair clips, rubber bands, mirror …). The pack or alternative transport to your travel brush are also elements that may be interesting to consider if you have a small bathroom or if you are often on the move.

Finally, keep in mind that the best way to choose a product is to start from your needs and what is important to you. A consumer opinion can strengthen your intuition, but is primarily a return of personal experience at a specific time!

Best Bluetooth Headphones With Active Noise Reduction 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Best Bluetooth Headphones with Active Noise Reduction 2020 | Reviews and Guide

You will agree, nothing is more pleasant than a real musical escape without any interference or noise false note. To meet your expectations, the secret is to be equipped with a good Bluetooth headset with the technology that absorbs, namely the reduction of active noise. Nowadays, the number of Bluetooth headset with this technology is growing exponentially on the market, sometimes leaving rightfully lost its user face information and the incredible choice of models.

To help you choose the best Bluetooth headset noise reduction for your application, in comparison Best reviewed 5 Bluetooth headsets quality you find in the contents of this comparison. Similarly, a buying guide will help you understand the important features to consider in order to elect the best Bluetooth headset noise reduction.

Our selection of the top 5 Bluetooth headsets noise reducer

Whether for professional use, at home, on the go or relaxation music, there is the helmet that is right for you through the selection of the best Bluetooth headsets benefit from noise reduction technology.

If you are looking headphones instead of a helmet

1. TaoTronics – The best bluetooth headset noise reduction quality / price ratio

Best Bluetooth Headphones With Active Noise Reduction 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Our opinion on the bluetooth headset TaoTronics noise reduction

You dream to listen to your music without being distracted by background noise during your train travel or plane, without fear for the battery? You will not regret buying our site the best Bluetooth headset noise reducer sold by TaoTronics and this at an extremely competitive price.

After reviewing, we can now tell you whether the noise canceling headphones Bose directly challenging with its excellent price / quality ratio. Its users without complex associate with the most exclusive model, wonder? See for yourself…

With quality sound and well balanced low aggressive, balanced mids and clear treble with dual speaker 40mm, and more effective active noise reduction at will, you will try to adopt it.

It does not make you default on the life of the battery, if not beyond 25 hours listening … and a pair of overtime wireframe. Obviously, the microphone is integrated and make you enjoy your calls with noise reduction, is not it?

Comfortable to wear thanks to its super soft ear pads, its swivel ear cups 90 ° (practical for a helmet around the neck), ergonomic headband and its weight lessened thanks to the materials used. Specifically: This is a noise reduction Bluetooth headset very pleasant and never disturbing. A fortiori, when we know that is foldable and comes with a protective carrying case.

2. Bose QuietComfort 35 – The best Bluetooth headset noise reduction market

Best Bluetooth Headphones With Active Noise Reduction 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Our opinion on the Bluetooth headset Bose QuietComfort noise reduction 35

Quoi de mieux qu’un specialist audio connu et comme reconnue Bose hook for the vacation of a produit d’une qualite prodigieuse aussi que son ergonomics and the reputation?

Immerse yourself in your music bubble without any false note: optimized ergonomic in all its areas of expertise, the sound is of the highest quality without any vibration of the bass and you will note with pleasure the impressive difference and efficiency of the gearbox sound by activating and deactivating!

Whether you wear glasses or if you should not wanting Otter your Bose Bluetooth headset of the day, know that he has no discomfort and is more comfortable for both your skull to your ears!

This Bose Bluetooth headset offers even the possibility to connect two devices simultaneously thanks to NFC technology. And it is quite easy to imagine yourself amazed by his skill recharge express: a charging extra 15 minutes ensures 2:30 listening and we did not invent, it’s Bose who did it!

Note: The headset comes with a rigid protective pouch, a cable jack and an airplane adapter and a micro USB charging cable and requires installation on your SmartPhone application “Bose Connect” (on iOS and Android) before connecting automatically and within seconds.

3. Plantronics BackBeat PRO 2 – Most Bluetooth headset noise reduction most versatile

Best Bluetooth Headphones With Active Noise Reduction 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Our opinion on the bluetooth headset noise reduction Plantronics BackBeat PRO 2

You will agree, nothing is nicer than the musical escape in harmony with good Bluetooth headset noise reduction. And that, to appreciate all the more the return of soft sounds and nicely decorated with well-defined bass.

The American manufacturer Plantronics deploys an evolution of its model BackBeat PRO, which is thinned in a slim design with a padded headband and leatherette fabric between ensuring greater comfort and an absolutely perfect fit. Its pivoting ear cups 90 ° fit all body types without problems.

This is the Bluetooth headset noise reduction most versatile on the market: it has a multitude of excellently integrated features to the headset including its motion sensors detecting the removal of the helmet to get in “pause”. But also, a tremendous autonomy and actual call quality sound, in addition to a range of 24. And, while assuming real sound performance that you’ll be forced to find!

Extremely convenient with the main controls on the outside of the left atrium such as enabling or disabling the noise reducer and the controls to manage his listening and his calls. Control at hand and functional and more perfect!

It is obviously possible to connect two devices simultaneously, practice office to keep connected your computer and your smartphone.

4. Cowin E7 – L’excellente surprise

Best Bluetooth Headphones With Active Noise Reduction 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Our opinion on the bluetooth headset noise reduction E7 Cowin

Looking for a Bluetooth headset noise reducer cheap but effective enough to camouflage the cacophony that reigns in your office or home? Enjoy only hear what you want to hear, escape into your music, movies and videos.

With crisp, powerful sound, a flirtatious look well made and 30h of autonomy that is breathtaking, the helmet at Cowin is positioned correctly on the market. Especially since it is rare to dispose of a removable battery, far from insignificant appearance you will agree.

This is a nice quality product to wear even after hours of listening earphones are neither evil nor sweat excessively. This helmet is entirely satisfactory in terms of both comfort and in terms of its features: Bluetooth pairing is fast, the atria rotate 90 ° and ensure easy transport.

What if we told you that also ensures its noise reduction function via cable?

Please note: comes with a storage pouch, a jack cable and a power cable

5. MPOW – Efficiency cheap

Best Bluetooth Headphones With Active Noise Reduction 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Our opinion on the bluetooth headset noise reduction MPOW

Whether nomadic or pleasantly installed in front of your TV, this Bluetooth headset will give you all the desired satisfaction with its noise reduction. As fascinating for its design as for its ergonomics and excellent quality, it is the result of a combination of plastic and aluminum.

Comfortable both in the blindfold that his listeners that fully encompasses the ear, it is extremely popular with gamers. And more while it is charging, it lights up with a slight white halo that perfect sound robocop look stylish! Us it deserves its place in our comparison of the best Bluetooth headsets noise reduction. Its only downside is not having Bluetooth mode noise reduction.

Please note: comes with a storage pouch cloth, jack cable and a power cable

Buying Guide: How to choose the best Bluetooth headset reducing noise?

Far from being a simple accessory, Bluetooth headsets guarantee the user to overcome a cord that can cause discomfort, hold on to all-will even be damaged without the possibility of replacement. It is therefore a significant additional comfort to consider in getting your material. But not only …

Sound quality

Obviously we can not rule out this criterion in choosing a headset. The sound quality is above all that each user research, and listened to whatever style of music or use made of it (movies, video games, etc.).

These are low that determine the best audio quality, manufacturers ensure the balance so that they are not too worn on acute or serious but there is enough bass to ensure sound quality pleasant. The right balance is the result of clear bass that do not come insofar hide the treble and assures a sound pleasant to the ear final.

And of course the quality of noise reduction technology enjoyed by the helmet you elected. Although it is the secret of many technological prowess, the operation mode to design a isolation from outside sounds, is also excellent and obvious: the ambient sound is recorded automatically and regularly in a microwave ridiculous, before being immediately transmitted to a processor which analyzes and projects accordingly sound counterbalancing the harmful sound element.

The accessibility of control commands

If you plan to buy a Bluetooth headset, it’s likely to give you the luxury to avoid leaving your smartphone field after all to manage your music or receive a call, is not it?

It is therefore to be considered at the time of purchase because it is a more significant issue comfort. Most helmets we’ve reviewed in this roundup Bluetooth headset reducing noise, have directly integrated controls.

To elect your mobile headset, consider the convenience of its orders, which must be intuitive in addition to being accessible when you have headphones on.


All Bluetooth headsets in this roundup feature a rechargeable battery whose life is relatively long and sufficient not to find yourself running out of battery while on the go at the end of the world, between 20h and 30h efficient, they send heavy!

However, other features can interfere with your choice of a helmet if they prove as relevant as beneficial to a better functioning of the battery of your equipment:

The shape of the headphones: circum-aural VS supra-aural

There are two types of headphones forms, namely:

Generally the atria of these helmets are of larger size. However, the full wrap the ear obviously provides better insulation against ambient noise.

Conversely, these helmets have less bulky headphones and therefore lighter which is reflected on the overall weight of the helmet but also in ease of transport.

Overall, this is important, however, it will not impact on the performance of the helmet but is more about the comfort of the user.

Son design

Think of the effect, the aesthetic appearance you wish to disengage wearing your helmet. Some models are simple while others combine different materials or colors … and the collection of Bluetooth headsets noise reduction is great! This decision is yours of course. But if ideally you take a liking to a helmet that turns out to be more comfortable design, it won for you!


Through this selection of the top 5 Bluetooth headsets, we hope you have routed in your choice of purchasing a Bluetooth headset reducing noise, in addition to answering your questions about the important criteria to consider in order to elect one that suits you.

Keep in mind the importance of the quality of its materials and its deployed technologies which make sense in the auditory and physical comfort of your future helmet. Also, the convenience of use for the accessibility of its control commands that can cause discomfort to the use if it turns out they are not ergonomic enough. But most YOUR priority depending on your use.

Best Baby Belly Ports 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Best Baby Belly Ports 2020 | Reviews and Guide

When baby arrives, full of cutting-edge issues usually the tip of their nose: what must we do to carry it safely? Can we trust the ventral baby carrier? In short, the questions are many and not always obvious or clear answers.

Many studies have proven that wearing your baby against you strengthens the link that may exist between the carrier and the child. The porting process is particularly appreciated by moms, who thus beat feel the heart of their baby against their own and can also breastfeed Furthermore, this method, according to the baby belly door model can be used from birth of baby.

Our selection of a look:

Table could not be displayed.

The best baby carrier ventral

Best Baby Belly Ports 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Why trust us ? strives to each article to provide you with clear and relevant information to help you choose the most suitable product for your needs. Our selections are the result of many hours of research and analysis of information about each product.

No products of our selection is not sponsored.

It is true that in terms of baby carrier, young parents tend to be a bit lost and are turning to the major brands of childcare considered the only ones able to offer products of qualite.Voila why you hear so much about the baby seat comfort, Chicco baby carrier or Aubert. However, other criteria that the brand name are important to help you choose the ventral baby carrier for you. We chose to explain what guided our selection of the best baby carrier ventral

So we took into account the opinion of experts, the main ones involved, the value for money, comfort and the child’s needs. Here is the selection we offer for the best baby carriers ventral.

Best Baby Belly Ports 2020 | Reviews And Guide

1. Beco Gemini – The best baby carrier all categories

Best Baby Belly Ports 2020 | Reviews And Guide

2. Sonarin – The best baby carrier comfort

Best Baby Belly Ports 2020 | Reviews And Guide

3. Meinkind – The best physiological baby carrier

Best Baby Belly Ports 2020 | Reviews And Guide

4. BABYBJORN – The best baby carrier Babybjorn

5. Lictin – The best baby carrier to replace a scarf

6. Infantino – The best baby carrier travel

7. GBLife – The best baby gate price / quality

Everything you need to know about a ventral baby carrier before purchasing a

We have presented a selection of 7 best baby carriers that we found relevant. However, there remain many issues and questions; So here you need to know as a priority:

A baby gate is used at any age

Be sure to read the manufacturer’s recommendations in this area. Do not leave on two ideas; first, all babies doors are not suitable for infants. Some are designed for use only from 3 months, others speak weight and begin until 5 kg. For good muscle development and comfort of your child, so it is important to inform you before purchasing. The second idea is that your child will not have long needed the baby gate. Some children even once acquired march demanding the arms until their 3 or 4 years, the baby carrier can be useful until then. Instructions on the weight or age recommendations are therefore important in both cases.

The baby carrier promotes ties with adults

Several studies have proven that the baby needs to be increased, it is also one of the main reasons of infant crying: he claims the arm. But it is not always easy with our current life style to end up with the hands taken too long. Hence the interest of the baby gate ventral, it allows you to indulge in all your daily activities while keeping the important bond with your baby. It is also not uncommon to see young mums shopping, housework and other activities with their baby gate. But it also allows the father to create this link. In fact, the mother has more time to create the link between pregnancy and longer maternity leave; Dads in turn can sometimes feel apart. With a baby carrier, so it is easier for men to take their children and create a connection.

Some points to check before buying

First, you’ll notice that most baby gates offer either straps H is in X. It is good to test the model that suits you best depending on your usage before buying. While baby’s comfort is important, yours is just as important. If you do not support your baby wears prone or it causes you back pain, you will tend to less use and therefore the famous link that lets you create will not happen. In addition, you will also see if you have specific needs of baby carrier or if it will be your main accessory movement. If you plan to use it only in supplement, you will not need multiple positions on one or other details. By cons, if used intensively, then you will have to look at the different positions, the various materials and the integrity of attachment.

The major retailers are not the only ones to offer quality

Many young parents turn to major retailers and brands hoping to find to the price of the most efficient products. However for baby gate and other baby products, it is not necessarily the case. The important thing is the quality, compliance with current standards but also your own feelings against the product. We must therefore look upstream to find the product that suits you.

Safety advice for using a baby gate

Although babies doors are more secure, they fail to achieve anything. If you wish to jog or sudden sport, they will not be recommended. Similarly, car, better to have a car seat, a baby wears on you: this could be very dangerous. If you need to pick up a paper or on the ground and you have your baby in the baby carrier you will have ventral bend the knees and down rather than bending. In most cases, you are the safety of your child, so be careful.

The importance of materials

Between the heat of your baby and yourself, the temperature can rise quickly and create a discomfort zone; So choose breathable materials that allow air circulation. Also ask to see if your baby gate is certified as meeting the standards in France and Europe. If such standards exist, it is above all to ensure your safety and that of your baby. Please note also that the materials used give no irritation or allergies to your baby at a young age, children’s skin is particularly fragile.

FAQ – Answers to any questions you have about the baby gate ventral

A baby gate is initially provided childcare for a short accessory use that can carry a baby safely face to face so as to create a strong link between adult and child. However, with time and eras, baby gates have evolved and have now become a full transportation. They offer more carrying positions such as facing the road, leaning against your chest or back, a position for the largest that allows parents to have their hands free. There are even larger babies dorsal doors that allow parents to indulge in hiking but their structure is special. Regarding newborns, studies have shown that physiological porting is most suitable. So there is now a large number of baby carrier, each with their advantages.

In principle, choosing a baby carrier is pretty personal. You have to look over your lifestyle, your habits, your way you move and your expectations. However, there are some common elements to all babies doors. First, we must look to the age of your child: If you buy before the birth think about when you expect to use it, either immediately, or to its 3 months …, are you the use over a long period of time or a short time? Looking physiological baby carrier or baby seat with seat? All these questions are important to ask yourself before you start your selection because it is obvious that once all this laid flat, you do not necessarily go in the same direction if you are an active person who likes to walk in the morning night and want a baby infancy door, a person who prefers to remain quiet on Sunday to pamper and who prefers to use his baby gate from 5 months of her baby to fetch bread.

Many models offer baby carriers that are likely to do both. Why ? Because the two positions are fine for your child but they do not perform at the same age. The ventral porting also called porting face to face and heart to heart is recommended when the child is small. Thus, it feels safe and low weight the time allows to stay a certain time in warm the wearer’s arm. We also note that it is easier with the ventral porting breastfeeding. The backpacking is done with older kids who gesticulate, this method provides better weight distribution so it’s easier when the children within 12 months. With backpacking, you will not have your child in front it is necessary that you are confident.

The issue is controversial for some time. The fact that the baby needs the touch of his mom or his dad is well established. But how to choose between the two methods, that is the question. The two cases, those of the baby carrier and those of the scarf have arguments to justify their choice. It’s up to you on the practice that best suits you and your baby. Currently, either in France or in the Nordic countries, preference is largely the ventral baby gates. However, the wrap is used since ancient times in some Asian and African cultures. Both methods thus proven. If in Europe a preference for baby carriers, it is mainly because they are usually quicker to remove and faster, they are also practical.

Again, the weight and the development of your baby will be great makers of the time spent in the baby carrier., As the choice of baby carrier. The more the baby is younger and its skeleton is soft, it is recommended to prefer relatively short trips and let him sleep as long as possible in bed installed. Thereafter, once it becomes a bit more muscular, you can go on longer time slots but always ensuring you comfort. It is especially this time will determine your porting, comfort your child and its development. That said, experts seem to say that at least every two hours to change your position child to enable him to discover new sensations. Let us not forget also your own comfort, wear too long your baby can have repercussions on your back.

The question is often asked rightly. In fact, both solutions offer advantages and disadvantages. If you live in the city center and you take public transport at least twice a day, it is obvious that the baby wears make your life easier. During outings to the park with the whole family for Sunday lunch, the stroller can be a good option for your baby to nap, installed and you have everything you need to change it on hand. If you go on vacation or shopping, it is obvious that the baby carrier take up less space in the trunk of the car. The list is long, so it’s up to you to choose what suits you best. However, most parents choose to have both and decide according to each situation.

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Kitchen Appliances & Archive | Best Comparison

Kitchen Appliances & Archive | Best comparison

Specialist shopping guides and consumption advice is a French online media whose selections, reviews and all the editorial line are guided by a demanding journalistic practice and bringing the values ​​of respect, integrity and impartiality of his team.

Best Milk Frothers 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Best Milk Frothers 2020 | Reviews and Guide

Conversations, creamy cappuccinos precariously on a coffee table, tapping and computer keyboard in the background, a playlist of jazz atmosphere … You are in a cafe? Not at all ! You invited your friends to come relax on your sofa. And cappuccinos? You’ve just made yourself with your recent purchase: a milk frother that turns your drink warm in air and comforting sweetness in a jiffy. Flat white, cappuccino, hot chocolate or latte sparkling tricolor … You will take back a cup? Let’s explore the 7 best models of aerators to electric and manual milk.

The best milk foamers in 2019

Why trust us ? strives to each article to provide you with clear and relevant information to help you choose the most suitable product for your needs. Our selections are the result of many hours of research and analysis of information about each product.

No products of our selection is not sponsored.

How did we make our selection of the best milk foamers in 2019?

With the mode Hygge and quality surcotee large chains slats providers, many of us have discovered the talents of baristas at home. If earlier the milk foamer was known only to a few aficionados cappuccino, it is now very easy to acquire the Holy Grail of air milk in shops or on the internet. To help you in your research, we have established our selection on the following criteria:

Ready to perfect your mastery of latte art? Discover now our selection of aerators to milk!

Best Milk Frothers 2020 | Reviews And Guide

1. Ozavo – The heated milk frother cheap

Best Milk Frothers 2020 | Reviews And Guide

2 – Vava – The milk frother power with ease

Best Milk Frothers 2020 | Reviews And Guide

3. Nespresso Aeroccino 3 – milk frother professional

Best Milk Frothers 2020 | Reviews And Guide

4. Arendo – A great milk frother cheap

Best Milk Frothers 2020 | Reviews And Guide

5. Aicook – Best heating milk frother

6. Sedhoom – The best milk frother manual

7. Simpletaste – The frother semiautomatic manual milk easily

Buying Guide – All about the milk frother to read before buying

Choose milk frother for your personal use may seem a little complicated when one decides to embark on the delicate art of coffee specialties. Information and advice are plethora of internet: between Zoe advice, influenceuse Instagram that specializes in latte art, Francesco, barista emeritus for a large American chain, and Nicolas, friendly tenant of the pub in your neighborhood, it is understandable that you feel lost. Yet it is just a matter of common sense! How to make the right choice ? Find some answers in our shopping guide!

Automatic, manual, electric?

These fall aerators milk into three broad categories:

What frequency of use?

Do you plan to drink a latte every morning, or rather grant you a little milky sweetness occasionally? For daily use, an automatic milk frother as Ozavo or Arendo can be a good investment: it heats and produces a quality foam quickly and unattended, allowing to do anything until the program completed. For occasional use, a semi-automatic milk frother, cheaper and easier to use and store, is an option not to be overlooked.

Easy to clean?

A milk frother well maintained has a better chance to remain effective in the long term a frother neglected milk. Most automatic milk foamers have a bowl covered with a coating nonstick for easy cleaning with a sponge. However, it is important not to use lots of water to prevent damage to electronic components of the engine. Recognizing this weakness, more and more manufacturers offer milk foamers with a detached tank engine, which makes cleaning in the dishwasher.

In the case of aerators semi automatic milk, it is best to focus on models to whip off the handle (like the milk frother Sedhoom). Thus, you reduce the risk of engine damage due to soapy water splash.

Accessories and spare parts included?

According to the manufacturers, the milk frother can be supplied with accessories (such as silicone spatula in Aicook), additional whips (Vava model), or extra batteries to be ready to use right out of the box (model Simpletaste). These little more, though not essential, are significant. In the same vein, be sure to check the duration of the product warranty, especially if you make a purchase reconditioned.

Buying Guide – All about the milk frother to read before buying

Whether manual or automatic, all milk foamers operate on the same principle. They consist of a whip spring that rotates rapidly on itself. This movement allows the incorporation of air in the milk and participated in the creation of thousands of microbubbles, which will form the milk foam.

Respectively called milk frother electric and manual frother milk a misnomer, the aerators automatic or semi automatic milk both give a creamy foam of excellent quality. However, beginners and busy people prefer a morning automatic milk frother (electric) for creating the milk foam quickly without supervision.

Nothing’s easier ! Pour cold milk into the vessel until the height recommended by the manufacturer (usually until mid height), after installing spring whip at the bottom of this one. Close the lid, select the desired program (hot or cold foam) and start the unit. Most devices will automatically stop at the end of the program. Pour the milk into your cup and enjoy!

In a pitcher with high edges, pour the desired amount of preheated milk (in the case of a hot foam). Attention milk should be warm but not hot, to lather properly. Place the whisk in the pitcher. It should remain just below the liquid surface in order to incorporate air without creating large bubbles. Press the switch and whisk milk until desired consistency.

The milk foamers (sometimes called whips emulsifiers) are common objects, available in all stores selling household appliances. You can also procure in stores specializing in selling tea, coffee and accessories associated with these drinks.

The frequency of use (daily or occasional), the time you have to prepare your coffee and the budget that you agree to devote to such an object, are important criteria for acquiring a milk frother for your needs . For more information, check out our buying guide!

A simple wet and soapy soft sponge can be enough to clean your milk frother. Some automatic models are even compatible with the dishwasher.

Whether of animal or vegetable, be sure to choose a fat milk and high protein for milk foam, which “holds” the last drop of your drink. Fat makes it possible to form bubbles in the emulsion (by forming a thin film around the air incorporated by whipping). Proteins, in turn, act as a binding agent, which will “stick” the bubbles together to create a more or less dense foam. It should be noted that the animal milk and vegetable milk produce slightly different consistency foams and can add an extra flavor to your drink.

Best Vacuum Broom Wireless 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Best Vacuum Broom Wireless 2020 | Reviews and Guide

Owning the best wireless upright vacuum cleaner creates enthusiasm of consumers for some years. Indeed, in addition to be lightweight and convenient, cordless upright vacuum cleaner is ideal for the efficient cleaning of small spaces. The best manufacturers of these advanced materials are Dyson, Rowenta dominating the market alongside Proscenic or to Dibea. To cope with the growth in sales, these designers have continuously improve the suction power and the design of the main broom. Prices are relatively more expensive than for cylinder vacuum cleaners and cheaper than a robot vacuum, but the performance of wireless broom vacuum cleaners are unmatched and unparalleled.

Thus, the wireless upright vacuum cleaner is experiencing a rapid success in the market because it is the perfect complement to the classic tool sled, ideal for small cleaning each day. Since the majority of broom vacuum cleaners are wireless, you have a rechargeable battery. So this gives you total freedom of movement and fast execution of your cleaning. In minutes, you can dust off your stay, your chair rid of pet hair or clean your carpet.

Best Comparison present here the best cordless vacuum cleaner brushes and performance criteria on which you should focus yourself before you choose your cleaner.

Our selection of a look:

Our Choice: The Top Rated

Best Vacuum Broom Wireless 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Best quality price report

Best Vacuum Broom Wireless 2020 | Reviews And Guide
Best Vacuum Broom Wireless 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Our Choice: The Top Rated

Best Vacuum Broom Wireless 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Best quality price report

Best Vacuum Broom Wireless 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Our selection of best broom vacuum cleaners 2020 thread

1. Dyson upright vacuum cleaner wireless V8 Fluffy

One of the best broom vacuum cleaners 2020 thread

The Dyson upright vacuum cleaner wireless V8 Fluffy designed for hard floors. In addition, it has an effective filter that captures allergens are. The camera has digital engine V8 latest Dyson Vacuum-generation. It operates under the patented cyclone technology as the canisters. Dirt and dust are separated from the air due to centrifugal forces that push the phenomenal in the manifold.

Design & Features

The vacuum cleaner is nickel color with a dust suction capacity of 0.54 L. With a removable table and a wall-mount, the dust container of the apparatus is without a bag. Weighing only 2.63 kg, the device is lightweight is convenient for cleaning carpets and hard floors.


Fluffy The V8 comes with floor brush and a charging base. The brush roller is rigid with bands made of nylon and soft for collecting large debris. The tool filter is washable and removable, suitable for dry cleaning. The filaments are carbon fiber effective for fine dust. The V8 model dump system is innovative, just pull on a handle making up the filter to bring out the cleaning of waste. You can clean the spaces in height and ceilings easily. Similarly, it can turn into a hand vacuum to reach the corners more difficult to clean.

Recharge time and life of the battery

Supplied with a lithium-ion type battery (Li-Ion), the engine power is 425 Watts. The apparatus is of extraordinary power, with a run time of 40 min at full power and a charging time of 5 h. The cordless vacuum takes 6 battery charging.

Cleaning Performance

The suction power is 115 Watts, which enables exceptional performance in all areas. You do not need to use your vacuum cleaner on high to be effective. Very silent, the sound level is 82 dB, the engine noise is attenuated, producing a less aggressive than the previous release of V6 Dyson.


Dyson Fluffy is one of the best brushes cordless vacuum cleaner on the market. Besides being extremely versatile, wireless device combines extraordinary power and many accessories that make it very functional. The design is modernized without bag and autonomy of 40 minutes without load allows for thorough cleaning without interruption. Despite the long charging time 5h and the relatively higher price, the Dyson Fluffy is still an efficiency that justifies its price. We strongly recommend you to use if you want your home is clean in a snap without acute and disturbing noise. Dyson remains the clear leader in the design of cordless vacuum cleaner brushes.

2. The cordless upright vacuum cleaner Rowenta RH9086WO

The best wireless upright vacuum cleaner of the brand Rowenta

The Rowenta RH9086WO is a device that performs the rank among the best wireless bagless, which is ideal for any type of soil, whether tiles, carpet or even hard ground.

Design and Features

The design of Rowenta RH9086WO is revolutionary because it is like no other vacuum cleaners that the designer had produced before. The new configuration incorporates the engine and filter near the handle. Based on a model of another large vacuum cleaner brand, this model still remains original and of great beauty.


To clean pet hair in the house or the car seat, Rowenta RH9086WO comes with a mini powerhead and a slot nozzle. ceiling cleaning accessories and furniture at height are also provided. At first click, the upright vacuum cleaner becomes a hand vacuum and the second click, it becomes lighter for cleaning high areas and particularly difficult access. In addition, you have the wall bracket for storage of your brushless multifunctional bag. Also, a flexible slot nozzle size XL and a wide crevice come. A filtration and made of a washable foam.

Time reloading and cleaning performance

With its motorized suction head, with up to 6500 RPM performance acommodations you get, and this on all types of surfaces. In normal mode, the duration of use is 30 min and in boost mode, the use of time is about 12 min. With a Li-ion battery of 21.9 V, the total weight of the vacuum cleaner is of 2.8 kg. When ceiling configuration, the weight becomes lighter and goes to 1.9 kg, which makes the ultralight. The charging time is 3 pm for efficient cleaning.

Note that maintenance of the wireless upright vacuum cleaner is rather simple. Since the tank is transparent, you know immediately what is its fill level. It is therefore easy to empty when full. It is important to take the trouble to clean the brushes to more sustainable use of the device.


The Rowenta multifunctional RH9086WO is the best wireless upright vacuum cleaner of the brand Rowenta. As one of the leaders on the vacuum cleaners market, Rowenta brand has not usurped its reputation. Indeed, in addition to being wireless, vacuum cleaner becomes a click dust to the most inaccessible areas and to clean ceilings. The suction head provides exceptional cleaning results in your spaces. The performances are sustainable through the motor extended life of the unit even if the waste bin is quite difficult to clean. Do not hesitate to choose this model Rowenta RH9086WO for ease of use that fits all appropriate circumstances.

3. The upright vacuum cleaner wireless H.Koenig UP600 EasyClean

An upright vacuum cleaner wireless at the best value for money

The vacuum cleaner 2 in 1 H.Koenig UP600 EasyClean is a model of a large elegance and robustness. Besides being extremely handy, it has everything that manage to position it among the best cordless vacuum cleaner brushes with no bag. Although his power is not exceptional, its price makes it a wireless upright vacuum cleaner at the best value for money.

Design and Accessories

The vacuum cleaner is elongate with its motor located in the handle. With a subtle mix of red and gray, the UP 600 is very modern, stylish and smart design; what attracts many consumers to use. Made largely of plastic and metal, lightweight brush weighs barely 1.1 kg.

You can clean all your interior without difficulty, from floor to ceiling. With the help of the supplied accessories, it is easy to clean shelves, cupboards and corners difficult to access locations. You then have a wall bracket, a round brush and a crevice tool to suck up stubborn dirt.

Time reloading and cleaning performance

The battery of this unit is rechargeable and has a range of use up to 40 minutes to suck all the dust present in a single pass. However, the charge time up to 4 hours, which can slow your thinking clean. His power is 22.2 Volts and lithium battery allows extended battery life. However, with only a power of 100 Watts, the vacuum cleaner is inefficient compared to other brands. The noise is also low, which cleans without deafening noise disturbance.

With its removable tube made of aluminum, you can choose either the hand vacuum function or option upright vacuum cleaner. Highly effective, the UP 600 uses a cyclonic system without bag to eject dust in the sending in the transparent vessel. Equipped with 2 suction speeds, changing the power as needed. Overall, the machine is durable and works many years without undergoing failure.


The vacuum cleaner H.Koenig UP600 EasyClean is a broom vacuum cleaner best value thread, even if it lacks a little power. This technology combined 2 in 1 allows a yearning in every nook and cranny, from floor to ceiling. With a range of 40 minutes, no dust and the resists in a single cleaning, you can scrub through your house. In addition to having two different speeds suction, enjoy a good waste of storage capacity while being an amazing lightness.

4. Dyson upright vacuum cleaner wireless V8 Absolute

The best wireless upright vacuum cleaner bagless 2019

The new Dyson Absolute V8 is much more powerful and convenient than its predecessor, the Dyson V6. Not surprisingly, he is ranked ahead of the wide range of wireless broom vacuum manufacturing Dyson. Comes with all cleaning tools and an advanced filtration system, it is slightly more expensive and heavier than the previous machine of the brand. It is also better performance than most vacuum cleaners son on the market.

Design and accessories

Although they closely resemble, the V8 is evolved form of the V6. The changes are subtle but important. At first, the battery is more compact, with a greater capacity. The diameter of the hopper is enlarged and the removable rear filter is greater than for the V6. Similarly, the maximum power switch is now more convenient.

The trigger and the handle are positioned between the battery pack and the motor housing, giving perfect balance in the hand. The device weighs 1.576 kg, which makes it particularly light and does not have a bag.

The basket is empty much more easily, without having to use his hands to remove the stuck waste. The drainage system is convenient to use. In addition you have several brushes with the brush roller soft nylon tape for large debris and brush antistatic carbon fiber for fine dust. In addition, the powerhead is suitable for rugs and carpets; and the brush-mini motor are delivered. Filtration of the air is special with this model.

Time reloading and cleaning performance

Absolute V8 Dyson vacuum cleaner is of unparalleled power. Featuring a Li-ion rechargeable battery, you can use it for 40 minutes in normal power and 7 minutes maximum power for the most complicated tasks. With its engine technology Tier 2 Radial, you get a better energy yield and maximum thrust suction power. Dyson technology significantly reduce the annoying noise of the motor becomes ultra-quiet, with about 75 dB.


Dyson Absolute V8 is undoubtedly the best upright vacuum cleaner wireless market without the bag currently on the terms of performance and features. The V8 outperforms all its predecessors by far concentrating technologies in one small tip device. Ideal for high-quality cleaning, regardless of the type of soil, the many tools at your disposal guarantee unparalleled cleanliness. In addition to filtering air in an exceptional way, the allergens in the room are absorbed efficiently. Even if the price can be quite high, the level of standard set by the Dyson brand is very high and the guarantee of customers is a priority. Opt for Absolute V8 for a vacuum cleaner polyvalent wire.

5. The upright vacuum cleaner wireless Proscenic P8 More

The best wireless upright vacuum cleaner without bag from Proscenic

The pool vacuum Proscenic More P8 is a place in our comparison. He won the majority of users with its advanced features with an affordable price compared to similar models.

Design and Accessories

Although in its earlier, the dominant blue, version Proscenic P8 More preferred is a pearly pink color for the suction tube, pale pink in the waste container and glossy black on the filtration unit.

The presentation of the device is optimized and dust sucked is stored in the waste container. The filtration unit and the motor are placed in the hand of the user level, which greatly facilitates the suction in the high areas. The machine has a motorized brush, a brush plate 2 1 and a round brush for optimum cleaning of shelves, car seats, curtains, sofas and all locations which are difficult to reach in normal. Depending on your needs, you can fit accessories to your household tool. Cleaning from floor to ceiling is easy, thanks to the wireless design without vacuum bag. With wall bracket, you can hang the P8 More Proscenic against the wall so that it takes up less space.

Time reloading and cleaning performance

The removable made lithium-ion battery is fully charged in about 4 h and 15 min, which is almost similar to the charging time of the best wireless bagless upright vacuum cleaner on the market. The autonomy of use of the battery is 35 minutes in normal mode and if you push the power at its maximum autonomy is shortened to 22 minutes. The brushless motor is powerful, with 2 different levels of aspiration, then to quickly clean the dust, dirt, hair, pet hair …

The vacuum cleaner drain system consists of a hopper to pivot back, so no need to put your hands in the dirt to empty as a button activates the mechanism automatically. The filter is fully functional and can purify the air of dust.


More Proscenic P8 is an excellent choice of vacuum cleaner brush Wireless cheaper with varied features. This little gem 3 in 1 blue color has an exceptional range of 45 min with a LED front light game that allows to track all traces of dirt, even the most concealed. Designed with rotating joints up to 180º, the machine bends freely according to your movements. The P8 vacuum Plus allows you to save space in your home. Plus a good filtration system, you can be sure to clean all allergens present in your living room, and all the pet hair.

6. The upright vacuum cleaner wireless Dibea SVC-D18-A

An upright vacuum cleaner wireless at great value prices

Performance Dibea SVC-D18-A is its main asset according to users, given its favorable price. Capable of drawing at once, both the small pieces crumbs, dirt hidden in the nooks and hair, this is the perfect tool for cleaning. Versatile, you use your vacuum cleaner on the floor as the carpet or carpet or even the floor.

Design and accessories

Designed to be easy and fun to use, you do not need to keep your finger on the trigger while using the brush cleaner. It remains particularly handy and lightweight for use could not be more comfortable. Its weight is 2.2 kg use of the warranty is 12 months and the customer service is available for life. With 2 levels of aspiration, the 1st level is dedicated to small dust and pet hair. The second level of suction meanwhile is dedicated to heavy debris such as bread crumbs, cereals, and even cat litter.

The machine has a large motorized brush with a rotation angle up to 270 °, which can deep clean furniture and corners most inaccessible of your home. This brush is perfect for floors sisters like tile, hardwood, laminates and even carpets. In addition, 4 multitasking brushes are available in the arsenal appliance cleaning without son and bagless Dibea SVC-D18-A. with a hand brush, it is easy to clean the ceiling and the elevated areas.

Time reloading and cleaning performance

The maximum duration of use without recharging is 45 min at normal speed. Maximum speed, the lithium battery of 22.2 V and 2200 mAh lasts 25 min. With a guarantee of use of 12 months, you can contact a customer service that meets all your concerns related to the product. Since this is an upright vacuum cleaner without a bag, it has a single dust bin to be cleaned. Just by pressing a button, it opens and you can then dump the waste directly into the trash. No need to wash in water, cleaning is done dry.


With its exceptional quality price ratio, Dibea SVC-D18-A is positioned as one of the best selection of wireless vacuum cleaners with very practical tools. This is the vacuum broom wireless best value brand Dibea with 2 suction speeds for substances of small and large. With long-term use 45 minutes in normal mode and a rotating head of 270 ° and an LED light that illuminates the dark corners, your vacuum cleaner Dibea ranks at the same level as larger brands of vacuum cleaners in the world. Feel free to use this model to a high-end cleaning, without spending too much.

7. The upright vacuum cleaner without Sumgott wire

The best wireless upright vacuum cleaner without bag Sumgott

The wireless equipment Sumgott is surprising in many ways. For one, its slender shape is reminiscent of the Dyson vacuum cleaner V8 and gray mixture of red in his favor by bringing a touch of modernity and freshness. Furthermore, the handle is located behind the machine, which is quite unusual. Made of highly durable plastic, it stands as one of the strongest vacuum models of this generation

Accessories and Features

Handheld vacuum Sumgott is capable of absorbing more than 600 ml of dry debris. Have two suction levels, the level 1 for small waste particles and dust. The second degree in turn is designed for heavy debris such as cereals, pet hair, hair and all the difficult areas to clean. Equipped with 3 brushes, it is easy to clean every corner of the floor to ceiling, and even inside the car.

The filtration system works in multiple and retains 99.99% of particles in the air, which is convenient to collect allergens in your living like cat hair for example. In addition, the filters are removable, washable and also easy to clean.

The upright vacuum cleaner is multifunctional, easy to handle and lightweight weighing only 2.1 kg. In addition, it ranks with a wall bracket and thus occupies very little space. The dust bin is large enough with a capacity of 0.6 L. With an LED system, embedded dirt can not escape your visual field.

Time reloading and cleaning performance

Having a removable lithium-ion battery of 2200 mAh, the suction does not disappear even if the power of the battery decreases. Pushed to the maximum, the vacuum cleaner can operate for 25 min; and in normal times, the range is 45 minutes, which is unique compared to the other of the same generation vacuums. A charging extends about 4 to 5 hours and a long clean, continuously press the switch is not required.

With a 12-month warranty offered on the product after purchase, you can contact customer service at any time in case of problems, it will undertake to provide answers to your concerns.


The vacuum Sumgott wireless and bag is the perfect partner for quality cleaning and for a long duration of use. Despite the relatively long cooldown, autonomy of 45 minutes in normal mode and 25 min maximum power makes this device the best wireless broom bagless vacuum that mark. The noise level during suction is very low and almost inaudible; plus it comes with multiple accessories, making it extremely functional. Do not hesitate to buy the Sumgott vacuum cleaner if you want a device that is sustainable, stylish and practical use.

How did we make our selection of the best cordless broom vacuum cleaners?

Nowadays, conventional cylinder vacuum cleaners are no longer effective for all cleaning needs in the home. Thus, smaller brush vacuum cleaners, portable and practices are increasingly used by consumers. Following the presentation of the best cordless vacuum cleaner brushes, we will unveil the criteria that you have to linger before choosing your wireless upright vacuum cleaner.

Use your wireless upright vacuum cleaner

One of the basic elements to determine before purchasing your wireless machine is the use you make of it. Will you use it to dust off your living room or daily to clean the floor of your kitchen? All cordless vacuums bagless models are versatile, so it is important to accurately define the need you have. Be aware that versatile models are a bit more expensive than conventional models because they are more practical and adaptable.

The autonomy of the wireless upright vacuum cleaner

The average range is between 7 and 20 minutes at full power for the majority of brush cleaners. Although this period is relatively short, it is important to choose a camera that can keep time to complete cleaning without having to be recharged. Some models are more powerful others, whether normal power or maximum power. Thus, we strongly recommend that you turn to the Dibea SVC-D18-A, which is a vacuum cleaner without very powerful son, with a battery life of 45 minutes in normal use, and 25 min by using maximum power.

The handling of the cordless vacuum

You must not overlook the convenience of using your machine because it is one of its main advantages compared to the canisters. Thus, it is essential that it is lightweight, intuitive and easy to handle.

The stick or the vacuum cleaner handle should be easy to store. You must be able to ask if you ever want to mark a break. It is important that the handle is not too heavy, which would make it less manageable. We advise you to make use of the UP600 EasyClean which is what is lighter in the field of wireless vacuum cleaners.

The battery charging time

Today, vacuum brushes batteries are made of lithium ion batteries, the same technology found in electric cars and smartphones. These batteries are considered sustainable and the charging time can be quite considerable. The best option is to choose a model with a removable battery that recharges within hours. We recommend the Proscenic More P8 has a removable battery charging is fully in 4 hours 15 minutes, a shorter time than most other cordless vacuums.

The performance of the wireless upright vacuum cleaner

The performance of your device must be taken into account before purchasing. Indeed, we should check the engine power of the device, because the more the device is powerful, the dirt that can absorb start is consistent. For best performance, we recommend the Dyson Absolute V8 which allows an optimized air filtration.

Accessories and noise of the vacuum cleaner

Several accessories can be provided to you for purchase. The versatile broom must have additional tools such as brushes, sucking, bracket, which allow a more varied and effective use. The model Rowenta RH9086WO comes with a variety of accessories, which is useful for optimal use.

Similarly, quieter is the vacuum cleaner, more comfortable is its use in the home. The new models are increasingly silent, but none equal the Dyson Absolute V8 that makes almost no noise even at full power.

Maintenance and Storage

The vacuum cleaner is an extra device, so you get the waste after use. The capacities of the reservoirs range between 0.47 and 1.07 L on average. For more efficient aspirant, we recommend that you choose a machine with a hopper may contain more than 0.5 L without the dirt to escape. The model Dyson Fluffy is a perfect example with its sealed trash and dump mechanism of advanced junk.

Also, it is important to choose the best wireless upright vacuum cleaner without tray with a wall bracket or a charging station in order to keep standing for cleaning or so for a storage without taking up much space.

Last updated on 2020-05-13 / Affiliate Links / Images of the Amazon API Partners

Fidget Guide & Hand Spinner 2019 – Fighting Anxiety, Attention Deficit Disorder And Hyperactivity

Fidget Guide & Hand Spinner 2019 – Fighting anxiety, attention deficit disorder and hyperactivity

Fidget Guide & Hand Spinner 2019 - Fighting Anxiety, Attention Deficit Disorder And Hyperactivity

What is a Fidget Spinner?

A Fidget Spinner is a small object that you carry with you everyday (everyday carry aka what you carry every day, sort your phone, keys, etc.). The Fidget Spinner can be of different sizes and may be composed of several different materials. Now, many of these small items are made with 3D printing technology (not to be confused with 3D pens) and use a wide range of bearings to rotate. A fidget Spinner uses a very simple way. Take in hand and rotate it by holding the center, where the ball bearing is located. It will then take a lot and easily speed, and its branches will form visually very relaxing forms. In addition, the hand feeling is also very satisfactory and provides a kind of pleasant and continuous vibration. Compare Best offers in this article to discover a true comprehensive guide on hand spinner.

Fidget Guide & Hand Spinner 2019 - Fighting Anxiety, Attention Deficit Disorder And Hyperactivity

Hold the Fidget Spinner in this way when it rotates.

The idea of ​​fidget spinner or spinner hand called in France, is that by its regular use and relaxing you will be able to curb undesirable habits like nail biting or smoking. You start wearing your nails to your mouth, or start to get a feel of greed? Do not give in and take out your spinner of your pocket and play with. This may sound too good to believe, but it works. Many people have successfully fought off and abandon unwanted habits using these little toys, Fidget Spinner.

Another variant of fidget spinner, a small ring called a fidget ring (ring fidget English). Is a ring you wear on your finger like a ring but has an inner band that locks with every movement. The outer band is then manipulated using your fingers. This type of toy manipulation, said fidget, from Tibetan meditation techniques. Tibetans call this object a “ring hassle / concerns” (ring worry in English) because it provides a calming effect on the body and mind.

Fidget Guide & Hand Spinner 2019 - Fighting Anxiety, Attention Deficit Disorder And Hyperactivity

The Fidget spinner and other toys for people with disorder attention deficit hyperactivity with or without ADHD (ADHD English), are becoming very popular. Many people say they feel very calming effects using these toys.

People suffering from anxiety and stress can also find cure with these wonderful and curious small objects. Indeed Fidget Spinner are known to help fight stress, anxiety may be mild to moderate. If you know of anxiety attacks more important, unfortunately Fidget Spinner will not be enough to calm you down, but it will, however, very useful in crises, to avoid a surge of anxiety. Only you can know how your body and mind react to the use of these small items must be tested. But it is important to note that many people with the benefits of a Fidget Spinner, were able to limit their bad habits and reducing stress they felt.

Different types of Fidget Spinners

There are many different types of Fidget Spinner. Some are designed to be objects to handle for those who suffer from ADD or ADHD, some are designed to help get rid of bad habits or dangerous, and some are just designed for fun.

See below, the various types of spinner fidget and how they should be used.

Fidget Spinner Double Bar – Excellent choice for start

The twin spinner bar fidget are the simplest design level. They are compact and very convenient to carry. They are conveniently stored in your jean pocket, in your kit bag or in a pocket. This type of Hand spinner relies on its ball bearings to turn. The manufacturers now incorporate their Fidget Spinner bearing types ABEC-7, which is one of the best bearings, which guarantee a high rotation period.

There are several years before this type of toy to fight stress, attention deficit disorder and hyperactivity are becoming popular, manufacturers produced fidget spinner using wood, fiberglass and other materials. Now their designs is more advanced and now manufacturers often use 3D design with 3D printers and even 3D pens.

fidget Spinner dual bar the bar usually consist of three bearing housed inside a piece of plastic or wood. The bearings 3 allow the user to turn the device in various ways. Everyone uses their spinner in a different way, hence the importance of having different modes of use.

A dual fidget spinner bar is excellent choice for someone who is just beginning to learn about the uses of those below. They are designed to be practical and small, they are generally of compact enough to be carried around suddenly.

Fidget Guide & Hand Spinner 2019 - Fighting Anxiety, Attention Deficit Disorder And Hyperactivity

Fidget spinner double bar

Fidget Spinner Triple Bar – Perfect for hyperactivity and attention disorders

The fidget spinner tri-bar adds another level of use of the spinner double bar origin. The spinner triple bar is perfect for manipulation of lots of different ways, which can be more soothing and satisfying to the user. Many adults with ADD or ADHD, found the triple bar configuration as the most calming and enjoyable.

When a person suffers from ADHD or ADHD, they constantly feel the need to move, or move something. This can lead to a lack of concentration and it is often treated with drugs such as Adderall. The ADHD drugs have many side effects and are not always the best solution.

A Fidget Spinner triple bar allows an adult with ADHD to concentrate fully, focusing its surplus energy on him. It will thus allow a better concentration will promote relaxation and will make you enjoy other beneficial advantages.

Fidget Guide & Hand Spinner 2019 - Fighting Anxiety, Attention Deficit Disorder And Hyperactivity

Fidget spinner triple bar

Fidget Spinner Quadruple Bar – Pour les experts

The quad-type bar for the ultimate fidgeter! With this kind of fidget spinner, you have five different ways to handle it. The quad configuration spinner adds a fourth branch in the tri-bar configuration for even more fun and relaxation.

This type of Fidget Spinner usually has high quality bearings (ABEC-7 or 11) and is made from 3D printing materials or wood. The quality and time of the rotation will also depend on the materials used to build the device.

If you are a lover of Fidget Spinning or if you suffer from attention disorder or anxiety particularly high, then the quadruple fidget spinner bar is for you.

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Fidget Spinner Custom et DIY

If you want a spinner fidget, but the price put you off a bit, you might be interested to make it yourself. Many people make their own fidget spinner. There is a real community DIYer on Etsy for fidget spinner.

Many spinner custom and DIY are made from wood, copper, carbon fiber, brass, steel, plastic and other materials.

Unfortunately, they are sold on Etsy rather expensive, and the delivery time can be very long, not counting stock problems, as they are sold and manufactured by particular. However, Amazon remains the main source and offers Fidget Spinner. Most of benefit delivery in 1 day Amazon Prime (Sign up for Amazon Prime, free if you student summers) and are largely cheaper than on Etsy, and as good.

Comment ranger son Hand Spinner ?

There is now thanks to the success of hand spinners, covers manufacturers specifically designed for these small gadgets. These covers and other storage pocket is handy if you do not want to spoil your spinner, or it takes the dust. These covers are ridiculously cheap, some are even sold 1 penny! So pamper your latest gadget and take care of in the ranking in a pocket.

Best Videos on Hand & Fidget Spinner – Discovery, Tutorial & tricks


In this video Forlan, King tops on Youtube presents a top 10 hand spinner most impressive! Handball handball Batman spinner spinner who goes to 100km! It also organizes a competition to win handspinner, you just watch the whole video for more information :).


Jolate no introduction! This French youtubeur humorous and energy now returns with a hilarious and informative video about Hand Spinner. It carries a Hand Spinner DIY with his 3D printer, while talking and explaining the process and the operation of the latter. A very interesting video about 3D printing and its possibilities for Fidget. A must for all lovers:

Jeff Lajoie

In this video presentation, Jeff Lajoie, Canadian youtubeur presents the Hand Spinner, the addictive gadget that “spin to the endless! “. His video is a hit, with over 20,000 views, it unbox a hand spinner brand new, while explaining how to use it. You can also enjoy also the RAMS effect of Hand Spinner that spins, he approaches the microphone for a guaranteed effect. Full video short and effective humor! The video is here:

yet Clement

It is still Clement who offers us in this video comparison between the cube and fidget fidget spinner. Young talent youtubeur, video is rhythmic and goes straight to the point. The explanation will price the utility, the operating mode of the hand spinner and cube fidget. Clement still gives a very informative detailed explanation of his two gadgets on their uses and utilities. One of the best informative video explaining all about the spinner and fidget fidget cube. Learn all here:


AlphaSnap21 the pro pen spinning, we present in this video discovery image of Hand Spinner. You discover in detail the different models and their specifications. He then goes on teaching you how to handle them and use them. Finally he shows some tricks and figures in hand spinner. Really class! I let you discover the video Hand Spinner with Alpha

The Best Water Micellar | Purchase Guide

The Best Water micellar | Purchase guide

Tightness, redness, tingling or skin smothered … Every day you sacrifice the comfort of your face on the altar of cleanliness using a cleanser with water or a cleansing milk too rich. And why not opt ​​for a new beauty routine by swapping your usual facial cleansers against a micellar water? Respectful of all skin types and effective in removing both the makeup excess sebum and impurities, this solution easily included in any beauty routine. Whether you are a person or a pressed beautista follower of a mild cleaning, micellar water ensures a fresh, clean little face in one passage cotton!

The best micellar waters in 2020

1. So’Bio etic Precious Argan: the best micellar water to fight against the signs of aging

The Best Water Micellar | Purchase Guide

Known for her compositions almost flawless products at affordable prices, the brand expands its So’Bio etic Precious Argan range by offering a micellar water formulated to combat the first signs of aging. Enriched with argan oil with moisturizing and antioxidant properties, as well as hyaluronic acid which regulates hydration and boosts the recovery of skin cells, this micellar water is both a gesture of care and beauty routine.

In some applications, this lotion cleanses and moisturizes the face. It is thus ready to receive your day or night cream. Used in makeup remover, water micellar Precious Argan leaves a pleasant feeling of comfort while removing foundation, blush and lipstick. It turns out however somewhat less effective against eye makeup and waterproof makeup. Certified by the Cosmebio label and consisting largely of natural products (paraben and silicone or synthetic fragrance), this micellar water has a value satisfying given the capacity of the bottle (500ml). Something for the beauties to ecological convictions!

2. Biolane, micellar water Dermo-Pediatrics: micellar water for babies

The Best Water Micellar | Purchase Guide

The French brand Biolane offers many care products for infants and young children composed of 97% natural and very well tolerated by the most delicate skin. Among these products, the micellar water makes figure of the new “must-have” to slip in swaddling clothes bag before any output.

Suitable for daily use on all small children thanks to its physiological pH, micellar Biolane water can be used for the exchange, but also to cool the faces of children and clean the little hands that were dragged on the ground. Tested under dermatological and ophthalmological control, it leaves the skin clean, fresh and soft, and prevents chafing layers. Versatile, this micellar water can also be used by adults to clean their face or facial. However, its very gentle formula hardly overcomes the stubborn cosmetics. Appreciated for its respect of the skin and its pleasant smell, water micellar dermo-pediatric Biolane also presents excellent value for money. It also stands out for its packaging, in the form of a pump bottle of 500ml, very convenient to use the right amount of product required with one hand. The overwhelmed moms and little hands will enjoy sleeping bags!

3. Water Purifying So’Bio etic Hydra Aloe vera: the best micellar water for combination skin and fat

The Best Water Micellar | Purchase Guide

The micellar water is a perfect solution not only cleanser for sensitive skin, but also for combination and oily skin. Indeed, these sensitive skins and irritated by traditional cleaners and external attacks tend to protect themselves by producing more sebum. This overreaction can lead to blemishes or acne, in addition to gleam.

To highlight the benefits of this type this cleaning solution, So’Bio etic combined the benefits of aloe vera juice moisturizing and soothing and citrus extract and zinc to matting powers and sanitizers in its micellar lotion oily and combination skin. This micellar water can clean and cleansing the face in one passage cotton. But its real advantage is seen in the long-term: its active ingredients rebalance the skin and decrease gradually as the appearance of blemishes and blackheads while adding a touch of welcome hydration. Composed mainly of natural ingredients, this micellar water does not mean 100% organic and contains components known for their allergen or irritant. Some users with particularly sensitive skin noted slight tingling in use, unlike other brand products. This product remains a good alternative to consider for occasional use or rapid removal.

4. Diadermine, micellar water Express 3 in 1 best micellar water for removing makeup

The Best Water Micellar | Purchase Guide

Great competitor beauty at reasonable prices in supermarkets, the Diadermine son has specialized for years in the routines for face developing cleansers, creams and serums adapted to every need of the consumers. Water micellar Express 3 in 1 is a staple of the brand. Both cleaner respectful of all skin types and cleansing effective against the most stubborn makeup, this micellar water itself as daily beauty gesture for busy people.

Enriched with aloe vera, panthenol and pro-vitamin B5, this micellar water leaves skin soft, comfortable and hydrated regardless of its type. Little more compared to other micellar waters efficiency to rid your face of the slightest trace of makeup in no time. The foundation, lipstick and shadows disappear in a few passages cotton. Only waterproof mascara resists this micellar water. Its neutral smell does not interfere with your other cosmetics, which can be a plus. However, this water is not perfect: some people notice a feeling of skin a little sticky after use and some tingling levels eyes to the most sensitive. An annoyance that you can quickly undo this by rinsing micellar water for feeling clean and some comfort.

5. Garnier, micellar water SkinActive: the best micellar water for sensitive skin

The Best Water Micellar | Purchase Guide

You have specific skin problems and want a near custom micellar water? The Garnier laboratories probably have a solution for you. Indeed, the brand has developed a collection of micellar water suitable for every skin type and needs. Among these references, water micellar SkinActive for sensitive skin attracts attention by its generous size bottle (700ml), the lack of special smell and efficiency to retain sebum, dirt and cosmetics inside the carrier on which you pour.

Without drying fragrance and rich in glycerin emollient properties, this micellar water was developed under dermatological control and ophthalmology to be tolerated by the most sensitive skins. Its composition is short though unnatural, which can divert the ecological beauty of this product. This remains a very good cleanser and makeup remover that will satisfy the people who do not want to spend hours in the mirror. It cleans, moisturizes, soothes redness and leaves little healthy and comfortable skin after use. One downside: the price a little high compared to other similar product on the market. But wellness is priceless!

6. NAB micellar water: the best natural water micellar

NAB (Naturale Antica Erbosteria) is an Italian brand of cosmetics certified Cosmebio, the majority of references is 99% natural products. It is also vegan and cruelty-free and supports many philanthropic programs. Among their range of care, micellar water rose Damascus may interest people who like to combine scented care and respect for the environment, all at an attractive price.

Water micellar NAB is enriched with rose water Organic Damascus, known in the world of beauty for its invigorating, soothing and regenerative for the skin cells. It also contains an aloe vera key, moisturizing and smoothing properties. Used in facial cleanser, this micellar water cleanses, soothes and moisturizes the skin. It thus becomes clear and ready for a day cream. As a cleanser, this overcomes the majority of products gently. But it will take a few more drops if you want to dispose of charge makeup and waterproof mascara. This micellar water is suitable for all skin types and leaves a light scent after its passage. However, the most sensitive and reactive faces will feel little tingling in use. So it is best to learn and test before adopting it.

7. Neutrogena, water micellar Hydraboost: the best cheap micellar water

Neutrogena has built its reputation on its moisturizing creams and soaps respectful of skins of all kinds. It is therefore natural that the brand has developed its beauty routine for the face, particularly through its Hydro Boost range designed to deeply hydrate all skin through light textures.

The micellar Hydro boost water is composed of three different types of micelles which cooperate to overcome the most stubborn makeup (even waterproof), remove impurities and excess sebum and booster hydration. The formula is also enriched with hyaluronic acid to provide tonicity and hydration to the skin without stickiness. What results can you expect the key? Skin clean, healthy and flexible, naturally beautiful. Dermatologically tested and ophthalmologic, this micellar water is suitable for sensitive skin. It is also non-comedogenic. It presents no particular scent and can be used by all family members, with the exception of children. Indeed, the composition of this product is not suitable for this audience because the dosage of certain substances. The micellar water Hydro Boost remains a cleanser and makeup remover efficient, which fulfills its function in everyday life.

Buying guide: all you need to know about the micellar water before purchasing a

What micellar water?

Originally, the micellar water is born from the desire to find a cleaning solution and cleansing for sensitive skin. The goal was to find the perfect product that does not require the use of tap water (causing irritation because of the limestone), or rub the skin a long time to clean (mechanical irritation) that contain the least amount of aggressive agents or possible allergens.

The micelle water is an aqueous solution in which there are very mild surfactants, which are composed of a hydrophilic end (who loves water) and a hydrophobic end (who hates water). These officers will form small traps impurities called micelles. Their hydrophobic ends will encircle and bind the fat molecules and impurities present on the skin, while the hydrophilic ends will, they remain attracted to water. By rubbing the skin, the micelles become detached from the skin stick to the cotton, carrying the passage that the impurities captured. Thus, very little friction, the skin is cleansed.

The micellar water is kinder to the skin than ordinary cleaners faces with these components. Its base is essentially water, not fat, she does not leave a lipid film on the face, unlike a cleansing milk. Therefore, the risk of appearance of blackheads and other small buttons are limited.

What types of skins it is recommended micellar water?

The formula of the micellar water has not stopped evolving since its invention, according to the brand and the needs identified by consumers.

If you are a normal skin dehydrated, any micellar water may suit you. Depending on the season you might be interested in micellar water moisturizing or more astringent to enhance the efficiencies of your day creams.

The combination and oily skin will turn to products rich in astringent agents, sebum-regulating and matting. The micellar cleansing water is a particularly recommended for these skin types. Indeed, the lightness of its formula allows not not clog pores and its soft cleaning agents does not force the skin to produce more sebum to protect itself. In the long term, the micellar water can help rebalance the skin, in addition to a suitable care routine.

Dry skin may turn to a formula enriched moisturizers and soothing agents, for improved comfort and elasticity. The micellar water is appreciated by users looking lighter formulas that cleansing milk without losing moisture. However, it may not be sufficient depending on the degree of dryness of your face.

Sensitive skin can use micellar water without problems, provided that it does not contain perfume (which often dries the skin) or allergenic components depending on the sensitivity of the skin. It is possible in this regard to favor micellar water with natural products and reduce friction during use. If in doubt, it is best to do a tolerance test before use and to turn to products sold in drugstore.

With or without fragrance?

The issue of odor micellar water is a matter of affinity. The micellar water has, by default, no special smell in outside that of the products within it. Some people enjoy that side “neutral”, that does not interfere with other facial care that will be applied after the micellar water. Others find this confusing or chemical odor. In all cases, the addition of perfume (often drying up because of alcohol it contains) is nonsense product that is supposed to be used by the most delicate skin.

Note that some micellar waters, particularly those based on natural products, has a strong fragrance, especially when using essential oils or natural. Sensitive skin is encouraged to make a small test before using micellar water, to prevent any inconvenience (irritation or allergies).

Attention to the composition!

Increasingly, beauty rhymes with health. The micellar water is a cleaner that will supposedly used daily. It is therefore important to look at the composition of the latter, especially if you have sensitive skin or if you plan to use it for your children. Prefer short compositions, and check the conditions in which the micellar water were tested.

Beware also vocabulary! A natural micellar water is not necessarily organic micellar water (for example, oil is a natural raw material and yet you do not necessarily would apply as it is on your face). For aficionados of the cosmetic respectful of man and the environment, checking the composition is again a must.

Rinse or not to rinse, that is the question …

The main selling point of the micellar water is its multiple uses and effectiveness. In a single step, it removes, cleans and moisturizes the skin without rinsing, making it the perfect product for busy beauties.

Again, it all depends on your skin type and your purpose. Cleaning agents present in the micellar water are low enough not to irritate the skin in theory. In practice, the less tolerant skins may experience discomfort, irritation or dryness in the long term due to the micelles remain on the face. Similarly, in the case of removal, the micellar water can leave some residue on the skin, especially if the makeup used was waterproof, which will be so many potential sources of irritation in the long term.

Do not rinse the micellar water is not dangerous in itself. However, if you decide to do, it is recommended to use a floral water or thermal water to maintain or even boost, moisturizing and soothing benefits of your micellar water.

How to integrate the micellar water in her face beauty routine?

The micellar water is very easy to incorporate in its beauty routine, to the cleaning step. It may be the main star replacing tap water for your morning toilet or your usual makeup remover. Or it may be complementary to other cleaning agent to make sure your skin is completely clean and ready for serums and moisturizers.

FAQ: it answers the questions that you have about the micellar water

Why use the micellar water?

The micellar water is a recommended solution for quick cleaning of the face or a gentle cleansing. Indeed, the efficiency of its cleaning agents reduces back and forth with a cotton or wipe on the skin, and indeed irritation. The micellar water is a good alternative to tap water (chlorine-rich limestone or dry skin) or milks and oils that can suffocate the skin as part of a beauty routine.

What is the best micellar water?

The best micellar water is one that is suitable for your skin type. Most manufacturers now offer micellar water with a formula enriched with moisturizing agents, matting or soothing to bring more convenience when cleaning the skin and leave it healthy and clean.

What’s micellar water?

The micelle water is a cleaning solution consisting essentially of water and micelles, surfactants (cleansing agents) which hang makeup, oil and impurities from the skin and retain the cloth or cotton used. Used for cleaning or removing makeup from the skin, the micellar water may also have moisturizing, soothing or mattifying office marks and lines. They are recommended for sensitive or irritated skin.

How rinse micellar water?

To avoid losing the benefits of cleaning with micellar water, it is recommended to rinse her face with a hot water or a floral water for your needs. Freed of the last impurities, your skin will be ready for your day or night cream.

Is it necessary to rinse the micellar water?

Although most manufacturers indicate that it is not necessary to rinse the micellar water dermatologists are more nuanced. The micellar water remains a cleaner based surfactants, which can leave a pulling sensation to the skin more sensitive. Furthermore, residues may remain despite the passage of several cottons. Therefore, it is advisable to rinse the micellar water to obtain a perfectly clear skin and comfortable.

When use of the micellar water?

The micellar water can be used at any time of the day, when you want to clean your face or remove. However, be careful not to fall into excess: even with a micellar water, repeated cleanings excessively can weaken the skin by reducing its natural protective lipid film and the repeated passage or cotton wipes.

What is the best micellar water for oily skin?

A classic micellar water is suitable for oily skin. Indeed, his micelles do not aggress the skin and do not encourage the latter to produce more sebum to protect back. Nevertheless, there are micellar water enriched with sebum-regulating and matting agents that allow you to clean and control the brightness of your skin. Check with your favorite brands and ranges!

Best Rice Cookers 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Best Rice Cookers 2020 | Reviews and Guide

Many of us eat rice frequently, often accompanying a dish with sauce or as a single starchy full, and cooking is different at each tasting. It is a fact, rice apparently so simple to cook requires some know-how to be delicious every time! The proof of the rice consumed in Asia, in Japan for example, and its perfect texture, which allow to eat bowls and bowls without any seasoning. But what is the secret of preparation of this rice? A rice cooker!

This device offers an optimized cooking rice, and allows you to prepare larger quantities of rice and keep warm. You will have at any time a loan rice to use for your meal! It is also an essential device for those who want to prepare sushi, maki and other specialties requiring sticky rice, and for lovers of bulgur, quinoa, who can also cook healthily these foods by choosing the best rice cooker.

Compare Best reviewed to help you choose 5 quality rice cookers and we have established a list of important points to consider when making your purchase.

How to recognize the best rice cooker

You might think that buying a rice cooker is very simple, since it is only cook rice. But there are as many ways to prepare the rice rice quality, and the preparation of the starch is an art in some.

The best rice cooker should enable you to get perfect rice, simply. It will be a rice you can eat without adding anything to it, which can be used in the preparation of dishes, snacks or desserts, and will be available at any time. Indeed, a good rice cooker can bake a large amount of rice and keep it at the right temperature without changing cooking.

In addition, some models of rice cooker offers the possibility of steamed vegetables or some fish, for example, through a basket located above the tank. During the automatic preparing your rice, your cooking ingredients slowly enjoying the steam that emanates from above. What prepare a full meal without any effort!

Here we present five models of rice cooker, identifying for each of their qualities and defects. You will then find a comprehensive shopping guide, in order to choose the best rice cooker market.

Compare Top 5 Best Rice Cooker 2019

Best rice cooker Russell Hobbs, the 19750-56

This rice cooker to high capacity tank with its 1.8-liter, can prepare large rice doses and will be ideally suited to families.

Best Rice Cookers 2020 | Reviews And Guide

With this model, you can indeed make up 10 rice doses. This will have some reserves for weeks or you do not have time to cook, for example. This model is also interesting for its steam basket located above the tank: it allows you to cook fish or vegetables for preparing your rice. This is very effective for fish, less for some vegetables for rice will be ready before steaming vegetable is completed (to maximize efficiency, cut the vegetables into small pieces).

It is sold with a glass meter which allows to dose your rice as well as a small plastic spatula to serve without breaking. It also has a transparent glass cover that monitors your rice.

This rice cooker is solid thanks to a stainless steel manufacturing, not too heavy with a weight of about 1 kg for moving without bad if you can not leave it on your constantly work plan, and it will denote not in the kitchen next to other devices.

We especially appreciate its automatic stop function when the rice is cooked and the keeping warm function that allows a consumable rice at the right temperature at all times.

Price and photos> View on Amazon>

Best rice cooker with Sencor, SRM 0600WH

This model of rice cooker of the brand Sencor can prepare about 450 grams of rice, with its 0.6 liter tank. For comparison, it is 3 times less than the model that we presented earlier this rice cooker and is therefore more suitable for couples or solos for many families.

Best Rice Cookers 2020 | Reviews And Guide

In 30 minutes you will get rice to the perfect texture, just by adding rice and water in good quantity in the tank. With the measuring cup provided, it is a breeze. There is also a plastic rice paddle in the box.

This rice cooker is useful because once cooked rice, it stops itself, and it can keep your rice warm for 6 hours. Not so need to constantly monitor. Only downside, the tendency glass lid to rise slightly during the strongest cooking phase which causes slight splash on your table.

It is also easy to clean with an adhesive and simple anti tank to store because the power cord can detach.

In the end, this is perhaps not the best rice cooker market but it is a model that has a good price / quality ratio and that will be perfect for a student for example!

Price and photos> View on Amazon>

Best Rice Cooker Tefal, the RK102811

The Tefal brand offers here a rice cooker family can cook up to 900 grams of rice. The model is a very nice hand, with a black coating metallic look great, and although a little heavy (2.4 kg), it finds its place in the kitchen easily.

Best Rice Cookers 2020 | Reviews And Guide

We recommend it mainly for large consumers of rice or for larger families. Convenient, since you will just pour the rice into the tank of 3 liters and cover the water to start cooking, it is also dual functions. He holds a basket efficient steam that can cook vegetables or fish during preparation of rice. Feel like a salmon meal / rice? It will be ready in less than 30 minutes without any fatigue!

Among its major qualities, makes it perfect for all types of rice or cereals and legumes. Fans of quinoa or bulgur will be happy to prepare these foods with this rice cooker. In addition, the Keep Warm function is convenient and keeps the rice at the right temperature without sticking rice at the bottom (as is unfortunately sometimes the case).

We regret that the wire to plug is so short, leaving fewer choices as to the disposition of this rice cooker in the kitchen, but that’s a detail outweighed by its ease of cleaning with the tank , cover and steam basket are dishwasher-safe.

Price and photos> View on Amazon>

Le rice Cooker Techwood TCR-102

This small model and 1 Liter tank proposed by Techwood offers a good value for money.

Best Rice Cookers 2020 | Reviews And Guide

We have a very standard model, however, allows for optimal cooking rice. Supplied with a spatula (plastic) and a shot glass, you have nothing else to do than put rice and water and wait. When your rice is ready, the red rocker light orange and rice cooker gets hot holding position.

When we were reviewing this model, we found that a small portion of rice attached to the bottom of the tank, but without burning. So just detach it gently with a spatula and then be able to eat without problems.

Non-stick, the tank is easily cleaned. Be careful not to scratch collecting rice with metal utensils! And for the more clumsy, you should know that the cover glass is: do not do it down!

Simple and compact, this model will satisfy casual rice cooker rice eaters.

Price and photos> View on Amazon>

Rice Cooker cheap Tristar, the RK-6127

Here is a simple rice cooker model, comprehensive and effective.

Best Rice Cookers 2020 | Reviews And Guide

Sold with a plastic spatula, serving spoon and measuring cup, it has a non-stick bowl, which ensures that your rice will not stick to the walls during cooking (indeed, the tank is 1.5 liters cleans very well). Well balanced, we get a delicious rice!

This rice cooker is medium in size, and can be recommended for a family of 4-6 people (but also a preparation for 1, 2 persons …). It provides most cooking with red LED which turns orange when your rice is ready. It thus keeps the rice warm until you eat, and it also has a safety system that prevents dry running.

The base of the rice cooker is stainless steel, and the basket is removable to facilitate cleaning. The cover is her glass, it can monitor your rice when cooked and has a steam vent valve. We note, as the model of Sencor presented above, some splashing in the highest cooking stage. It’s not dramatic but your work plan should be wiped.

Two very nice items complete this pattern: non-slip feet ensures perfect stability and a guarantee of 24 months!

Price and photos> View on Amazon>

Shopping guide for choosing the best rice cooker

After learning of 5 products listed above, you may have noticed that the main characteristics of the best rice cookers are quite close. So we must look at in more detail specifics in order to choose the best rice cooker! Here are the points you need to consider when choosing your model.

The tank and its capacity

This is the vessel that will determine the amount of rice you’ll be able to cook every preparation. If users solo can be content with smaller capacities (<1 liter), it is advisable not to opt for a rice cooker too small.

The reason is simple: the purpose of this device is to make rice for a meal, or so for a special night (sushi party, birthday, preparing a dish for a big meal). Therefore, it is desirable to have the possibility of making a sufficient quantity at once.

Note that even the large vats used to cook small amounts of rice. So, as to let the opportunity to do more, in case of unforeseen events.

its dimensions

For storage reasons mainly, it is good to check the size and weight of your rice cooker. The device will be very useful and you can not do without it quickly, it remains easily accessible! For this, you need a minimum of space or choose a small rice cooker.

If, for lack of space, you had to put in the closet after use, prefer a compact and lightweight that will rank easily.

Supplied accessories

Generally, a good rice cooker comes with a minimum spatula and measuring cup. The dosing cup is used to put the right amount of water and rice, but can do without after multiple uses because dosage become natural.

However, this is not the case of a good rice paddle. The experts will tell you: take care of the rice when it is served! For this, a spatula (mostly plastic but the wood will be even better) will be your ideal ally. It collects rice gently, without breaking the grains, and so serve your family a rice as good as beautiful!

Accessories can be found in retail if it was not sold with the rice cooker of your choice.

its operation

The best rice cooker will have the following features:

This is the minimum, but there are also models offering programming cooking rice (rice for a warm home from work!), A cooking control panel or the possibility of making certain dishes directly in rice cooker.

The uses proposed facilities

Among the most important optional features include the presence of a steamer. Ideal for those who want to eat healthily cooked products, the basket of steam rice cooker is more significant.

We also appreciate the rice cooker with non-stick bowl, for 2 reasons: they provide cooking perfect rice without it sticking to the tank, and they are easy to clean, even in the dishwasher.

The power

A criterion which is measured in Watt and which determines both the power consumption of your device but also its power. Basically, plus a model to a large capacity, more power will be high.

With equal capacity, so prefer the most powerful model.

The price

Of course, the price of the device will affect your purchase. If rates remain fairly homogeneous rice cooker, a price difference there is depending on the size and capacity of the model principally: the more you want a rice cooker that produces large amounts, the more it will be expensive.

In addition, you will find on the market in rice cookers much more expensive than those that we have presented here; they are often professional models purchased by Asian (Chinese and Japanese in the first place) to prepare their rice. As individuals, such models do would be of any use!

The best rice cooker for a tasty rice at any time

The best rice cooker for you will depend on various criteria: the number of family members who take advantage of this machine, your weekly consumption of rice, your curiosity about cooking (Asian or African in particular), which will push you to do more or less revenue from rice …

Anyway, the opinions regarding the acquisition of a rice cooker are all going in the same direction: once you have one, can not back off while cooking rice to the pan! We realize with how this food rice cooker can be good, and it’s a safe bet that you will go to eat rice in many forms: nature, sushi or maki in a good chicken coconut or in the form of desserts …!

With the best rice cooker, you will have all the time a delicious rice ready to be enjoyed!

Best Coloring Books For Adults | Review & Guide

Best Coloring Books for Adults | Review & Guide

With the national containment which we are living, many people see their lives disrupted and disorganized. If this period is particularly conducive to anxiety and apprehension of the future, many French are engaged in new relaxing and creative activities. The adult coloring is a particularly interesting activity to relieve pressure and refocus his attention.

In recent years, the adult coloring has become a hobby. First for children, he returned to date in creative shops and has become widespread everywhere, read the delight of the big kids! This is a convenient inexpensive, very accessible and extremely effective against stress. So lets take a first step in a leisure activity.

The best books adult coloring in 2020

Best Coloring Books For Adults | Review & Guide

1. 50+ Mandalas Meggan Magic: the best coloring book for beginners!

The adult coloring book 50+ Mandalas Meggan Magic is ideal for beginners who want to learn to Mandala. Under paperbacks, it is offered at a very attractive price, making it the best adult coloring book for fans who want to discover the art of anti-stress coloring Mandala.

This book will help you to relax because the coloring complex and repetitive patterns is a real therapy to relieve chronic stress. You will find in the album of Magic Meggan designs professional-quality, hand-drawn. You can easily color the spaces because the lines are thick, allowing you to take control without exceeding lines and damage to your work.

Each pattern is printed on an A4 size. The paper is matte finish, careful though not to color the felt since the paper is fine. It will therefore favor the coloring pencil. Count 55 pages of drawings, allowing you to train and notice your progress as you of your creations.

This album is the perfect gift for the big as for the small to the creative spirit. It is ranked third in sales of colors for young and first in the category of individual artists books.

Best Coloring Books For Adults | Review & Guide

2. 100 Mandalas Animals Creative Mandala: the best animal coloring book.

The book 100 Mandalas Animals Creative Mandala takes you into a universe exclusively animal, coloring pages with 100 wild animals, domestic and farmers. This book is the best album of anti-stress coloring for animal lovers.

Offered in a paperback format for a price of € 7.99, this book allows you to de-stress after a busy day thanks to its hypnotic quality and animal motifs. To avoid the transfer felt and the risk of burrs, each design is printed on a separate sheet and back of each page is printed in black. Creative Mandala therefore sign a book worked for optimal comfort coloring.

Be careful though because the leaves are thin, we therefore advise you to preferably use crayons or felt fine and light to color your album.

You can give this album to adults and children who love nature and animals, for an original gift that liberates the imagination. Also note that the book is published without editor, allowing you to discover and support independent creator.

Best Coloring Books For Adults | Review & Guide

3. Wonderland Midnight Blue of paper: a whimsical coloring and irresistible album

Blue Stationery is here a unique whimsical coloring book of its kind, ideal for fans of fantasy and imaginary universe. The book is published by Gray & Gold Publishing, specializing in the world of notebooks, weekly planners and calligraphy in particular.

The book is light since it contains 66 pages. You’ll find 30 pictures of animals and flowers in a unique and eccentric style. Indeed, exotic birds illustrations are revisited and reinvented by fanciful geometric shapes, for your enjoyment. This is the best album of coloring adult fantasy and exotic our selection! Each drawing is represented on a black background to highlight your coloring, and printed one side bright white for better visualization rendering.

This album is suitable for both children and adults and is also ideal as a gift for a person enjoying the fantasy.

Like previous works, the main downside Wonderland Midnight is the paper that is deemed a little too late. Despite sided printing only, the black background and the quality of paper 90 g / m², felts used are likely to pass through the sheet or be visible when you turn the page. Opt so the crayons.

Best Coloring Books For Adults | Review & Guide

4. Scribbles: read coloring hypnotic adults

With Scribbles, Stationery Blue sign the best anti-stress coloring book for original and offbeat adult! A big key positive points of this book are the sayings and proverbs of love subtly slipped on each spread. In addition to coloring patterns, you will find so ideal for your meditations, constituting a perfect item for art therapy.

The second big advantage of this work are the design patterns. These various reasons, not representing a particular object as the previous coloring books, intermingled and almost hypnotic to watch. These black and white lines are interlaced some complexity that you will free your creative potential to the maximum. coloring areas are both large and small on the grounds, to alternate your desires.

Like most coloring books, each pattern is printed on the front page on bright white paper, and the back of the page is black. We recommend this album for adults and young adults, because the complexity of the patterns may be difficult to handle for children.

However, attention to coloring felt pen that will pierce the paper, choose pastels or crayons.

Best Coloring Books For Adults | Review & Guide

5. ARTEZA floral motifs: the Pocket Album to color everywhere!

ARTEZA offers here the best coloring book bag! Indeed, this book has a square dimension of 16.3 × 16.3 cm, convenient to take him in a bag and color wherever you like, even at work during your breaks. One of the innovations of the book is the system of detachable pages that you can isolate your work or supervise your works.

This book features 72 unique floral and complex, ideal for soaking up the spring season. This book is perfect for use in art therapy and meditation thanks to its specially designed anti-stress designs.

The paper quality is excellent and professional quality with a thick 150g / m² and offers an anti-smudge surface for all types of tools to color. Besides, you can both coloring with colored pencils that felt marker, brush or pen.

Finally, the book is 100% guaranteed by ARTEZA: the after-sales service return a book for free if you have any problems.

Finally, we recommend ARTEZA Floral Designs for adults and young adults because of the superior quality of the book and coloring small areas that the dimensions induce.

6. Clairefontaine 97505C: customizable coloring book

The French paper Clairefontaine offer with the 97505C book a multitude of choices patterns. Indeed, the brand offers different models with very different styles: the model cities to color buildings, the model Nature, flowers, patterns, Birds, Butterflies, Tattoos, Bollywood, tapestries or Mediterranean. logbook dimensions vary according to the selected pattern, from 20 × 20 cm, 21 x 29,7 cm 29,7 × 21 cm. The 97505C book is definitely the best book coloring Stress customizable.

Each book has a different number of impressions. Cities with the album, you’ll find 36 different motifs cities coloring. The reasons are more traditional than previous coloring books, but you can discover or rediscover the most beautiful monuments and buildings of cities while freeing your creativity to give them new colors!

The funds are either black or white and printing of drawings is made duplex on a good quality paper 120g / m². Therefore, you can smoothly use all of your favorite coloring tools, including pens and markers. The paper is thick, we recommend instead to use tools to ink rendering sparkling magnified.

7. Wild Tangerine Avenue 4, GY093C: a coloring book professional

With the album Wild 4 GY093C Avenue Mandarine offers exceptional quality book. Indeed, the reasons offered are from drawings by illustrator Colin Emmanuelle which portrays his characters in the book “Wild”. You will therefore find 14 drawings of girls accompanied by an animal of a stunning realism. Each design is printed twice, allowing you to test different colors and shades.

Paper quality is also waiting for you since the book is composed of drawing paper 250g Clairefontaine certified PEFC (sustainable forest management). The originality of the book lies in the spiral system for convenience and better handling when coloring. You can also detach your drawings if needed.

Avenue Mandarine so here offers the best coloring book for adult professional. It is both for parents and children; however to reserve for regulars of the drawing and / or coloring. All coloring tools can be used, including markers of alcohol, watercolor, paint and crayons for (oil, wax, etc.)

Finally, if you enjoy Emmanuelle Colin artwork, you can also find the other 3 books in the same range with wild patterns.

8. Nest Coloring Publisher and his coloring book “Beautiful Flowers”

Nest Coloring Book, coloring specialist for children and adults, offers with “Beautiful Flowers” a classic coloring book and floral perfect to start the anti-stress coloring. This book is perfect for those wishing to explore the adult coloring without spending too much, with classic designs and easy coloring. Indeed, the reasons are very simple and easy coloring, making the “Beautiful Flowers” the best coloring book for adult beginners, with classical motifs.

High resolution prints are located on each page of the book right and has a black back to prevent smudging. You can use all your coloring tools this album: markers, gel pens, colored pencils, markers and watercolors. The patterns are unique, professional quality and printed in large format for a spacious and pleasant coloring.

Like the previous two books, he also holds a detachable page system to reuse your drawing or frame it. This book is suitable for any type of user, both for children and adolescents and adults.

Finally, Beautful Flowers came out very recently – March 22, 2020 – and is ideal if you are looking for a new coloring book test!

Buying Guide: everything you need to know about adult coloring books before buying a

Paper thickness

As you may have noticed in product magazines, coloring books have very different thicknesses of paper. While coloring books, especially for beginners, have a thickness of 90g / m², some other more qualitative books may have a thickness of paper up to 250g / m². Paper thickness depend on the quality of the book and the audience. Indeed, the books for beginners and children tend to be less qualitative and propose a rather thin paper, while the professional books will have a much greater paper thickness.

If you are a beginner or your purchase is intended for a child, so prefer the input range of coloring books as Gribouillages (rather for adults or teenagers) or 50+ Mandalas Meggan Magic or 100 Mandalas Animals Creative Mandala.

If you’re more a regular coloring for adults and are looking for a professional, turn to Albums coloring Clairefontaine or Wild 4 GY093C Avenue Mandarine with his paper 250g / m² Clairefontaine PEFC certified.

The equipment to be used

Enter the world of coloring for adults and you will discover a wealth of tools and equipment more or less professionals to color your drawings. As a beginner, we advise you to test several tools to unleash your creative potential and find the one that suits you best

So you can start with very simple materials like crayons or markers. Begin testing the crayons and your children felt or those who stay in your drawer bottoms that will do nicely for a first. If you are looking for more subtle tools, know that there are more qualitative pencils colors than those for children, you can find online or in specialized stores of crafts. There are also better alcohol-based markers, we recommend once you have well taken hold of the coloring for adults. Note that there are many different felts professional quality and the prices can sometimes be very high compared to conventional markers.

If you want to test less conventional but equally interesting tools, you can test the water-based paint and / or oil, pastel or watercolor. For the latter, a certain technique to acquire necessary, but the result will be very fine, subtle and colorful.

The coloring of the reasons

Today, there are an incredible choice of adult coloring books on the market. You can find Mandalas, animals, cities, ethnic grounds but also fictional characters or manga. If you are new to coloring, prefer rather simple patterns, traditional and consistent coloring you leave spaces. So you can turn to the Mandalas that are classic children, flowers or even universe characters you enjoy. You can start with the 100 Mandalas Animals Creative Mandala or the beautifuk Flowers Nest Coloring Publisher to beautiful floral and easy.

If your goal is primarily looking for an anti-stress effect through art therapy, turn to repetitive patterns or hypnotics such as mandalas and other abstract motifs. For this, we suggest the Mandalas 50+ Meggan Magic to classical motifs and haunting, the book Scribbles Stationery Blue for repeating patterns, interspersed hypnotic or the Wonderland Midnight Blue Stationery with its exotic animals and fanciful.

FAQ: it answers the questions that you ask on adult coloring

The adult coloring is a new trend that emerged in the last few years in the early 2010. If it can be perceived as a mere hobby or pastime, coloring has real health benefits. It is part of activities related to art therapy, a method that allows people to use their creative ability to psychotherapeutic purposes. Many activities are to count years of art therapy as coloring, painting, working with clay, collage, photography, dance, theater or music. In addition, the coloring has real assets: anti-stress, better concentration, sensory experience … and many more to discover!

Overall, all the arts or creative have anti-stress effects because it is all about taking time for yourself. The coloring (and other activities mentioned) allow reduced levels of cortisol, the stress hormone. Several researchers from Drexel University in the United States also conducted an experiment to analyze the effects of art therapy on stress. As a result, 75% of study participants, cortisol levels had decreased after 45 minutes of practice. In practice, the coloring enhances his ability to concentrate and focus on a single task, in full consciousness. This allows to forget his problems, let go and thus reduce stress.

The adult coloring books are generally findable everywhere. In physical store, you can find them in bookstores, in creative specialist shops and leisure and even hypermarket radius books. Online you will find them on sites ecommerce physical signs listed above, on marketplaces or directly on the publishers websites.

Coloring Albums are usually very accessible in terms of price. There are for all tastes, as the sector has developed in recent years. Among our selection you will find albums at very low prices as the book Gribouillages less than 6 euros or Mandala Meggan Magic or Beautiful Flowers Nest Coloring Publisher less than 7 euros. It all depends on the desired quality and your level of coloring. Indeed, cheap albums are ideal pure those just starting and want to get your foot in the adventure of coloring for adults. Now the paper is thinner and you can not use some coloring tools such as felt or painting.

If you want excellent quality paper, it will cost a little more. Guests will appreciate the magnificent Wild 4 GY093C Avenue Mandarine sold to 15.69 euros, the Clairefontaine 97505C and quality of premium paper or the ARTEZA floral motifs.

The first issue to consider first is what kind of paper you have. The more paper will end and it will be difficult or impossible to use certain tools like pens or markers. You can also choose your albums to your tools if you use only the felt, turn to coloring books and qualitative thick paper. Opt so the crayons on thin paper, to be sure not to damage other coloring pages. Finally, we simply recommend testing both for yourself and tools to choose your favorite!